20 Best Cushioned Running Shoes of 2018

Best cushioned running shoes - women, men 2018 by Asics, Adidas, Brooks, Hoka One One, Nike, Mizuno, New Balance, Saucony.

Cushioned Running Shoes often have softer midsoles but don’t have much added stability. They are designed to provide great comfort and encourage foot motion for runners who have immobile or rigid feet (under-pronators) or often run on hard surfaces. But the most importance is to provide optimal support for your feet to reduce the risk of getting injuries. However, these shoes don’t provide as much specific arch support for the foot as others do. Therefore, they are not used for runners with over-pronation.

Nowadays, there are many manufactures that have introduced to customers their high quality cushioned shoes. Among those, Asics, Saucony, New Balance and Nike are rated as the most common brands of cushioned shoes on the market. It is difficult for you to choose one between them because each brand has their own special features and designs. But firstly, you have to know what your feet need and from that, try to find the cushioned shoes that can meet your expectation.

Types of cushioned running shoes

  • Air cushioning often has air pockets in the sole. This plays a role of an impact absorption zone
  • Gel cushioning often has a layer of compressible gel which has functions as air cushioned shoes
  • Foam cushioning often includes a layer of foam in the sole and work the same as gel or air cushioned shoes

List of best cushioned running shoes in 2018

Based on advertisement from manufactures as well as reviews of customers on products, I made a list of best-cushioned shoes on the market. These certainly offer the best features and designs you are looking for.



My Rating

Hoka One One Bondi 5

Hoka One One Bondi 5

(Editor’s Choice)

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 11

Nike Zoom Vomero

(Best rated)

New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay v3

(Best value)

Saucony Triumph ISO

(Best for men)

Asics 33-M 2

(Best for women)

Hoka One One Vanquish 3

(Provides the smoothest ride)

Under Armour Speedform Gemini 3

(Best for daily trainers)

Brooks Launch 4

(The most comfortable one)

Asics Gel Nimbus 19

(Best for neutral runners)

Mizuno Wave Enigma 6

(The most lightweight product)

Best cushioned running shoes

1. Hoka One One Bondi 5 – Editor’s Choice

Hoka One One Bondi 5 is an ideal option for those who would like to have a maximum running shoe. It is 37mm high with the 34mm-high forefoot. The maximum cushion is equipped in its over-sized sole, which makes it suitable for every runner, no matter which sizes they want. For almost all part, its upper is indeed comfortable without any rubbing or irritation areas that you may identify.

The sole of Hoka One One Bondi 5 experienced some updates. It comes from soft EVA sole, and you can expect a more considerable softness (up to 30 percent), compared to other running shoes on the market. Also, Hoka One One Bondi 5 is also equipped with Early Stage Meta-Rocker technology which you might find in the Hoka Clifton line. This technology facilitates running motion, which makes it smoother.

Hoka One One Mens Bondi 5

Furthermore, the updated design is believed to enhance traction, while durability is better thanks to high abrasion rubber. In fact, durability is claimed to be improved thanks to some remarkable changes the manufacturer has made in the upper and sole. On the other hand, despite the big sole, the lightness of this shoe is very impressive. You might not recognize this feature until you try them on.

Although the reviews are still mixed, and some customers are concerned about its performance, you may appreciate the advanced technology from this shoe. The most suitable group that is recommended to use this model is runners with a higher arch. Also, there is a difference in its shape compared to the Hoka One One Clifton 3. Being one of the best cushioned running shoes, it has much more room located in the area of its toe box. It feels true to its size though.

The new material of this shoe is made of mesh and is very breathable and flexible. So, it makes the upper of the Hoka One One Bondi 5 very comfortable. Furthermore, it hugs its midfoot loosely as well as opens up directly and nicely in its toe area. You also should appreciate its huge padded tongue. The tongue top of this shoe has some particular material on the surface to give the firm structure which makes it feels rigid most of the time.

Concerning the cushion shoes with the oversize maximum, you may switch to the heel lock technique which laces to keep your foot from moving forward in your shoes. By this way, it often creates the subtle difference when running. At that time, the conventional lacing its tongues can make you feel extremely nice. For this reason, you just do not get the extra feel of being locked down that you may not prefer at all.


