Asics Gel-Kahana 8 Review

This type of shoe can use in nearly all conditions. People choice this shoe as a best buy winner for all types of shoes. Furthermore, the Asics Gel-Kahana 8 can be your common choice that you want if you think it is necessary for the running. It can utilize for the outdoor and indoor activities. You can feel the gel with foam in the sole of this shoe. It brings you the comfort and relaxation when wearing it. Also, the stability of Asics Gel Kahana 8 makes you feel more confident when you go on the pavement or the edge of the road.

The trail extension can let you know your time to tighten it. Furthermore, you can keep the dirt away from this shoe by blowing a little of air. Since the flat surface of the shoe can increase, you feel no pressure on your feet anymore. Thus, the construction of this shoe could make you feel warmer and comfortable. The increased number of this type of shoes make the market hotter. The company updates the new form regularly. On top of that, the fabric of the shoe is so flexible that you can use it for a variety of purposes such as running, jogging, or walking.

Asics Gel-Kahana 8 - Highlight features and technologies

  • This type of high quality running shoe is made especially for trail using a long time. The design can change the overall shape of this shoe. It is so stiff and hard that it looks like an elegant product. The quality and its material can leverage the usage of these Men’s shoes.
  • To make the shoes more fashionable, the upper unit of the sole uses the unique material. I permit the environmental air flow through the inside of this shoe. Furthermore, thanks to the advantage of the soft textiles, it can get the lid become smooth. Thus, the feet will not feel rash or have problems.
  • The Asics Gel Kahana 8 has the feature in the sole is that it contains the whole foam unit. Thus, it can respond to the cushion and play back the feature. In my point of view, it pads the arrivals well and makes the toe-off springier. The back area of the mid-sole unit additionally has a silicone-based unit that is intended to constrict affect stun amid the arrival period of the walk cycle.
  • By having the mid-sole in the primary material, the Asics shoe can use in the difficult terrain. Thanks to the resistant material, it can cover the surface that can quickly wear off.
  • Since it made from the compound products, it may be able to block the dust. Thus, you can move it freely without having difficulty. Furthermore, it also permits the movement around the neck.

Asics Gel-Kahana 8 - Pros & Cons


  • The version 8 of Asics Gel-Kahana product has the small weight in a comparison between all the previous versions of this product.
  • It can use for a long time with a comfortable feeling.
  • Furthermore, numerous analyzers respected its middle sole as they can wear their shoes rapidly while needn't bother with their shoelaces.
  • This product does not have shoelaces so that no need to use your time in a waste manner.
  • The front rear of this shoe is quite beautiful. It can represent the responsive, breathable and lightweight scope.
  • You can wear these shoes without socks because of its logical development which indeed keeps the disorder of skin disturbance.
  • Lastly, you may value its strength and bright outline for the form of all men.


  • You may have problems with the original size of Asics Gel Kahana 8.
  • The color is not quite bright that it can get dirty easily.
  • The back sole resembled the plastic-made unit. I think it is not good to change it in the first use.

Asics Gel-Kahana 8 description


The Asics High Abrasion Rubber, which is known as AHAR, is the unit of the outsole of this Asics Gel-Kahana 8. It can prevent any damage of the midsole and from the environment. It offers the reliable insurance and prepare for scraped area and wear. It shields your shoe from scratches and the incapacitating utilization impacts. We can see the AHAR material was blown for the Men’s Gel outsole so as to offer some adaptability and extra padding.

Asics Gel-Kahana 8 outsole

On account of the quick design plan, the outsole of the Asics Gel Abrasion rubber can give you compelling footing, particularly for wet surfaces. Along these lines, you can run and stroll with certainty and solace over wet or dry streets. The flexibility of the wide shoes makes it possible to move naturally in the typical environment. It can have the upper stretch with freedom. The feet can sway in a specific direction as the human gait. If the toe is out of order, you can change it in a quick way.


The original midsole of the product Asics Gel-Kahana 8 makes use of the SpEVA composite. It is a high-quality standard for the quick respond and springy. It is so strong that the midsole does not ruin even if it uses for a very long time with the harsh environment. The sole also can bring more energy in the case of it runs off.

Since the sole uses the Gel Cushion System, it can absorb many shocks or attack from the usual activities. With the Solyte technique, many experienced clients, including me finished it as a full-length, superb material for the padded sole. Except of the responsive and qualities, the sturdy layer can convey the dependable padding to serve for your different sorts of exercises. You will not feel any harsh or discomfort when you wear it. In the padded sole of the Asics Gel-Kahana 8, the arrangement of Gel Padding is truly produced using the silicone-like material.


