Asics Gel Electro33 Review

Have you ever felt electric when putting on a running shoe? There’s one which is going to make you a lot faster on the running track - Asics Gel Electro33. It’s the most recent addition to the minimal side of Asics trainers. Continue with the FluidAxis technology, Electro33 is able to blend ideally with the brand new Guidance Line for the runners to be guided through a better gait cycle. Also, it enables smoother landing and taking off, making the toes freely spread.


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    Fluidaxis midsole technology corrects deep flex grooves and allows the running shoe to adapt and respond well to the runner’s exact load.
  • plus
    Rearfoot gel technology cushioning system helps to attenuate shock to enable a smoother transition to your midstance.
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    Solyte midsole material features high cushioning and durability, which is also considered to be lightweight than the Asics standard EVA midsoles.
  • plus
    Ortholite lasting material transfers the underfoot comfort while offering the outstanding moisture management plus the higher breathability.
  • plus
    Seamless material construction can minimize the potential for irritation and any friction triggered by stitches
  • plus
    Natural33 Last mimicks your shape of foot, which could deliver a secure and safe heel fit plus a toe box enabling the toes to freely play.
  • plus
    A great mixture of lightweight flexibility with a stable ride, suiting the mild to moderate overpronators.
  • plus
    Brings a slipper-like fit and feel thanks to the engineered mesh and seamless texture.
  • plus
    Less padded with a shoe that is lighter and a tinier drop from heel to toe yet keeps a high support and stability.
  • plus
    Owns a nice amount of room in your toebox, but still let the heel fit well through the arch

Have you heard Asics trying to mix up your run or walk to satisfy your fitness needs? This all-new running shoe means your race-day choice to make since it brings your feet much closer to the ground, thanks to its similar heel-to-toe drop to the Kayano. Today, Asics launches a full line of performance-driven running shoes and other active sports accessories to satisfy any athlete’s body and soul, so don’t miss it if you’re a serious runner!

Asics Gel Electro33

ASICS Men's Gel Electro33


  • thumbs-o-up
    A great lightweight running shoe, ideally made for heavier and beginning runners
  • thumbs-o-up
    Best used for speedwork and high-intensity races with sufficient cushion and great support for half marathons
  • thumbs-o-up
    Contains a media support for more control of the mild overpronation and only the Ascics 33 series really has it.
  • thumbs-o-up
    List ElementIts forefoot gets shaped properly and comfortable so that the runners don’t feel any pinching causing the neuroma pain.
  • thumbs-o-up
    3 ounces lighter than other standard trainers, making a big difference in races.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Quite worn well and perfectly used as an everyday sneaker-wear since they look all new!
  • thumbs-o-up
    More support and cushion, making you feel like running on the clouds.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Very stylish in look and sold at an unbeatable price.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Deserves as a strictly training shoe, like a high-intensity sprint that lasts 5 days per week on a 200m track.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Fit the foot better and makes the runners feel more comfortable when walking outdoors or on the treadmills


  • thumbs-o-down
    A few runners complained about the back of the shoe that sometimes rubs against the ankles, causing some discomfort and even blister
  • thumbs-o-down
    Others claimed that the shoe was actually one size larger than what they were accustomed to
  • thumbs-o-down
    Some testers did not appear impressed by the shoe’s simple and unappealing design and color

Asics Gel Electro33 Review


Asics Gel Electro33 outsole

The outsole of the running shoe features the popular Asics’ high abrasion rubber (AHAR) that is made to offer the outstanding durability and stability. Its rubber compound is strategically put in the high-wear places for the greatest protection. This technology also aids the shoe itself to earn more traction and grip while delivering the added durability. Besides, its AHAR material can be also availed in the car tires and completely resistant to

Its unique texture in the outsole is well-known for the greater traction for various road conditions. This features the FluidAxis tech, which means positioning the Flex grooves to make it aligned to your foot joints. By doing so, your shoes can become highly responsive and versatile.

The outsole of Asics Gel Electro33 which can smoothen your varied rides, its sock-liner can be removed, allowing the air to the shoe or basically accommodate the orthotics. Besides this, the upper’s reflective material can make you feel more visible in the darkness or use it for your casual wear.


The dual-density midsole of the Ascics Gel Electro33 is made from the lightweight EVA material while the second layer includes the Solyte material. This material is half the weight of the EVA primarily availed in the marathon and races. Besides, it also offers 20% of shock absorption, ensuring a great ground contact and a more flexible ride.

The shoe midsole features the Asics’ amazing Rearfoot gel cushion that can attenuate the shock effectively and also provides us with a gentler heel-to-toe transition. It’s somewhat identical to other previous versions of the shoe, but this all-new model employs the gel technology in its heel and forefoot for a cloud-like running experience!