  • Despite the big size of the sole, you can find the shoes relatively light
  • Durability is significantly improved in this model
  • Its lightness is impressive
  • Good for people who suffer from back, hip or foot problems. The shoe does not worsen the situation; instead, it even helps to treat the problems
  • There are more extra widths
  • The forefoot does have a lot of space


  • It is possible to experience irritation or rubbing because of the tongue
  • The shoe is not affordable for everyone
  • Smooth transition that is important in the gait cycle might be affected or even eliminated as meta-rocker technology might not work in this model

Rating: 9.6/10

Considering Hoka, this model is one of its newest cushioned running shoes. It is undeniable that Hoka provided necessary upgrades to make its products more comfortable.

2. Nike Zoom Vomero - Best rated

Nike Zoom Vomero 12 is newly redesigned, which means that it is equipped with more advanced features. Therefore, it is reasonable to see it appear among the best cushioned running shoes. The upper is redesigned with the bootie construction. Furthermore, you also witness some upgrades with fly mesh design so that the shoe has a more fantastic system.

Many features remain the same as other previous Vomero products. The combination of Air Zoom and Lunarlon technologies is still used. As a result, you will enjoy its very great balance. Moreover, regarding the ride, Nike Zoom Vomero 12 surpasses many other competitors. Though, its softness is not appreciated as much as that of Hoka One One Bondi 5.

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 11

Nevertheless, such comparison is unnecessary because they belong to two different types. Another wonderful advantage of Nike Zoom Vomero 12 is its responsiveness which wins other competitors again. The shoe’s comforts are better thanks to both internal bootie construction and its redesigned fly mesh system. Other athletes are just too conscious about the way their shoes look. So, they choose the most fashionable pair of footwear, just like this one.

Plush cushioning is found on the tongue and also around the heel, so you do not have to worry about any irritations that probably happen. Even if you use thick socks, breathability is still guaranteed; therefore, you are free from worries of infections or smells. On the other hand, thanks to the Flywire design, you will not experience any irritation or pressure against your feet when using this shoe.

Interestingly, the market is packed with Nike Zoom Vomero 12 in various colors. This means that you have many more options. This is a huge advantage because not many brands on this list can offer such thing. Nonetheless, some customers suggested the modification of the shape so that the toe box has more space.


  • Better upper fit, compared to its previous generations
  • The Flywire cables are biennial for the upper’s security
  • Good when you have to run in long distances
  • There is a variety of colors to select from
  • Responsiveness is significantly improved because of foam technologies
  • Flexible and well-cushioned midsole


  • Few customers complained about its tight and short toe box

Rating: 9.4/10

Obviously, we can see Nike’s great attempts to make this model one of the best-cushioned running shoes on the market. With its soft mid-sole, comfortable upper and excellent responsiveness, this product is suitable for people who are in high mileage training.

3. New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay v3 – Best value

Shoes, as well as clothes and fashion in general, provide a wide range of choice to users from various brands. If you want to choice light weight shoes which can offer complete comfort to use New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay V3 is perfect for you. Being one of the top cushioned running shoes, it can help you to push your pace with affordable price,

Boracay was named after the Philippines Island and becomes one of the most famous model of New Balance. Fresh Foam Boracay V3 is in middle price range of Fresh Foam section in order to give more choice to New Balance fans. Continuing the success of V1, New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay V3 has some noticeable development in design and feature. However, it has suspect cushioning for full marathon

Boracay V3 has simple but trendy, striking design. Outside from heel center, all the mesh is covered by no-sew overlays – the common design in many New Balance shoes. Rubber printing can be found in both forefoot and mid-foot mesh. Midsole is an EVA foam while the outsole is completely covered with two-piece rubber. Both sides are aided with reflective trims to support running in the low light condition.

New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay v3

Fresh Foam technology offers energy return to reach haft marathon training by providing stable surface. Especially, thanks to breathable and flexible design, you can move and twist your foot while on the long run. After the success of V1, New Balance has updated insole upper design using Durapontex instead of Ortholite to make it’s 20% firmer and tighter than its previous model. Also, denser foam used for Durapontex sock liner improves the level of responsiveness to jump and run with a fast pace.

The plus point of the outsole is that outside from the crash pad under the heel area, most of the outsole is like one piece of soft blown rubber. This design helps it grips your foot well on the long run. Combined with the firm midsole, New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay V3 can ensure the durability which can compare with more expensive sport shoes.

