Best Brooks running shoes 2018

Brooks, a company which was established about 100 years ago, has been major in making running shoes since 1977. As a matter of fact, Brooks is in the minority of only shoe-producing companies. This means that it has much potential to compete with other brands.

Models being launched by Brooks express consistently their intentions. Nowadays, customers would like to have something that works effectively at what it is aimed for rather than something impressive further yet redundant add-ons.

 Besides, Brooks releases models for runners demanding foot-cradling support, super-cushioned options, and trail running shoes. Following, there are 10 best Brooks running shoes ever:

1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 - best athletic shoes

Being on the top through running stores and one of the best-selling athletic shoes on the market, the GTS, full name is Go To Shoe is popular with most customers. The GTS offers not only a great deal of protection but also a great fit. Back in 1994 when this model was first launched on the scene, people did not consider it essentially revolutionary. However, the more fit the shoe is, the more it’s secret weapon is proved. What’s more, it is particularly designed with a bit wider forefoot and a more curved shape of the sole, which results in a loyalty and massiveness over the years.

Generally, because of its features for well-working function, runners approved this version and consider to be a motion-control selection.


  • Capability of providing comfortable run and light in weight
  • Truly size
  • Offering variety of available color options
  • Supporting well on long recovery run
  • Adequate feeling right out of the box


  • Customers may misunderstand upper mesh to be a cheap substantial.
  • Less padding and brace in comparison to the prior models

2. Brooks Levitate - Amazing bouncing shoes

Brooks Levitate mens

Amazing bouncing is definitely an outstanding feature of Levitate. This version has been ranked among the top 20 of bounciest footwear by thousands of people we have tested during the years. The reason for that rank is that Levitate’s sole is produced with a high-tech mix of new-school rubber and old-school foam. Nonetheless, this version is an ounce heavier than majority, size 9 for men is 11.4 ounces and size 7 for women is 9.2 ounces.

Despite that, the feel and fit outweigh disadvantages. The additional heft does not bother our testers considerably.


  • A fluid gait is exceedingly maintained by the underfoot flexibility.
  • A relaxing stride and a resilient form are supported with sufficient cushioning
  • The upper has excellent effects on offering a secure fit in spite of a soft fabric substantial


  • Challenging for customers because of its heaviness.
  • Causing uncomfortable feeling for runners with the tighten toe box

3. Brooks Cascadia 12- best shoes for tough terrain

Brooks Cascadia 12 mens

In the trail shoe manufacturing, the Cascadia is considered to be a benchmark, which has changed insufficiently since it was launched in 2005. It offers a heavy-duty rock plate, great cushioning, and minor flexibility in purpose of undertaking tough terrain in long miles.


  • Feet spread naturally along the ride because of the roomy toe box.
  • Balance is sustained by Pivot Point System.
  • The width creates comfort for customers.
  • Its design, its trail-specific characteristics, and its cushioning system provide users with amazing comfort


  • Reasonably shallow heel cup.
  • The 12th Cascadia iteration is less flexible than other shoes

4. Brooks Ghost 10 - neutral cushioned running shoes

Brooks Ghost 10

wearing Brooks Ghost 10- an everyday-neutral trainer, you are offered complete comfort without the possibility of damage and hurt. Besides, its affordable price and neutral-runner design make it a “go-to” shoe.

Compared to previous versions, the quality of the updated Brooks Ghost 10 is the same. You may see that there is a difference in the upper looks’ design, yet the core technology still remains from the Ghost 9. The cushion you require for log long distance are delivered greatly, additionally, so responsive and light is the model that it can follow your pace.


  • No matter how long your run is, who wears the shoe, cushion is greatly suitable
  • Exceptional grip compared to other road shoes
  • Receptive to higher speed
  • Comfortable feeling on feet


  •  Considerably permeable throughout rain running

5. Glycerin 15 - best high mileage daily running.

Brooks Glycerin 15

Since it is lighter in weight than other versions, the Brooks Glycerin 15 has been awaited most compared to other updated versions of the Glycerin 14. In case the Glycerin does not sound familiar to you, it is best described as the most cushioned shoe of Brooks. Moreover, the manufacturer’s purpose is to create a model that is possible to endure long distance and deliver smooth and comfortable ride at the same time. You may find it a dependable item for your light workouts and short runs.

