Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11 Review

Asics continues to develop and thrive the popular series with the Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11. Such new version has an updated design for the upper. Apart from that, the comfortable interior and exterior set made of fabrics as well as the lightweight nature added up to its advantages. Similar to its predecessor, it belongs to the mid-stability shoe line which is designed for over-pronation and neutral.

Highlight features and technologies

  • Its forefoot area was equipped the Propulsion Plate so the runners can push off effectively during their toe-off phase. So, forefoot strikers can benefit much from such design.
  • The Gel Noosa Tri 11 altered its upper unit a little bit to have lesser seams. By this way, you are free from discomfort and irritation when wearing these shoes without socks.
  • Material overlays were significantly reduced in order to utilize the overlay system printed. Such overlays blends in simply with its upper fabric to maintain the completely customizable fit and reduce the shoe’s overall weight.
  • It's forefoot section owned the Bunion Window in its medial side so your big toe are protected from abrasion and irritation.
  • The grip tabs made of rubber are found clearly on the heel and tongue areas. When removing or wearing these shoes, the rubber is able to hold on the fingers skin of all athletes. It is considered the practical and useful add-on.

Asics gel Noosa tri 11 - Pros and Cons


  • The 11th iteration of the Gel Noosa Tri product line is truly lighter than its precedents.
  • The upper made with Engineered Mesh helps much in delivering the responsive, breathable and lightweight coverage.
  • Several reviewers appreciated its durability and colorful design for the version of both the women and men.
  • All runners can wear these shoes without socks thanks to its seamless construction which essentially prevents the syndrome of skin irritation.
  • At last, many testers welcomed its’ Elastic Laces as they are able to wear their shoes quickly while do not need fumble with their shoelaces.


  • Some testers claimed that the Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11 was slightly smaller than the usual sizes.
  • A few experienced users noted this shoe was so narrow in their toe area that the small toes properly hitting the shoe’s lateral edge uncomfortably.
  • The upper looked like the plastic-made unit.

Asics gel Noosa tri 11 description


The Asics gel Noosa tri 11 owns such a Seamless Upper that the runner can feel comfortable even wearing without socks. This upper is irritation-free and responsive as well. By reducing the material overlays, this construction type continues to remain the convenient environment for all runners. Lightweight and breathability support for the upper are generally handled by its Engineered Mesh along with the Perforated Sock Liner which was found on the mid-sole top.

Frankly, air is introduced to the shoes’ inner section to keep your foot dry and cool. You can properly use the printed overlays to reduce the upper weight significantly. Although the Material Overlays can be found near its collar area, the upper can mostly be secured as the part of its mesh upper. In addition, the Elastic Laces combined well with the loop lacing in a traditional way. So, it allows runners be comfortable to wear these shoes and adjust its laces with several pulls. For this reason, you are not required to tie your laces. Lastly, the elastic material of the Gel Noosa Tri 11 stays fastened to keep its inconveniences.


In its heel area, The Asics High Abrasion Rubber or AHAR was created from the high-quality material made of carbon rubber. So, Gel Noosa Tri 11 offers the durable protection and guard against abrasion and wear. It shields your shoe from scratches and the debilitating usage effects. We can see the AHAR material was blown for the DuraSponge outsole in order to offer some flexibility and additional cushioning.

It can be an essential unit which helps you push forward efficiently during your running cycle. Thanks to the WET GRIP design, the outsole of the Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11 can provide you effective traction, especially for wet surfaces. So, you can run and walk with confidence and comfort over wet or dry roads.


In the midsole of the Gel Noosa Tri 11, the system of Gel Cushioning is truly made from the silicone-like material. It offers us the shock absorption in a perfect way when landing our foot on the land or ground. Such absorption may reduce the discomfort as well as enable your steps ahead. Regarding its’ Solyte foam, many experienced users accomplished it as a full-length, high-quality material for the midsole. Except for the responsive and characteristics, the durable layer is able to deliver the reliable cushioning to serve for your various kinds of activities.

We should not leave out its Dynamic DuoMax system of the midsole. It reduces the over-pronation rate by leading your foot to the more balanced and suitable position. This system essentially helps you achieve the well-balanced and comfortable transition from your toe to your heel during your gait cycle. Especially, the Guidance Line and the Impact Guidance System can work pretty well with its stability system, even when running fast and standing idly.

Asics gel Noosa tri 11 Review

Asics gel Noosa tri 11 review


Like other models of the Noosa, the Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11 integrates seamless construction, gel cushioning, and lightweight mesh to protect the users against irritations and abrasions. By this way, it maintains the optimal comfort levels. The most remarkable feature of the shoe compared to the ASICS Gel Noosa Tri 10 is it has fewer seams. So, there is frankly less irritation when running without socks. The rubber grip tabs were added on the tongue and heel make it quite easy to hold during the race. Being the lighter shoe, the 11th version owns less the material overlay yet did not reduce the advantages of design or comfort.


