10 Best Supplements for Energy

The lack of energy may lead to various health complaints, therefore, a lot of people resort to the energy supplements as a replacement for gaining some pep. In fact, there are many safe supplements, which are very easy to find. They are capable of giving the adrenal system, which is the main stress-fighter of your body, a boost and increasing the level of your energy as well.

I have done many types of research on various kinds of supplements. And what I have learned is that all of the supplement companies spend too much time to create a wide range of formulas for those supplements. Certainly, each of them has a specific use and goal. Those goals consist of either building and bulking up muscle or getting lean and cutting weight.

It is difficult to find trustworthy energy pills that efficiently work, not to mention the natural energy supplements that can do the job well while excellently supporting your health. This is the reason why I made the list of 10 best supplements for energy, which have an impressive impact on promoting your overall wellness.

Best Supplements for Energy

What are the energy-boosting supplements?

There is an entire class of the supplements created to increase the level of your energy naturally. Some effective boosting energy supplements offer a temporary boost while other top supplements are capable of maintaining your energy level naturally by means of providing the body necessary tools to increase the healthy level of energy naturally.

There is such a wide range of good supplements for energy boosting out there. Absolutely, we will have a more detailed look of them in this guide. Some of them, such as the caffeine, are just household names.

On the other hand, some supplements, such as synephrine and cordyceps, are quite strange to you, however, they are very effective. Each kind of supplement utilizes a different approach to supporting the increasing of your energy level. In this list of top best supplements for energy, we have covered everything from vitamins to herbs to stimulants and more.

How can the supplements help maintain and increase your energy?

There is a wide range of great supplements for boosting energy and the functions of each one is a little bit different. We will enter the details of each product listed in this guide, but now, before doing this, let’s have a glance over the overall benefits of this supplement class:

  • Herbal products is able to boost your energy level naturally
  • Minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, and iron, help fix your nutritional deficiencies, which can be the cause of low energy,
  • Vitamins, such as vitamin E and B12, help support the energy production of your body.
  • Stimulants, such as caffeine, offer an immediate boost of energy level.
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves mental performance
  • Improves physical performance
  • Improves drive
  • Improves focus
  • Helps maintain your level of healthy energy naturally
  • Increases energy

Vitally, that class of efficient supplements for boosting energy helps boost the level of your energy temporarily. They also assist the natural capability to regulate energy levels and produce energy of your body. As mentioned above, each type has a different method of boosting.

While the stimulants offer an instant burst of energy, other types of supplements, consisting of herbals, minerals, and vitamins, majorly aim of aiding necessities so that your body can naturally create energy. In this guide, I also include the details of each kind of products in its individual part. We will discuss this later.

So, why should we take energy-boosting supplements?

There are a great number of reasons that somebody may need to take into account a good supplement for boosting energy. Maybe you are aging, and you may realize that you do not have much energy as you used to when you were young. Or maybe you have just started a new career and need a great source of energy for your job.

Here are some of the major reasons why somebody needs a great energy-boosting supplement.

  • Your energy levels will decline naturally with your age

The older we get, the more our natural level of energy declines. Unfortunately, this is very difficult to avoid. However, you can reduce this bad effect by doing exercises or getting enough sleep, and taking efficient supplements in order to keep your energy level up. It is very important to maintain suitable nutrient intake when you are aging.

  • Energy drives success

Whether you are studying at school, working at your workplace or staying at home, the energy is always the key to getting success in your life. You simply cannot achieve enough to move on in your life without the energy.

If you have ever wondered why somebody seems to accomplish so much, then it is likely because he or she has the focus, drive, and energy to do the extra task, to go the extra mile to reach his (her) target faster.

  • Productivity can lower stress

The energy directly links with your productivity. For many people, the productivity can reduce their stress level directly.

Have you ever felt that you have so many things to do and you do not have enough energy and time to do it? If so, resorting to great supplements to boost energy may help by letting you be much more productive and thus, achieve more accomplishments.

  • Your accomplishment can enhance your happiness

Completing difficult tasks, moving on, and achieving success in your life can have significantly positive effects on both your wellbeing and mental happiness.

In addition, you have already known that approaching your targets requires a great deal of energy and focus. Certainly, you do not have to use the top supplements to boost your level of energy, however, they can help you a lot.

