Best Hoka One One running shoes Reviewed & Rated – 2018

Over the past years, Hoka has been making constant efforts to dominate the running market by creating its unique designs of shoes.

The top priority in the designs made by the Hoka One One company is the comfort and safety of customers. So, when you test or try Hoka One One shoes, you will come to a conclusion that they definitely make you comfortable and decide to get them immediately. The Hoka One One running shoes are featured by very lightweight padding and the metal rocker.

 There are a lot of choices provided by Hoka but obviously, Hoka always wants to offer its customers the best. So you can consult with our following research and it will make it easy for you to make an appropriate decision. Hope you enjoy!

1. Hoka One One Arahi 2 - lightest hoka stability shoe

Hoka One One Arahi 2 mens

Every small detail is paid attention to in Hoka One One designs and a typical example is the Arahi 2. Featured by the rocking chair or meta rocker technology, this shoe helps direct your footfalls as running and ensure the proper gait in a suitable way distributing the stress evenly. In spite of being sturdy, this shoe is quite lightweight and a perfect choice for those who require stabilization of the metatarsals like arthritis.   


  • Noticeable counter to overpronated foot movement
  • Light and responsive in spite of high stack height
  • Comfortable ride
  • Reworked upper more breathable


  • The previous version is slightly heavier
  •  Narrow mid-foot fit.
  •  Roomy heel

2. Hoka One One Bondi 5 - most cushioned hoka shoe

Hoka One One Bondi 5

Referring to one of the most cushioned running shoes produced by Hoka, it has to be the Bondi 5. No matter how long you intend to run, you certainly feel comfortable and stable as wearing the Bondi 5. It can be said that this shoe is created for recovery runs and long runs as well.

With many choices available in large size and good arch support, the flagship shoe of Hoka remains its top product in terms of support, comfort, and cushioning.  


  • smooth ride
  • stability
  • soft cushioning


  • depending on how to lace, you may feel the tongue a little rigid.
  • signs of tear and wear on upper

3. Hoka One One Challenger 4 ATR - incredible technology-based shoes

With the aim of producing the running shoe used on every kind of terrain, Hoka One One has launched the Challenger 4 which is a combination of comfort, responsive cushioning, and good traction. Although this shoe has a wide base, it is surprisingly light and able to provide cushioning as well.

The outsized EVA midsole makes contribution to being speedy ride, responsive, and lightweight regardless of the large cushioning. Besides, this shoe also uses Early Stage Meta-Rocker technology which helps make favorable condition for the movement from heel to toe and dealing with problems caused by lost flexibility.  


  • Dirt repellent mesh makes the upper breathable 
  • Sufficient cushioning
  • Roomy toe box


  • Minimal padding on the upper.
  • Narrow midsole

4. Hoka One One Hupana - best casual hoka shoe

At the beginning of the year 2017, Hoka One One have launched a new model- the Hupana is considered a casual running shoe you can use every day. In other words, you can wear it the whole day instead of only when you run.

Packing a powerful running punch, the good – looking Hupana shoe has a springy and cushioned ride because it is made of RMAT. The upper of this shoe is both breathable and durable. However, some customers may feel slightly narrow.


  • Styling
  • Responsive
  • Smooth Ride


  •  Narrow Fit

5. Hoka One One Cavu - best race day option

If you are looking for a pair of shoe for your race day, then the Hoka One One Cavu in the Profly line will satisfy your requirements. This type of shoe can be used for daily training runs as well as races. Made of the RMAT cushioning – a kind soft material, the Hoka One One Cavu has a soft mesh upper and is astonishingly durable.  

In addition, this line of shoe is seen as a promising shoe in the future produced by the Hoka One One.


  • Bring about runners a snappy and cushioned feel thanks to Profly cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile shoe can be used for long races and training


  • Shorter laces
  • Metal eyelet
  •  Profly cushioning can make it difficult for heel – strikers

6. Hoka One One Speedgoat - great traction shoes

Featured by a combination of a locked down fit and great traction, the Hoka One One Speedgoat 2 is an excellently well – cushioned trail running shoe. You can wear this shoe on both rocky and technical surface.

 The Speedgoat 2 has all hallmark features and it is truly a trail running shoe that can do every thing.


