ASICS GT-2000 4 Review

If you are moderate over-pronators and looking for stability with great cushioning running shoes, ASICS GT-2000 4 should be on top of the best shoes that you should consider. This is the newest edition of the GT 2000. This line was proven to be effective in improving runners’ performance as well as providing wonderful running experience.

ASICS GT-2000 4 - Highlight features and technologies

Asides from retaining great features and technologies of previous versions, which were already proven to bring efficiency, Asics also added more new features to these shoes.

  • They have the Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning System made of silicone gels to provide a very good cushioning for heel and forefoot section as well as reduce shock and impact that you can experience during take-off and landing.
  • Impact Guidance System is designed to promote natural gait cycle for better running performance.
  • Besides, the Full Length Guidance Line in the midsole section also helps enhance gait efficiency.
  • Asics also integrates Double Density Solyte Midsole in the shoes to offer more comfort and cushioning features.
  • The support and stability of the shoes are mainly provided by The Dynamic DuoMax Support System feature in the midsole. The Guidance Trusstic System and the Guidance Line are also noticeable features in providing better structural integrity.
  • The fit of the shoes are also improved dues to the combination of the ComforDry Sockliner and Hot Melt Overlays in the upper. Additionally, The Personal Heel Fit technology with the Heel Clutching System give perfect fit in the heel section; therefore, your heels always have more secure fit when running.
  • Another safety feature included in the shoes is 3M Reflective that provides an excellent visibility during your run in low-light places.
ASICS GT-2000 4 review

ASICS GT-2000 4 - Pros and Cons


  • Built with new advanced features and technologies of Asics
  • Environment inside the shoes is always kept cool and dry
  • Lighter weight than other stability running shoes
  • Provide necessary stability and cushioning to reduce moderate over-pronation
  • Highly recommended for high mileage running


  • Not light enough for speed tasks
  • Flexibility of the feet is limited

ASICS GT-2000 4 Review


There is not any complaint about the comfort of these shoes. In other words, they offer runners a plush comfort even in long runs. The best impression about these is that they are comfortable right out of the box, solid and tough without being clunky. Solyte midsole material used to make these with different densities in forefoot and heel really delivers a comfortable, stable feel through your run. It felt like I was walking on memory foam. The upper is also super comfy. The Discrete Eyelets of the upper helps get rid of lace tension to improve comfort that the shoes offer. For me, when it comes to uppers, I've realized Asics are truly the best. I have bad knees and its great comfort relieve my knee pain pretty well. I can wear them all day without any foot pain.


Generally, ASICS always runs a little small and in fact, it's a slightly snug fit so I suggest ordering half a size larger than you usually wear for perfect fit. At first, you possibly feel a little tight but after a few runs, this will disappear. These shoes have a more natural fit, which is difficult to describe, and enough room for medium-sized feet. You can always loosen the laces a bit as well. Especially, these running shoes feature Personal Heel Fit, which use two-layer memory foam lining in order to provide a customized fit.


Overall, the GT-2000 4 appears to have a bit more cushioning than the GT-2100.This is as cushy as the more expensive models. GEL cushioning system placed well in the front and rear provides great shock absorption and a big help for mild to moderate over-pronators. The midsole made of Solyte is the main source of the shoes’ cushioning which is not only responsive, but also durable. A ComforDry sock liner is responsible for preventing odors; also helps cushion your feet. Besides, the materials used to make the outsole significantly improve the cushioning level of GT-2000.


Anyone looking for good shoes should pay a visit to a local running store to get some guidance on support types of shoes and try out as many brands as you can before settling on one. For support, it features Dynamic DuoMax support to provide necessary support to wearers especially in the heel and the ball of foot for long runs without any foot pain. If you are a heel striker, these are the shoes for you. This feature combined with the Guidance Line also reduces over-pronation through controlling feet movement and improves gait efficiency. If (like me) you over-pronate, you’re getting great value.


