12 Best insoles for Plantar Fasciitis 2018

We’ve listed the best insoles for plantar fasciitis. Read this complete guide before you go shopping for a suitable insoles.

Are you having plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the plantar fascia), which is possibly caused by weight gain, over-pronation (fallen arches), age, standing for a long time or even sport activities? It is one of the main reasons of heel pain. It is important for you to find an effective treatment for this problem.

What are the benefits of choosing the right insoles for plantar fasciitis ?

By realigning your foot to reduce the pressure on your plantar fascia, best insoles for plantar fasciitis can control odor and moisture, relieve the discomfort and pain caused by PF as well as healing and preventing PF from happening. Insole is a sheet attached to the upper part of the shoe running underneath and supporting the bottom of your foot. It also corrects foot pronation, which could also lead to PF. Finally, this cradles your foot and your big toe securely to avoid the windlass mechanism for runners who have plantar fasciitis (PF).

Some specific benefits of getting the right insoles are:

  • Cheap and easy to insert into many kinds of shoe and boots
  • Help reduce hip, leg, cushion and lower back pain
  • ​Add more shock absorption and cushioning while walking or running
  • Provide arch support and help with posture

1. Powerstep Pinnacle - Best rated insole

Powerstep Pinnacle Premium Orthotic Shoe Insoles

If you are looking for the insoles with great support and cushioning to relieve your plantar fasciitis, this Powerstep insole would satisfy you. Truly, you would not feel pain on your heel after taking on heavy-duty exercise. Especially, when you are overpronator whose flat arch, this insole would self-adjust to your feet motion.

Notably, they are specifically designed by the podiatrist Dr. Les Appel who claim they would correctly guide your foot to move in the neutral position. Particularly, the Powerstep insoles have deep heel cradle and ample arch to stabilize your feet firmly on the ground throughout many activities. It’s great arch support guarantee to ease the strain on your plantar fasciitis.

Remarkably, your feet could stay comfortably due to a high degree of flexibility. Indeed, it is much softer than other insoles in the same range. Besides, the Powerstep insoles provide unique double-layer cushioning to ensure your feet stay fresh in this orthotics. Likewise, the insoles' fabric is made from polypropylene with anti-bacterial ETC coating to maximize comfort for your feet.

Though some people suggest it to add extra cushioning, the insoles are promised to smoothen your running experience. Moreover, it’s durability is greatly supported by deep heels which keep your ligaments in place. Additionally, as your arch no longer collapse, this support is able to prevent micro tears.


  • Many users highly value the insole’s size as it can fit many types of footwear.
  • The insoles are recognized to be able to diminish pain, especially the PF.
  • It is worth admiring for it's extremely padded cushioning and comfort features.


  • You are recommended to try it on before purchasing to see how it adapts your feet as well as how its feel.
  • A few complaints of its liner dislodging.

Our Rating: 9.4/10

The Powerstep is listed in one of the best insoles for plantar fasciitis. It stands out for providing maximum stability to assist the user’s performance experience. Indeed, the insoles have the plush cushioning, arch firm supports which could relieve your plantar fasciitis pain.

2. Powerstep Protech Full-Length Insoles - Editor’s choice

Are you looking for the insoles that allow you to run for a long distance without afflicting with PF? So, the Powerstep would perfectly become a suitable choice as for its nice combination of arch supports and flexibility. Indeed, the Powerstep provides Full-length double-layered of cushioning to greatly attenuate shock.

Powerstep Protech Full-Length Insoles

Therefore, it can reduce strain and pain from your plantar fascia. Likewise, it grants you useful cushion added at your heel area to comfort your feet. So, when your heels are encountered with the plantar fascia, this cushioning padded would support the heel to be stable while walking. Additionally, they are able to avoid your ligaments and tendons from suffering micro tears.

