Best Asics Running Shoes – 2018 Selection

When it comes to Japanese running shoes, you will make a big mistake if you ignore Asics- a giant company specializing in this field. The name Asics stands for “Anima Sana in Corpore Sano” which means “Healthy mind in a healthy body”. This company was founded in 1949 and it has made many kinds of shoes famous worldwide, from Nimbus and cushioned Cumulus to the GT series and stability Kayano. The target customer is the sporty runner; therefore, it offers many different types satisfying various runners.

 Besides, Asics also provides the lines for professional and faster runners. All of its shoes have the same materials of cushioning in which the key one is GEL. GEL material can do a good job of absorbing energy as well as avoid pressure put on the users’ feet. The following are some reviews about the top 10 Asics shoes that will absolutely help you to choose the best one for yourself.

1. The GEL-Nimbus 20 –best  shoes for wide feet

A 20-year anniversary celebration was held for the Nimbus series which is a kind of neutral running shoes. These shoes are designed for the wide feet and offer a great durability which can stand for about over 300 miles. Besides, with the support of the shock adsorption system of iconic Adaptive GEL, you will enjoy a smooth ride on any kind of road. Moreover, its technology of updated FluidRide makes the shoes lighter and better.

Asics GEL Nimbus 20


  • Well-ventilated and smooth interiors
  • Supportive medium-soft ride
  • Smooth transitions are suitable for the daily move.
  • The durability of the standard of over 300miles.


  • A bit-lumpy forefoot
  • A firm cushioning.
  • Very stabilizing and firm shoes might not suitable for true neutral runners.

2. Asics Noosa FF 2 - design for triathletes.

Asics offers the new line of shoe which can satisfy all needs of the triathlete called Noosa. The greater features it has are that it is of quick walking, comfortable sickies experience and wonderful durability for a long run as well as lightweight but support. Particularly, with the support of the GEL system and FlyFoam, you will enjoy a comfortable walking and running together with its breathable upper which helps your foot avoid overheating.

Asics Noosa FF 2


  • Putting the shoes will become much easier thanks to the strong upper
  • Relatively breathable
  • The perimeter of the outsole is made of durable and unique rubber.


  • The selection of color is limited.
  • Sometimes, it is rather expensive

3. Asics Gel Pursue 3 - best fit for neutral runners

This is a kind of neutral shoe providing you many features of the Asics at a reasonable price. Although it is stable and supportive for runners, it is not up to a standard snappy shoe. It is at a low price but can offer all the whistles and bells of your expectation from the premium Asics shoes. However, if you are looking for a light pair of shoes which can support you well in a long run or in a shorter and faster one, this product might not be your ideal choice.

Asics Gel Pursue 3


  • Whistles and Bells are at a reasonable price
  • Durability


  • Not responsive.
  • The upper is quite a tight fitting

4. ASICS fuzeX Lyte - brand new shoe

ASICS fuzeX Lyte running shoe

The FuzeX is the new road shoe series of Asics. These products will surely help your feet always comfortable and cushioned. Consequently, they are actually ideal assistants for you on the run with its technology of super lightweight lace-ups. With their Neutral Support, it is great for both medium and high supination, arches and underpronanation. If you are looking for a pair of shoes of versatile performance, these Fuzex Lyte 2 ones will surely support you and give you a continuous cushioning to minimize the harsh impacts.


  • Smooth transitions support well for the mid-foot, forefoot and the heel of the strikers
  • Wonderful for a fast run
  • Durability
  • Resilience


  • Too soft at faster tempos and felt sloppy due to the EVA with low durometer.
  • Its fit is rather sloppy through the mid-foot.

5. ASICS Dynaflyte 2 - lightweight cushioned design.

Are you looking for the shoes of standard cushioning for run? This product will satisfy you. It is a new line introduced by Asics which is a combination between lightweight and cushioning. Its function can currently beat EVA foam; therefore, it is the reason for the great margins which Asics gains. The key factor here is the support of FlyFoam which can adsorb more shock and is lighter than the standard EVA foam does. It is also known as “organic super fibers”.


  • Lighter and cheaper than predecessor
  • Casual design with great functions
  • Comfortable heel


  • The cushioning limits the flexibility
  • The heel pills are of fabric.
  • You need to pay an extra money for the painted foam near the forefoot.

