Best Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

If you think that comfortable shoes cannot be stylish, you may need to reconsider. There is a broad selection of Best Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, which is fashionable yet comfortable. Our below collection features the fun patents, cushioned heels, shock-absorbing shoe soles, and luxurious leathers, so you will not need to sacrifice the comfort.

How to choose the best dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

In the case that you are going to a job interview or evening out, you need to find the most suitable dress shoe to deal with PF. As a matter of fact, wearing the wrong shoe may leave your feet feeling painful. Today there are lots of best shoes for plantar fasciitis on the market, but we will focus only on the section of dress shoes. We do hope you may find the ideal dress shoe for the gentle outfit amongst them.

  • The first factor you should pay attention is the amount of support and comfort when picking up your best dress shoes.
  • When you are struggling with PF, you should keep your feet free of pain as possible. Using a comfortable shoe which fits properly may help you much in achieving this. There are specially-designed dress shoes which can control the symptoms and pain experienced by that suffering from this disease. Then, you may find that all symptoms are eliminated entirely over time.
  • Both women and men can benefit from selecting shoes which own the soft materials, lighter soles, footbeds, and improved traction. Because, those shoes can align and support the foot best. By absorbing all walking impact, best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis can reduce any stress felt right in your feet and lessen the swelling and pain caused by such condition.

5 best plantar fasciitis dress shoes for women

1. Vionic Lydia Women’s Demi-Wedge shoe

This dress shoe indeed looks feminine and professional. Also, they are extremely efficient at assisting ease the plantar fasciitis symptoms. Its uppers made of leather add sophistication and luxury, and you will appreciate the shoe comfort with the demi-wedge design. In fact, such wedges are the comfortable and classy choice in the dress shoe type which would suit different kinds of wearers with PF. It may reduce your foot pain as well as assist you to have a better foot alignment and posture when walking.

Besides, the shoe soles are flexible to provide enough traction for you to prevent the risk of slipping. You may comfortably walk in the Vionic Lydia Women’s Demi-Wedge shoe for all day as its toe with the ballet pump style can keep it stable on the feet.


  • Your feet are well supported without the separate heel.
  • The high shoe back supports the heel.
  • The orthotic bed of the shoe ensures that the feet are indeed kept aligned.


  • It is not true to size, somewhat wide.
  • The arch support does not perform well.

Naot Womens Luma Dress Pump

The practical, yet attractive dress shoes can be an excellent good choice for those who suffer from PF. This shoe features the low heel that brings you the form and femininity of the standard pump while eliminating pain if possible. Its rubber sole may absorb impact gently on the feet. For flexibility and strength, The Naot Women’s Luma Dress Pump features the handmade construction, not other bonding techniques or glues.

Thanks to the metal heel, it is designed for people having PF, its heel features the metal shank to provide the sufficient support. There is the supporting strap right at the shoe front to keep it fit your foot snugly. This way helps you to avoid your subsequent pain and repetitive movement which are particular plantar fasciitis characteristics.


  • The shoe uppers material made of leather is durable.
  • Its heel provides sufficient support for your feet.
  • There is no need for break-in, and it seems well made.


  • Sometimes it does not fit well.
  • The color is not as described.

3. Vionic Sophia Buckle Flat Shoe by Orthaheel

Vionic Sophia Buckle Flat Shoe by Orthaheel features the super slight heel. In the case that you want to find one of flat dress shoes for plantar fasciitis that, it can be an excellent option. The shoe upper is made from the synthetic linings and leather. The flexible sole prevents you from slipping while being comfortable and lightweight to use for a long time.

The shoe sole has the particular orthotic design which is contoured and supportive of keeping the feet aligned. So, your hips and lower legs do not feel any strain resulting from PF. What’s more? The strap across its top keeps it securely on the feet. By this way, it adds support and comfort to your heel back.


  • The shoe soles are flexible with the patterned tread.
  • The supportive back of the shoe keeps it snugly fit.
  • It can fit well with people having the small toes with the fixed buckle.


  • Its outer layer can peel off and crack quickly.
  • Its buckle slices into my foot top severely.

Earthies Women's New Biscuit Bindi

If you are finding a feminine shoe which you can use for daily or even formal occasions, Earthies Women's New Biscuit Bindi shoe may fit your demand. The patterned upper of the shoe not only allows the feet to be cool while walking all day but also gives it a fantastic design. The particular design of its high back ensures that your feet stay comfortably until taking it off.

Its footbeds and increased traction offer you comfort and support. Mainly, its cupped heel is located firmly in its footbed to keep the heel steady while you walk. Also, its raised arch may support your foot mid-section and maintain the shoe aligned. With this structure, it may reduce your pains experiencing from plantar fasciitis.


  • The durable yet lightweight rubber soles help you to prevent slips.
  • You can move your feet into the shoe quickly and easily.
  • Its’ hidden wedge of 1 inch is super supportive in its heel area without hurting the feet.


  • The shoe is not durable with the cutout design flaked off.
  • Its quality control may disappoint you.

5. Rockport Cobb Hill Women's Emma-Ch Ballet Flat Shoe

Rockport Cobb Hill Women's Emma-Ch Ballet Flat

The Cobb Hill Womens Revchi Dress Shoe is ideal for your professional working environment. It has the feminine and attractive design which not only provides you the fabulous comfort but also looks fantastic. There is the velvet lining which helps you to promote the ventilation and reduce rubbing while wearing this shoe.