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  • Energy-sapping nutritional deficiency is common

There are some kinds of minerals and vitamins, which are very necessary for the natural setting of the energy level of your body. Our level of energy usually slumps when we lack those nutrients.

For instance, vitamin B12, magnesium, potassium, and iron are some samples of this kind of nutrient and the deficiencies of them are much more common than you think.

Therefore, many good supplements for keeping energy up, which we highly recommend, can help you fix those deficiencies as well as improve the energy level and your overall health.

If you are still reading this post, you may have already know the reasons for finding a great supplement for boosting energy. In fact, there are a great number of reasons for you to look for more energy. Luckily, there are now many products, which can help you solve this issue.

What are the most efficient supplements providing you a great energy boost?

As the world becomes more and more hectic every day, people always seeking for a fast boost of energy. This is also the reason why so many people have chosen the natural energy supplements as a good source of boosting energy supplement.

Some natural energy supplements are much better for your body than other kinds, however, all of them will increase your feeling of alertness and offer an energy boost immediately.

Here is the list of top 10 energy boost that you can take into account:

1. Caffeine

Caffeine may be the most popular stimulant, which is widely consumed all over the world. It affects your body by stopping the malfunction of some chemical messengers both inside and outside cells.

Caffeine will amplify the “flight or fight” response of your body during the stressful periods. This response will suppress the digestive system’s functions and improves the effects of epinephrine and norepinephrine on your heart to provide more blood, which is rich in oxygen, to your body’s cell. It is also the reason why caffeine is commonly used as an appetite suppressant.

However, caffeine also has some drawbacks. It is able to habit forming and it can cause many problems when you use it in large doses. To conclude, using caffeine in moderate amount is always advised.

2. Ginseng

The ginseng is a popular natural energy supplement. In the Asia, people have been using it as a valuable medicine for centuries. According to the Russian cosmonauts, ginseng is a good source of physical energy-boosting. It is an adaptogen, which means that it is capable of helping your body adapt more nutrients to reduce the stress level.

It has been proved that ginseng can stimulate our central nervous system as well as enhance resistance to tiredness. However, it may interfere with certain kinds of medications. Anyway, you had better be careful when using this supplement.

3. Bitter orange

Extracted from the skin of some kinds of citrus fruits (except for the kind of oranges that are used to make the orange juice), the bitter orange is also a good natural energy-boosting supplement.

Synephrine, which is a substance found in the bitter orange, is an efficient energy booster. Just as ephedra, the synephrine is a stimulant, however, it is irrelevant to caffeine.

Ephedra was removed from the marketplace in 2004 due to serious debates about its safety. It is vital not to exceed recommended amount of ephedra, in case you want to use it.

On the other hand, evidence shows that the bitter orange is much safer than Ephedra, however, more researches and studies are needed.

4. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Coenzyme is a substance, which is produced by our body and it is important to the body’s normal function. CoQ10 can be found in the cell’s mitochondria and is vital for the process of producing ATP adenosine triphosphate. ATP is the main source of energy for our cells.

A lot of people are suffering from the lack of CoQ10, especially those who are on certain medications or those who have poor and unhealthy diets. Research of the University of Maryland proved that CoQ10 could improve our energy by providing more ATP for our cells.

5. B Vitamins

B Vitamins are, in fact, a group of 8 different kinds of vitamins and all of them are essentials for energy and good health. They usually work as a united group, therefore, if a person lacks one, he or she may lack in several.

Plenty of food is fortified with the B vitamins, however, nowhere near what your body needs. Although the overdose of B vitamins is possible and no deaths have been reported because of this problem, you should be careful when using this supplement.

6. Amino Acids

Amino acids are the substance, which are catalysts between the form that human body can use and the protein human beings consume. There are over 20 amino acids, which are essentials for the protein synthesis and two of them are capable of boosting your energy levels.

In fact, Creatine is a combination of 3 amino acids including methionine, glycine, and arginine. It is necessary for reducing fatigue and building muscle.

Carnitine is another essential amino acid for your body, especially for the cell’s energy production. Some studies show that those who are suffering from the chronic fatigue syndrome may get some benefits from this amino acid since it can increase the energy level.

7. Bee pollen

The bee pollen, which is a super food from the Mother Nature, is one of the greatest natural energy supplements for our body. It includes 16 vitamins, 18 enzymes, 21 minerals, as well as fiber, carbohydrates, and proteins. All of them make bee pollen a great source of supplement for more energy and better health.