The Asics Gel Kahana 8 can cover the primary system of its mesh. People usually wear it with the shirt along with it. The feet need to dry and store in the cool place. The open structure of this shoe allows the air flow freely. I can control the direction of moving. Particularly, the Direction Line and the Effect Direction Framework can work pretty well with its soundness framework, notwithstanding when running quick and standing inactively.

In my point of view, this kind of shoe can prevent the insect come inside. You ought to store it in the cool and dry place. It permits you to be agreeable to wear these shoes and alter its bands with a few pulls. Consequently, you are not required to tie your bands. In conclusion, the versatile material of the Asics Gel Kahana 8 remains secured to keep its comfortable. In spite of the fact that the Material Overlays can be found close to its neckline territory, the upper can, for the most part, be secured as the piece of its upper work.

The flow of air is necessary to turn on and make it easy. The air is acquainted with the shoes' internal segment to keep your foot dry and cool. You can legitimately utilize the printed overlays to decrease the upper weight altogether. Likewise, the Flexible Bands consolidated well with the circle binding customarily. I think it is a special feature of Kahana 8.

Asics Gel-Kahana 8 Review

Asics Gel-Kahana 8


One thing which I like most from this shoe is the flexibility. It has a small faint in the middle of the sole. Thus, you can change the whole color as well as the whole design of Kahana 8. Another thing that I need to mention is the notable feature. The warm color and physical properties can make the intention effectively. Its’ warm shading was consolidated with the warm sunny subject on the condition.

The numerous physical properties had a place with the shoe were expected to serve in the state of warm atmosphere. There are several versions of this shoe such as the blue of an island, the red on summer, the green of tree, or even the pink of the jewel. These choices are suitable for all men. Finally, you can integrate all the color together to change it into the color you want. Since it has small dark spots, it can endure in the harsh condition. When compared the Asics Gel-Kahana 8 with the Adidas Terrex Skychaser, you may find lots of similar things, including the design and comfort.

Size and fit

The Asics Gel-Kahana 8 makes use of the key strategy when doing the choice for their decision. Lightweight and breathability bolster for the upper are certainly dealt with by its small design alongside the sock liner which was found on the mid-sole top. Thus, both men and women can choose whatever they want. By this way, it is so much alike the Asics Gel Tambora 4.

The common size is medium. From my point of view, it may able to affordable and usable with people who has only a limited amount of money. By decreasing the material overlays, this development sort keeps on outstanding the favorable condition for all runners. The sizes of this shoe are varied from one particular number to the bigger one.


To use it freely, there is a small heel area that permits all of you to pull off or put on his toes easily. There is one advantage of this shoe is the smooth and soft skin. It can lift up the hill to make the interior wall. Moreover, the design of the skin can make it away from the irritation. Thus, it can greatly improve the overall performance, like the Mizuno Wave Kien 3.

Another advantage of this kind of shoe is that it can endure for a long time. It diminishes the over-pronation rate by driving your foot to the more adjusted and appropriate position. People can use it whenever they want. This framework basically helps you accomplish the adjusted and agreeable move from your toe to your heel amid your stride cycle.


Now, we will discuss of the stabilization and support of this sole. Furthermore, you can feel the fundamental sole that sticks into the shoe. Thus, the foot can move freely without difficulties. Those with over-pronated foot movement are the ones who will welcome this component since it basically amends any deviation to the walk. The DuoMax® Emotionally supportive network is a double thickness material that is intended to bolster the underneath and keep it from destabilizing when making each stride. This product has the supportive team to help solve the problems that arise, like the Asics Gel FujiTrabuco 5.


The version of Asics Gel Kahana 8 is quite impressive. I think it can be sold in a huge amount thanks to the advantage of this type. Many people prefer the lightweight product. We can use the similar one in this shoe. Both its designed work and consistent upper could be picked with a specific end goal to decrease the general weight of the shoe. One of its principle benefits we may represent this use is that a light-weight shoe more often than not offers the more prominent deftness. By along these lines, they add to the nimbler and adaptable shoe. I recommend making use of this type of characteristic.


Since it can utilize the effect of friction and overflow of air, the outsole is quite reliable for people who love running. The shoes do not pull off easily with any help from fray or intention. Thus, the Asics Gel Kahana 8 can provide the reliable way to solve the problem with filling the ground with stones. It can be a basic unit which helps you push forward productively amid your running cycle. This shoe offers us the stun retention superbly when getting our foot on the land or ground. Such retention may lessen the distress and additionally empower your means ahead.


