12 Best Athletic Socks for Running

Among other running accessories, socks rank as one of the most important factors. Let’s look at our 12 best athletic socks for running as presented below.

As far as you may know best athletic socks for running may be fairly preferable products. However, some shoddy model may let you blistered in some ways within your marathon. If your running socks do not allow any blister to grow or develop, they will not offer you the sufficient comfort that many runners expect when using them. When it comes to picking up the right athletic socks for your running activity, there are several things you should consider.

12 Best Running Socks

How to Select Running Socks?

Best Running Socks

Odor Control

Nowadays, latest technologies enabled some types of socks which integrate the nifty extra named odor control. In fact, merino wool somehow resists odor. For this reason, socks are made with this wool kind—whether as the blend or 100%—will own this feature. So, odor control seems frivolous, yet it can truly extend the expected life of the shoes. By this way, it will lessen the opportunity that you will h throw them prematurely and away due to the smell.


The cushioning level of your socks can be dictated largely by your own preferences. Socks which are thick can affect significantly the fit of the shoes. Meanwhile, those are thin will not make you comfortable. Then, you properly end up with the situation of rubbing the feet the incorrect way. Let’s search for socks which have some padding largely at the contact points of your feet.


One of many surefire ways to have blisters you should know is to utilize cotton socks. As a matter of fact, this type of material holds moisture. Therefore, you should look for the best athletic socks for running which made directly from wool and synthetic materials. Otherwise, the blend of these two materials are one good option to help you much in keeping the feet more comfortable and drier.


The best athletic socks for running may sometimes look quite similar to other regular socks. However, there are large differences from their cushioning to their plastic placement. An ideal running socks may have enough spandex in the correct parts. This structure will keep them away from slipping when you run. So, socks which stay in one place mean that they will not slide down easily and expose your foot back to the running shoe.


Your desirable socks should contain all of the elastic parts other may think of. However, it will not matter if such products do not cover the feet properly. It depends significantly on what type of shoe for running in your shoe cabinet. A traditional shoe can call for the sock which covers the ankle. Meanwhile, the minimalist shoe can only require the crew sock. Almost all products will offer sock photos on the human’s foot. By this way, it allows customers to eyeball the place the sock top may hit your ankle or foot.


Running socks that are too small may hinder the circulation, while those are too big can cause sores and rub. By carrying all specific sizes dedicated for a variety of foot, you will not end up badly with a wrong pair. Let’s ask your special trainer to look for your suitable size sock.

For Minimalist Running Shoes

A lot of minimalist runners make a choice of not wearing socks while running, but that is not the only option. In case you need some extra padding or warmth to ease any applicable transition to the shoes, consider taking the ultralight socks which are made of synthetic material. If you are not familiar to run without socks, you can wear them. There are some particular types of shock in the market offers all benefits of minimalist running shoes with the best fit.

Ultralight Socks

  • For Trail Running

Anyone who is looking to run in a mud run, including trail runners, should consider some types of socks that may withstand the moisture. The best athletic socks for running in a trail should have an extra padding right at their impact zones. If you love this activity for the additional connection to all different of the ground which you get, let’s think of getting the ultralight socks having the wicking power. Besides, crew socks may shield the ankles from mud, flying rocks, and another debris. In fact, they can be the welcome extra right on your running in the long trail.

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  • For Running in a Long period

Anyone that enjoys the lengthy jog, including ultrarunners, runners, etc. will appreciate the best athletic socks for running. As a matter of fact, they are barely found there. Durability can be the key for products that go in the long distance, containing the extra elasticity. Most of us may want socks which will be always comfortable, lasting from the first to our final mile.

12 Best Athletic Socks for Running

An excellent pair of running socks should mean the clear difference between painful blisters and the blissful run. Here are 12 Best Athletic Socks for Running for your consideration. All of them stand out from various pairs in the market.

1. Darn Tough Merino Wool – The most durable running socks

As a matter of fact, the Darn Tough Merino Wool further reinforced directly in the toe and heel to withstand several miles on your running roads. The reason for this is that they are higher-cut enough to protect your ankle perfectly from the wind chill. Its’ Seamless construction is good enough to provides a smooth fit; no blisters, no slipping, and no bunching.