It is also proved that this energy-boosting source has the antibiotic properties. However, those who are allergic to the bees had better stay away from the bee pollen, because the similar allergic reaction may occur.

8. Royal jelly

The royal jelly is a substance created when the bees mix the pollen and honey in their beehives. It is usually used as a treatment for ailments and as the best natural supplement.

Royal jelly is a great source of B-complex vitamins and other kinds of amino acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and natural antibiotic and antibacterial properties.

9. Spirulina

Spirulina, which is a single-celled algae, was discovered by the Aztecs thousand years ago and soon became a major ingredient of their diet. It consists of highly usable protein, especially vitamin B12, and many other minerals and vitamins. Thanks to the wonderful amount of beneficial compounds such as proteins, minerals, and vitamins, etc. the Spirulina is a good natural energy booster.

10. Gotu Kola

The Gotu Kola is a familiar herb of the Easterners that has been widely used as a treatment for fatigue and anxiety. This herb can lower depression and fatigue without the side effect of caffeine. Because of this reason, Gotu kola is loved by many herbalists.

Gotu Kola, unlike kola nut, does not have any stimulant properties although many people usually confused Gotu kola with kola nut. In addition, this herb has been proved to aid insomnia as well.

All of those supplements are wonderful for boosting the level of your energy although some may work quicker than others. Ginseng and caffeine, for instance, should be taken as needed, while other supplements can be taken frequently to boost energy and improve health.

Anyway, you had better make sure to ask your doctor before using any of those natural energy-boosting supplements.


1. Doctor's Best D-Ribose Featuring Bioenergy Ribose

Doctor's Best D-Ribose Featuring Bioenergy Ribose offers the energy production of your muscles and heart while improving muscle recovery after doing exercises.

This energy-boosting supplement creates the ATP’s structural core. ATP, just as the fuel of our cells, is in charge of providing your body with energy to function. Your body will need a great amount of ATP if you are doing some strenuous things, which require plenty of exertion. When you are in recovery mode to wait for the body to form more ATP, you may feel stiff, sore or sluggish, even after you have already rested for a while.

However, with the Doctor's Best D-Ribose Featuring Bioenergy Ribose, you need not worry about this problem anymore. This energy booster will help your body rebuild depleted ATP stores much more quickly and promote quicker recovery from strenuous activities and exercises.

Doctors Best D-Ribose Featuring Bioenergy Ribose

The Bioenergy Ribose is a patented compound, which is proven to sustain and restore your energy level. Therefore, the formula of Doctor's Best D-Ribose Featuring Bioenergy Ribose is highly recommended for those who have an active lifestyle. This wonderful supplement for energy is now available in chewable wafer, capsule and powder form.

Supernova Naturals

2. Supernova Naturals - Siberian Rhodiola Rosea

Being among the top best natural energy supplements, Supernova Naturals - Siberian Rhodiola Rosea is sourced from Siberia as a quality control measure while Most Rhodiola Rosea is Chinese.

The Rhodiola Rosea is a premium source of this botanical herb. The herbs are wildcrafted and each root is selected carefully by the local cooperatives. This process strictly follows a designed program of social responsibility and sustainability. The Rhodiola Rosea is harvested after at least four-year-growth in the Siberia’s forests.

It features the most potent formulation. In addition to having 1% Salidroside and 3% Rosavin, which is popularly known as the most potent and beneficial formulation. The Rhodiola Rosea that originates from Siberia, Russia is considered as the best source of herb all over the world.

3. GNC Women's Ultra Mega Energy and Metabolism

Many studies have proven that GNC is among top most regarded markers of energy-boosting supplements for women. And a good news is that this GNC Women's Ultra Mega Energy and Metabolism is no exception.

GNC Womens Ultra Mega Energy and Metabolism

First of all, the ingredients of this energy supplement consist of green tea extract, B-vitamins, amino acids, black pepper extract, capsicum seed extract, and caffeine. The GNC Women's Ultra Mega Energy and Metabolism is supposed to help you lose weight and boost your level of energy. I recommend you use two capsules every day.

