ASICS GT-1000 6 Review

ASICS GT-1000 6 is upgraded as a comfortable feel and enhanced fit. The pair of shoes is the sixth version of the ASICS® GT-1000shoe will become your new partner in every step.

With the upper mesh, these shoes offer breathable and flexible movement when putting in the miles. On the one hand, the shoes have several feature overlays for developed platform and support.

ASICS GT-1000 6 is also a lightweight pair of shoe with the stability, soft cushioning system, mid-grade option and attractive price.

 So, this is the time to look for new outfit under your feet and take into account some key features and other factors about ASICS GT-1000 6. Keep on reading right away.
ASICS GT-1000 6 women

ASICS GT-1000 6 - Key features and some special technologies

  • In general, ASICS GT-1000 6 shoes are made from an imported synthetic material with much more helpful overlays. The outsoles are also created from the rubber material to build the comfort for users.
  • In the shoes, mesh layers and synthetic coverings to keep your feet feel cool all days because they allow your feet can breathe under any circumstances.
  • With the Guidance System technology, it gives the improved walk so that you will have natural steps on your feet.
  • plus
    The SpEVA®material in the midsoles reduces failure and boosts rehabilitation.
  • plus
    The GEL® technology cushioning soaks up the sock influence quite well.
  • plus
    The DuoMax® Support System has dual-density midsole materials to build the comfort.
  • plus
    The ComfortDry™ sockliner brings revamped cushioning and moisture controlled.
  • plus
    The Trusstic System™ technology combines the Guidance Line® construction to improve gait effectiveness when offering mid-foot structural.
  • plus
    The AHAR® Plus outsole is much more endurable than the standard of the ASICS® High Abrasion Rubber.


  • The shoes are greatly comfortable while taking them on. Most of the reviews tried their experience and agreed about that.
  • The pair of shoes is lighter than the previous ones.
  • The construction is well-made and sturdy.
  • hand-o-up
    The product is more sophisticated than the past model.
  • hand-o-up
    They are a suitable choice for long-distance running.
  • hand-o-up
    The price tag is competitive with good deals.
  • hand-o-up
    There are several different colors to choose your favorite style.
  • hand-o-up
    Most of the athletics agree that ASICS GT-1000 6 the structure of these shoes is stable without affected weight.
  • hand-o-up
    Your feet will breathe all the time freely, so you do not worry about bad odors.
  • hand-o-up
    The overall support is being enhanced through many high-end features and technologies.
  • hand-o-up
    Some runners also wear these shoes for their workout programs.
  • hand-o-up
    These pair of shoes are rated one of the best running shoes thanks to their durability.
  • hand-o-up
    Snug cushioning and a high-energy return is a perfect combination.
  • hand-o-up
    The arch support in the midsoles will help you challenge in every surface while running.
  • hand-o-up
    The interior has sufficient volume to contain different types of orthotics.


  • The shoes have a touch narrow, so the toe box is quite narrow.
  • For those who have big toes, they do not feel comfortable when wearing these shoes for a while.

ASICS GT-1000 6 – Description


With the AHAR® Plus (ASICS High Abrasion Resistant Rubber), there is no doubt about the durability of the coating which protects it from other harsh surfaces. Therefore, it might not fall apart easily, and it can last for a long time. The sole unit can keep entire and functioning, even if the shoes have long races and many times of using.

 Furthermore, the flex grooves of the shoes are thick to help your feet make more natural movements on the surface. This is an exact outsole for its forefoot section because the flexibility on your feet is fixed.


With the DuoMax® Support System, the midsoles have dual-density midsole materials to build the comfort on each foot. This latest feature might be a great bounce back which offers you a lighter feel on your underfoot.

On the flip side, the GEL® technology cushioning in the midsoles can soak up the sock influence quite well in the miles you step onto. This system is straightly and separately under your forefoot and heel areas of the shoes. 

 With the Guidance System technology, it gives the improved gait on every step so that you will have natural motions on your feet.


When running, it is quite important to have suitable shoes to protect your foot as well as other parts of your body. And the upper cover is sturdy inbuilt material to do this job.

Upper part in this pair of shoes is also a well-made structure with the mesh material and more supportive overlays. In other words, you can wear the pair of shoes all days without much hassle.

 Moreover, this part helps your feet stay cool all the time because it supports your feet avoid the sweat, and it assists the potential bad odors from bacteria and sweats at the same time. You enable to wear these without having shocks included.

ASICS GT-1000 6 Review


For every daily product as well as a pair of shoes, the comfort is one of the most crucial points. If you do not feel comfortable, you will select other shoes. But, try to wear those in the store and walk as many steps as you can before opening your wallet. By doing this, you will save both of money and time at once simultaneously.

 With the ComfortDry™ sockliner brings, your feet have protected with improved cushioning and control the sweat all the time. Furthermore, the Trusstic System™ technology and the Guidance Line® construction lift your feet so that they do not have large pressure from the road while running.