I have worn these Asics shoes for a long time and have found them to be reliable, comfortable and good protection for my feet. I have needed shoes that can protect my whole feet. These provide great shock absorption so your feet are always fully protected. Forefoot gel cradles the vital forefoot and toes area with support and comfort. The gel protects and cushions heel area very well and also offers very good support. Aside from this, an outer exoskeleton of hard plastic locked into the heel helps keep your foot from slipping during running.


The ASICS GT-2000 4 Running Shoes provide not only a comfortable but also stable feel throughout your run. These shoes are designed with Impact Guidance System, which enhances stability as well as performance of the shoes. Stability provided is ideal for moderate over-pronators. Initially, I felt “side cushioning” wasn't as stable as the ASICS Gel Kayano in the first run. But that was just for the first minute or two. As I got used to them, the run was easier as expected from an Asics and really provided the stability I need to minimize shin splints and pronation.

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The DuraSponge is placed in forefoot of the outsole to provide cushioning and flexibility. There is a small disadvantage in terms of flexibility because in comparison with others, these don’t have high flexibility. In other words, some said that flexibility of these shoes did not give full movement. For me, the lacing system did not feel flexible at all as my old shoes.


The mesh material used to make the shoes breathes very well. I can actually feel cold air flowing through the shoes in cold mornings, which keeps my feet dry and cool for my whole run. Especially, the ComforDry Sockliner is very effective in promoting a drier, cooler and more comfortable environment to make you feel more confident when running.


Asics’s quality is amazing. In terms of durability, they use AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) in the DuraSponge outsole to ensure the best durability for the shoes that makes you feel confident when running in long distances. Additionally, the materials on the upper portion and the midsole also feel incredibly sturdy and I never think that it will rip. These shoes have Reinforced Vamp to enhance theirs durability by offering a seamless mesh overlay. In fact, I have had them for over six months and they have been holding up well.

Traction and terrains

The traction provided by a carbon rubber material used in the outsole of these is really great. I have never felt losing control even in inclement weather. This great traction is also suitable for running on road, track and gravel but not trails because they require stronger features in order to survive. If you don’t want to get unexpected injuries, don’t try this terrain.


The GT-2000 4 is the most versatile running shoes I've ever owned. I have always used this Asics pair for normal training and lifting and have been really satisfied with efficiency it provides. Especially, they are appreciated as excellent high mileage running shoes due to great comfort and support. However, the weight of the shoes is not light enough to be used for speed work. If you tend to look for a pair for this purpose, please consider other shoes.

I purchased this at at a reasonable price, if I don’t want to say cheap, compared to other shoes with the same level of comfort and support. I had some issues with shipping originally but Amazon was very quick in handling the issue. I am very pleasure with this purchase and will continue to believe in this place to buy the next pairs.​


When choosing running shoes, I often focus on its quality much more than appearance. Also, I don’t have any complaint about the look of these shoes. The neon green turned out to be very nice, not garish but bright and catchy. It is easy to match with many styles of clothes. I only wish they had wider range of colors.


According to many reviews, these have lighter weight with a smaller profile than other stability running shoes on the market. The weight of the sole is reduced thanks to the Guidance Trusstic System while still maintains structural integrity of shoes. Therefore, if you are looking for lighter weight shoes that give cushioning, stability and some support, GT 2000 should be considered.

In conclusion

I bought a pair for my girlfriend and I'd recommend it to my friends who are looking for comfortability in stability shoes. This is also an ideal replacement for heavier ones. It will really do change your whole running experience.

Previous versions of ASICS GT-2000 4

Asics GT 2000 v1

These stability running shoes provide runners with needed stability, support and comfort. In addition to normal features in other Asics shoes, this version uses new and updated features for better running experience. According to many reviews, these have a narrow toe box. However, they still have the snug fit, which is enhanced by a synthetic overlay placed in the upper. Generally, the upper becomes thinner in form, but more comfortable and breathable without rubbing. The midsole of the shoes comes with the largest cushioning pads of GEL cushioning system in both the forefoot and heel, which increases shock absorption.

The Dynamic DuoMax is also used in GT 2000 v1 for pronation control that allows moderate over-pronators to run comfortably and correctly. Flat feet to medium high arches runners also benefit from these shoes for having better running without injuries. Asics often designs the outsole of their shoes with highly durable AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) and these shoes are no exception. This material offers great grip and traction even on slippery and wet grounds. Therefore, you can use them to run on road, gravel, and track terrains. They are still lightweight for regular running routines and normal trainings.