Its double layers are shock-absorbent that would lessen your pain, and aches problems. Noticeably, these Powerstep insoles are greatly advised by the podiatrist to treat your Plantar Fasciitis effectively. Though it tends to broke down slightly after six-month use, it’s durability still ensure your performance efficiency for regularly use, especially for it’s less expensive cost.

As if you worry about how your feet stay comfortable on this insole, rest assured as the Powerstep are made from polyester material. So, the insoles have higher breathability. Additionally, it features the antimicrobial protection which can reduce annoying odor despite many uses.

Besides, it's crafted heel pad and heel cup would enhance comfort and provide your feet further cushioning. Importantly, when it comes to selecting the sizing, you should take into account how they are inserted in your shoe. As it comes with different size, you can stay at ease while deciding which one fit snugly in your shoes.


  • The Powerstep insoles win people's faith mainly because of its foot comfort and pain relief functions.
  • It would compatible with many types of footwear.
  • You can use it regularly for a wide range of foot activities.
  • Its durability is highly regarded by many users.


  • It may require you to try on this orthotics many times before getting used to its feel.

Our Rating: 9.2/10

In short, I suggest this full-length model as for its malleable and firm support for people whose plantar fasciitis issues. Indeed, with its double cushioned layers, extra heel pad and useful arch supports, you can have it for everyday use without a hassle.

3. Superfeet Blue Premium – Best valued Insoles

The light and thin Blue Premium belongs to the medium-arched range of insoles that provide immediate support. Indeed, it can reduce considerably your foot, heel, and arch pain, and obviously, the plantar fasciitis problems. Importantly, the base of it is reinforced considerably by its stabilizer cap.

Superfeet Blue Premium

As for this Blue cap, the insoles can be able to fit snugly in shoes which have narrower heels or less space. This insole also shapes your feet in its biomechanical design. Particularly, you would find its heel cup greatly assist your running gait in stabilizing on tough rough. It could absorb shock effectively.

Moreover, they are able to support the front of your heel and the rear foot as well. Likewise, it’s full-length and high-density foam is offered to comfort your feet during a whole run. Though a few of users find its heel-top differential quite deep, this insole construction can relieve your feet pain tremendously.

And what many users truly appreciate about the Superfeet Blue is its tremendous range of size that allows them to opt for the suitable one. Significantly, the right arch of the insole would make the insoles work out the best on your foot.

Notably, I am quite impressed at its natural NXT anti-bacteria coating which is vegan and latex-free. So, my feet comfortably stay fresh and dry in this shoe’s interior. Besides, your feet have more space to move at ease in the shoe thanks to its slightly thinner layers of foam and cushioning. Additionally, the biomechanical support is also design to be placed under your foot neatly.

Especially, the Superfeet can fit from the low to medium-volume footwear, though you may need to order a size larger than what you get used to. Other suggestion for you is to trim it to insert into your shoe snugly.


  • They have deepest and widest heel cup to provide you maximum support and shock absorption.
  • It’s stabilizer caps greatly support and stabilize your shoes.
  • It can prevent the odor-causing bacteria’s growth thanks to its anti-microbial coating. Additionally, it’s top cover is employed the Moisture-wick antimicrobial technology to help to prevent this bacterium.
  • You can trim it to put it fittingly in your shoes.


  • With such features, it’s price is considered to be overpriced base on a majority of reviews.
  • Some complaint relates to its low durability.

Our Rating 8.8/10

Overall, the Superfeet insoles could be the suitable support for people whose plantar fasciitis issue. Especially, this high-performance insole could fit a wide range of footwear including the low and medium volume footwear.

4. Full-Length PURE STRIDE Orthotics

Full-Length PURE STRIDE Orthotics

Unlike other insoles that only helps to push up your arch to control the foot, or cushioning the foot with foam or gel, the Pure Stride insoles are made up from four layers to ensure quick pain relief and comfort your feet efficiently. According to many users who are medium or overpronator, its capability of quickly getting rid of the pain in your arch, heel, and metatarsals are worth considering.