Fit and sizes

ASICS GT-1000 6 shoes have accurate sizes for both men and women runners. In other words, women and men enabled to wear these with the right dimensions when thinking of the length of a pair of shoes.

 With the suitable shoe width, for those who have medium-sized feet, these shoes are ideal for their feet. Even if you have narrow feet or wide feet, the upper can adjust to suit your sizes.

Cushioning system

All running shoes need to have the cushioning system and ASICS GT-1000 6 shoes also totally have this feature.

Cushioning system is designed as a protective cover for a pair of shoes like armor for solider. The armor will keep safe for the body out of the bullets from the competitors. Similarly, the cushioning system in the shoes is a great barrier to remove all harsh conditions on the roads.

Thanks to the GEL® technology cushioning, it soaks up the sock influence quite well so that you feel cozy and dynamic on these shoes.

Additionally, the Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System reduces the outside shocking during impact phase, and it also allows for a smooth transition.

 With the cushioning system, your movements will be much more comfortable and support you catch the championship on the terrain.


Are you aware that most of the athletics and runners have possible accidents because they do not have suitable gear?

Playing sports is a risk activity whether you play soccer or just running. Avoid some potential accidents that you can control it for the first time by preparing careful outfits. Do not forget to select a pair of shoes which are supportive of your feet, ankles, heels, knees and other parts of your body.

For these reasons, ASICS GT-1000 6 shoes have the ComforDry™ Sockliner to get rid of obstacles on the road when running.

In other words, these are removable sock liners which give cushioning performance and moisture wicking for a dryer, cooler, and healthier feet. The material of these sock liners is also incorporated into a friendly environment.

 Also, if you are not a professional runner, you still could wear these shoes to practice your daily workout programs. These also protect your feet quite well.


Because your feet have to move when running, each of your steps could not create stable steps all the time. If you try to run by using a pair of sandals, you will recognize this point clearly. Why? Your feet might not undertake two tasks at the same time – increase the acceleration and make steady steps. So, this is the legitimate reason you need to select ideal shoes with the stability.

In term of its soles, these shoes are packed with various features and functions which enhance its cushioning system to build the comfort and stability. ASICS GT-1000 6 shoes have the arch support to lift and protect your feet.

On the one hand, a pair of shoes also impacts on your heels, knees, ankles, and toes. Imagine that your feet have to hold up all parts of your body, if these have something wrong, you will have an accident immediately.

As mentioned about the stability, the entire structure of these shoes is also important as it will build firm construction for a pair of shoes.

 The SpEVA Midsole Material has been improved to give much great bounce back features and turns down midsoles breakdown on the shoes.

Quality and durability

With state-of-the-art technologies such as DuoMax, GEL® technology, Trusstic System™ technology, Guidance Line® construction as well as some newest features, the quality is proved from several buyers and previous runners.

As the quality has been improved, the durability absolutely appears in any product, especially with a long-term usage as running shoes. Smart customers always focus on the quality and the durability. These factors definitely one of the most attractive reasons for consumers to consider and open their wallet to purchase.

 With ASICS GT-1000 6 shoes, these have full of factors about the durability and the quality thanks to the sturdy materials and well-made construction.


Why does a pair of shoes need to have the flexibility of any line product? Because the shoes ought to increase the comfort while you wear these on your feet.

And ASICS GT-1000 6 shoes have the Guidance Trusstic System® Technology with the Guidance Line® construction to boost gait efficiency and the tremendous flexibility when giving the mid-foot structural. The shoes provide available and adequate benefit for each of your steps.

 More specially, you can wear these for jogging, walking and other outdoor activities depending on your plans and your health as these shoes have the flexibility features to adapt to a different environment. As a result, this is a smart investment for your budget in the long period of time.


As always, breathability is also an extremely crucial point that you need to stay focused on. When playing a sport or just practicing a workout program, sweat glands also wake up and do its jobs – making more sweats.

Choosing a pair of shoes with this characteristic is also a smart option. By doing this, bad odors do not appear and visit your feet all the time. The sweat will be soaked up and stay cool under any circumstances.

 Do not worry about the dry environment when wearing shoes in long hours as the midsoles also keep great moisture under your foot and on your toe box. So, you can wear socks or not rely on your habit. Nonetheless, professional runners always take socks to protect their feet and create the additional comfort when playing sports.


With a perfect combination of its features, ASICS GT-1000 6 shoes will boost your performance whether in the terrain or on your track. Many runners love this ASICS GT-1000 series as they have already reached higher targets thanks to their practice. However, suitable outfits ought to support them to climb new level and grab the championship.

Weight and height

When looking for the exterior of the shoes, you need to ask the seller about specific details such as heel height, forefoot weight, etc. Because these small points also construct your ideal choice before purchasing a pair of shoes.