This energy booster also offers metabolic efficiency, therefore, it is extremely useful if you are attempting to lose some weights. The GNC Women's Ultra Mega Energy and Metabolism is among top best supplements for energy for women thanks to its multifunctional properties. It features a rich source of nutrient multivitamins and good stuff for your immune system and bone. This energy booster is what you should take into account if you are a lady and you always care for your stamina and your health.

4. Nootropic Supplement For Smooth, Focused Energy

When you positively and absolutely want to get something done, then it’s time for you to take a Nootropic Supplement For Smooth, Focused Energy! I guarantee that you will have a clearer focus and more energy with this product than any other energy supplements available on the marketplace! I ensure that you will fall in love with it!

Nootropic Energy and Focus Supplement With Caffeine and L-Theanine

Almost other kinds of energy supplements available now are boasting a long list of their high-quality ingredients and when those ingredients are combined together, they create such an ultimate brain supplement. Nevertheless, the truth is that what you can actually get from those products is just ineffective dose.

But BioEnergy is different from other supplements. It is created for potency, not the quantity. You can see that each capsule of Nootropic Supplement For Smooth, Focused Energy just includes research-based dosages in order to guarantee the quality and effectiveness.

This energy booster has such a simple but effective formula that consists of two synergistic ingredients: Caffeine and L-Theanine. The complex combination of two wonderful and powerful ingredients will help you regain the level of energy at any time, regardless of night or day, as well as offer a perfect focus stage so that you can easily deal with all difficult tasks.

Studies have proved that the cooperation of L-Theanine and Caffeine in an appropriate amount can help get the risk of the jitters you may experience when using the caffeine alone.

The recommended serving of Nootropic Supplement For Smooth, Focused Energy is one to two capsules whenever you need more focus and energy. However, you had better not use more than four capsules a day.

5. Garden of Life Zinc Vitamin

This energy supplement is entire food nutrition, which is specially created to offer 30 milligrams and 200 percent of daily value for zinc as well as 100 percent of daily value for vitamin C. In addition, the Garden of Life Zinc Vitamin - Vitamin Code also comes with 23 organically grown vegetables and fruits plus 75 nutrient cofactors, vitamins, supporting antioxidants and alkalizing trace minerals.

Garden of Life Zinc Vitamin

This energy-boosting supplement is a good source of minerals and vitamins, which can support the prostate health, eye and skin health, DNA synthesis, healthy wound recovery, immune system function. It also features the enzymes and probiotics properties for healthy digestion.

The supplements of Garden of Life Zinc Vitamin - Vitamin Code are raw. This means that all of them are produced under the temperature of 115º F, thus, all of those nutrients feature their natural cofactors with enzymes and probiotics, just as raw foods!

The raw powder of this product is packed in capsules without any fillers or binders. It can be said that this energy booster contains everything that you want and nothing that you do not want.

The Garden of Life Zinc Vitamin - Vitamin Code consists of a raw vegetable mineral combination of 17 grown vegetables and 75 ancient soil-based alkalizing trace minerals that include natural cofactors.

Do not hesitate to purchase the Garden of Life Zinc Vitamin - Vitamin Code to fill your body a great source of nutrients and energy for an active day!

6. Motivation! Herbal Caffeine + Energy Vitamin Supplement 

In case nothing is better for you than the caffeine, but you do not like the coffee, then the Motivation! Herbal Caffeine + Energy Vitamin Supplement is suitable for you!

Motivation! Herbal Caffeine + Energy Vitamin Supplement

This product, which is made in the United State of America at the FDA-inspected facility, is one of the most high-quality energy boosters based on caffeine thanks to the source’s quality and the smart combination of energy-improving add-ins.

Packed with the high level of caffeine, which is 200 milligrams per serving, the Motivation! Herbal Caffeine + Energy Vitamin Supplement mixes the basic stimulant along with nutritious B vitamins and energy sources from nature such as ginseng, Rhodiola, and green tea extract.

Instead of using the cheap processed caffeine, this energy-boosting supplement gets the stimulant from the Guarana seeds, which are a better source of natural caffeine. Therefore, you need not worry when using those pills for the energy boost.

7. FRS Healthy Energy Liquid Concentrate, Low Cal Peach Mango

FRS Healthy Energy Liquid Concentrate, Low Cal Peach Mango

This supplement for energy is an ideal solution for a great boost of energy level. Especially, its effect will be better if you consume the FRS Healthy Energy Liquid Concentrate in both of its regular basis and its beverage form. On the other hand, this product is also a good addition to your juice blend, seltzer water or smoothies.