The original design can focus on the Noosa brand. However, it can use in all version of Kahana 8. You can get the flow of your feet. Moreover, by integrating meshes in the shoe, you can handle the situations. There are many purposes which you can use up on. The first one is making it dry and cool place. In the middle sole, you have the option to change it into smaller one in order to have rooms for your feet. This work frame keeps the steady wind current so that the feet remain dry, agreeable, and cool. Apertures can be found on your sock liner so you will be sure to abandon any sock.

To know progressively the way Asics, get the breeze into the feet, we ought to investigate its built work which was situated on the shoe's upper segment. On its padded sole, you can locate the punctured insole that permits the dampness seepage too. The cross section can make the remarkable framework for ventilation reason to get the cursed air around your own particular feet. In my point of view, it is very great, compared to the Asics Gel FujiTrabuco 5.


People also feedbacks the control technology that adapts to the original version. There is a trust system in the Asics  Gel Kahana 8. Also, the company advises to wear it with your attention to the small detail. You can put it in the front. There is one thing which I need to address is the balance. It can help you stand in the right manner, like the Brooks Cascadia 12.

The usage of Kahana 8 is exquisite. This framework interfaces the foot raised and the foot front. It mainly keeps up and keeps the shoe's auxiliary uprightness while diminishing the weight to the base level. The enormous advantage of owning more than 1 mm thickness can be the unique padded sole to keep up the parties and checks framework between two restricting powers. Along these lines is guaranteed as certainly contradicted to the padded sole. I like this feature.


As a matter of fact, the first view is the weight of this shoe. However, it is quite light. Some people comment that it can cause the effect on your feet. In fact, you only to adjust the side view of this shoe to make it fashionable. The front toe can become bigger while the other becomes smaller than the previous size. The shoe is truly light all alone scale yet substantial with the creativity. The 11 appearance had a place with the Asics gel Kahana 8 makes your toe to recuperate be higher than its points of reference.

I love this kind of design. This running shoe makes the clients marginally amazed considering its light-weight highlight alongside its lower drops. Consequently, many heel strikers don't pick the shoe to enhance their arrival. Some of my friends recommend me to use it whenever I need even I already have the Asics Gel FujiTrabuco 5.

Grip and traction

People usually think of a specific type of shoe to make room for the others. However, this Kahana 8 can design for the road one. It can be considered the awesome one to protect users from many effects of doing wrong things. Furthermore, it contains the behavior of several products such as the earlier version of this shoe. I wore this amid a half marathon through streams and trails, up slopes and down, and into a lodging improvement for two or three miles. It held up pleasantly. It's an agreeable shoe with great padding and a cozy fit in the heel, and it has a considerable measure of steadiness. After around 40 miles, the shoes still looked new.

It owns such a good design which can be compared to the Brooks Cascadia 12. Another thing I like is its sole. This is considered not just an extraordinary item to keep running for the long separation additionally being able to function admirably with all day by day coach for open-air exercises. It contains the small product of outsole. Such plan makes it the famous and most loved shoes as you can utilize it to go running, even sparkle or rain.


By using this training shoe, it can take advantage of the product. People can go for a long keep running in the ASICS Gel-Kahana 8 Trail Running Shoes. Furthermore, you can have the SpEVA padded soles that give bob back and help diminish padded sole breakdown. Such padded bottom is likewise more grounded and lighter with the more prominent responsiveness devoted for these shoes that use it. Such feature is quite similar to that of the Asics Gel Tambora 4.

Its Solyte Padded sole makes the better Bob yet still secures the undercarriage of your shoe. The feet GEL Padding Framework lessens stun amid the effect stage, while the double thickness DuoMax Emotionally supportive network improves support and strength. By utilizing this padded sole, the shoe gives different advantages. In any case, on top of them is that it is genuinely lighter, more responsive, and more stable than the Steve Padded sole from past models. Overall, it is an incredible feature.


Many users think of a product that has the amount for the feet to move around. The original version is about 10.2 oz. Thus, they can adjust for both men and women. These figures make them lighter than many other comparative shoes in the class of strength and support. The Kahana 8 is indeed a good one. Intended for the focused dashing, you ought not to shock as the organization tried to seek creative strategies so as to keep it lightest as could be allowed. I like to recommend this feature to my friend, especially those who already have the Adidas Terrex Skychaser.