Better than thought, it’s nothing else than the shoe’s FluidRide midsole that ensures a more responsive cushioning system for your crisp ride. Thanks to its Guidance line that is in charge of extending from heel to toe for the added efficiency, especially when the foot could move through the gait cycle.

Constructed with AHAR rubber, the shoe is one of the best candidates that will be mostly used for car tires. Also, it’s very resistant to everyone’s abrasion and their daily wear. 


The Asics Gel Electro33 owns a seamless upper design for the optimal irritation reduction. The trainers tend to use the open mesh for the upper, so no wonder why it’s made like that. Further than this, there’s an added overlay outside of the upper, plus the ComforDry Sock liner plus the Strobel Last in which the last will be slipped while the sole will be stitched to the upper through the insole.

Since it can bring a good level of breathability to the whole during the sprints, walks, and runs, any chance of irritation can be remarkably decreased during the exercises. Apart from it, the shoe also owns one Mono Sock Fit System, which substitutes the tongue for another elastic sleeve for a sock-like feeling.

In this updated model, the shoe does not only exhibits a seamless design for more lateral flexibility and less weight but also brings a better choice for runners having the slender feet. When it comes to its toe box, you could find it a bit narrow, especially with the strengthened lacing eyelets on the upper. However, you can set your mind at ease because there’s no rubbing or irritation from these parts of your shoes.


Aside from its dual-density upper, the Asics Gel Electro33’s FluidRide foam midsole also brings the runners the highly responsive cushioning for any crispy ride. Its midsole features the Guidance Line that spreads from your heel to toe for increased efficiency when the foot tried to move through the gait cycle.

The midsole’s Solyte construction can allow and rev up the bounce ball movements, enabling the greater durability yet still keeping it as lightweight as possible. Not just that, the running shoe also incorporates the RearFoot Gel Cushioning - it will guard you against the impact of the runs by allowing more optimized shock absorption. This is all thanks to its silicone material.

This can be found in the rear area of your shoe, where it’s heavily cushioned and bringing a soft ride that is perfect for facile and long runs. Loyal Asics fans would be satisfied to learn how this version deviates a little bit from its previous brothers. If you want to find an optimal model that can maximize cushioning system without sacrificing much responsiveness, then Asics Gel Electro33 will be your exceptional option! 


The Electro33 responds well to the wearer’s performance through its capability of giving more control and stability to your foot’s underside, depending on the others’ observation. It’s also a perfect solution for those having the overpronators that are in need of further support, cushioning and stability.

The running shoes also help to distribute the entire impact of the runs effectively for the purpose of reducing pronation. Furthermore, it sometimes provides the medial post support spread through to your heel. For any serious overpronators, you properly want to think about owning a motion control shoe with additional cushioning.

With a simple protection and unobtrusive feature, thanks to its seamless upper that will absolutely hug your heel and midfoot. Not only that, Asics also avails a firmer foam in your shank for higher stability. It looks like a thin and stone-resistant plate placed under your forefoot, which promises the excellent flexibility or a smooth ride during the workout.


The Ortholite material delivers a combination of benefits, including the high underfoot comfort while providing the great moisture control and amazing breathability. It’s good to know that the Ortholite’s PU foam is even 95% - 100% breathable, enabling more air to circulate in and around your insole.

It helps to keep your foot as cool as possible inside the shoe. This unique open-cell construction from the insole is trusted to move any moisture away from your foot so that it could be kept cooler, drier, and healthier in a shoe environment. Make sure to cleanse these insoles properly to maintain all of their performance advantages after washing.

Unlike other traditional insoles, the set of Ortholite insoles goes less than 5% over time, making both cushioning and fit never change inside it. This also contributes a lot to the maximum comfort every time you try to put the shoes on. That often said, the Ortholite is the most frequently found in your footwear since it’s both eco-friendly and sustainable.


Asics Gel Electro33 is solidly made with a good support, stitched overlays, and the aggressive road-gripping as well as mud-shedding tread. We can’t deny its arch-wrap structure that amazingly reaches up and assists the arch on both sides. This sturdy construction is ideal for traction no matter if it’s a rough and tough terrain or not.

As we know, it’s nothing else than the outer sole at the bottom of your shoe serves an important function. You can test it while running on different surfaces, to see how good the shoe’s grip and traction really are. The Electro33 is quite like a straightforward trainers that own one rugged upper and sole.

Besides, its grippy rubber sole is very impressive to all testers recently when it comes to its traction on varying surfaces and conditions. Having a nice grip is necessary because it helps you to run faster, especially when you play on the grass courts which can be pretty slippery.


The 33 series is efficient enough to adapt and respond well to your performance after delivering a good adjustment and stability to your underside. And guess what? The overall responsiveness of the Electro33 just makes you want more from it. You can totally feel that incredible responsive character of the model, which what every wearer would love to look for in a running shoe.