While thin socks made of cotton may tempting when you are heading out to the ten-miler right in the July, buying low cut socks made of synthetic will be your best choice in your long run. Spandex and nylon in their top give you enough stretch in order to hold them firmly in the right place as well as offer the breathability. With this aspect of their materials, you should select these socks.

Being the MOST DURABLE running socks, its name says its’ features all. You can easily see that they are built perfectly to last. As I wore them during the long way of the Tough Mudder, it indeed made me surprised. Both the socks and shoes survived. The bottom is made of Merino wool and padded well.

2. Wrightsock Stride - The softest one

Being the SOFTEST in our collection of the best athletic socks for running, you will love the silky feel of the Wrightsock Stride. That is thanks to 2 independent layers which can be stitched together right at the collar and toe, as if all of us were wearing 2 socks. So, you will reduce friction from these shoes without adding an extra bulk.

So, they have the connection with different types of the ground. Such points can be called as the impact zones, knowing as the battered and favorite parts of the feet. Also, you should consider purchasing socks with the small cushioning amount at the foot back where you are likely to grow blisters.

With a bit thicker bottom and stretchy top, the Wrightsock Stride was indeed praised by many runners, including me for its amazing feel on my foot. These socks are entirely seam-free. It is considered an excellent feature given how closely the fabric may hug the foot. With the perfect cut, right below your ankle, their spandex cuff can keep you from sliding.

3. Injinji Performance 2.0 Trail - The highest level of the blister protection

The 3. Injinji Performance 2.0 Trail can offer you the BEST PROTECTION from the BLISTER so far. While you may realize of their strange appearance, these socks can be isolate each of your toes. By this way, they eliminate almost all friction as well as prevent blisters completely on your long runs. However, getting the feet right into them is indeed a serious endurance test, especially for runners with the crooked digits.

Whenever your feet become sweat, you will run on something called damp socks. This status not only is uncomfortable but also contributes much to rubbing and usually leads well to blisters. Provide that this feature is hard to determine, look for these socks which are guaranteed throughout to maintain their shape.

4. Falke RU Stabilizing – The best running socks in winter

Are you looking for a running shoe which is BEST suited to use IN WINTER? Falke RU Stabilizer can be an amazing option. With its high cut right over your ankle, these shoes bridge all applicable gaps between the shoe and the pant leg. For this reason, you may feel in love with the sensation resulting from the extra ankle and foot.

In fact, all incredible features of these shoes may support you like other tight-fitting products. One critical factor you should consider when buying the best athletic socks for running in the winter is the warmth you need to get directly from them. In fact, your feet tend to heat up during your run. They should be made of specific materials like wool for the additional warmth.

5. Vitalsox Socks – The best cushioning one

You may easily see that the air around your foot felt exactly the same in the cold water if wearing this shoe in the wintry weather. However, one tiny drawback of it is the frosty feet appeared in the colder conditions. If you are running right in the cold or own some stages of its’ poor circulation, you will opt for the thicker socks.

In fact, beefy socks may lead to the sweltering feet, in almost all the cases. But the Experia has the ankle length as well as the padding gobs in the forefoot and heel. Therefore, it feels breezy, especially on the hot days. To rank as the BEST CUSHIONING shoe, Vitalsox Socks should thank to the mesh midfoot made of silk.

Also, the technical performance of Vitalsox material was designed using the Polypropylene infused directly with Silver. So, it can help you to stop and resist the growth of fungus and bacteria while repelling odor right from these socks. Your feet can still smell. However, your socks may not hold any odor. It will be quicker for you to turn the sock inside out with care and wash by machine with the warm water. See the price

6. Brooks Race Day – The best fit athletic socks for running

If choosing these BEST FIT socks, the joint can be safe at the exact base of your big toe. As far as you may know, your feet need the adequate support beyond your shoe. So, the excessive pressure can make you uncomfortable. It will become worse when your body is pounding up at least three times and has to hold the body weight directly from the ground.

In fact, the Dri-Stitch™ material of these socks wicks moisture effectively while still keeping your feet comfortable and have the smooth feel. It is considered the most distinctive characteristic of the Brooks Race Day Socks. With this design, it allows the mesh top to reduce bulk. So, there are more air circulation, leading feet comfortable and cool. Padded strips also help much in protecting the top and the bottom of your foot.