Both the toe-box and the mid-foot grips your foot well. In addition, the foam platform is non-mushy and all the foam is not too soft to slow you down. It’s more suitable for a fast run as it will give you the secure and support needed. At the same time, the tongue helps isolate from lacing pressure just fine. Hopefully, the next version of New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay will reduce down sides of V3 to become the first choice for users.


  • The shoe owns the added mid-foot sleeve and the overall seamless design
  • The inside of Boracay V3 is supper soft.
  • This lightweight shoe is supportive and Durable
  • It can help you to avoid foot ache after running for a long time.
  • Encourage a quick turnover
  • Breathable and snug fitting upper
  • Responsive cushion
  • Feel smooth inside


  • Foam cushioning is firm
  • The toe box is a bit narrow so it can cause toe pain
  • Provided that it was not water resistance, this shoe is quite sweaty to wear in summer.

Rating: 9.2/10

All things considered, New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay V3 is the excellent choice for runners to conquer half marathon training thanks to the incredible comfort, striking design, and sufficient support.

4. Saucony Triumph ISO – Best for men

Being widely known as one of the best cushioned running shoes, Saucony Triumph ISO has the well cushioned sole. It may let you feel fantastic both on short and long runs without any residual foot fatigue or soreness. Even though the cushioning of the shoe is a bit excessive for speed work and intervals, its incredible cushion can sacrifice the energy transfer and ground feel.

The sole technology named PWRGRID+ is well designed to offer more cushioning, about of 20% without any weight increase. Provided that it is very cushioned, the forces are distributed evenly and directly across your foot to prevent hotspots. Also, this shoe has the 8mm offset from toe to heel. If you are a runner who are searching for a zero to low drop, you should consider carefully about it.

Saucony Triumph ISO

We should not miss out the traction of the shoe, which is considered sufficient on the pavement, gravel roads, and non-technical trails. The Saucony Triumph ISO can be indeed the triumph. This cushioned shoe may provide the excellent fit to serve all neutral runners. So, you can expect the comfortable ride with it while doing long runs. Although it was sold at a bit high price tag, this product is worth it, especially for a heavier or high mileage runner.

With the accompanying literature of the incredible fit, the shoe is cushioned and perfect for the high mileage user putting in a few long days. In addition to other outstanding features, it is quite light with the pleasing aesthetic design and colors to our eye. Also, rhe upper of the shoe can be nearly seamless and you can probably go away with your running sockless.

Whenever you put this shoe on, you will feel that they are incredibly cushioned and have the fantastic fit. Concerning its comfort, the shoe can cradle your foot without hampering or being restrictive for your foot motion. In fact, it performed the task admirably and as intended. Even the pickiest one about fit can honestly like the shoe as it was likely the most comfortable one for running. There is no slippage for your heel, and its upper flexes truly well.


  • Its seamless construction can contribute much to the distinct friction lack without blisters.
  • Shoelaces may stay tied.
  • The ISOFIT upper construction was intended to go and move with the foot.
  • Comfortable cushioning dedicated for the high mileage
  • This shoe may bring you the smooth feeling via its gait cycle
  • The excellent fit of the shoe is supportive while not being constricting


  • An excessive volume of cushion designed for speed work.
  • It has a high price

Rating: 9.0/10

The fit of the Saucony Triumph ISO is amazing. And as promised, its cushion comfy along with the laces can be perfect. So, you can wear them comfortably in some long races and daily training sessions.

5. Asics 33-M 2 - Best for women

Being one of the best cushioned running shoes, Asics is famous for running with the high-quality shoe. If you purchase a pair of shoes from Asics, you definitely find the supreme difference in compared with another brand name. You are looking for a pair of shoes with the durable and comfortable material, Asics is your dedicated choice.

With the Asics 33-M 2, people with plantar fasciitis will not be worried about their problem because it is designed to be the solution for that. The midsole is made from Amplifoam material which is extremely soft. In comparison with other kinds of foam, the Amplifoam is the most responsive and effective cushion in the market. Not only is it softer, it is also firm and strong which is durable as time goes by.

The Asics Natural 33 Collection is one of the most best-selling products. The Asics 33-M 2 illustrates the symbolic characteristics of Asics.Thanks to the tough feature, it is hard to break down. As the result, the mold is not easy to tear out. You can find it is painless when wearing this shoe because it has the efficient grooves which are absolutely flexible.