  • 5mm lugs and Vibram MegaGrip help create the great traction without getting in the way
  • You will have nice locked down feel as moving on technical terrain
  • For a 9.5 - ounce shoe, the rate between weight and cushioning is incredible
  • Very plush midsole


  • Users may sometimes feel claustrophobic because of overall low volume in the toe box.
  •  The toe box seemingly reamins very narrow

7. Hoka One One Clayton 2 - super lightweight shoes

Another lightweight shoe option for runners by Hoka One One is the Clayton 2. This shoe receives a microbre reinforced support at the mid-foot. In addition to being ultra-light and ultra-bright, this running shoe also uses a PRO2Lite midsole, the early stage Meta-Rocker, as well as the forefoot matrix tech which helps flexibility and cushioning. Moreover, the outsole is able to hold on to the road and rebound regardless of the shine or rain. It can be said that the Clayton 2 is actually a great racing shoe. 


  • Flashy design
  • Suitable for every running speed
  • Work well on every terrain
  • The sole provides good support
  • Almost no break-in mileage required


  • Durability does not reach the exceptional level as expected
  •  Irritation on the arch

8. Hoka One One Tracer 2 - best training shoes

Not only is it fast, responsive, and lightweight, the Hoka One One Tracer 2 is considered the best training shoe. However, if you want to use it for marathon purpose, this type of shoe also can work well for such long workouts.

Despite costing more than other shoes in the same category, this shoe is truly a perfect one thanks to the combination of excellent lightness and cushioning.   


  • Designed to support runners in move forward quickly
  • Flexible enough for both short distance and marathon distance 
  • Lightweight yet firm


  •  Quite expensive

9. Hoka One One Speed Instinct - best neutral trail racer

Designed with a wider toe box, the HOKA ONE ONE Speed Instinct is a product for those who want a lightweight neutral trail racer shoe. It is a racing flat feel and ample soft cushioning that make it a must-try shoe for any trail runner.

Furthermore, the HOKA ONE ONE Speed Instinct is a good choice for runners who want to run quicker and are suffering from some forefront problems and metatarsalgia. Besides, in terms of cushioning, the Speed Instinct is much more than most other trail or road shoes with the same weight.   


  • Low lugged carbon rubber outsole makes it easy for movements on every terrain
  • The combination between HOKA ONE ONE and a wide toe box is really awesome
  • The cushioning to weight ratio is incredible


  • A low profile outsole only works best on dry and non-technical terrain
  •  Some runners may meet a few problems with a wide but shallow toe box

All you need to know about Hoka One One running shoes

With the aim of making a unique performance in mind and maximum comfort, Hoka One One running shoes which are featured by stability and great rebound properties truly make the runners feel light on their feet. According to feedbacks, these maximalist shoes is a good option for daily running in particular as well as other casual activities in general. Although its rating is possibly not as high as other established ones, the brand really has exerted a positive impact on the running revolution. With the meaning of “time to fly”, Hoka One One really makes runners feel energized on the trail and road.

 The maximalist revolution was encouraged with the presence of Hoka One One, according to reviews from 100,000 sports enthusiasts and runners. It is their dedication and progress in producing top – class cushioned platforms that helps enhance their prestige among runners. Let’s explore Hoka One One and see how it has an influence on runners’ lives.
# Cutting-edge technologies make Hoka One One stand out!

Hoka One One is supposed to be the top brand among the running shoes manufacturers in terms of maximalist shoes. As a brand which is quite new to the running community, Hoka One One pays all its attention to the maximalist niche to impress athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and runners.

 In fact, there are many runners who are still suspicious of the best Hoka One One shoes, but there are a few who are persuaded by their great benefits. Some famous brand such as Outside Magazine, Competitor, Runner’s World and other sports groups are gradually discovering what the maximalist shoes can do for runners. As a matter of fact, the best Hoka One One shoes have been famous for their cutting-edge technologies and awarded numerous recognitions and prizes.
# Cushioned Midsole

Hoka One One has been developing premium cushioning over the past years. This brand always makes effort to find out lighter and more durable and responsive cushion that can protect your feet but still ensure good performance. This helps Hoka supply the company’s categories with lighter and faster shoes.