7. New Balance Technical Elite NBx - The preferable option for race socks

Designed for all various RACE type, the small cushions with the diamond shape of this sock are placed right in the heel and forefoot. Therefore, the ultra-thin ventilation model with the corresponding mesh may soften the landing without all bulk of the thicker socks or added weight.

By this way, New Balance Technical Elite NBx can be your ideal choice if you want to go fast. The arch of this shoe wraps much tighter than other competitors, to keep them from slipping. So, you will not have to worry about this problem, even at the quick pace. Also, the silver fibers of the socks are woven directly into their fabric to maintain the minimum level of the odors.

8. Wigwam Venti Pro – The unique barely-there socks

Being widely known as the BARELY THERE sock, this acrylic product is indeed super-lightweight. Furthermore, this product is somehow thin enough for you to feel the surface, still. As a matter of fact, all testers in the minimal shoes sector appreciated. The particular fabric along with the mesh top are well designed to help these socks dry faster.

So, the Wigwam Venti Pro may decrease your blisters risk. Chitosan, as found primarily in the crab’s shells, is well integrated into these fibers to prevent and fight odor. Let’s imagine how much extra stress you are pushing on your feel while jumping, running, and lunging. Luckily, the best athletic socks for running can assist you to repel some of such additional force.

9. Smartwool PhD Run – The best suited for your long run

FOR YOUR BETTER LONG RUN, it is extremely thin model made of nylon and merino. So far, it can be proved as the durable sock over several miles. This status can be in a detailed part, resulting from the additional wool in its’ heel and toes. The only a thin cotton layer of the outside makes the moisture move away quickly from your foot.

They may hold the shape pretty well throughout your long runs which can range from 10 to 15 miles per day and speedwork. Also, the bands made of elastic wrap the ankle and arch to keep them firmly in their place.

10. Feetures Elite Merino+ Socks – The odor beaters

As far as you may know, ODOR BEATERS can be one of the most critical factors you might consider when thinking of the best athletic socks for running. The wonderful merino wool along with the smooth rayon can make them soft. However, they are sometimes slippery though this condition may improve a little bit after several washings.

What’s more? The natural properties of antimicrobial wool mean that they will not stink up the gym bag in any way. In case you have already tried it once, you may wish they could reproduce in your sock drawer. Then, take one more pair for yourself. The sock inside is made of the polypropylene yarn.

11. Balega Ultralight Socks – The most appropriate women socks

Particularly, women runners loved the plus cushioning in their toe and heel that gives the Balega Ultra-Light Sock a bit plush feel without concerning of the light weight. As you may see, their slim cut can stay put on all runners, including those having narrow heels. There is a small roll right at the sock back, keeping it from slipping too much into the shoe.

With this best athletic socks for women, you will no longer worry about How dry these socks can keep the feet. They help you much in relieving the itching resulted from the foot infection of some female athletes. Credit that fact in the part to their extra breathability and mesh top in the arch band which is somewhat spandex. Even so, you may find this sock thick to be used comfortably in the cold weather.

12. PowerSox Powerlites Socks – To serve the heavy sweaters

Dedicated FOR HEAVY SWEATERS, the cushioning located in the heel and toes is considered generous enough for you to keep your foot shielded and warm. So, it is not quite shabby for this affordable socks for running. To help you in boosting the athletic performance and preventing injuries, let’s head to its’ top drawer. By using this socks, foot problems which are popular among athletes, can be healed as soon as possible. This fact has not yet been realized by some of them.

You need to be agree that moisture is considered the biggest reason of blisters. However, that will not be a problem with the PowerSox Powerlites Socks. Thanks to the breezy mesh which spans from ankle to toe. Under your foot, there are different types of material to serve for your comfortable ride. Also, the 3 packs of these socks featuring the logo embroidery and rib-knit cuff for your consideration

Best women's athletic socks

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When thinking about the running accessories? Which is the most important factor for you? Breathable and fitting tank top? Yes. Comfortable and Sturdy, shoes? Of course. High quality and excellent socks? Indeed. It is quite true that you should not head to your next workout activity without one suitable pair of socks. We hope this 12 best athletic socks for running will give you some suggestions, though. Having an amazing sock may benefit you in as well as for your long run!

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