What is new for the Glycerin 15 is a plush transition area to create such a smooth transition from heel to toe.


  • The shoe and its characteristics offers excellently money-worthy
  • Ability to reduce leg pain
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for customers with high arches.
  • Some rubbing occurs because of the inconvenient collar.

6. Brooks PureFlow 7- lightweight trainer

Brooks offers a Pure line in which the Brooks PureFlow 7 is a neutral trainer. What is special about this Pure line is that it targets in maintaining your connection to the ground. That matter is supported with less rubber used to make the outsole and lower stack heights.

Manufacturers launched this neutral trainer aiming at providing such an economy item for experienced runners in need of a more-linked-to-the-ground pair of shoes.


  • Extremely responsive
  • Great cushion
  • Comfortable upper
  • Reasonable price


  •  Tighter toe box than expected

7. Brooks Beast 16 - best choice for heavier runners

Brooks Beast 16 mens

It is a matter of fact that the Beast is such a massive and heavy model. Besides, this shoe is targeted to provide stability.

Heavier runners will find it an advantegous item supported with a combination of substantial cushioning and trademark constancy characteristics. If nothing you have tried works well, it is suggested that you try the Beast.


  • The steadiness is at the level that no version can reach.
  • The huge midsole offers a great deal of cushioning
  • The substance gives the shoe a superior look and great feel


  •  Super DNA foam has nothing more premium than others.
  • Offering rides and feels comparable to an ordinary firmness molded EVA foam.

8. Brooks Addiction 13- best choice for severe overpronation

Severe overpronators are keen on the Addiction 13 because it delivers such a movement control stability. One of its outstanding features is its ability to maintain your feet in default of losing comfort.

Thanks to the BioMoGo DNA midsole, major pressure you create is adapted. Therefore, the harder you push on the shoe, the firmer it stays as offering cushioning. Another great feature of this item is that your feet are wrapped smoothly by the breathable mesh upper, which decreases hot spots at the same time as raising springiness in the forefoot.


  • A roomy design supports voluminous or flat feet.
  • Smooth transition is provided by a Heel-Segmented Crash Pad
  • Exclusive movement control


  • Weighty.
  • Upper mesh deteriorates rapidly

9. Brooks Ravenna 8 - overpronating running shoes

Brooks Women's Ravenna 8 Running Shoes

For customers who are suffering from overpronating problems from running, the Ravenna 8 is the most ideal choice. You can personalize your runs for a midsole, foot shapes, speeds and different sizes that plays an essential part in advancing customers’ stride with the assist of the Ravenna 8. The reason for this is because of the Brooks DNA which is an adaptive and unique cushioning system of Brooks.


  • Wonderful selection for overpronators
  • Good for long-distance training
  • Mesh upper can manage moisture
  • Feeling as if it is made by tailor


  •  Speed training is not appropriate

10. Brooks transcend - long runs and speed work.

Brooks Transcend 4 men

If you are seeking for a shoe which is stable, lightweight, and well-supporting for both speed workouts and long runs, the Brooks Transcend 4 is your best selection. Although its price is higher than others, it is worthy your money since it not only works well during long runs but also is made of quality and technology substances.

This forth version is better than the formers at its improved Guide Rail system which delivers movement control and premium firmness during the foot plant.


  • Upper fit and dependable heel
  • Responsive and durable cushion
  • Maintaining movement and light steps


  • Taking longer time to break in.
  • Inflexible upper is molding-resistant to foot contour

All you should know about the running shoes of Brooks

There’re lots of Brooks’ running shoes, which have a reputation among professional athletes and casual runners. Based on the ratings of running shoes, the highest contenders in Brooks’ collection are the Brooks Beast and Brooks Cascadia. Nevertheless, not all of this brand’s shoes are good for running, especially, in case you want much more support as a supinated runner or a flat-footed. It is highly recommended that you should read some reviews about the pair of shoes that you are going to purchase. Brooks still keeps up with other famous sports brands, however, its technology is better and better each year. Its competitors aren’t just in the industry of running shoes, since Brooks is also a manufacturer of rugby, hockey and football shoes.

