Asics GEL-Kinsei 6 Review

The Asics GEL-Kinsei 6 is considered one of the newest and most expensive Asics lines having the excellent comfort and cushioning. Although its substantial price limit its appeal in some particular aspect, its weight, and high-quality used materials can together satisfy even the pickiest customers. The shoe can be tailor-made dedicated for you if you are looking for a decent pair of shoe in your daily training workhorse. Also, the incredible comfort and arch support will make your running more interesting and fun.

Asics GEL-Kinsei 6 - Highlight features & technologies

  • The outsole of the shoe uses the rubber material which is reliable in the protective purpose. Besides, it uses the newest and most lasting outsole compounds named AHAR® and ensure that its sole unit can be protected from wear and abrasion.
  • TExceptional comfort, efficient running, and cushioning are some hallmarks of this shoe. By giving you the superior performance, we should thank its high-quality technologies and components which assist your foot in getting each easy step. From the toe-off to heel landing phase, you will get cushioning and protection.
  • The midsole of the Asics GEL-Kinsei 6 gives you a responsive and plush underfoot platform. Such efficient element lets your feet the comfortable feelings with the high-quality materials. For this reason, they do not easily break down or wear off. In fact, the midsole of the shoe stays efficient and lasts long, even after several uses.
  • Its upper unit features intense schemes of colors, which are indeed eye-catching. Its’ reflective coating also lets the highlighted sections be shining while the different shades and hues give this shoe an appealing appearance. Besides, its mesh material stretches in the multiple directions to acclimatize to the particular shape of your foot, providing the comfort fit.

Asics GEL-Kinsei 6 - Pros and Cons


  • Its’ toe box is spacious enough to accommodate you.
  • The midsole of the shoe is gender-specific for shock-absorbing and enhanced cushioning features.
  • You can feel marveled at the way its heel cup accurately holds its heel snugly right in place.
  • This shoe provides you six color options to choose from with the exciting and vibrant designs which will turn the heads quickly.
  • The Asics GEL-Kinsei 6 can be the most fabulous and luxurious rides you may see in town with its exceptional durability.
  • It also shows the effectiveness when using in the gym with aerobics or workouts activities.
  • At last, this shoe is quite comfortable.


  • It is only limited as the everyday training partner and the luxurious running companion on the short-distanced road.
  • The shoe is considered an expensive product so far.

Asics GEL-Kinsei 6 description


With the Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber or AHAR®, the shoe owns a super durable protection layer which shields it from its abrasive surface nature. For this reason, it may not peel off quickly, and it can last long. Therefore, its sole unit may remain intact and functioning, even after multiple uses and long races. What’s more? The flex grooves of the shoe are thick enough to allow your foot to have more natural motions. It is entirely accurate for its forefoot section as the flexibility of your foot is centered. With the moderately robust and thick sole unit, the foot can still do your toe-off running phase quite efficiently.


The midsole has the latest FluidRide 2.0 technology which gives you a light feel of your underfoot. This upgrade can be bouncier, so every push-off can be more propulsive than expected. Also, it is lightweight enough not to drag your foot down. Its Gel® Cushioning features the material which can absorb the shock efficiently. Such system is placed separately and directly in the forefoot and heel sections of this shoe.

During the liftoffs and landings, the shoe can disperse and handle shock, allowing the more comfortable and smooth ride. The Technology named Propulsion Trusstic® follows the unique functions of its connective tissue in the foot. It tenses right before propulsion. For this reason, the action can be more explosive and enabled when it is time for your foot to start moving forward.


The FluidFit® of the shoe upper is made of a stretch mesh which is multi-directional with the stretch reinforcements. The element adapts to all exact foot shape, making your fit truer and attuned to you. Besides, it does not make the shoe upper unit uncomfortable or tight at all. The seamless upper construction allows you to wear the shoe without wearing socks. By this way, it greatly reduces the irritation, preventing welts and blisters in the whole process. The System™ of Heel Clutching is the external counter which holds and supports the rearfoot in place. For this reason, it improves the heel fit when preventing shoe removals by accident.

The ComforDry™ Sock Liner of X-40 is the top-tier sole which adds the springiness to your sole unit. This element can maintain the breathable environment and manage moisture for your foot, so it enhances the comfort.