In terms of performance, they feature great shoe technologies, which provide more responsive and smoother heel to toe transition for improved running performance. Again, I highly recommend these shoes for you if you have moderate over-pronation and are looking for stability, comfort and support running shoes.

Asics GT 2000 v2

The 2 version of Asics GT 2000 provides runners not only with comfort but also safety. Overall, this version still maintains good features of previous one and has some small changes in its design. Its heel to toe drop is decreased by 1 mm that helps reduce the weight of the shoes as well as offers a more natural running gait. The weight is reduced that means your performance in running will be improved. Like other Asics shoes, Gel cushioning system is also placed in rear and forefoot of the shoes for great shock absorption during impact and take-off.

With excellent cushioning system and improved stability feature, Asics GT 2000 v2 indeed offers a more stable and comfortable ride. This is ideal for moderate over pronation like its previous version. These stability shoes allow runners to move comfortably and provide them with perfect foot strike without hurting the joints or tendons. The outer sole is made from reliable and durable rubber materials, which offers great traction on tracks, roads, and gravels. Besides, these materials also enhance durability of the shoes so you don’t have to worry about your shoe can be broken in the middle of your run.

It is proven to be lighter and more flexible with great cushioning system which is very supportive stability shoes without being bulky and having firm feel in the underfoot. The upper always offers comfortable and breathable feeling, with a very snug fit. These have a well-rounded design so any types of foot can wear them. It is highly suggested for routine running activities and normal running trainings.

Asics GT 2000 v3

This 3th version of Asics GT 2000 is retooled and re-equipped to allow runners to enjoy more wonderful running experiences. In terms of fit, it retains the width and fitting around the toe box of previous version, which is suitable for medium-sized feet but is a bit looser in its heel area. With the improvement in quality and design, this allows runners to try higher mileages than normal.

The midsole of the 3th version is made out of Solyte - a very lightweight material like other usual Asics shoes which provides the cushioning and responsiveness. These shoes also have a newer midsole design, which is now protected by soft layer of foam.

The cushioning system of this version is highly appraised because it is widen from the forefoot down to the heel. The area around the toe box is improved compared to previous version, which does not prevent the movement of the toes anymore. The midfoot shank employed in these contributes to reducing injuries through decelerating or limiting moderate over-pronation. Another noticeable part of these is the outsole made out of the AHAR technology for not only durability but great traction as well, that makes it good on even and uneven grounds.

Asides from this, the outsole also features the DuraSponge in the forefoot area. This feature gives more flexibility and at the same time stabilizes the forefoot transitions. This stability trainer has become the good friends of both beginners and experienced runners who expected to have more stable and comfortable running

ASICS GT-2000 - Similar running shoes

According to general reviews, I found that Brook Ravenna, Mizuno Wave Inspire and Brooks Ghost are the most similar running shoes to ASICS GT-2000 4 because of these following reasons.

Brook Ravenna

Firstly, Brooks Ravenna is designed for runners who are looking for stability features in running shoes. Both of these shoes are suitable for slight-pronators. They also feature forefoot and rear foot cushioning to provide runners with great amount of comfort and support as well as better and smoother transition. However, Brook Ravenna his a bit heavier than the GT-2000.

Mizuno Wave Inspire

Next, Mizuno Wave Inspire has higher heel and forefoot cushioning with the same stability level as the GT-2000. Like the GT-2000, this stability running shoe is a good treatment for over-pronation. Moreover, with its low profile and lighter weight than the Asics’s, Mizuno Wave Inspire can provide with you the fastest performance.

Brooks Ghost

Finally, you can consider Brooks Ghost as a good replacement for Asics GT-2000 because of the stability, support and cushioning it provides. This has higher heel cushioning which gives better shock absorption. Besides, its forefoot cushioning also provides runners with more stability, especially flexibility than Asics GT-2000. These stability running shoes are perfect for new runners thanks to its versatility.

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