 In the industry of sports, over 100.000 of shoe reviews featured the performance running shoes’ collection of Brooks. With comfort and performance in mind, Brooks has manufactured shoe’s model, which have such a competitive edge. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, running will be a great and enjoyable experience with such a good companion as Brooks running shoes.

How many categories of running shoes does Brooks have?

Now, let’s have a detailed look at each one of the four main categories and see which shoes belong to these.


Never let the word “cushion” make you think that those are the neutral shoes of Brooks. The Adrenaline and The Beast – 2 of the most famous stability running shoes of this brand – are in this category,

To make clear, the cushion is a term to describe the feel of your shoe during your running. The emphasis is mainly on delivering a comfortable and soft landing of your feet to protect each of your steps. Here’re several shoes, which make up the “Cushion: category. To clarify, I will break them down in “Support” and “Neutral”.

  • Cushion – Support: Those are the shoes, which offer soft landing and great cushioning while still delivering a sufficient support level for the over-pronators. Brooks Addiction 12, Brooks Beast 16, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17, Brooks Transcend 4 – are some of the most common Cushion-support shoes of Brooks now.
  •  Cushion-Neutral: Those are to offer a soft and plush landing for more comfort during a long run. For example Brooks Ghost 10, Brooks Defyance 9, Brooks Glycerin 15, Brooks Dyad 9.


Those “Energize” shoes are featured by a higher level of energy return and more responsive cushioning than the “Cushion” running shoes.

They mainly emphasize on fast foot turnaround and speed. Generally, they’re much more lightweight in comparison with their counterparts in “Cushion” category. Those “Energize” shoes are designed for faster racing or training.

 The most common shoes in “Energize” category shoes consist of Brooks Launch 4, Brooks Ravenna 8, Brooks Levitate.


The shoes in this “Connect” category are the most flexible and lightest shoes in the brand’s range. Try for those shoes in case you’re seeking for a way to perfect the running technique or a natural feeling. If you’re a big fan of this category, go for Brooks PureFlow 5 or Brooks PureCadence 5.


Just as its name, “Speed” is the category of racing shoes. Here’re some good options for you: Brooks T7 Racer, Brooks Hyperion, Brooks Racer ST5, Brooks Neuro 2.

How can Brooks shoes improve your running?

  • Runners with high or medium arches can try Brooks’ neutral shoes to promotes their performance and flexibility on the track and trail. Nevertheless, runners with low-arches will need pronation control and proper stability to facilitate an effective gait cycle. Therefore, Brooks also provides motion control shoes and stability shoes, which will certainly meet those runners’ need.
  • Racing is such a competitive activity for the runners. They will need a minimal and light platform, which is able to keep their feet light without sacrificing protection and performance for full marathons and short sprints. The race shoes of Brooks are ideal investments for you to promote your speed record..
  • The trail runners will need protection against impact forces and debris. The trail shoes of Brooks won’t just offer those aspects but guarantee the support, traction and comfort as well. For road runners, Brooks’ road shoes will promote their performance with a great combination of durability, support, shock attenuation and comfort.
  • Cutting-edge technology

    Their great team of runners, scientists, and professionals are continuously doing a deep research on which features can work better as well as how to promote previous designs to offer better performance. Each Brooks’ shoe is always created with innovative technologies to give proper functions for every of the product.

    DNA midsole:

    For the beginners, Brooks has created their shoes with the DNA midsole, which can adapt to the foot’s shape of runners and their running’s type. Now, the latest version of the DNA midsole is Super-DNA and you can expect in a near future that most of the running shoes of Brooks will come with this new compound. At the moment, a non-Newtonian based material, which is based on the similar principle of DNA midsole, provides different cushioning’s amount depended on the force of impact applied. This material is used in most of Brooks' running shoes now.

    EVA Foam:

    In the initial running model of Brooks – The Villanova, which was introduced in the year of 1974, is the first kind of running shoe to utilize EVA foam. At that time, EVA foam was such a revolutionary technology since it was much softer and lighter in comparison with other options.