Durability and quality

I used to do a variety of products. Thus, I have the feeling of what need to do to take advantage of something. The Outsole of the shoe conveys the great and stunning footing on the wet surfaces. Truth be told, it is all around developed from non-natural and original mixes. You can have a small space for you shoe to increase its duration. It likewise includes the Durasponge Outsole which was made out of the elastic with the delicate blown trademark. Also, you can make the most of its padding and additionally its sturdiness all alone forefoot as it offers the considerable grasping on various sorts of streets. It is quite good for using a long time, like the Mizuno Wave Kien 3.

Previous version of Asics Gel-Kahana 8

Asics Gel-Kahana 7

Asics Gel-Kahana 7

Multiple runners preferred the façade of the Asics Gel Kahana 7, expressing that it was outwardly engaging. Some analysts respected the upper unit, and they expressed that they were awed by the strength of the textures and overlays. Many concurred that the tight-weave work could keep soil and little flotsam and jetsam far from the inside foot-chamber. There were a ton of protestations about the outsole tread and carried design, which evidently fell off too forcefully.

Asics Gel-Kahana 6

The stage of the Asics Gel Kahana 6 could give incredible effect resistance, composed an analyzer. A specialist commentator complimented the frothing unit in the midsole, taking note of that it's fit for guaranteeing pleasant walks all through the running session. The solid unit under the curve was productive in conveying solidness to those with overpronated movement, analysts composed. The dragged outsole unit got loud from the individuals who felt that they could navigate the erratic trails quickly.

Asics Gel-Kahana 5

Agreeable" was a word many buyers utilized while depicting their time with this running shoe. However, an analyzer whined that it was a size too little for their feet. Some buyers composed that the outsole of this shoe didn't deal with tricky surfaces well; they fell a few circumstances. A few analyzers, including me, respected the bands of this shoe, which, for them, had a sufficient length; they likewise noticed that the bands didn't disentangle effortlessly. It felt somewhat tight, as per a couple of runners.

Similar shoes to Asics Gel-Kahana 8

Adidas Terrex Skychaser, Asics Gel Tambora 4, Mizuno Wave Kien 3, Brooks Cascadia 12 and Asics Gel FujiTrabuco 5 are listed as the most similar running shoes to Asics Men’s Gel-Kahana 8.

Adidas Terrex Skychaser

All dedicated features of the Adidas Terrex Skychaser are incredible and great guidelines for you to have a view of what to buy a running shoe for men. If you want to buy a shoe quickly, do not hesitate to look at this product in details. As you can have time and place, I think my observation will not let you down. Although having many effects such as your health, I can recommend it. These shoes are surveyed striking and boisterous, yet still, connect loads of consideration.

Asics Gel Tambora 4

The ASICS company reduces the significant design to reduce the overlay structure. Material overlays of the Asics Gel Tambora 4 were altogether decreased keeping in mind the end goal to use the overlay framework printed. The number of shoes depends on the strategy of the company. Such overlays mix in basically with its upper texture to keep up the totally adaptable fit and decrease the shoe's general weight. When you remove the shoe, you can feel it is quite easy to pull off.

Mizuno Wave Kien 3

You can remove all your nervous when getting the discomfort or the bad feeling about this type of shoe. However, put on this type of shoe is somewhat difficult. You can use the rubber to press the head of the shoe. You can think this kind of work is an add-on of the Mizuno Wave Kien 3. Because the upper mesh has the synthetic overlay, it increases the durable of the layers. For this reason, the shoe can change the overall structure and they can maintain the snug and secure its leather.

Brooks Cascadia 12

You can use the Brooks Cascadia 12 for the fashion show. The grasp tabs made of elastic are discovered plainly on the heel and tongue territories. When evacuating or wearing these shoes, the elastic can hang on the fingers skin of all competitors. It is viewed as the handy and valuable extra. It is really good for men. Since the shoe has the small amount of seam, it is error free in the design.

Asics Gel FujiTrabuco 5

The Asics Gel FujiTrabuco 5 got high acclaim from clients and master commentators. They felt that it could furnish them with quality and reliable administration of nature. Overpronators celebrated on account of its strength mechanics. For some, the segments were proficient, and the running background was fulfilling. Be that as it may, it frustrated a couple of buyers, who had their grumbles about this rendition.

Final world

After thinking for a long time, I think the Asics Gel Kahana 8 is the best. It can slip easily without efforts. Since this boost has many functions, it can support a variety of purposes. The shoe is great; don’t you think? In my opinion, you should read these instructions and reviews carefully. Also, it is good to ask a friend or someone who bought it before. However, I like using it. Hope you can agree with me as this shoe is good enough to use for a long time.

Do you have further things which you want to be share? Let’s comment below. We will have a discussion further.

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