The shoe has the standard length of all running shoes. Those with the forefoot, medium-sized heel, and mid-foot areas are able to acclimate fluently to this model’s dimensions. the toe section is narrower in comparison with the Gel Noosa Tri 10. You may find interests with the traces having the semi-curved shape and the natural foot curvature. So, all runner will not feel the uncomfortable tightness right in the mid-foot or rear sections.


The edgy vibrant style can be one of the most notable feature of the shoe, especially when it was designed the paint splash way. Its warm color was combined with the warm sunny theme on the condition that many physical properties belonged to the shoe were intended to serve in the condition of warm climate. The Asics gel Noosa tri 11 offers four color choice for men and five color choice for women. As a matter of fact, versions for two genders garner distinct following color options: Flash Coral, Island Blue, Jewel, Cockatoo, and Hot Orange in equal. You also can inspire your own inner vibe by free mixing. Especially, the bright colors usually glow in the dark for the special visibility under the dark conditions.


The main component of the shoe’s support is its DUOMAX system. The increased platform helps you much in keeping the stable foot during movement as well as reduces the over pronation symptom. With these shoes, you are no longer worried that the feet are bending in the dangerously and uncomfortably awkward positions. You also should pay attention to the function of its’ gel cushioning which minimizes all shock impact and keeps the user stable in most of circumstances.


The Asics gel Noosa tri 11 was proven as a really good shoe for own your running health. Regarding the breathability functions, the mesh upper provides the air circulation which wicks moisture as well as keeps your feet cool. Such system help you to eliminate the overheating if any. The bunion window was located on its medial side in order to protect against the irritation. In addition, the perforated insole and sock liner together help you in draining out the fluid.

The harmonious combination of its features can keep your own feet healthy and flawless. In respect of your whole body, the support system named DUOMAX keeps you stable and aligned through every step. You are also protected by the inserts of gel cushion during takeoffs and landings. At last, the additional bonus for its special colors range definitely keep the runner safe during night races.


Even though the Asics gel Noosa tri 11 was well-known as the light-weight shoes, it still maintains the adequate stability and support. With the target of the runners’ struggle with the syndrome of over pronation, several of the shoe components work well together in providing the stability system. Of which, the main element is the support system named DUOMAX, which is the dual Density design for the midsole.

 For example, the single-density insole which was designed for the cushioning may feel unstable, wobbly, yet plush. Meanwhile, the dual-density insole can address 2 issues into only 1 single unit. Without the multiple-density midsoles, the stability of the shoe is guided carefully by Impact Guidance System. That means its design specification can addresses the natural gait of your own feet from the heel to the action of taking off.


Many of us are quite familiar with its lightweight construction use which is the common feature of the Noosa shoes. One of its main benefits we may account for this usage is that a light-weight shoe usually offers the greater agility. Both its engineered mesh and seamless upper could be chosen in order to reduce the overall weight of the shoe. By this way, they contribute to the more limber and flexible shoe.


Breathability has never been ignored in almost Noosa designs. And the Asics gel Noosa tri 11 is not an exception. To know more the way Asics get the breeze into the feet, we should take a look at its engineered mesh which was located on the shoe’s upper portion. As a matter of fact, the meshing can create the exceptional system for ventilation purpose to get the circulated air around your own feet. This mesh form keeps the constant air flow so that the feet stay dry, comfortable, and cool. On its’ midsole, you are able to find the perforated insole that allows the moisture drainage as well. Perforations can be found on your sock liner so you will be confident to go without any sock.


Actually, we may associate toughness and strength with the heavier materials because their density usually makes them become more pliable and softer against other shoe elements. However, these shoes challenge such notion by creating a product remains in the excellent and amazing physical standing for many miles. Even the usage of various types of lightweight materials cannot eliminate such quality.

The use of rubber components, as well as carbon filler to form the shoe outsole, properly affected how the Asics gel Noosa tri 11 withstands its constant pounding completely on the ground and pavement. Hence, we cannot ignore the use of Carbon filler to promote the similar protection type which was applied to the tire of your vehicle such as efficiency, grazing resiliency, and handling.


Its Solyte Midsole creates the better bounce yet still protects the undercarriage of your shoe. With the Asics gel Noosa tri 11, such midsole is also stronger and lighter with the greater responsiveness dedicated for these shoes that utilize it. By using this midsole, the shoe essentially provides various benefits. But on top of them is that it is truly lighter, more responsive, and more durable than the Speva Midsole from previous models.


These shoes are specially designed for the road use. This is considered not only a great product to run for the long distance but also having the ability to work well with all daily trainer for outdoor activities. It contains the WET GRIP outsole as well. Such design makes it the popular and favorite shoes as you can use it to go running, even shine or rain. In the situation that you find the inkling to do your run quickly under the rain, the Asics gel Noosa tri 11 is really a perfect choice.


The Outsole of the shoe delivers the exceptional and amazing traction on the wet surfaces. In fact, it is well constructed from non-organic and organic compounds. It also features the Durasponge Outsole which was composed of the rubber with the soft blown characteristic. Besides, you can enjoy its cushioning as well as its durability on your own forefoot as it offers the great gripping on different types of roads.


