Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Review

Asics gel nimbus 18 running shoe. Check rankings, full reviews, compare and similar running shoes.

This latest version of Asics gel nimbus promises to provide runners with a lot of new and updated features that will improve their performance as well as help them have greater experience in running. You can receive features and benefits from these wonderful running shoes; refer this article to have necessary information about it.


  • ComforDry X40 sock liner in this version provides improved fit and antimicrobial properties
  • A new design with heel counter helps prevent heel from slipping
  • An exceptional durability for more reliable and wonderful running experience
  • Placement of the Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System is changed for enhanced cushioning and shock absorption
  • Providing great cushioning for optimum comfort and support


  • Heavy weight so not recommended for speed works
  • Expensive price for some customers
  • Don’t fit as well as previous versions

Asics gel nimbus review

Asics gel nimbus 18

Cushioning and Comfort

Asics gel nimbus 18 is an ideal help to people who need customized fit and more cushioning for better comfort. FluidRide technology is used in the midsole of these shoes for responsive cushioning and Forefoot and Rearfoot Gel cushioning systems are made from silicon-based materials offering great shock absorption make me feel like I am wearing a pillow on my feet with no more shin splints or lower back pain, but still provides ultimate stability of the arches and the heels. Additionally, the shoes’ overall comfort is improved thanks to injected Solyte layer in the Gender Specific Forefoot cushioning.

The comfort is very important during running if you don’t want to be stopped at the middle of running just because of discomfort. Especially, it is cushiony and really helps my Achilles tendonitis. It offers the best cushioning from my sensitive forefoot to my heel. For people who intend to stand or walk on their feet all day, these shoes are highly recommended. I am just running short distances at the moment, but I have no doubt these will be fantastic when I rev up marathon training. Moreover, if you have flat feet with no arch, Plantar Fasciitis then these cushion beds are for you.

Fit and size

The FluidFit offers a personalized fit to this type of shoes. I did have to go up half a size. It could be the slope/height of the toe box on the Nimbus. I was concerned at first because they seemed a little snug, particularly in the toe, but as I wore them around the house to break them in I found them become quite comfortable and my toes didn't go numb. But according to many users, this new version doesn’t fit as well as the 16 and 17 ones. It seems to be narrower at the front of the toes. I would definitely recommend that you should give it a try before purchasing or ordering.


The great cushioning also provides better shock absorption to get rid of the shock put on your legs and feet. I heel strike, and it provides me with more protection. The heel clutch used to wrap the heel helps prevent slipping and irritation to the back of my heel. High quality materials used in the outsole also help your feet avoid getting pain caused by rocks or hard objects on the running road.


In terms of breathability, the open mesh in the upper offers breathability in order to keep the feet dry and cool while running or wearing for long time. Moreover, its upper features the ComforDry Sockliner made with anti-bacterial material that adds more cushioning as well as helps minimize moisture and odor inside the shoes.


This is my 3rd pair of Asics Gel Nimbus shoes. It is so comfortable and supportive. I have been really impressed by the lightweight support system called Guidance Trusstic, which offers the resistance to twisting forces and helps me avoid unexpected injuries. It provides good stability and arch support for neutral pronators who have the outside of the heel hits the ground and their foot rolls inward slightly. You can wear it with orthotics if you need more support. For people who want to use these shoes for long distance running, they can give you the best support.


Although these neutral running shoes feature plenty of cushioning, they still provide the ultimate stability for heel and arch. Asics Gel Nimbus 18 became more stable because the foam sole compressed and molded to my neutral feet.


The improved durability of Asics Gel Nimbus 18 allows you to enjoy running more. These shoes are built with a lot of durable materials such as the Asics High Abrasion Rubber and DuraSponge Outsole, Lightweight Reinforced Vamp and FluidRide midsole technology that will ensure exceptional durability and you don’t have to worry too much about sudden breakdown while running.


The Gel Nimbus 18 - premium neutral shoes designed with versatility on flat grounds. Blown AHAR used in forefoot of the outsole allows your feet to move with flexibility. Besides, it has the Guidance Line- a flex groove helps improve gait efficiency as well as offers a balanced and smooth heel-to-toe transition.


These neutral shoes can be used on road, track and gravel. The Asics High Abrasion Rubber used in the outsole provides good traction and excellent grip even on wet ground.


It is a little heavy but that may be because of the great amount of cushioning used in them. No problem! Your feet will still feel comfortable and light. However, some runners only use it to boost their performance in normal trainings but not for speed work.


These are best suitable to be used in standard running on the road or daily training. It can also be worn to play sports on paved areas. You can choose these shoes for your body building exercises and weight loss training. And with large amount of cushioning, it is an ideal support for runners with medium to high arches.

Pricy but so worth it! It is a well-made and supportive product so its price is reasonable. I didn't want the hassle of returning these if needed and is always excellent about that.​

Style of Asics gel nimbus

Asics gel nimbus is always super cute in my eyes. Especially, the bonus color for the Gel-Nimbus 18 is awesome! It even looks nice with my long casual maxi skirts!