ASICS Women 33-M 2

The noticeable feature about this Asics 33-M 2 is the breathable and comfortable holes in the upper part. These holes are hard to recognize so it does not make your shoe being unappealing. Moreover, it will fit your foot gently and mildly. The ComforDry Sock Liner is exclusively perfect for breathability of the shoe. The new technology – EVA and SpEVA is the signature feature of this shoe. With the incredible function, it increases the effectiveness of cushioning. In that case, you are free to wear it on a long-distance exercise.

The Asics 33-M 2 is proper for many events. If you are planning a climbing trip, this is the great choice for you. You want to hang out with friends, it is also suited. With the simple and elegant design, it is the every-circumstance option. Furthermore, it is available in three colors which are easy to wear with your daily outfit. The deep cobalt, black, and flash yellow is the great idea for people who want the simple style. However, the safety yellow, blueprint, and blue jewel is suitable for enthusiasm and energy person.


  • The special upper part with breathable holes ensures the comfortable feelings for users.
  • The new design – Amplifoam is the remarkable component of development this shoe.
  • It is available in stunning and various colors.
  • The high-quality of the material such as the EVA, SpEVA and ComforDry Sock Liner makes it hard to be damaged.


  • It is considered as an expensive shoe.
  • You can find it is easy to absorb water, especially in raining days.

Rating: 8.8/10

The Asics 33-M 2 is the advisable option for people with plantar fasciitis or foot ache because it integrates the fascinating feature such as soft midsole – the AmpliFoam and the extra cushion. With the great design, you can wear it on many occasions.

6. Hoka One One Vanquish 3 – Provides the smoothest ride

Hoka one one is well known for premium comforts running shoes and follows that fragment, this Vanquish 3 is an upgrade from the 02nd edition. One of the best things about them is their midsole. Instead of one, they have double layer of EVA foam to improve the softening and responsiveness. You will feel the bounce effect with this one of the best cushioned running shoes in every step.

Hoka One One Vanquish 3 mens

About appearance, unlike the Vanquish 2 with only mesh in the upper, the new Hoka one one Vanquish 3 has a web construction in the upper. This way makes the shoes look cooler but moreover, to improve the durable and enhance the breathability. For this reason, it can be one popular option for the best cushioned running shoes so far. Knowing your preferences will give you a hint on how your pair of shoes will feel on your feet.

The upper mesh is using a new technology with Zonal 3D Puff print to offer a better breath and sustenance the padded tongue for more comfortable and durable. This slightly change does not make a great enhancing in your performance. But the more comfortable you feel, the better your performance will be. To make sure you will be satisfied and you go out with happy feet, you have to ensure that the shoes fit you properly.

Next is the outsole, the zonal replacements are still placed at high wear areas, which reduce the harsh impact on your feet as well as make it more sturdy. This new cushion makes the new vanquish a bit heavier and higher so might not good for a workout but good and balance for road. The meta rocker midsole is still spot on, with its low toe to heel discrepancy (around 5mm) and shaped outsole pushes you to move forward.

Thanks to this thick sole, it offers you soft and smooth running for long road or if you have injuries, you will not feel the road too much. On running test, the shoes feedback is great with soft and support knees well. Some tests show an improvement in running stats with heart rates stay lower and the miles are longer.

When you ask runners which shoes are the ideal for them, they would often say that those that promote comfort and durability. For its design, Hoka stay in comfort zone with dark color mix and you can easy to mix with any clothes you have. There is another color way with some neon but still dark enough for casual wearing or a solid blue to be a highlight on your outfit.


  • It’s soft and comfortable for long distance runner with extra padding to absorb the ground impact.
  • Comfortable sole and true fit
  • Help reducing foot pain and support muscle and knee
  • Breathable
  • Good looking design with nice color way
  • This shoe can inspire your natural running style.


  • Would be better if lighter
  • A bit narrow and long
  • This shoe may wear out pretty fast

Rating: 8.7/10

The Vanquish 3 is great for those who need more support to muscle and prefer a bouncing when moving. These shoes are definitely worth a try even it can be better if lighter and bigger inside.

7. Under Armour Speedform Gemini 3 – Best for daily trainers

Under Armour is a new comer in this shoe industry. However, many achievements have been earned and they are becoming more popular now, especially in their running products. One of many reasons that lead them to succeed is their technology inside the flagship shoe line – Gemini.