6. The ASICS Roadhawk FF is a lightweight road shoe

If you are searching for the shoes of versatility and speed, looking no further, this product will be your great choice. This lightweight shoe is relatively suitable on any road and versatile in any situation, including 5ks, marathon, easy weekend long runs and speed sessions at the track. It is supported by the technology of Asics FlyteFoam and the technology of the pinnacle midsole together with an ultra-comfy upper, seamless stylish for looking and fitting that will promote you to run. Particularly, its price is very reasonable.


  • Extremely comfortable upper
  • Lightweight
  • Great cushioning


  •  The toe box is rather narrow

7. Asics Gel Fujirado - best shoes for any terrain

This product will be a great assistant for you in any terrain. It is the result of the cooperation between the Denver Colorado which is based on BOA and Asics. The unique system of lacing has led to lots of success in many kinds of outdoor footwear categories, such as cycling or snowboarding. I really enjoy what this system can do as well as the easy adjustment of this shoe.


  • The BOA system of lacing offers precise and secure fit
  • Greatly suitable in any terrain
  • Responsive cushioning of the midsole


  • Mono-sock could breathe better and is warm
  • Rather expensive.
  • Although the forefoot is not tight, it is rather snug which can have any impacts on the wider feet.

8. Asics Dynamis - a lightweight breathable shoes

This is an outstanding product with easily and quickly adjusted fit and a great durability of the sole unit. When it breaks into the market of neutral running shoes, it is among the first road-running shoes which feature BOA lacing as well as becomes among the best competition in this category thanks to its easy adjustment and use. It offers you better stability and breathability together with the comfort and responsiveness for fit. The features that will surely receive 5 stars from the users are that it can eliminate the top-of-foot pressure and tighten up the heel fit.


  • High durability and lightweight
  • Easy and custom-fit lacing
  • Flexible, shallow toe box molds to the shape of your foot


  • Your top of the foot might get pressure due to the thin laces.

9. Asics Gel Cumulus - long run shoe

This product will be a necessary assistant for you in your daily life and in the long run which is of great durability. With the support of the technology of the Rearfoot gel cushioning and the technology of the convergence gel, you will be offered a continuous comfort. Besides, it also helps to minimize the shock while running and give you a smooth ride. This is also the latest version in this line. However, if you do many fast workouts, including quick tempo run or intervals, this product might not completely suit you due to its stiffness and weight.

ASICS Gel Cumulus 18


  • Soft ride
  • Supremely cushioned
  • The wonderful durability of over 350 miles


  • Both sole unit and upper are very stiff and bulky
  • The design of the shoe might limit the movement of the foot.
  • The toe box is rather narrow

10. ASICS Men's Gel DS Racer - best choice for racers

This kind of shoe is always the product that runners deserve to buy for the long run. With the support of the Trusstic system and DuoMax, you will be offered a great stability together with DuoSole for increased durability and better transaction. Moreover, its speedy upper will help the runners speed up easily. Particularly, it is extremely lightweight thanks to an added supportive dash. This product will surely help you enjoy your race.


  • The sole unit help to increase the responsiveness
  • Very flexible and light.
  • Can easily hit faster splits
  • The breathable upper materials which can bare the elements (if needed)


  • The shoe fit is relatively tight.
  • If you do not use a steep learning curve, you might face the difficulty in them due to its hardness.

About Asics running shoes

For years, when it comes to a brand of shoes for running, casual shoe lovers and enthusiasts will not skip ASICS. The following article is about some recommended common models of this brand such as Asics Gel Nimbus, Asics GT 2000 and Asics Gel Kayano. Asics will surely satisfy your requirements of the running shoes, such as supportive platforms or barefoot-like racing. Besides, Asics GEL is well-known for its comfort, performance, style, and durability. Moreover, many awards from sports media and running magazines were given to some of its models, such as Women’s Health and Runner’s World, for their wonderful technologies.

 One of the key factors making Asics popular and among the top brands of shoe worldwide thanks to numerous great reviews written by athletes and runners. It also has various types and sizes to choose. From race-focused platforms to support-specific profiles, Asics completely starts to have a great impact on the running industry.

ASICS breaks down the strength of their runners into three categories.

  • Maximum support: perfect choice for Triathletes and Racers.

This category is the wise choice for the ones suffering excessive pronation and looking for the running-shoe materials of higher density.