# Meta-Rocker Geometry

Engine midsole volume is twice as much as the volume of the standard running shoes. These shoes are designed with a specific performance with lightweight cushioning material. 

  • Designed to strengthen running efficiency
  • A smooth roll from impact to toe-off
  •  Support for natural running gait.
# Active root frame:

With a ‘bucket seat’ midsole, runners are provided with a comfortable choice of traditional extra post support, adaptability to a variety of running and feet styles, and integrated stability within the shoe.

# J-Frame

It is beneficial for deliver stability, guides foot without unforgiving or rigid materials, and being designed to handle with over – pronation while upholding a lightweight and cushioned ride.

# Intelligent Cushioning

It offers a comfortable and fast ride, firmer cushioning for (forefoot) propulsion, and softer cushioning for (heel) protection.

Why will you love Hoka One One Running Shoes?

  • Weatherproof. If you are looking for a pair of shoe to run in the bad weather, then the best waterproof Hoka One One trail shoes will be a great option. Remember to check the Gore-Tex technology when choosing the trail shoes. In addition, the brand is equipped with the Water Drainage System, which helps the midsole easily discard water. Due to the high- tech features, weatherproof shoes is supposedly heavier and more expensive than its standard ones.  
  • Weight. The weight of the best Hoka One One trail shoes possibly changes a lot. In general, most neutral trailer shoes, even the minimalist ones are naturally lighter than the Hoka One One shoes. Nevertheless, if you prefer speed workouts or adventure racing, then you can select a lightweight platform which are made with lesser materials or cushioning, helping you perform fast and well on the trail.  
  • Outsole. Both your protection and your running performance are determined by the sole your trail shoe. Therefore, you should choose the shoes with thicker and more aggressive lugs if you intend to conquer rougher trails. This may make the platform a bit heavier but more secure. Hoka One One has a number of outsole technologies like the RMAT outsole.
  • Lightweight And Comfortable. The weight of most models are lower than 11 ounces. Instead of riding high on the platform, the foot goes down inside. Most feedbacks have shown that they still feel comfortable in Hoka after a long run instead of as being beaten up in the old running shoes.  
  • Encourages Good Form. The runners are encouraged to slightly strike the ground by the drop in front of the belly button in which ideal running stride can be obtained. 
  • Rehabilitation Shoe. Generally, we have a lot of customers with previous knee problems. So, if they want to start exercising again, then the number one suggestion is the Hoka One One shoes which help stabilize past injuries.

How many categories does Hoka One One running shoes have?

In order to meet various requirements of users, Hoka has produced different categories with various styles.

Neutral Running Shoes

The Hoka One One Neutral Running Shoes line focuses on moderate to maximum cushioning and employ a rockered platform in order to help you go forward. With their low heel- toe offsets and stable platform, these shoes are considered god for feet with mild overpronation, supination and neutral pronation as well. The most common models include HOKA ONE ONE Vanquish 3, HOKA ONE ONE Hupana 2, HOKA ONE ONE Mach, HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 4, and HOKA Bondi 5.

Support Running Shoes

In general, all HOKA ONE ONE Road Shoes make you feel stable; however, the Support shoe choices are considered the best for those with problematic feet thanks to some built- in extra stability. Not only do these provide cushioning at moderate to maximum level, but they also have a rocker design helping you go forward. The most well- known shoes are HOKA ONE ONE Arahi and HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 2.

Stability running shoes

Stability trailers are featured by more cushioning in midsole than neutral shoes, which make it easy for a stable ride as well as bring about plush underfoot comfort. The stability running shoes is not good choice if you want to do speed works or racing because thicker cushioning units result in heavier platform.

It is good news for runners or overpronators who are suffering from low arches that the design of stability shoes can help decelerate or control pronation. If they would like to enjoy an efficient cycling gait without being interrupted by inward rolling foot motions, then the best Hoka One One stability shoes can help them do it easily because they have medial support to enhance running performance.

 If you are really interested in the stability running shoes line you definitely cannot miss these shoes such as Hoka One One Infinite, Hoka One One Gaviota, and Hoka One One Constant 2.