For the sole, the Under Armour Speedform Gemini 3 uses special Under Amour Charged muffling in order to create better responsiveness and softening without making it heavier. This technology really works for them and pretty flexible. It also makes the cushioning soft and durable for a half marathon. With the midsole, an extra of Micro G cushioning is placed at the heel cup to make the heel strike softer and less pain.

While with the outsole, this portion uses puffed rubber to reduce the weight and offer a bouncing effect. On the upper, they take advantage of their unique Speedform design to keep your feet comfortably fit into the shoe while you are on action. The Under Armour Gemini has a close seamless upper which embrace your foot like a glove. It could not be popular to most runners but a bit focus on niche market that fond of the minimalist cushioning.

Under Armour Speedform Gemini 3

The heel cup is super secure and you don’t have to worry about falling out. It’s made from close neoprene material with a plastic linked overlay to support. A sticky latex strip installs along the inside ribbon to help secure the heel feeling. The tongue is an uncommon asymmetrical form. It looks like a grand piano with sort of heart formed and wide open at the top, but still thin and unnoticeable.

The midfoot with Threadborne panel help your food lock in, which aids the foot in any type of running. In the other hand, this shoe does have some down side as any products. Firsly, the snug fit could be a big problem since it felt over snug for the toes after runs for a long time. It’s also really narrow inside the toe and could be a bit lack of cushion for a longer run.


  • Really light for the cushion
  • Above normal traction
  • Breathable
  • Very responsive
  • Solid footing


  • Pretty tight inside for toes.
  • It can wear down quite fast

Rate: 8.6/10

Besides something still need to be improved, the Under Armour Speedform Gemini 3 is still one of the best cushioned running shoes on the market right now. This is an all-around shoe that could fit to any runners, even you are beginners or professional.

8. Brooks Launch 4 – The most comfortable one

Brooks Launch 4 is considered as one of top 10 best-cushioned running shoes, partly because of its interesting backstory. Being introduced in 2009, this brand achieved an immediate success. However, the manufacturer gave up on it in the next year. At that time, the demand from customers was huge. Thus, on second thought, Brooks continued with this product by starting Launch 2 in 2003.

Compared to its previous products, Brooks Launch 4 is equipped with some significant updates. Especially, the manufacturer removed fused overlays that are found over the forefoot to create a wide upper fit. This shoe is designed with stitched toe-bumper that allows more height and space for your toes. No matter how big or small your toes are, you can easily keep them inside the shoes without discomforts.

On the other hand, among cushioned running shoes on the market, it is regarded as firm, regarding ride quality. Firm foam is used, and softness comes from rubber forefoot that is insole and blown. To be specific, the areas that the producer concentrated on cushioning are upper and bottom. Meanwhile, you will find the midsection quite firm.

Brooks Launch 4

The Launch 3 appeared after three years, and the Launch 4 was experienced the same period before its debut. With this product, your heels are very secure. You can see the existence of both molded internal counter and foam. Thus, the shoes’ heel will support our feet comfortably. Besides, the plush sensation will be released thanks to the soft hand-feel in its mesh lining.

Being one of the good cushioned running shoes, Brooks Launch 4 has a lot of applications, especially on running. As it is very firm, it is a great choice for those who participate in medium-paced training runs. Furthermore, its ample midsole stack can provide great support when you face marathon. More importantly, you can afford the Launch 4 with a quite reasonable price - $100. It is firm evidence that not every high-quality material comes with the high price.


  • It supports the arch very well.
  • This shoe is smooth and versatile for many kinds of running.
  • Starting with a reasonable price
  • The heel will be secure with its design and material
  • Its responsiveness is highly appreciated
  • This shoe is versatile for different types of running, including marathon
  • It is about-one-ounce lighter than its earlier model


  • It does not provide optional widths, which makes it unfit for some people
  • Flat ride is not responsive
  • There can be improvements in midfoot transitions

Rating 8.6/10

In general, Brooks Launch 4 underwent significant changes that I think are important to gain people’s interests one more time. Moreover, it seems to be for everyone because of its quite cheap cost.

9. Asics Gel Nimbus 19 – Best for neutral runners

In spite of its variety of products, we can sort them out easily and tell some of the typical examples. For example, the Nimbus is specifically designed for neutral runners, while support runners often go for the Kayano. The Nimbus can be considered as one of the leading products for this brand for years. And it usually appears among top cushioned running shoes.