Particularly, it’s heel areas are improved to recess 2 cm Poron layer. By this way, your feet could stay comfortable on this sufficient amount of cushioning. Moreover, these insoles amaze many people for its four layers. While the first top cover is made from anti-bacterial mesh that helps to reduce foot odor, the second layer delivers more cushioning underneath your foot due to its plush moldable EVA foam.

Besides, the third layer with a polypropylene shell would absorb shock greatly that enhance your walking/running efficiency to be smooth in every stride. And lastly, the fourth layer with a high durometer EVA would guarantee to offer more cushioning. So, your feet can stay at ease during a whole period of the process.

In term of its flexibility and stability, it features the stiff arch support which prevents your acres from collapsing. Likewise, there is deep rigid heel cup to prevent heel sliding. Moreover, it’s built-in heel spur pocket would reduce significantly pressure which may cause pain at the heel area.


  • Its flexibility would control and support your heel’s motion effectively.
  • It provides a hell spur accommodation.
  • Many users appreciate its unique four layers zoned design with many supportive features for getting rid of the pain.
  • Its price is affordable.


  • You would spend few hours before getting used to wearing them as for its rock-like feel at first

Our Rating: 8.8/10

The Pure Stride insoles are specifically designed by a foot doctor to support and stabilize your foot alignment. It helps to correct your overpronation to the neutral position, alongside with that, it’s deep semi-firm heel cup would contribute to support your arch greatly. So, your feet could avoid pain from plantar fasciitis and fatigue.

5. Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Replacement Insole (Men’s)

This insole is widely confirmed as an effective gadget to support your feet, especially for people who suffer plantar fasciitis. Notably, when you find your shoes does not provide support that enables you to run for long distance, the Dr. Scholl with its ability to take away your pain can help you accomplish your goal easily.

Particularly, it’s arch support, and resilient cushioning at the rearfoot and the front is provided to solidly stabilized and hold your whole foot. So, you would feel obvious how your feet instantly transform in this orthotic insole. Besides, the Dr. Scholl features its triple zone protection consisting of the well-padded cushioning, reinforced arch and deep heel cup.

As a result, your feet are allowed to stay at ease and supported considerably in every step. Additionally, these features help to reduce tear on your legs, feet as the insoles can reduce shock effectively. As the Dr. Scholl can attenuate shock up to 40 percent in every stride. Especially, when your foot has to prop up to 3 times your body weight when running, you are likely to suffer the foot and knee pain.

That’s why by employing the Triple Zone Protection Technology for this insole, the insole can reduce chances of pain. Remarkably, as for its foot protection, it provides sufficient arch support around the area where the plantar fascia impacts on your heel. So, you can wear this insole for a wide range of activity level without worrying about foot injuries problems.

In term of its fit-to-shoe, you may struggle to insert it in your shoe snugly firstly, you would get used to wearing it after few times. Moreover, the Dr. Scholl employs the SweatMax technology that can help to reduce foot odor. So, despite wearing regularly, your feet can stay find in the shoe’s interior without any annoying smell issues.


  • Many users count on this insole as it can reduce shock and relieve the pain from their plantar fasciitis.
  • They are greatly advised for the athletic to use.
  • The insoles are provided with the useful patterned holes to assist your performance.
  • The insoles are offered with an affordable price, especially with many offered nice features.
  • It is unessential to trim the insole to fit in the shoe.
  • Its shell is expected to last for 6 months’ use.
  • You can find the most suitable insole model that match your preference as it has many sizes and colors.


  • People suggests it reinforce the cushioning better.
  • There are many complaints regarding its rightly fit insole.
  • You may spend extra time to adjust it for the first-time use.
  • It is more suitable for daily wear than physical activities.

Our Rating: 8.8/10

To sum up, the Dr. Scholl insoles are believed to protect your feet well and relieve pain from the PF. Especially, it can reduce your foot and knee pain, along with making your running experience easier.

