Adidas Ultra boost review

For a very long time, Adidas has become the most favorite boost brand in all over the world, which has owned countless bestseller products. Their products always attract a huge number of consumers. It is frank to say that Adidas is one of the most reputable brands in the world with a wide range of special features, especially the Adidas ultra-boost. Most people want to buy this product because it is durable and long lasting that can support your knees and legs to have perfect trips. Today, we will share with you the Adidas ultra-boost reviews in details.

Adidas Ultra Boosts pros and cons


  • The prime kit layer has the ability of stretching or expanding that will fit the feet.
  • After some improvements, these have the top-notch technology with energy returning boost and responsive feature under the foot with cushioning to support runners.
  • Besides, the underfoot platform of the Adidas ultra-boost is a great feature which can help you perform well whenever you run high mileage.
  • Furthermore, the Adidas ultra-boost has casual and modern look that can help us keep up with the latest fashion trend all over the world. Therefore, it is suitable for both casual shoes enthusiasts and professional athletes.
  • The Adidas ultra-boost is made from high-quality materials, which are very effective. You can believe in the materials of this product because the manufacturers check each period of producing the boost carefully. If you are energetic and want to work out more flexible, these shoes are for you.


  • One of the most outstanding disadvantages of this product is its price. They are quite expensive, so people with lower income cannot afford it.
  • Additionally, the size of the Adidas ultra-boost is limited, so in some situations, you cannot find your proper size. Besides, according to the people who have already used this product, it can be worn out easily on the outsole.

Adidas Ultra boost review

It is undeniable that in recent decades, the Adidas ultra-boots has gained the popularity around the world. This is one of the most fashionable ones that are suitable for people of any age, especially younger generation. It can make them look more active and sporty. Furthermore, if you invest on these, you do not need to spend a great deal of money to change for a new pair because its longevity is quite high. It is famous not only for its fashion style but also its features, including materials, cushioning, support, transition, stability, terrain and weight.


Firstly, we should look at the materials of the Adidas ultra-boost. The upper part of these shoes is made from prime knit, which is different from the previous ones last summer. It can surpass all the older product lines because it is more flexible. Last summer, the Primeknit is not appreciated, although its structure is better. This version can bring to you the feeling of the padded sock; you can feel more comfortable.

This consists of a few tighter weaves that are situated in the high-stress areas, which can create the fantastic functions. You can wear these for some specific purposes that require flexibility as well as comfort. If you like, you can wear it when you want to play sports.


Secondly, another feature that we should take into consideration when talk about the Adidas ultra-boost is the cushioning, or in other words, the boost midsole. If you have never worn any type of boost, you should not buy these and find out the information about it clearly to avoid some unexpected situations.

As we knew, best foam cushioning is one of the most important features of all types of boost. Therefore, whenever you want to walk around or run in the early morning, you should purchase this equipment. The cushioning layer of this is protective, durable, consistent, and responsive for the wearers.


Next, whenever we make a decision of purchasing anything, first and foremost, we need to identify what it is used for and how it can support us. If the boost cannot adapt these requirements, you should add it to the black list. The Adidas ultra-boost has the ability to add more snug fit and secure to the upper parts. The upper of this is the knit and spandex that will fit you well.

Moreover, these shoes are very beautiful which can enhance your appearance. You will look cool when wearing the Adidas ultra-boost. It is tight enough to help you have easy steps and cross all the terrain you like. The weight of the Adidas ultra-boost is light, so it can support your ankles as well.


Apart from the features above, we also need to take time to think about the stability of the Adidas ultra-boost. When we buy the shoes or the boost, the stability is the determined factors that can have both positive and negative effects on how we decide. We may buy it or ignore it if its stability is not good. If your boost is not stable, then it can put you in danger or even worse.

The Adidas ultra-boost is a little bit more bouncy, so it has the ability to support your foot roll. Furthermore, the Adidas ultra-boost is more susceptible. The scooped midsole part of this boost can make a great contribution to retaining its support, so you can get the high sense of satisfaction when you wear the Adidas ultra-boost.


The terrain is also an advantage of the features of the Adidas ultra-boost. Many people usually have passion of doing exercise such as joking or climbing mountains. They believe that this can help them much to stay healthy and keep fit. Indeed, the Adidas ultra-boost can do more than what you think. It can protect you from the hard terrain. It means that you can walk on tracks, soft trails or even city streets.

With the premium cushioning of the boost, you can feel more confident whenever you make a detailed plan for your walking trip. You can run comfortably with the Adidas ultra-boost because this part can contribute to outweigh the hard surfaces successfully. Also, it can minimize the adverse effects of the hard terrain on your legs.

Adidas Ultra boost review

The previous versions of Adidas Ultra Boost

Before this latest version, the ultra-boost uncaged and the Adidas ultra-boost ST were well known because of some features. And here is some information about this old version.

The Adidas ultra-boost ST

The Adidas ultra-boost ST is one of the most noticeable models for younger generation in the last season. People usually want to own this boost because of its springiness, which is from the boost midsole. Besides, this boost is quite thin, so it does not cause discomfort for the wearer. The outsole is durable, so you can feel full of energy to continue your routine. The materials are smooth enough that will not hurt you. Also, you can put an end to your worry about allergies because its materials are dependable.

Although this product is very beneficial, it also has many disadvantages. The heel pull-tab of the Adidas ultra-boost is unconventional. Moreover, its price is much more expensive than other brands’. If you are trying to buy this, you should check on your financial situation carefully.

The Adidas X hypebeast boost uncaged

Another old version is the Adidas X hypebeast ultra boost uncaged. This boost has various colors that mix with your suit easily. Furthermore, its cushioning layer is quite thick, so you may not feel hurt when wearing. It ensures that you can move easily in any surfaces, even the urban terrain.

This boost is made from soft leather, which is long lasting with various beneficial features. Besides, it has the NCF chip attached with the exclusive content. You can get this information through your smart phone. All you have to do is to tap your phone.

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Similar running shoes to Adidas Ultra boost

This boost is similar to many products, such as the Brooks Ghost, the New Balance 1080 or even the Nike Vomero. The brooks ghost take use of the Biomogo DNA midsole foam. Its cushioning layer is adaptable in the toe areas and the usual heel. Furthermore, the Brooks Ghost has the ability to provide up to 30 percent more response in the foam layers.

Another one is the Nike Vomero. These shoes have the same performance with the Adidas ultra-boost, which takes advantages of the great cushioning to bring you the comfortable feeling in the midsole areas.

The last one is the New Balance that also has great cushioning as the above shoes. The cushioning of the New Balance 1080 is situated in the forefoot areas and heels at first. But after a short time, it is improved much with the former attenuates shock.


Generally speaking, the Adidas ultra-boost can be the great selection for all buyers. If you intend to buy this boost, you should think about it carefully to make sure that you have a deep understanding about the selected boost. Wish that this sharing could answer your questions about the Adidas ultra-boost.

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Tiffany @ The Chi-Athlete - June 19, 2016

Great review! I’m always so skeptical to try out new shoes, like it’ll completely ruin my training or something. These sound pretty legit — though the cons seem to outweigh some of the pros!


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