Asics GEL-Kinsei Review

Asics GEL-Kinsei 6 mens

Comfort of Asics GEL-Kinsei

For every shoe, the comfort is of the utmost importance. In the case you do not feel comfortable while wearing them, do not pick up. This action means more wasted money and less running time. The Asics Gel-Kinsei 6 shoe utilizes the FLUIDFIT® technology which consists of the 4-way mesh fabric. So, its upper shoe can adapt to your feet for the customized fit.

Regarding the midsole, the Asics shoemaker employs the FLUIDRIDE® technology which is a harmonious combination of the foam. By this way, it allows for the ultimate cushioning and bounce-back. In overall, the midsole of the shoe remains durable and lightweight. Also, it offers a moderate level of the comfort for you with various pronation kinds, resulting in all sneakers regarding as the superior choice in this market segment. Since the first generation of Gel-Kinsei, all models has maintained the loyal following that continues to increase with each time of release, despite its highest price in the class.

Fit and size

The Asics Gel Kinsei 6 can be true to the size. Women and men can get it with the exact measurements when mentioning the length. With the available shoe width of the medium, you may acclimate comfortable to it with the medium-sized feet. Its upper is indeed stretchable to accommodate several types of feet with the individually unique dimensions. This feature is quite similar to that of Adidas Vengeful.

As a matter of fact, they can be available in their size from 5 to 13 but only with the regular width, unfortunately. For this reason, the shoe can accommodate wide and narrow footed people as well. The shoe is well designed for you with over-pronation to the normal shoe. This shoe has the right support deal within it helping you to support the arches, especially if you have the high arches.


Your style and stride are on the right point when going to the gym in with the Asics GEL-Kinsei 6. It is indeed the successor to its previous version, the GEL-Kinsei 5. This shoe was built for neutral runners to under-pronators who seek for the enhanced cushioning. Also, it has the thin synthetic materials of the upper and breathable mesh. What’s more? The luidRide® technology of its midsole delivers the excellent mix of durability, energy return, and plush.

Its forefoot and rearfoot Gel® cushioning can attenuate all impacting shocks as well as allows your foot to have the fluid motions throughout your gait cycle. Furthermore, its gender-specific features and design offer you a top layer of the midsole with the lower density. By this way, it allows all female athletes to have the higher compression of the midsole. We should not leave out its discrete technology for the Heel Unit, which enhances its I.G.S system simply by creating its final operation in the stability and shock attenuation. This feature brings the shoe to be equal to the Asics Gel Quantum 360 in term of cushioning.


The I.G.S® or IMPACT GUIDANCE SYSTEM also contribute to the overall support of the shoe. This system consists of one flexible yet, curved rubber strip on its back heel, which is right where your heel and ankle joint. As explained by Asics, this design indeed enhances the natural gait of your feet from toe-off to heel strike. Also, the COMFORDRY™ SOCK LINER of the shoe provides you the high breathability and moisture-wicking. It means you will not feel hot, stinky or sweaty at all.

Quite similar to the Asics Gel Quantum 180 2, the Asics GEL-Kinsei 6 has the APMA ACCEPTANCE SEAL OF the American Podiatric Medical Association as the approval. To add to its support, the Asics High Abrasion Rubber or AHAR® was placed in the critical outsole areas to increasing its life and durability. This feature has no change compared to its precedent.


In term of the outsole, it is packed with several features which extends its cushioned comfort to the acceptable for all uses, including me. To start with, its Impact Guide System is typically made of some components which may work well together in order to promote the natural gait for all different foot type. Besides, the discrete heel of the shoe can enhance your foot’s stability while offering the shock absorbance. Like the Mizuno Wave Elevation, its rear and forefoot with the gel cushioning can sit right at the shoe center, making your luxurious ride in all different types of surfaces.


We should pay attention to the usage of Asics’ FluidRide technology which was equipped well in the shoe midsole. Such technique continues its upper flexibility, providing the cushioned layer dedicated for its foot bed as well as managing the body weight. Meanwhile, the shoe allows for the suitable and adequate bounce back for each of your steps. Its midsole preciseness is accurately gender-specific, just like the Brooks Dyad 9. In details, the women version was built with the top layer having the lower density to offer you the required compression for female bodies.