ASICS GT-1000 6 shoes have the overall weight is 295g (for men) and 249g (for women). With the heel height, it displays 22mm (for men) and 21mm (for women). On the one hand, heel height to toe also plays an important role with 10mm (for both of men and women).

 Thus, ASICS GT-1000 6 shoes are also a perfect option for both men and women.


The aesthetics of a pair of shoes also a common point which every buyer always keeps an eye on for the first time. As always, it is not difficult to understand this factor because everyone wants to have beautiful outfits, even if they own some accessories like the shoes.

With ASICS GT-1000 6 shoes, these have many different colors for all buyers to choose for their suitable fashion style such as black silver, phantom, gold, etc. Select the color which is suitable for your sports clothes is also an interesting task.

 For those who love neutral colors, ASICS GT-1000 6 shoes will be their perfect option for every shoot. However, for those who do not like neutral categories, these colors do not appear on their gout lists.

Previous version of ASICS GT-1000 6

ASICS GT-1000 5

Since ASICS GT-1000we are talking about, there are not several changes to mention in ASICS GT-1000 5 save for your budget. The forefoot has been created which displays a flatter toe-bumper, a softer ride, and a tighter forefoot. The midsoles design has been made a smooth surface surrounding it which makes ASICS GT-1000 5 shoes are softer than the previous models.

ASICS GT-1000 4

ASICS GT-1000 4 keeps everything that was right about the previous model – the third version when creating some new changes with functional adjustments. The upper still stitch, but the fabric is lighter and much more flexible. The midsoles are not changed with the fit is medium-size in the heel position as well as the mid-foot while opening the toe box slightly.

ASICS GT-1000 3

ASICS GT-1000 3 also provides true daily trainer performance at a reasonable price point for the stability runners. The midsoles of ASICS GT-1000 3 are made from the SpEVA foam which is an older generation midsole material on a pair of shoes. ASICS changed SpEVA with SoLyte many years ago with the old thought that SoLyte was lighter, much more cushioned and resilient.

Other Asics Shoes

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Similar running shoes to ASICS GT-1000 6

Brooks Ghosts 10, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34, Hoka One OneBondi 5, Saucony Kinvara 8 are listed as the most similar running shoes with ASICS GT-1000 6.

Brooks Ghosts

Like ASICS GT-1000 6, Brooks Ghost shoes have the same high-quality with many great features for all runners and trainers.

Though the upper has a different look, the certain technologies are the similar to Brooks Ghosts 9 and ASICS GT-1000 series shoes.

 This pair of shoes provides the cushioning system which you need to log on all miles. These are lightweight and supportive enough to help you challenge many obstacles.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus shoes are a jack of all categories of running shoes which created to pleased several runners and athletes at an affordable price point.

 These shoes are the trial and ideal shoes from Nike which give an endurable, reliable, and well-made set of features. Purchasing the shoes is also a good choice to have an amazing run ahead.

Hoka One OneBondi 5

Hoka One OneBondi is the fifth version of Hoka One One line product that is available for all runners from beginners to advanced trainers. These shoes are one of the most cushioned shoes to promise a great delivery with a soft cushioning system and comfortable for every mile.

 The shoes are also created in the early stage of the rocker technology which is equivalent to the common features in Clifton 3 and many other Hoka versions.

Saucony Kinvara 8

Saucony Kinvara 8 is the eighth edition of the popular Saucony Kinvara product with lightweight running shoes to help runners smooth in the terrain like flying in the sky.

Heavy and bulky shoes will prevent your feet to challenge several obstacles when running – the manufacturer understands this point to reduce heavy elements in the platform of the shoes. However, Saucony Kinvara 8 has more toe box rooms so that your toes also feel comfortable at all.

 On the flip side, with a softer ride, you could control your feet easily and catch your targets without much hassle.

Brooks Glycerin

Brooks Glycerin 15 is a new version of the list of tremendous running shoes. For those who have not wear Glycerin line before, you can try these shoes with Brooks Glycerin. These are inbuilt cushioned system and high mileage. On the other hand, they are comfortable and soft for riding in the miles.

 The shoes have a super DNA midsole material with 3D-fit print technology in the upper which two latest features in this line product.

Final Word

ASICS GT-1000 6 shoes are well-made with reasonable in price. These feel comfortable, flexible, and dynamic for all professional runners as well as other daily trainers. Though these shoes might not be right for all users, some agree that these are their perfect option in their mind. They do not have any regret after having a final decision.

Available in various colors, the shoes could be expected to meet all your expectations in different factors and aspects. In a nutshell, you can wear it in all circumstances from several streets to perform your right track.

 You sometimes wear the shoes as a casual outfit in many streets as the model is still fashionable and state-of-the-art. Why do not you try to take on a dress with ASICS GT-1000 6? It is not a bad idea to change a new style as it will make you a new feeling in your life.
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