As a matter of fact, Asics has to make a lot of changes and upgrades to make their product more competitive on the market. That’s why we can benefit from the best-cushioned running shoes in the world. The first outstanding feature of Asics Gel Nimbus 19 is its appearance. The combination of both neon green and navy blue is attractive to every eye, which is a great advantage for gaining customers’ interests.

The application of Asics’ Flytefoam – the new cushioning system – is for the midsole and it somehow works. However, even though you may feel the shoes are lighter than other competitors, the truth is that the weight does not decline much. Thus, regarding this feature, Asics does not succeed in surpassing its competitors, such as Nike or Brooks.

Asics Gel Nimbus 19

On the other hand, the manufacturer has started making changes in the shoe’s upper to make it completely seamless. With knit fabric, you will find the upper more breathable and also much softer. The shoes are still kept tight, but not constricting. Also, the breathability of the tongue is better, reducing the risk of infections.

Nevertheless, the flip side of this feature is that water can go inside the upper in large quantity on rainy days. Ironically, this circumstance raises the possibility of bacteria and virus in your feet, causing inflammation. Besides, the fit is another problem of the upper which is normally considered as the worst. The length may be perfect, but you may be disappointed about its actual fit.

The midfoot’s tightness does not satisfy the need of customers. Even worse, you may find the toe box too tight to keep your whole foot inside. Last but not least, the durability of this Asics’ shoe remains a controversial issue, especially on forums. But most people agree that it is not as good as other products’ durability. With all of this great features, Asics Gel Nimbus 19 was proudly announced as one of the best cushioning running shoes.


  • It offers you a comfortable ride
  • This shoe’s cushioning received a lot of support from heavier runners
  • Much lighter, even compared to its previous models
  • The manufacturer also provides a lot of different colors to meet your specific needs
  • The shoe is equipped with FlyteFoam midsole technology that guarantees responsiveness and protection


  • Some are unhappy about tight toe box in this new model
  • Its latest iteration is reviewed as narrow and small
  • The durability of its outsole is rated as extremely disappointing

Rating 8.4/10

Asics Gel Nimbus 19 is a great gift for trainers; however, it is not excellent for speed work in the long run.

10. Mizuno Wave Enigma 6 – The most lightweight product

Most of us are already very familiar with Mizuno – one of the leading brands in the shoe’s industry. And it also takes part in the race for the best cushioned running shoes by introducing some models. Among all of them, Mizuno Wave Enigma 6 has been widely considered as one of the most cushioning. And undeniably, lots of people love this shoe, which brings it into this list.

You may find many features that are available in previous models, including smooth ride or soft flex. The no-seam interior is equipped with the purpose of preventing against irritation. This is a common problem you might experience from stitching. There have not many people complaining about the shoe’s interior; however, there is an increasing concern about toe pinching.

Mizuno Wave Enigma 6

In fact, this model should be used when you participate in slow and long runs. But its application is not limited to those only. Thanks to its improved responsiveness, you can also make use of the shoe for post-run striders or tempo runs. The Mizuno Wave Enigma 6 can be assessed as a neutral trainer which is highly cushioned and designed for the high mileage. As a matter of fact, this new version carries a lot of features learnt from its iterations with some minor updates.

Neutral runners will benefit most from the Mizuno Wave Enigma 6 model. Also, slight overpronators can find it effective and useful. For them, motion control is sufficiently provided thanks to the heel’s system of absorbing Formotion shock. However, the shoe was given minor adjustments. In details, Mizuno updated its upper with the new material with the semi-stretch feature, keeping you locked in it comfortably.

Besides, the newly structured board named Strobel helps you much in improving your underfoot feel toward the shoe. You may like its specific ability which can lock your heel securely. However, the shoe may feel stiff underfoot as well as be not cushioned as previously described after being wore for some running sessions.


  • One of the best shoes with cushioning arch
  • Support the appropriate running posture and have positive effects on our muscles
  • Minimum risk of infections and smells in your feet
  • Prevent irritation caused by stitching effectively
  • It is quite easy to control moisture and improve breathability with this model


  • You may not like its design as some other customers did
  • There have been some negative comments on its durability, such as tearing after more or less than 50 miles
  • Only available in one standard width

Rating 8.2/10

Overall, the Mizuno Wave Enigma 6 is considered as the best-cushioned running shoes from Mizuno– a well-known brand all over the world. In spite of some flaws, it is a great choice for most runners with the brilliant cushioning arch.