If you are a neutral pronator and want higher profile shoes with incredible shock absorption and your feet literally wrapped in comfort, these shoes are for you. Please do yourself a favor and allow your feet to escape from pain and discomfort caused by poor quality shoes. Asics gels have always been my favorite brand, and now the Nimbus is my power running shoes!

Previous versions of Asics gel nimbus 18

Before this newest update, Asics gel nimbus was well known because of some other versions such as the 17, 16, 15 and 14. And here is some information about these old versions of Asics gel nimbus.

Asics gel nimbus 17

The 17 version is said to have more padded spongy heel bed than the 18. In other words, the 18 felt a little more structured while the 17 felt a little more pliable and softer bodied. In this version, the outsole is made from a blown AHAR for better cushioning and durability. Asics FluidRide used in the Nimbus made good impression with the bounce-back and cushioning properties. It also features Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning Systems to reduce the shock put on runners’ feet during impact and take-off.

In comparison to its predecessor, the 17 is considered to have lighter weight despite its great cushioning. Thanks to these features, it is ideal for high mileage runs. This version is highly recommended for neutral runners with medium arches. Besides, it can correct the pronation so it is also used for those with high arches or under pronation and helps runners avoid injuries.

Asics gel nimbus 16

It is also considered to have more cushioning than previous versions but a bit heavier and stiff. The Gel cushioning is added to forefoot and rear foot for more comfort and foot protection. The outsole of this version is similar to the previous version but improved for highly durable traction even on hard grounds. Additionally, deep flex groves and the Propulsion Trusstic System are still found in these shoes to give an efficient and smooth ride. The upper has a newer and pleasing overlay. FluidFit technology is also enhanced for a softer and more comfortable running.

Another thing that makes these special among other neutral running shoes is its great snug fit. This keeps your foot snugly while allowing it to move safely and comfortably. With these updated features, The Asics Gel Nimbus 16 promises to offer great comfort, protection and support for a plusher running experience. Especially, asides from satisfying neutral runners, with the medial post in the mid-foot, these shoes are suggested for runners with under pronation to mild over pronation.

Asics gel nimbus 15

With several of the updated and enhanced features, these provide better cushioning and protection. In addition to GEL cushioning system, they also have a large amount of soft cushioning in the heel and forefoot. The upper is improved with the breathable and stretchable FluidFit upper mesh material. The outer sole is still designed with durable materials for durability and better traction on gravels, tracks, and roads. This version seems to be lighter than the 14 and provides a fast performing for different running routines and activities. The level comfort of Asics gel nimbus 15 helps runners improve their running performance and efficiency. Despite lacking of stability, these are still perfect for neutral runners because of its appropriate amount of cushioning and support.

Asics gel nimbus 14

This uses excellent technologies in its construction. Asics High Abrasion Rubber material found in the forefoot and heel of the outsole offers a high durability. This also gives a great traction on the ground without sacrificing the durability. The middle part has FluidRide feature, which provides exceptional cushioning but doesn’t increase the weight. This also helps reduce the shock put on your feet and legs.

Besides, the Guidance Line feature combined with the Impact Guidance System offers smoother transition from heel to toes. The upper section of these also provides great breathability and fit that makes it comfortable to wear especially for long-hour runs. Asics gel nimbus 14 is considered to be heavy shoes so it can’t be used for speed tasks. But it is well suited for neutral pronators because of its support and padding. In addition, it is also used to run on road, gravel, and track with the optimum comfort, support, responsiveness and protection.

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Among cushioned running shoes on the market, Asics Gel Cumulus, Brooks Glycerin and Puma Faas 1000 cushioned shoes are considered similar to the Asics Gel Nimbus.

Asics Gel Cumulus

Firstly, the Asics Gel Cumulus is rated as the most similar shoes to the Nimbus. However, Cumulus is a lot softer and lighter than the Nimbus. It gives lesser amount of the forefoot and heel cushioning but still provides ample cushioning for support, comfort and breathability. This is considerable reason why it is lighter than Nimbus. They have received good feedbacks from runners as the best shoes for long distance runs.

Brooks Glycerin

Secondly, The Brooks Glycerin also gives great amount of forefoot and heel cushioning like the Nimbus. But in fact, the Glycerin has more heels cushioning while still lighter than these shoes. Both of these cushioned shoes provide the same level of support and stability. The Brooks Glycerin is designed for runners with normal and high arches.

Puma Faas 1000

Lastly, The Puma Faas 1000 is considered as the well-cushioned shoes like the Nimbus. Its great heel and forefoot cushioning are very effective in enhancing the comfort as well as performance of runners. Generally, The Puma is lighter than Nimbus so it is often chosen for long running with a better, smoother and more wonderful running experience. However, in terms of stability, it doesn’t provide high stability as the Asics Gel Nimbus or Brooks Glycerin.

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