    Brooks BioMoGo:

    BioMoGo was first launched in the year of 2008 and it is the material that can be found in all of Brooks’ midsoles. Thanks to the formulation of BioMoGo, it is totally biodegradable. The basic EVA foam takes nearly 1000 years to degrade fully in a landfill, on the other hand, the BioMoGo only needs about 20 years to biodegrade in the similar environment,

    3D t print:

    On the shoes’ outside, Brooks makes use of 3D t print - a hi-tech revolutionary process, which adds more structure to the shoe’s upper by using the screen-print technology. It not only helps improve the whole structure of Brooks’ running shoes, but also adds a lightweight feel and the flexibility as well. Besides, the rounded heels of these shoes help to reduce the internal stress on your body and pressure on your feet as well as align the force of your ankle joint’s center.

    Varus wedge:

    A Vantage Model of Brooks introduced in the year of 1977, was the first one to feature a Varus wedge. The Varus wedge helps runners to suffer better. Nowadays, this technology is still popular.

    Guide Rails:

    The Guide Rails are actually specialized plates, which are built into the shoes’ midsole to allow your joints, knees and hips to move along their own motion path while running – without any of traditional posts. What Brooks does is to wrap around your foot’s edge to keep it always aligned.

    Colored materials:

    On a standard innovative level, this brand also makes its shoes with the colored materials, which can be seen even in the dark. It’s especially great for those who prefer late night runs, especially, for the thrill seekers. You can easily see all of Brooks’ running shoes feature every kind of lighting with their outstanding technology and quality materials. In case you don’t find that information interesting enough, then, we have more for you!

    Segmented Crash-Pad:

    Segmented Crash Pad, which is in a caterpillar-like shape, is a midsole made of fully integrated but independent shock absorbers.

    When your feet strike the ground, those segments will work together in order to customize your own laying down so that they can offer an appropriate amount of cushions as well as a seamless heel-to-toe transition for runners. The aim of this is to optimize all of the efforts that runners put into each of their strides.

     It does not stop here yet. Brooks is constantly trying their best to research and seek for better methods to promote running experience. If a brand new feature appears, then, you can expect that the Brooks’ running shoes will come with it in a near future.

    Brooks trail running shoes

    Scott Jurek – a legendary ultrarunner – has been working with the masters at Brooks for years on some of the most famous designs of trail-running equipment. For those who prefer conquering rough terrains, trail shoes are their favorites. Contrary to road shoes, trail shoes have better traction and grip, long-lasting lugs, aggressive treading patterns, and even-debris-proof characteristics to keep the rubble away. The best Brooks trail running shoes are promised to provide a comfort-performance-protection combo for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to enjoy the outdoors.

    Flexibility is available in the best Brooks trail shoes – rugged terrains or even grounds, they can tackle them all. Off-road pairs are recommended if you want to run on mixed trail and track.

     Weatherproof is also a feature found in some of the best of Brooks’. The platform can be water-resistant and well-ventilated at the same time, thanks to their shoe technologies. Some pairs even can prevent snow and wind, suitable for colder areas.

    What are the 3 stand-out features of Brooks trail shoes?

    • Diverse weight. Trail shoes’ outsoles are usually made from pure carbon rubber and therefore, are heavy. However, if you are looking for a pair for speedier racing or training, lighter choices of the best Brooks trail shoes are available for you – they would be from 150 to 230 grams. If protection and performance are what you are looking for, your trainers should be of average weight measurements.
    • Waterproof features. Not all Brook’s trial shoes have this feature, so make sure you check the reviews carefully or consult shoe experts beforehand. The GTX (Gore-Tex) membrane is used popularly in trail shoes, especially in those of Brooks’ performance line. Element upper technology of the brand also assures protection from the weather.
    • Outsole material. When it comes to choosing your shoes, consult an expert on technical issues regarding the outsole. If rocky mountain ranges are your style, you might want to search for aggressive treading and sturdy lugs, but if it is soft grounds that you are dealing with, like muddy land, firm grip and traction are important. HPR Plus midsole, HPR Green midsole and Engineered Cush Pod Configuration are the available outsole technologies of Brook.