11. Pearl Izumi Road N2 v3

This new version of Pearl still uses energy return foam as in previous version that offers an incredibly smooth and fluid transition. Especially, Energy Foam in the N2v3 is softer. This improved the ride of the shoes by creating better underfoot cushioning. Additionally, this version uses the rigid heel counter with more padding in the collar and heel, which provides better lockdown and greater comfort. If you are seeking a cushioned shoe that is durable, lightweight and good for high mileage training, Pearl Izumi Road N2 v3 is a great option

ProsThe outsole offers an extremely smooth transition, the upper is better fit and breathable, reasonable price

12. Nike Pegasus 32

When it comes to cushioning, Nike Pegasus 32 is really one of the reliable cushioned shoes that will give you a smooth ride. And in fact, this shoe has received good feedbacks from users because of the great comfort and cushioning it provided. The full-length midsole foam found in the midsole of this shoe offers better cushioning and more resilient that gives you greater shock absorption during impact. You also find a crash pad on the bottom of the heel, this help correct over-pronation and reduce shock during impact as well. Besides, Waffle Outsole design in the outsole and the Strobel Last in the upper added the cushioning.

ProsThe responsive cushioning makes a strong impression. The mesh upper for good ventilation. The Flywire technology for a more comfortable and secure fit. An internal heel counter holds the foot stable

ProsThe size is smaller than usual. The price is a bit expensive

13. Skechers GoRun Strada

The Skechers GOrun Strada offers the best technologies and services from Skechers Performance. The mid-sole features great cushioning systems that provide the best feeling for your feet. Additionally, the Skechers GOimpulse Sensors found in the outsole gives you a more responsive running experience. And with the high-density rubber outsole, it will be more cushioned and abrasion-resistant. The stability features are added in this shoe allows the foot to have a more natural position when running. This neutral running shoe also supports mild over-pronating feet well.

ProsThe upper unit is comfortable and breathable. The stability is much appreciated. The colorful designs is attractive. The mid-sole unit is responsive and effective.

ProsIts size is bigger than usual. Expensive price

14. Brooks Ghost 8

Brooks Ghost 8 running shoes

This running shoe promises to offer big benefits to many types of runners, especially neutral runners will get the right amount of cushioning and support they need. The Caterpillar Crash Pad in the midsole offers cushioning and stability for a smooth heel-to-toe transition. Additionally, the BioMoGo is used to add more cushioning. In the outsole, HPR Plus material- a high abrasion-resistant rubber helps prevent you from slipping as well as provide durability, flexibility and responsiveness. Moreover, Brooks Ghost 8 also features a Profile Sockliner to offer not just support, but also cushioning. This shoe will provide enough support for neutral pronation.

ProsThis shoe has plenty of cushioning. The Full-Length Segmented Crash Pad enhances smooth transition. The Omega Flex Grooves provides flexibility without losing cushioning. The mesh upper keeps foot dry and cool

ProsThe price is not cheap

15. Brooks Glycerin 14

Brooks Glycerin 14

Brooks Glycerin 14 is well known as the great combination of comfort, cushioning and support. The Super DNA material used in the midsole offers more cushioning than normal Brooks’ midsole material. It also has a Caterpillar Crash Pad, which provides personalized stability and cushioning. The Cush Pod Configuration found in both midsole and outsole gives a balanced and efficient transition from heel to toes. Besides, the outsole has Omni Grooves and Omega Flex Grooves that enhance the flexibility and cushioning at the same time. Furthermore, the Profile Sockliner and the Strobel Last in the upper also provide support and cushioning.

ProsThe Element Mesh ensures breathability inside of the shoes. Provide stability and arch support for neutral pronation. Great cushioning technologies for optimum comfort and support. Durable protection, traction and a bit of flexibility are provided by technologies in the outsole. The color and design choices are ample.

ProsBigger than usual size, heavy and expensive price

16. Saucony Ride 8

Saucony Ride 9 running shoes

The Saucony Ride is designed for long mileage and daily training due to the comfort provided by its great cushioning system. With this shoe, runners will have a chance to use the well cushioned midsole with greater shock absorption. Besides, the SSL EVA (SuperLight EVA) used to make midsole also provides comfort, lightness, durability, and rebound. In addition, the iBR+ found in the forefoot of outsole is lightweight and flexible material offering a responsive ride and great cushioning. There are more features contributing to great cushioning of this shoe. In fact, with great cushioning and support, it is also a wonderful option for moderate pronators.