Don’t like dr scholl's active series? You can also check out:

6. Orthaheel Active Full Length Insole

Orthaheel Active Full Length Insole

This product is specifically designed by the podiatrist that can make you forget the pain from plantar fasciitis. Indeed, the Orthaheel offers an extremely lightweight construction that ensures your feet relax at ease. As the insoles can form and realign your feet into the correct position, you are less likely to excess pronation.

Especially, PF often stresses its impact on your heel, it’s arch support and stability would relieve instantly pain. Aside from correcting your excessive pronation, your soreness at the heel and leg area would be reduced. Noticeably, when wearing this Orthaheel insole, you are allowed to walk straighter and faster without the dreadful outcome of back and leg pain.

Though you would struggle to get used to putting them due to its slight inflexibility and stiff surface, you would get used to it after few weeks. In comparison to other custom-made orthotics, the Orthaheel is a cost-effective option. As for its synthetic material, the EVA shell and cushioning padded heel shock dot at the heel, your feet can rest at ease for a long term.

In term of size, you should trim it to make it fit better in your shoe. Nevertheless, you cannot help resisting from its stylish appearance with pretty curve patterns on its gray surface. As well as, with the support from Tri-Planar Motion Control Technology, this insert guaranteed to not only assists three planes of motion but also eliminates foot odor.

By this way, you can avoid a smelly feet condition throughout a long run. Additionally, you are offered great bouncy in each stride thanks to its ergonomic shape. Overall, these Orthaheel inserts are the great option to cure efficiently your foot, heel, and arch, especially.


  • They are able to reduce pain caused by plantar fasciitis.
  • The Orthaheel helps to develop motion control sport and promote maximum stability for your feet.
  • You can wear it comfortably for fast-paced activities.
  • They are offered at a reasonable price.


  • It would take roughly two weeks until you get used to the feel they bring.
  • They may not fit all shoes.
  • People suggests it improve its flexibility.

Our Rating: 8.6/10

To sum up, this Orthaheel insole considerably assist your overpronation to be guided correctly to neutral alignment. Especially, they are capable of getting rid of foot pain and the pain caused by PF.

7. Plantar Fasciitis Insoles by ViveSole

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles by ViveSole

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles by ViveSole is considered a leading insole based on nearly 90 percent of positive customer feedback. Indeed, this product may impress you with its high performance of pain relief. Noticeably, you can rest assured as they are capable of getting rid of PF, high arch pain and for others who have falling arch-related problems.

Importantly, they work effectively on both full and medium arches of feet. To clarify how the ViveSole insoles may be able to relieve your pain and pronation associated with PF, or other high and flat-arched feet, its ¾ length arch is reinforced in term of orthotic effectiveness. As a result, it can brace the weight bearing areas of your feet.

Importantly, to make it fit into your shoe, you only need to dip it in the hot water. Since then, it’s deep heel would accommodate your heel comfortably and position you heal properly at ease. Besides, it provides your arches normal shapes which considerably assist you walking with less foot pain.

Especially, it’s medical grade orthotic and arch supports are made by the Podiatrist and Medical Professional who guarantee the insole could relieve your foot, knee, and lower back pain. Additionally, the ViveSole insoles are constituted from high-quality material to ensure a long-lasting durability. As a result, you are ensured to not purchase a new pair in a long-term use.

And you would be surprised to know they are environment-friendly packaged. It means when you purchase the ViveSole insoles you give a hand to preserve the green beauty of the environment. Noticeably, you are also granted 30-day money back guarantee. It means within 30 days, if you realize these products fail to meet your demand, you can give them back and receive the full purchase price.


  • Almost all of the users appreciate its effectiveness of relieving pain from plantar fasciitis, high and flat feet.
  • Despite an inexistence of gel and foam, they do provide sufficiently shock absorption and arch supports.
  • You only need to dip them in hot water and custom it to fit your feet since It is able to mold to your feet.
  • The insoles are able to provide proper weight distribution and guide your foot shape in neutral motion.