Quality and durability

Being built on the reputation of the Gel-Kinsei technical precision, this shoe is considered the athletic shoe dedicated for you if you have the neutral pronation. Both the Asics GEL-Kinsei 6 and 5 hold us captive with their beautiful colors. Furthermore, it promises to all the technology of sports footwear on a show. If you already have the Asics Gel Quantum 180 2 in your box, you can be surprised with its gel system right in the forefoot and heel and its’ High Abrasion Rubber which strategically create the outsole.


After several years of softly and gently tweaking running shoes, Asics decides to raise up its bar by launching the radical shoe version, Gel Kinsei. These models were packed well with technology after five development years. Although its’ initial story is somewhat the striking, it still offers the exposed GEL unit of the rearfoot. Also, its outside Gel pods provide the impact protection when the firm pod helps you with the stability. Both of them are attached to one plastic cradle which extends into your forefoot to help you guide your foot through your gait cycle. Differ with the Adidas Vengeful; the SoLyte foam has just been recently added to make this shoe lighter. Lastly, we should enjoy the nicely fitting shoe upper which is made directly from the material derived from coral.


Apart from the FLUIDRIDE® and FLUIDFIT® technique, there are some technological innovations accurately incorporated within this shoe. The gel cushioning in the forefoot and rearfoot has the key function to absorb the shock. Also, it helps to give the spring to each of your steps when running. For this reason, it can attenuate the shock during toe-off phases and impact to allow the movement in various planes as your foot transitions going through your gait cycle.

The GUIDANCE LINE® of the Asics GEL-Kinsei is basically one line in the sole traction. With some kinds of magic, this shoe can guide the foot through some correct motions. So, whether it is marketing or actually works, you may give a try and experience yourself. What about the TRUSSTIC SYSTEM®? It is the fancy way to expresses the lightweight yet, remaining its structural integrity.

Grip and traction

The Gel Kinsei running shoe series of Asics enhance themselves year by year. With the Asics GEL-Kinsei 6, it culminated your best proportions ever with several revolutionary technologies which were introduced globally by this shoemaker. To make a more comprehensive comparison, let’s look at the Asics Gel-Nimbus, Gel Lyte, and Gel-Kayano to see any discrepancy arising. Some of those technologies, including the advanced system of gel cushioning from Asics, helps me much in all over improving my performance, whether off road or on my track. I can achieve it quickly by utilizing the harmonious combination of FluidRide, DuoSole, and Trusstic system.


Not only being an artwork but the Asics Gel-Kinsei 6 also owns several striking characteristics going for, such as the Unmatched Comfort. This particular feature let you not worry anymore while pounding all pavements directly. So, it offers the exceptional fit dedicated for different foot types while being created especially for all neutral pronators. You can find the same feature in the Adidas Vengeful. Guess what? The shoe is Highly Durable as well due to seamless construction and superior materials.

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From its outsole to the upper, you may not find anything conventional about this shoe. The Asics Gel-Kinsei 6 weighs about 9.4 ounces. So, you can own a pair of shoes combining lightweight comfort, durability, and agility in one compact package. The technical components list of the shoe begins with its FluidFit upper that includes the stretchy, specially reinforced mesh. By this way, it can conform to your feet quickly and fit entirely.


As a matter of fact, the shoe look may not necessarily make impacts on how you use it. However, you can feel better while wearing lovely shoes. So the appearance somewhat plays a moderately important role when it comes to buying your suitable footwear. There are six color combinations of the Gel Kinsei 6 you can choose from. However, you may not able to choose a standard tan, solid white, and black running shoe with this model.

Compared to the Asics GEL-Kinsei 5, the 6th iteration brings you brighter color. And you may find the one best suit your tastes and preferences quickly. If you prefer basic coloring, my suggested shoe is the one with the mint/titanium/light gray color as well as swap out its neon laces with the standard white. Apart from its color-blocking feature, it has the standard stripes of Asics on the design of its side panel.

Previous version of Asics GEL-Kinsei 6

Asics GEL-Kinsei 5

The exposed plastic cradle and Gel units of this shoe are indeed tailor-made dedicated for all people landing their heel first. With the Gel softens your landing, it is lightweight and comfortable enough to react immediately to each of your step for either the terrain or the pace of your running. To assist smooth out its transition, Asics did make the thinner plastic cradle and brought your feet enough closer to ground. In short, it is the Durable trainer for cumbersome and large heel-strikers in high-mileage runs.