ProsFlexFilm upper offers adequate fit. Has a more attractive design. The improved traction, protection against abrasion and high durability

Pros: Should be more cushioning in the forefoot area. Open Mesh upper doesn’t provide breathability as advertised

17. Hoka One One Clifton 2

This lightweight cushioned shoe is the combination of cushioning and balance to improve the fluidity and efficiency of your ride. The comfortable feel and secure fit of the shoes will support and protect you during high mileage runs. The midsole of this shoe is built with the HIP CMEVA and the Early State Meta- Rocker Geometry, which provide the improved cushioning and stability to promote the runners’ performance. This is also designed with durability outsole and breathable upper. With great cushioning and support, it is a good choice for runners with average to high arches. Read full review

ProsThe lightweight no-sew construction is a good feature. Featured with a new padded tongue for additional comfort. Available in many color schemes. Better heel to toe transition & Lightweight

Pros: Bulky look. The forefoot area is a little narrow

18. Nike Lunar Tempo

This lightweight neutral trainer promises to provide runners with a comfortably cushioned ride. It is considered as one of the best cushioned shoes on the market. The midsole uses the Lunarlon technology that offers whole cushioning properties to help runners have smooth and fast heel to toe transitions. The performance and quality of its outsole is far better than previous versions. It also has the removable Ortholite Sockline and offers additional comfort. Nike Lunar Tempo is designed to cater people with medium to high arches or only in need of a little support by its great cushioning and optimum comfort.

ProsA very lightweight model. A single-layer engineered mesh for cool and dry foot. Gives the plush underfoot support. Rubber outsole offers traction and protection from wear and abrasion. Cheap price

Pros: Some reviewed that it is a bit too stiff. The size is smaller than normal

19. Adidas Supernova Glide 7

If you are seeking a highly cushioned smooth ride for your daily mileage, Adidas Supernova Glide 7 is ideal for you. This cushioned shoe is designed for daily trainers with a great deal of cushioning. The softer Boost EVA provides a large amount of cushioning to this shoe. It also helps runners have a better transition from heel to toes. Besides, Continental tire rubber used in the outsole indeed offers great traction on different surfaces, even on wet pavement. The upper is also well constructed with flexible mesh toe box to suit various types of foot. In short, this high quality shoe will help you have wonderful experience on your high mileage running. Now there is the updated version of this shoe. You can refer to Adidas Supernova Glide 8 for more improvement.

ProsGreat cushioning for maximum comfort and support as well as smooth transition. Plenty of room in the toe box. Outsole and upper are both durable. Lightweight but still cushioned

20. New Balance 880v5

New Balance 880v5 is the last on the list of the best cushioned shoes. Aside from the comfort and durability, this shoe, indeed, offers great cushioning. The cushioning comes from ACTEVA LITE used in the midsole, which is lightweight but still provides large amount of cushioning. Besides, a blown rubber outsole and the Traditional Sockliner in the upper also enhance the cushioning and responsiveness of the 880v5. Despites great cushioning, this shoe still has enough stability thanks to the Stability Web technology in the midfoot. That’s why it is often chosen for people with medium to high arches or under pronation. This is designed with a lot of technologies and features to offer a much better running experience.

ProsHas new look and design. It is well constructed. Materials used in the outsole for better traction and durability on important areas. The cushioning is improved compares to previous version

ProsSome complained about the poor fit. The original price is a bit high. The weight is rather heavy for some runners

Choose the right cushioned running shoes

When choosing the cushioned shoes for your feet, you also have to keep in mind some important tips to choose the right shoes that can support you in an effective way.

  • Firstly, you have to determine when you run, which part of your foot will hit the ground first. You can take a test at any shoe stores to determine exactly. This will decide what type of cushioned shoes can provide you the best support.
  • Secondly, you should pay attention to the materials used to make cushioned shoes. The famous brands often use high quality materials to make their products, but aside from these, there are also some poor quality ones on the market which not only won’t provide you with expected support, but sometime also even harm your foot.
  • The last is to choose the shoes with perfect fit for your feet. This will help you always feel comfortable in your daily activities and running without slipping or blisters. You should be careful when buying online. It is better if you can try it at shoe stores before making decision to order. You have to know that sizes and fit tend to differ among different brands.



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