Each concentrate of the FRS Healthy Energy Liquid Concentrate comes with 250 milligrams of quercetin, which is a powerful and wonderful antioxidant found in vegetables and fruits.

This supplement is a great source of a wide range of vitamins from non-carbonated fruit juice, the strong antioxidant quercetin and a little bit of caffeine. Overall, it will offer you a good boost of energy with sustainable effect and negligible side effects.

If the poor nutrition is the cause of your low level of energy, then the FRS Healthy Energy Liquid Concentrate can help you deal with this issue. Although this product is originally formulated for the athletes, it isn’t a hardcore drug.

In fact, it is just a well-made dietary energy supplement, which lets you feel refreshed even if you have already run around like a mad man during the whole day.

8. Kaged Muscle PurCaf Capsules

The Kaged Muscle PurCaf Capsule is a vital supplement for those who need a clean energy boost without causing jitters. It is an unpolluted plant-based supplement, which is formulated from the water extracted green coffee beans.

Kaged Muscle PurCaf Capsules

This energy booster comes with 90 percent of certified and pure organic caffeine extract. Besides, each capsule includes 200 milligrams of caffeine, which can minimize your tiredness during working, training or studying after a long day or after sleep deprivation. They are free of bitter taste and odor and can easily dissolve in the cold water as well. Those properties make the Kaged Muscle PurCaf Capsule easy and convenient to include into your daily routine.

The intake of caffeine will stimulate your central nervous system, provide improved cognitive performance, increase your muscle alertness and contractility during strenuous training. This supplement for energy offers you with clean and powerful energy, besides, it is a healthier and more effective alternative for sugary and expensive energy drinks and coffee.

9. NOW Magnesium

NOW Magnesium

The magnesium is a vital mineral, which is essential for bone mineralization, nerve impulse transmission, muscle contraction, metabolism, and energy production. This substance is a demanded cofactor for nearly 300 enzymes.

A lot of people, especially the elderly and women, may learn that the levels of their magnesium are low. This common phenomenon can ultimately affect your energy level as well. By means of improving the intake of magnesium through necessary supplements, your anxiety will reduce, your hormones will balance and your sleep cycles will regulate.

If you use the NOW Magnesium before going to bed, those effects can treat your insomnia and offer you a better sleep at night. This is a great advantage of this product, especially, many athletes use it as a good weight to boost their energy level.

10. Vitamin B12 - 5000 MCG Supplement with Methylcobalamin

The rising intake of vitamin B-12 can improve your energy after a few tired weeks of application. Especially, for those who are over 50 years old, vitamin B-12 can help encourage the body to extract all of the possible energy from food.

Vitamin B12

The Vitamin B12 - 5000 MCG Supplement features 5000 mcg per tablet, and with each of this product, you will receive 120 tablets in total, which is perfect for 120-day-supply (In general, other brands often provide a less supply and less potent product at a higher price).

Another feature of the Vitamin B12 - 5000 MCG Supplement is that you have thirty days to return the product for a full refund if you are not satisfied with it.

Vitamin B12, which is also known as Methylcobalamin, is in charge of supporting the metabolism by assisting it to convert proteins, carbs, and fats into the energy efficiently. Not only does it help enhance our memory, but vitamin B12 also boosts the metabolic function of our body, supports a strong nervous system and improves our energy level.

Moreover, this substance can reduce fatigue, maintain healthy brain cells and improve the brain function.

With the Vitamin B12 - 5000 MCG Supplement, you can now feel alerted, energized and terrific at any time. On the other hand, this energy booster can offer your digestive function with necessary relief, thus, ease your stomach issues.

Besides, the vitamin B complex can relieve your upset stomach and constipation as well. Furthermore, studies have proven that Vitamin B12 has great benefits to your cardiovascular heart health and helps your skin healthy, blemish-free and clear.


Many people may feel that they are able to control their level of energy through suitable exercise and diet. Nevertheless, sometimes, maintaining those targets of regular workouts and nutrition may be nearly impossible.

Because of this reason, your individual needs should be taken into account and matched to the suitable supplement. With those 10 best energy supplements for energy, which are available in a wide range of amounts and forms, there must be a suitable one that meets your personal need.

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