Its TPE bed provides reasonable support for the feet and its memory foam inserts let the feet cushioned and comfortable. For the added traction, its shoe sole is made from the durable EVA along with the rubber pads to offer stability. Furthermore, you will experience the lessened plantar fasciitis when wearing it.


  • Its leather upper give you the luxurious feel as well as make it durable.
  • You may like its burgundy color along with a swirly button right on top.
  • You may wear such beautiful shoe for a smart but casual look.


  • Wearing this shoe sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • It is not true to size, too tight.

5 best plantar fasciitis dress shoes for men

1. Orthofeet Avery Island Comfort Orthopedic Diabetic Shoe

Orthofeet Avery Island Comfort Orthopedic Diabetic

The shoe is smart casual for you to pick up in order to deal with plantar fasciitis. As a matter of fact, it can help reduce the symptoms of your foot pain and realign them. The two spacers are removable, so you may adjust the best fit for your feet. It is ideal if the feet swell as the impact of foot problems like PF.

Its soft upper makes sure that you may have the comfortable fit without pressure points located on it. Besides, the cushioned and lightweight sole lets you comfortably walk in the shoes for all day long. It adds the foam padding to reduce the rubbing and pressure which you may experience against your skin.


  • This shoe fits comfortably while looking good as well.
  • Its’ softer materials assist your feet in avoiding blisters and rubbing.
  • It has the seam free and soft interior.


  • It is entirely not durable with one thin rubber layer on its sole.
  • The shoe is not true to size.

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men's Joseph Plain Toe Tie

The Vionic Mens Joseph Dress Shoe can be an excellent choice for all men who have the symptoms of PF. Its durable leather upper gives the shoe a fantastic look. When seeing it for the first time, you might not think it is specially designed in order to keep the feet aligned as well as reduce their pain.

Its’ shoe midsole actually absorbs all impact which the feet make toward the floor. Meanwhile, the outsole is made of durable rubber to provide you the reliable traction. Its insides have the protective shoe upper lining which is padded entirely for comfort. You will no longer experience pains due to rubbing, and you may get the snug fit. So, PF will have less developing chance as the shoe is held closely to its heels to prevent the repetitive heel motion.


  • The insole and heel are built with the primary purpose to provide comfort for your feet.
  • The flexible midsole reduces the stress on the feet.
  • Its outsole design can help you to prevent slipping.


  • It is a very narrow shoe, and it is hard to get the toes into its top.
  • The poor design of the shoe leaves some dead space right at its front.

3. Vionic Eric - Men's Dress Loafer

Vionic Mens Eric Loafer

The slip style of the Vionic Eric - Men's Dress Loafer can help you much if you currently have difficulty in lacing up the shoe or in the case that you require the convenience. Also, the Orthaheel design is supportive enough to make sure that the heel is supported firmly. So, it will prevent and reduce any syndromes of plantar fasciitis.

Its lining can ensure the reduced rubbing and comfortable fit. Coupled with its slip-on design, it is an excellent shoe for men, which give the professional and smart appearance. Furthermore, it can absorb all impacts from walking as well as reduce all stresses which your feet may feel when wearing it all day.


  • The feet can be kept in the perfect alignment.
  • You may comfortably wear it all day because they have the padded shoe upper lining.
  • The shoe is also lightweight with the outer sole made of rubber and EVA midsole.


  • The actual design and quality are not as described.
  • It seems not to be durable.

4. OluKai Moloa Kohana Men's Shoe

OluKai Moloa Kohana Shoe - Men's

The OluKai Moloa Kohana Men's Shoe belongs to the slip-on type which was designed to reduce all symptoms of the foot problems such as PF. This shoe is cleverly versatile and ideal for using in a variety of settings. So, it is considered one of the most favorite dress shoes for men with plantar fasciitis nowadays on this market segment.

With the heel fold down, the dress shoe is converted to slip-on type with the low back style. The uppers made of grain leather are waterproof and may keep the feet dry if you unexpectedly get caught right in the rainstorm on your way to the destination. Also, its rubber outsole is durable and flexible to be ready for different types of weather conditions.


  • The shoe fits as the regular shoe not only for work but also for casual activities in the warm weather.
  • Its sole owns traction pads made of rubber, which does not mark surfaces to prevent slipping.
  • It makes me feel comfortable like wearing a slipper.


  • This shoe runs a half size more than the average one.
  • The materials and constructions are not as good as described.

5. Spenco Siesta Men's Leather Shoe

The Spenco Siesta Oiled Leather Shoe is also a casual loafer which is prefect for all men having plantar fasciitis. With the comfortable upper made of fabric, you will no longer worry about the pains or sores. It has the suede sole made of the full oiled leather and the waterproof upper to provide a cushioned and soft lining.

Also, its cupped heel and heel lift makes sure that the heel is steady when you are using the shoe. This way helps to keep your pain experienced from PF at the lowest level. The molded EVA bed for the foot is contoured so your feet can be perfectly aligned. Last but not least, you may prefer its excellent design to fit with different settings.


  • Its foot sole and bed are specially designed to improve any foot pain condition may arise.
  • Its lining can be antimicrobial to deal with bad odors as well as keep the shoe fresh for longer.
  • The shoe is lightweight.


  • Sometimes you have a small problem with the neuromas on the feet while wearing the shoe.
  • It is not true to size, somewhat wide.
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