This product would be a great assistant for you to get high results in a full-blown Ironman race or an Olympic distance triathlon.

 Conventionally, the common features of racing shoes are flat offset which is the difference between the toe height and the heel height, low weight, breathable and comfortable upper. These are what you are expecting of Asics: Asics Noosa FF2, Asics Gel-Hyper Speed 7 and Asics GEL-DS Racer 11.
  • Structured cushioned: good support with less ride controlling feature.

In this category, all models have one feature in common which is the use of DuoMax support helping to increase the arch stability. It is really great if the arch stability is what you need from overpronation. The midsole which is made of a firm material is put under the arch. This will help to compress at a slower rate to minimize the collapse and roll (overpronation) of the foot medial side (arch).

 The difference lies in the use of Dynamic DuoMax or DuoMax support. In Dynamic DuoMax, an extra FluidRide foam layer will be put on the top of the support wedge allowing a lighter and a smoother transition overall shoe. The more it costs, the more GEL it has in the forefoot and heel together with an additional Dynamic DuoMax support. Some of the product for your consideration include Asics Dynamis, Asics GT-3000 5, Asics MetaRun, Asics GT 2000 6 or Asics Gel DS Trainer 23.
  • Cushioned Neutral: boost your speed and offer you much softer underfoot.

In this category, the three most popular shoes are Cumulus, Nimbus and Stratus which are named after different clouds.

You can rest assured that all cushioned shoes offered by Asics are considerably responsive and soft. It gives you the feeling of walking on the clouds. Recently, the Stratus has been replaced by the Gel-Flux as the entry level shoe.

Lately, Asics has divided their range of cushioning into 2 separate “silos”.

  1. Road: which will provide you the conventional running shoes of the relatively familiar soft cushioning and construction. They are also suitable for running in a long run or even in the serious training. Some models you might find are Asics Gel Cumulus 19. Asics Gel Nimbus 20, Asics Gel Flux 5, Asics Gel 3 and Asics Gel-Fortitude 7.
  2. Fast: Asics has recently launched this line. Its shoes are of more deconstructed and lighter with a more responsive and sappier feel. They are really suitable for the ones looking for the shoes which can support them well on either the gym/treadmill or the road and look fashionable. The best choices are Asics Roadhawk FF or Asics Dynaflyte 2.

Asics Running Shoes – Technologies

SpEVA: the midsole made of the lightweight EVA material will help to increase the bounce-back characteristics and decrease the breakdown of the midsole. Most of the models of Asics use SpEVA.

Solyte: this is a lighter weight material of the midsole besides SpEVA and the traditional EVA of Asics. Moreover, it also helps to enhance the durability and cushioning.

Flyte Foam: this product was launched in 2016 and use the latest technology of Asics. Its improved material is considerably 55% lighter compared to the average foam in the current market together with its unique characteristics making it “springy”.

FluidRide: this is the latest technology of the midsole offered by Asics which provides the best combination of cushioning properties and bounce back. This helps to reduce the weight and enhance the durability. Most of the newest and high-end models of Asics feature this.

FluidAxis: this helps the deep flex grooves correctly align to the foot joints. Thanks to this innovation, the shoe can adapt, recognize and respond to the exact load and the positional change of the athlete from the first impact to toe-off.

DuoMax Support: this is a system of the dual-density midsole helping to increase the support and durability. You can find it in the low-end models of the Structured cushioning line.

Dynamic DuoMax Support: this is a higher evolution of the DuoMax Support which helps to increase the support and durability as well as increase the comfort and reduce the weight.  Most of the models of high end of the structured cushioning line use this support.

F.A.S.T Drop: it is familiar to the geometry which can be seen in the racing flats. With a low differential of the heel-toe, it helps to reduce the weight of the midsole while increase economy as well as boost faster running. the Heel-toe offset is of 6mm.

Trusstic System: it helps to reduce the sole-unit weight and maintain the shoe structural integrity.

Asics road running shoes:

You are no more confused about which pair of shoes is appropriate for your various activities because Asics road running shoes are comparatively flexible.  In a point of fact, with someone who is an amateur in fitness and has desire of combining workouts, sports and running, road running shoes are an ideal choice. This Asics road shoes play essential parts in enhancing your performances for cross-training, speed training, racing, off-road running, casual running as well as casual activities like strolling.