    The best 5 of Brooks trail running shoes

    Brooks Caldera 2

    If you are looking for shoes with a balance between durability and speed and are versatile regarding different kinds of trails and paths, Brooks Caldera 2 is exactly what you need. This pair can walk you through many different surfaces, including roads, paved or natural trails and fire roads. Even on your first run with brand new shoes, the Caderas (28mm, 24mm) can still bring you great comfort. They are only 9.9 ounces for men and about 9 ounces for women, which is pretty lightweight. Despite the moderate weight measurements, those shoes can still manage light to medium technical trails.

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    Brooks Mazama 2

    Slight changes have been added to the Brooks Mazama 2 to elevate an already outstanding model for trail running.

     With its light weight and speed, the Mazamas are a good choice for racing on courses up to 50K on condition that they don’t have much mud or similar obstacles. Brooks did a really great job in preserving comfort, light weight, and ventilation while modifying the upper.
    Brooks PureGrit 6

    This all-purpose, super neutral shoe can manage various topographies at any speed. Its flexible cushioning, fast feel, and, of course, neutrality are what make the PureGrit 6 popular.

     Only this model can both accommodate its runner on short roads or trails every day and provide him or her with confidence for a ½ or marathon race day.
    Brooks Caldera

    Brooks Caldera is a stable, well cushioned, high mileage, and versatile racer/trainer.

     The Caldera makes up for the lack of flexibility and light-weight of Brook’s Cascadia and features better cushioning for travelling longer distances than the PureGrit.
    Brooks Adrenaline ASR

    This is the trail version of the best-selling Brook’s Adrenaline road shoe. The Adrenaline ASR 12 is flexible and light in weight, but is not good at protecting your feet on more technical trails.

     Compared to the Cascadias, the Adrenaline ASR shoes are lighter and are said to be more flexible, both of which I find correct.

    Brooks road running shoes

    The best road running shoes of Brooks are for overpronators, neutral pronators as well as supinator. Just by watching the shoe’s midsole platform, you can get a suitable pair for your individual pronation needs. While runners with medium and high arches should use neutral road running shoes, those with the low arches can find motion control and stability shoes are the best options.

     The best Brooks’ road shoes feature shock attenuation properties so that they can lower the discomfort in each step. You’ll no longer feel worried about the impact force with only a cushioned midsole. Nevertheless, in case you need to follow a natural and standard running movement, then, a pair of road running shoes with less cushioning or low drop, which offers better ground contact, is an ideal choice.

    What are the best oustanding features of Books road shoes?

    Durability: Flexible road running shoes are often made of tough material, however, when they are used excessively, your shoes may give in to tear and wear. Seek for the best road shoes of Brooks and you will find the difference. Their shoes are made of durable material, especially, the outsole is the most durable part of the shoes. If the treading begins to wear and tear after several miles, you may end up getting discomfort and bruises if you still continue to run in them. As a replacement, Brooks’ shoes will be a great choice for you.  Those shoes come with the Cush Pod Configuration, HPR Green midsole and HPR Plus Midsole, which help to keep the shoes lasting longer.

    Heel to top drop: In case you need more cushioning for better protection and shock attenuation, then, choose high heel to toe drops. Nevertheless, if you enjoy a barefoot-like feeling, then, it’s still possible with Brooks’ road shoes at a lower differential, like 4 millimeters to 6 millimeters.

    Protection: Protection against the debris and impact forces can be affected by the technologies of the shoes’ midsole. Brooks offers a wide range of cushioning systems, consisting of the BioMoGo, DNA midsole as well as the S-257 Cushole.

    5 most popular Brooks road running shoes

    Brooks Launch 5

    This model is such a solid and neutral trainer, which brings about a brand new look to the line of Launch running shoes. Brooks Launch 5 can fit well into regular training and impromptu workouts while still offer runners a modern and fashionable look at a reasonable cost.

     What distinguishes this model from other similar running shoes is its BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning, its plush heel, and its flat but durable outsole design.
    Brooks Revel

    This model is a brand new running shoe in the category of neutral cushioning from the Brooks Running. The aim of the Brooks Revel is to blend the runners’ performance with “street style”, allowing them to use these shoes in their daily runs, daily gym routines, and daily use.