Asics Gel Electro33 never fails to do away with its nice materials on the upper of the shoe, making it become a more seamless experience. The shoe is both lightweight and responsive aside from being exceedingly comfortable. We suggest this shoe for all runners who truly need a neutral training footwear as well as want to feel great when hitting the road.

This model is versatile since it’s able to balance every key aspect better than the rest of them. By successfully combining the weight, comfort, flexibility, durability,  and responsiveness, Asics just succeeds in making such an unrivaled trainer. There’s no way to feel down about it, right from the first mile through the last on your track. Its wrapped-around collar will manage to hug your ankle and heel well.


No matter whether you’re a lightweight racers or cushioned cruisers, 33 series will be one of the best trail footwears for your coming off-road adventure. With beneficial support and amazing motion guidance for runners, you can’t find its limit in your foot’s natural movements from heel to toe-off.

In this version, the average weight for men will be around 249 grams (8.7 oz) and 207 grams (7.3 oz) for women. The Asics Gel Electro33 can help the runners to run as fast as they want while also make them feel more satisfied while running on the shoes. According to the brand, the 33 series is lighter than some other identical Asics shoes.

Once coming out with less padding but the tinier drop from your heel to toe, the shoe still impresses the wearers with its excellent support and stability. According to the users, it works well for 5-K races due to its great fit. Some of them also find it quite good to have Electro33 in term of its amazing amount of room in the toebox.


Known as a low-profile running shoes that are specially designed for the wearers who suffer the over-pronated foot movement, the Electro33 of Asics deserves being a favorite among novices and seasoned marathoners. This is a well-balanced footwear that owns a highly breathable upper, a heavy-duty outsole and a robust midsole that not many shoes own all.

Are you a fan of this updated version? You should be, particularly when the entire shoe totally stays true to the spirit of the Asics series by keeping offering the most exceptional flexibility and high-performance comfort. Pick it up for the maximized cushion without needing to sacrifice any responsiveness level.

For the most part, we and the others prefer running in trail-shoes with higher responsiveness, which makes the tested Asics Gel Electro33 worthy to explore more. So hurry to build yourself up with this great pair of shoes since it’s just your perfect fit with a seamless upper that accommodates various foot types.


The most similar running shoes to the Asics Gel Electro33 would be comprised of Asics Gel DS Trainer 22, Brooks Asteria, New Balance 1500 V3, Saucony Fastwitch 8.

Ascis Gel DS Trainer 22

With the FlyteFoam tech, Asics Gel DS Trainer 22 finds no difficulty to become the lightweight, supportive and resilient shoe that can work well both races and training. Its updated midsole brings both experienced and elite runners who desire to put on a shoe that can take on speed and any distance with ease. As one of the most sought after trainer options today, feel free to choose your favorite colors and use it for your racedays, workouts, or anything like that.

Brooks Asteria

Another great road running trainer that is also ideal for your uptempo training is nothing else than the Brooks Asteria. It offers a trustworthy support and unbelievable acceleration with a lightweight feel. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that are best for mild to moderate pronators, then this shoe should be on your top priority list. Well, it merely adapts to every of your steps and gait.

New Balance 1500 V3

A great number of consumers would appreciate what the New Balance 1500 v3 brings to them this time. It’s definitely the shoe’s vivid colors and great design, stable platform and highly breathable system. Use it on the roads, and then you’ll see nobody actually complains about it since the shoe comes up with a superb fit and fast transition during races from 5K to marathons. For your desired traction for any fast running on the track, this shoe is just the perfect option! 

Saucony Fastwitch 8

In this 8th installment from the Fastwitch, get ready to experience the light race day footwear that owns a bit of cushioning feature for both 5 to 10K’s. It’s recommended for elite athletes when it comes to their half marathons. Its light construction and good stability are the most favorite traits that keep their form throughout the long runs. Besides that, the boosted breathability and amazing grip are another strength of Saucony Fastwitch 8 you can’t look away.


Overall, we both think Asics Gel Electro33 is the excellent and lightweight running shoe that can win over different tracks and trails. Use it for your fast-workouts and racing no matter how the distance reaches 3 miles or 9 miles - the shoe can absorb the shock efficiently and drive a more powerful toe-off. In addition, its updated FluidAxis technology in this version can help correct flex grooves and lets the shoe to respond well to your accurate load.

It’s so light that your forefoot can remain feeling cushioned on the push off. It’s true that the shoe can respond well, but greater than that, it stimulates us to run our best. So don’t miss this footwear for a real training, especially when you can run 6 miles total and at the end, your legs could be a bit shaky. You will love them due to the supportive and comfortable traits, and more than that, the Electro33 is just about half the weight, making you feel like running on the clouds.

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