Asics GEL-Kinsei 4

Being the follower of the popular Asics GEL model, the Kinsei 4 owns a lot of features to live strongly up to the Kinsei 3. If you are a fan of this line, you may won’t be disappointed. This shoe builds up entirely on the same technology with its precedent but with the lighter and more flexible package. As the shoemaker uses the GEL-Kinsei shoe line to adopt its latest technologies, you can own a shoe with incredible features and no overlooked element. Such add-ons and features packed in made the Asics GEL-Kinsei 4 to weigh heavier than other neutral shoes.

Asics GEL-Kinsei 3

The Kinsei hallmarks are the Gel units which were exposed and attached to the support cradle made of plastic. This intricate design of the heel results in your unique and special landing experience as well as several extra hefty. As the heaviest products so far, this product owns the firmest shoe heel when having its’ hugging fit of its upper's lacing pattern to offset. Also, it offers the strong odor made of rubber coming from its outsole. So, this shoe should be recommended for people with low to normal arches searching for the durable daily trainer.

Similar running shoes to Asics GEL-Kinsei

Adidas Vengeful, Asics Gel Quantum 360, Mizuno Wave Elevation, Brooks Dyad 9 and Asics Gel Quantum 180 2 are listed as the most similar running shoes to Asics GEL-Kinsei.

Adidas Vengeful

We have to affirm that Adidas designed this shoe type for anyone who loves the well-cushioned companion which still delivers the perceptible responsiveness. Such neutral shoe owns the fantastic arch support, excellent breathability, and comfortable interior. The Adidas Vengeful can be your sensible choice if you usually do mid-distance to short runs at the average speed.

By using the midsole foam named Boost, you may get the responsive and excellent cushioning without the proverbial whistles and bells of the pricier cousins. Besides, the mesh of the shoe is filled completely with the countless holes to guarantee your breathable run. The small part of its seamless construction for the upper can limit your opportunities of hot spots or painful blisters.

Asics Gel Quantum 360

The Asics Gel Quantum 360 can provide you the breathable coverage and reliable cushioning at ease. The various colorway and colorful façade of the shoe may also make you feel impressive. Overall, this running shoe is dedicated to some people who need the support for their mid-foot. It features the gel cushioning 360 degrees belonged to the brand in the forefoot and rearfoot. So, this shoe efficiently attenuates the shock during all impact process and delivers the smooth toe-to-heel transition.

Brooks Dyad 9

The Brooks Dyad 9 is known as the neutral shoe which provides you excellent support for your arch. The shoemaker recommends this shoe for people who have wider feet or wear orthotics. Versatility can be its great asset as it may work well as your everyday training partner as well as a daily wear for anyone who is up on the feet for an extended period. With this solid option, those having medium or flat arches may find the good cushioning right in the shoes. Its mesh owns the larger holes to serve for the better breathability. Lastly, its outsole makeover can enhance ground contact and flexibility.

Mizuno Wave Elevation

The Mizuno Wave Elevation offers the reliable performance and no-frills right from your running start. Also, you may notice its plush comfort right stepping in. Its substantial padding located on the tongue and heel brings your cozy feel to the stage. Mizuno uses the Removable Insock which delivers excellent feel to help you with the wraparound fit and security. Besides, the Mizuno Wave technology can significantly assist you to absorb the impact shock. The mechanical midsole device also facilitates more efficient and quicker transition right in your gait cycle.

Asics Gel Quantum 180 2

The Asics Gel Quantum 180 2 can provide you with quality performance and service on all types of roads. It also has the comfortable design, robust technologies, and appealing schemes of colors. The shoe meant to offer protection and comfort to you when tackling the ground. Its price is a bit high, but you have what paid for. With the quality materials and technology, this version includes some proprietary technologies to make your running experience agreeable and fluid. These components can be efficient and may not quickly wear down.

Final word

The Asics GEL-Kinsei 6 is well worth its cost. Being the serious shoe dedicated for all serious runner, it feels and looks so great. Even though this shoe cannot be right for all of us, many users agree that the shoe is their excellent choice. Available in several vibrant colors, it can be expected to exceed and meet your expectations in different aspects. In short, you can use it to take it down to many streets or perform on your track.

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