Greatest Hoka One One trail running shoes

Running shoes are classified as two types, ones used for the track and ones for trail. Trail shoes is definitely your ideal selection in case you are daring and the off-roads may sound more interesting to you than the pavement. Light trails, mountain ranges, and the off-roads are strongly supported with the greatest Hoka One One trail shoes. These shoes offer you an aggressive sole pattern, more cushioning midsole, and a sturdier construction in the upper.

Waterproof is such an outstanding feature of some Hoka One One trail shoes that performs greatly against some factors such as rain, mud, and snow. Besides, these shoes are manufactured with upper parts with debris and weather resistance. It is suggested for people live in unpredictable weather areas to purchase weather-proof trail shoes.

What makes Hoka One One trail shoes more superior than others?

Weatherproof. You will find the best Hoka One One trail shoes incredible for bad-weather runs thanks to its weather-resistance. The Gore-Tex technology is what you should seek for when purchasing trail shoes. Its Water Drainage System assists the midsole shed water straightforwardly. However, its high-tech features cause weather-resistant shoes more hefty and expensive than its standard item.

Weight. There is such a variety of weight of the best Hoka One One trail shoes that are ranked from the naturally more hefty than neutral trainer to the minimalist ones. There are many options for you. For instance, if speed workouts and adventure are your prioritization, you can choose a light platform. A light platform is such a result of lesser substances and cushioning that brings you fast and well trail running.

 Outsole. The sole plays an essential role in both protecting your feet and great running performing. On the occasion that you love rougher trails, you should select shoes with more aggressive and thicker lugs since it provides heavier performance yet more secure platform. Moreover, the shoes are equipped with plenty of outsole technologies including RMAT outsole.

5 Best Hoka One One Trail Running Shoes

Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP

This new feature has resulted in Hoka being taken to the next level in the right direction. A combination of construction, superior design, and superlative technology on the market are what make the Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP boot an amazing item. With the base of these three things, Hoka conducted a revolution of hybrid between a backpacking boot and running shoes.

 A Vibram MegaGrip sole with a water-resistant-breathable event membrane and five-millimeter lugs is equipped to the shoes. This sole keeps your feet dry the whole day for performance and tractive force on the trail.
Hoka One One Stinson ATR 4

The Stinson ATR 4 which is manufactured for long-day trail running is the Hoka One One Stinson’s latest version. This shoe is appropriate for not only smooth trails but also roads which gives you exceptionally smooth and soft runs. As a result, its price worthy of all the endurance and cushioning. Nonetheless, it may take your time to get used to its weight. I prefer wearing this shoe for both smooth trails and roads.

Hoka OneOne Mafate 4

The Hoka One One Mafete 4 is such a maximal trail shoe that runners demanding extra medial support are seeking for. This shoe is advanced with this feature whereas others fail to deliver.

This version also has some outstanding parts including sufficient protection and cushioning for harsh ultra-distance trail running, and an exceptional locked upper highly integrated with a wide toe box.

 With its great features, the Mafete gains many appreciations from runners demanding additional medial support.
Hoka One One Huaka

For runners who are seeking for shoes with lightweight cushioning, the Hoka One One Huaka is perfect. This item delivers an abundance of cushion in default of losing responsiveness and constancy. It performs well on the road, yet its most outstanding place is on the trail.

Hoka One One Mafate Speed

Even though the Mafete Speed of Hoka One One brand has a bulky outlook, customers still love it. It is equipped with some extraordinary parts such as the efficiently supportive and enduring mechanics, and the cushioning systems that are among the top in the industry.

 The Mafete Speed is also popular for its no-sew construction along with a debris screen which offers caring and comfortable coverage to your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In your opinion, what is the reason why Hoka One One is considered a good choice for running shoes?

A: The straight-up thing can be said that Hoka One One is really an experienced shoemaker who always makes effort for customers’ satisfaction. With the application of updated science and technology, they ensure that you can enjoy the best quality products. Besides, they are so proud and glad when a runner using their shoes wins races and inspires others to able to do the best thing. And this is a principle in their business activity from which you benefit a lot.  

Q: Do I have to break in these running shoes?