Asics incorporates successfully the technology of TRUSSTIC system into this shoe product. This system connects the foot rear and the foot front. It specifically maintains and keeps the shoe’s structural integrity while reducing the weight to the minimum level. The huge benefit of owning more than 1 density can be the special midsole to maintain the balances and checks system between two opposing forces. This way is claimed as definitely opposed to the midsole with only single density which address one issue yet ignore another.


The shoe is really light on its own scale yet heavy with the ingenuity. The 10mm drop belonged to the Asics gel Noosa tri 11 makes your toe to heal be higher than its precedents. This running shoe makes the users slightly surprised considering its light-weight feature along with its lower drops. For this reason, many heel strikers do not choose the shoe to improve their landing.


The Asics gel Noosa tri 11 is light-weight enough for the feet to recognize. The version for men weighs about 9.3 oz. while the version for women weighs approximately 8.1 oz. These figures make them lighter than many other similar shoes in the category of stability and support. Designed for the competitive racing, you should not surprise as the company made a huge effort to search innovative methods in order to keep it lightest as possible. So, it is assessed as lighter than the Asics gel Noosa tri 10.

In conclusion

The Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11 will not disappoint any runners who try it once. This shoe truly delivers the beautiful feature bouquet. Such features spoil all users and bratty runners with its unique comfort, mechanics, creative styling, and protection united into one. Even some minor areas need improvement, its strengths may attach all people who are currently searching for a support and stability shoe.

Previous versions of Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 10

This version of Asics gel noosa tri is light and supportive. The snappy ride made it the favorite shoe for nearly a decade. Many runners assessed the ASICS Gel-Noosa Tri 10 is built and designed for everything. Frankly, it gives us the smooth ride as well as takes a beating race. Most of the features of these shoes are robust as well as great for all multi-sport athletes. The light-weight midsole completely ensures the speedy ride for your own. In addition, the plastic bridge located in the mid-foot can extend into your forefoot providing the stability as well as the spring-loaded toe-off. By seeing the construction of the engineered mesh and Seamless upper, you can grasp a chance to allow the shoe upper to contact your foot.

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 9

This shoe has an incredible comfort, strong support of the arch, and excellent stability. Hence, it is quite suitable for cross training or triathlon runners. The synthetic sole was made from the special combination of non-organic and organic components which was designed to improve and enhance traction for both dry and wet surfaces. The classic feature for the triathlon allows you to put your shoe quickly, securely, and easily. Just like most of Asics gel noosa tri version, the Asics gel noosa tri 9 provides excellent breathability and comfort. We should not leave out the evolution of the DuoMax system to enhance its stability but reduce the weight as well as increase the platform support.

Asics gel noosa tri 8

When choosing the the Asics gel noosa tri 8 for your own, you have the full rights to enjoy these bright and light-weight running shoes. You will surely love the color combination. With these shoes, your feet may take delight regarding the smooth and responsive ride. It also offer the pronation control with the support features and a wide range of the high-tech guidance. Your own natural gait can be enhanced, from the toe-off to the heel strike in order to correct the symptom of over-pronation by linking all components throughout your shoe. Your feet may love its increased flex and a vertical flex grooves set along the progression line for it. Last but not least, you will notice the forward energy burst when your own foot enters its’ propulsion stage; that's the network of with the Propulsion Trussti connections.

Similar running shoes to Asics gel Noosa tri 11

When we discuss of the direct competitors of the Asics gel Noosa tri 11, Zoot Laguna, Zoot Solana ACR, and Zoot Ultra Tempo 6.0 can be counted on.

Zoot Laguna

It is truly a reliable shoe for training activities. This shoe is quite similar to the Asics gel Noosa tri 11 because it can be very durable and comfortable. It provides the dedicated arch support and secure fit. Furthermore, the Zoot Laguna actually features the enhanced midsole and the special cushioning system, ZVA and the Z-Bound+. It gives the maximum cushioning which was strategically placed right in the midsole for its own ultimate performance. We saw that the heel and mid-foot areas are really in the standard sizing. Although the shoe has a slightly narrow heel area, you can allow your toes to go and move comfortably. The Zoot Laguna was true to the size. So, this shoe totally fits to the runners having the normal and narrow foot shape with the standard widths.

Zoot Solana ACR

Zoot incorporated the waterproofing membrane in order to allow a run for all seasons. Apart from performing this task, it also compromised the breathability. Although the shoe has slight issues regarding the ventilation, many runners can have as it provides the comfortable design, the good arch support, and the durable components. As a matter of fact, the winner of Runner’s World won the esteemed award while wearing these shoes. Thus, we have the trusted proof for the amazing quality and performance of the shoe.

Zoot Ultra Tempo 6.0

The last running shoe which is considered similar to the Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11 is the Zoot Ultra Tempo 6.0 which is used not only for the daily trainer but also the racing partner. The shoe has the lightweight construction to give the adequate support and comfort as well as the responsive feel. Besides, it provides the sock-like feel via their own BareFit internal liner technology. The TriDry also features the dedicated property to keep the feet cool and dry all the time. You could be impressed by its lacing system or the Z-Bound technology which promotes the responsive feel.

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