The outstanding features of Asics road running shoes

Arch support. For each model, arch structures of the greatest Asics road running shoes are various. In cases customers are seeking for shoes with premium cushioning and pronation control that offer the efficiency of the gait cycle, stability and motion control, this shoe suits you the most. In cases that what you need is not medical support, there are simple and neutral shoes. This brand uses the Stability Cradle, the Trusstic System and the DouMax technology to accomplish arch support technologies,

Shock attenuation. The midsole part is designed to decrease the shock during your running. The shock attenuation is supported by some technologies such as Solyte midsole, SpEVA midsole, the I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) and GEL cushioning system.

Sole endurance. The disadvantages of sole low-quality materials are notable. If cheap rubber is used to make the outsole, it will result in tearing and wearing. In the situation that your shoes’ outsole is poorly made, you may suffer from underfoot injuries, particularly when your favorite exercise is running on roads with a great deal of debris.

Popular Asics road running shoes

If you are the one fascinated in running, you may possess many shoes of different brands such as Brooks, Adidas, New Balance, and Nike. In addition to above brands, you should take Asics into consideration since this is such a trustworthy one. Following, there are some widespread road running shoes of Asics.

ASICS Gel-Excite 4

If you are entry-level runners, The Gel Excite 4 meets your demand of exactly solid shoes. This is because it moderately cushions with remarkable responsiveness. Its arch support, durability, comfort and affordable price are what make it a great choice for lightweight training searcher.

Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit

Thanks to the seamless knit upper, the Gel Quantum 360 Knit offers not only excellent breathability but also a sock-like fit. It is equipped with signature 360 Gel Technology that results in outstanding and responsive cushioning at the same time as supplying strong-push offs. Even though some found it high-qualified, some complained that it is somewhat narrow and heavy. In general, Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit is appropriate for neutral pronators, who are in need of a dependable ride for short to long distance.

Asics Gel Kinsei 6

One of Asics’s newest and most expensive products are strictly concerned about comfort as well as cushioning. Although the premium materials and its weight, this shoe with a considerable price limit the attraction to many runners. With pack runners, who are in search of something as a daily training workhorse or keep themselves fit, this shoe is perfect because Asics Gel Kinsei 6 provides not only incredible comfort but also suitable arch support.

Asics Gel Quantum 180 2

Most neutral runners were keen on the Asics Gel Quantum 180 2 for some reasons. On one hand, this shoe created the feeling of being offered excellent performance and service on the roads. On the other hands, these runners praised its robust technologies, its attractive color schemes, and its comfortable design. Nevertheless, some runners found that its components were not consistent so there were some unpleasant feedbacks about that problem.

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11

The Gel Noosa Tri 11 is a thriving level of this popular running shoe list. This version’s improvements are a slighter nature than former kinds of shoe, a more relaxing set of interior and exterior fabrics, and updated upper design. With runners having over-pronated foot movement, this shoe is a perfectly solid design for everyday training.

Asics trail running shoes

Being a devoting brand, Asics has released not only road running shoes but also trail running ones for cross-country activities, trekking, adventure racing, hiking, and off-road running.

The outstanding features of Asics trail running shoes

  • Outsole build. The outsole plays an important role in the shoes’ performance and protection. That is the reason why runners only take this component into account once choosing the best Asics trail running shoes. This brand utilizes a couple outsole substantial to enhance the performance including the DuraSponge sole technology and the AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) outsole.
  • Waterproof features. Waterproof feature appears at Asics popular trail running shoes. In cases that it rains and snows regularly at your place, its waterproof counterparts provide protection, comfort, and performance at the highest level.
  • Weight. Being into adventurous racing, you would take the shoes’ weight into serious consideration. That is when you need a lightweight pair of shoes. Its protection and performance also have to be combined greatly to reduce the speed compromising.

Popular trail running shoes

It is a common thought that trail shoes are ugly and bulky. However, for the casual as well as professional runners, the top Asics trail running shoes are designed better. Asics Aesthetically-appealing shoes still look amazing regardless of the terrain, such as mud. Following, there are some popular Asics trail running shoes:

Asics Gel Venture 6

The Asics Gel Venture 6 meets all your demands of a flexible shoe. Its soft cushion provides the extremely upper design a snug fit, the aggressive lugs an exceptional grip, and high comfortability. Generally, with people who are seeking for an all-rounder in an affordable price range, this shoe is perfect.