 A: Not really, however, it is not a bad idea to wear them around the house or on a short walk if you intend to prepare for a long excursion. This will help you have a good fit. It is necessary to make sure that you have enough space in the toe box for your toes to wiggle comfortably as well as make your feet secure. Therefore, your great fit will make you gradually get used to the new Hoka’s model.

Q: In general, are the Hoka One One shoes often smaller or bigger than usual?

A: It can be said that “true to size” is seen as a fairly subjective standard. In fact, there are some people saying that they have some difficulties looking for a Hoka One One running shoe which really fits them. And a lot of different reasons are also given and the main one may be that runners use the way that is different from street shoes and others’. So, remember to look at the size chart before make a final decision. In addition, you are also advised to look over the reviews to know whether they are narrow or wide, short or long. Thanks to folks, you are gonna make a wise choice of the size. You should avoid picking up your ‘usual’ shoe size because the delivered shoes sometimes may not fit you perfectly. So, spending a few minutes on charts and reviews will certainly make you satisfied with the shoes.

Q: What kind of terrain or weather can I wear my Hoka One One shoes?

A: Well, a good news is that Hoka One One shoes can be used on most of kinds of terrain in any weather. In other words, you do not have to worry about their durability or performance as wearing Hoka shoes on surfaces such as park paths, treadmills, concrete and trails. Additionally, no matter what the weather outside is rainy or sunny, you still can wear them. However, it is not advised to run outside in the rain and of course, it is truly a bad idea for you and your shoes as well, you know. 

Q: Are the insoles removable?

A: Generally, you can remove the insoles in most of Hoka One One designs. It is important to check and ensure all product details, even small ones, are in good condition. Nevertheless, an orthotic or a custom insole can be used to replace the insole if you like.

Q: Is there any special attention I need to pay in the cleaning process of my Hoka shoes?

A: Cleaning Hoka One One shoes does not require specific care actually. The same as other running shoes, all you need to prepare is warm water and a little soap on a cloth and then remove all dirt from your shoes. Remember that you are never allowed to wash them by the washing machine.

Q: When do my Hoka One One running shoes need replacing?

A: A user often replaces his running shoe after he runs about 300 – 500 miles. However, there are also signs to realize when a running shoe needs replacing. If the outsoles start wearing through to the midsole material or there are creases beginning to appear on the midsole, it means that it’s time to buy a new pair. Another sign is that you feel uncomfortable as wearing the shoe, which is possibly caused by a stretching issue or compression. So, you should replace it with the new shoe.  

Q: I have one problem that my running shoes are wearing out unevenly, so what’s happening?

 A: If you are suffering that problem, the main reason may be how you run. While a few people distribute their weight forward more, others are heavy heel strikers. In addition, some people supinate their feet or focus more weight on the outside or pronate their feet or focus more weight toward the instep. And this will lead to uneven wearing of your shoe. So, it is normal to see that and you have nothing to worry about. Nonetheless, if some area is wearing far faster than the others, especially if you have some pains, then you should come to a podiatrist to check out your feet and receice an advice of a custom orthotic.

Q: Someone told me that running in two different pairs of shoes was supposedly better for me, is that true?

A: In many cases, the answer is yes. You should know that it may take up to 24 hours for the midsole foam material to fully recover after each running use. Furthermore, your body also has a chance to adapt both and it is difficult for overuse injuries to happen in that case. However, if your workout schedule is not busy, maybe two or three times a week, one pair is enough. In case, you are a person who want to practice regularly or try longer distance repeatedly, two pairs of running shoes or more are suggested.  

Q: What is the difference between an early-stage and late-stage Meta-Rocker design?

  A: The early stage Meta- rocker will focus on forefoot stability and keep the forefoot on the ground for a very short time longer in the gate cycle. Meanwhile, the late-stage Meta- Rocker focuses more on heel stability and keeps the heel on the ground for a very short time longer in the gate cycle as well.


Collecting feedbacks from various reliable sources of information such as trusted manufacturers and running enthusiasts is very important to us because these opinions will be the basis for us to give customers good and accurate advice on buying as well as produce high- quality running shoes that can meet the increasing requirements. That is the reason why we also care about the users’ feedbacks on specific products and so, we can help you to make the best decision. Hope it’s useful for you.

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