     The ability to deal with cross-fit uses, tempo efforts and longer runs of Brooks Revel was tested carefully since Brooks always attempts to create a shoe, which can be widely used for multi-purposes.
    Brooks Anthem

    This Brooks Anthem offers perfect support for your ankle. Moreover, it is very comfortable and lightweight to run in. Some runners expressed that its minimal design gave it such a classy look, which made it look better than other usual athletic shoes.

    Brooks Neuro

    This model is a revolutionary new-entry level from Brooks into the category of lightweight racer/trainer. Brooks Neuro delivers an interesting new concept to the design of running shoe and provides such a unique running experience.

     This Neuro is surprisingly fast, stable and adaptable. Moreover, its design helps it become a great addition to the Brooks’ collection.
    Brooks PureCadence 5

    This model promises to be a supportive yet lightweight shoe with such a great innovative upper. Especially, being a product of a famous company with a good history and capability as Brooks, these shoes never fail to impress.

     Being the newest repetition of the performance daily trainer of Brooks, this Brooks PureCadence 5 is an ideal choice for those who look for more support in comparison with most similarly low-profile running shoe offer.


    Q: How do I wash my running shoes?

    A: It’s a fairly straight-forward process. All you should do is to stay on top of your cleaning process. Besides, your shoes shouldn’t be too smelly and filthy. Merely, you can use a mild detergent (regular soap is okay) and a damp cloth to wash your shoes.

    Q: How to prevent the pain caused by sore arches?

    A: There’s a typical ailment, which has plagued people around the world. It is widely known as the plantar fasciitis. In case you are suffering from the pains in your arches after or during your runs or you have flat feet, then, you may have plantar fasciitis. Nevertheless, what you should do in this case? Just as you guess, if you have this ailment, you cannot simply purchase random running shoes and hope them to relieve your pain. On the other hand, you will need to search for a pair of running shoes, which is designed specially to deal with this kind of pain. A great example of running shoes, which falls under that category, is the one that provides a lot of support for you while running. Certainly, you should stretch your arches daily to assist with the pains as well.

    Q: How can I prevent shoe inserts from sliding?

    A: Clearly, the inserts need to fit your feet properly and in case they don’t, then you have to solve this issue. This problem is simple as when your laces being loose. Your laces shouldn’t be too tight as they can cut off the circulation, but you shouldn’t take the shoes off with your laces looped at once.

    Q: What is the material of DNA midsole of Brooks?

    A: The patented material for DNA midsole of Brooks isn’t like any other composite, foam or gel on the marketplace nowadays. The feedbacks from runners confirm that it is more than a marketing ploy. As a matter of fact, they report more cushioning with less energy return and feedback loss. This’s why most of the runners, who try the running shoes of Brooks, often stay with this brand when they are ready to choose their next running shoes.

    Q: How can I select a shoe, which lets me run more effectively?

    A: Improving your efficiency means that you have to select the suitable amount of cushioning, flexibility and support for yourself. Remember that even the seasoned runners are always tweaking their training regimes and workouts. You are always evolving, anyway.

    Q: How can I know if I need a more stable pair of shoe?

    A: Do you have any balance issues? If you are not sure, then, stand on one of your feet. In case you cannot keep your balance or move around too much, then, a shoe, which provides high stability will be a good option for you. It will help to promote your running gait and form.

    Q: Which type of guarantee does the Brooks provide with their shoes?

     A: Brooks is known for the pressure-free guarantee called “True Blue”. No matter where you buy your Brooks’ running shoes from, you will always have 90 days in order to put them through the paces. In case you are not satisfied 100%, you just simply need to contact them and provide your information of purchasing, they will help you to return the products for free, consisting of shipping. A fast internet search is enough to confirm how Brooks stands by its products as well as how it is always proud of its design and quality construction.


    It’s necessary to invest in a proper pair of running shoes since not only do those shoes help you to promote your performance but also alleviate strains and stress on your feet and prevent the injuries as well.

    Besides, improperly type of running shoes and unsuitable shoe’s shape are the major causes of many routine-stopping pains such as hallux valgus (bunions), corns, and ingrown toenails. Moreover, these may lead to possible hip and knee injuries as well as muscular imbalances.

    We have listed a list of top Brooks Running Shoes available on the marketplace nowadays. Therefore, we hope that through our guides and information, you can now find the best running shoes for your feet.
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