Asics Gel Sonoma 3

Off-road adventurers will find this shoe suitable for them owing to its rough outsole pattern controlling more when they are navigating rough terrain. With Asics Gel Sonoma 3, the toes are protected from dirt and rocks on the trail thanks to a strengthened toe guard. Besides, its performance creates satisfaction for customers. They love this neutral trail running shoe because of its ability to offer comfort in a flexible and enduring package.

Asics Gel Scram 3

Customers are no more worried about all day use with Asics Gel Scram 3. This is because its adventure style and active wear offer versatility and light weight. This brand has purpose in creating unbelievable comfortable fit so that the goal-detailed gel cushioning is used to outfit the trail-ready outsole.

Asics Gel Kahana 8

Wearing this shoe, you will feel the comfort and great performance at which position the rubber meet the trail or road thanks to the GEL Cushioning System that is offered by the GEL Kahana 8 being known for rugged style, stability, and durability. This product is feedbacked positively by customers and experts. They feel pleased with its quality and dependable service for outdoor activities. Moreover, overpronators feel overjoyed with its constancy mechanics.

Asics GT 2000 5 Trail

 For runners whose running distance is longer, the Asics GT 2000 5 shoe is the most suitable selection. These runners are seeking for structured support and cushioning, and this shoe with a FluidRide midsole offers them excellent cushioning and bounce-back. It provides an extremely breathable upper, effective arch support, and outstanding comfort not only for runners reasonably fast but also for simple days on the trail.


Besides the metrics and some features above, we have collected some questions about the ASICS brands and its running shoes. You should keep reading to know accurately about Asics running shoes so that you can choose your appropriate ones.

Q: What should I do to choose a more effective running shoe for my run?

A: What you need to do first is to decelerate and make an accomplished decision based on your own demands. You should take a look at your old running shoes and your heel type in this case. Following these steps above, you can decide which shoes to buy that turns your weaknesses to fine tweak and improve your strengths.

Q: What signals let me know that I need more durable footwear?

A: One signal letting you know that you should change to more durable footwear is that when standing on one foot, you wobble or cannot balance yourself.

Q: Where offers the greatest deal on my ASICS?

 A: You will get the lowest price with an insurance at our service, because we cooperate with Amazon. At running shops and department stores, the price is higher due to overhead costs being added into the products. That is why seasoned runners rarely go to stores.

What distinguishes the best Asics running shoes?


Runners around the world and other running authorities always notice the latest products from Asics. The line of performance shoes from this brand always earns high ratings and recognition from professional and casual runners, therefore, it isn’t surprising that they can be found in the prestigious lists of “Best of Running Shoes”. As a matter of fact, some of the best shoes from Asics in the marketplace received honorable mentions and “Best Debut Shoe” awards. Asics have already been an anchor in the industry of running shoe and their developments don’t show any signs of slowing down yet. Therefore, their shoe designs are always worth your investment.

Shoe technologies:

The best shoes of Asics are built on the foundation of the best shoe technologies of the brand. Developments are oriented towards comfort and performance, 2 aspects, which are considered critical in running. The runners may expect more from Asics’ series of better technologies (EVA foam midsole, Stability Cradle, Dynamic Cradle, Trusstic System, DuoMax technology, SpEVA Midsole, Sostyle Midsole, GEL cushioning system, and Impact Guidance System or I.G.S) as well as outsole technologies (DuraSponge technology, Multifunction Cleats, Dousole  technology, and AHAR outsole).


It isn’t surprising that the best shoes of Asics come with expensive price tags. Those shoes are made from premium materials and offer perfect performance, thanks to specific technologies. The price of each pair ranges between 90$ and 200$. Nevertheless, newbies and casual runners shouldn’t be discouraged by that fact. You are able to access the entry level of Asics shoes through sale events and promotion deals. The monetary investment you put into your Asics shoes will certainly promote your running performance on the trail and track. For professional athletes, the cost shouldn’t prevent you from buying advanced running shoes, which suit your performance needs.


This is our approach when selecting a suitable pair of ASICS running shoes. Just remember that selecting appropriate ones is a decision-making and an investment, which are based on your needs and personal uses. We hope that this detailed guide provides you with full information so that you can easily make your selection between function and form. Thanks for following along with us.

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