  • A few complaints about it only able to mold to your foot, yet shoes are worn on.
  • You have to implement many steps before having it underneath your foot properly and safely.

Our Rating: 8.6/10

The ViveSole insoles is highly regarded as one of the best insoles for plantar fasciitis. Especially, these moldable Arch Support Orthotics insoles are greatly advised by many users as for its easy adjustments and pain relief.

8. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer

Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer

Since you are suffering from PF, you totally seek for the insoles that could maximize the shock attenuation and relieve your pain. That’s why the Spenco which is specifically designed for the athlete and sporty users would enhance your performance while protecting your feet considerably. Especially, it highlights the arch and heel support mechanism.

Particularly, the cushioning system is made from EVA foam that is placed at the forefoot to grant superior plush and energy return. Additionally, the foam is made of Lightweight Polysorb Polyurethane to reinforce and protect your heel and arch areas. Specifically, it features the Spencer material which has a thickness of 5/32 inches.

For this upgrade, it can absorb shock, relieve stress on your balls of feet and the heels. Additionally, it helps to provide greater cushioning for your feet. Significantly, your heels which sustain great stress from plantar fascia joins would be relieved thanks to these features. As a result, your feet are kept in the neutral position and your tendons and ligaments around your arch are supported well.

And you can easily adjust it to fit in your shoe as the Spenco insoles are thinner than other insoles. Importantly, you are unlikely to endure blisters when wearing it as this insole has employed 4-way stretch fabric. Moreover, they not only feature antimicrobial top cover but also control smelling odor in the shoe interior.

As for its durability, it is needless to worry as the Spenco is believed to facilitate athletic performance. For this reason, it’s longevity is greatly enhanced to last for a long term. Overall, the insoles can relieve your plantar fasciitis pain to perform efficiently.


  • The insoles are confirmed to absorb shock and protect feet well. Additionally, it contributes to relive the pain from plantar fasciitis.
  • They are highly agreed to best used for sport and work.
  • Many users find wearing it is comfortable.
  • They are provided at an affordable price.


  • Its multiple layers may cause your shoes quite tight to wear.
  • Some of the concerns regarding its lack of arch support for high-arched people.

Our Rating: 8.6/10

Generally, the Spenco provides sufficient amount of cushioning for tough training. It features at the noticeably light heel and arch supports. Besides providing proper support, you can have it for a low cost.

9. Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relieving Orthotic

Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relieving Orthotic Insoles

In case you are in pain with PF, the Vasyli insoles with a significantly outstanding shock absorption would become your reasonable treatment. As for people who keen on the long-distance walk, run or long hours standing on feet, it’s Vasyli heel inserts would reduce impacted-related injuries, fatigue, and pain.

Aside from absorbing shock greatly, the Vasyli insoles ensure your stride to be smooth and avoid discomfort caused by medical foot injuries (PL, heel spurs, ulceration, etc.). Indeed, the Ultra Graphite is strongly recommended by doctor and sports medicine specialist to be used to have maximum comfort and foot protection.

Besides, it’s particular foam layer are added to make the insole rebound efficiently when the foot contacts the ground. Notably, you would be thankful for its non-slip surface with a moisture-wicking property. Besides, it not only provides great foot protection but also energizes you to take on harder activities without worrying about the plantar fasciitis problem. For this reason, your feet can stay fresh and comfortable when wearing it for a long day.

Importantly, its core material which is made from the Vasyli can offer maximum energy return, sufficient stability and motion control. Likewise, it’s cushioning system which is made from the abundant amount of Polyurethane layer also contribute greatly to the insoles' energy return effectiveness.


  • The insoles are best suited for anyone who often stands on feet for long periods.
  • They are an ideal reliever treatment for your plantar fasciitis.
  • Its durability is worth admiring based on a majority of feedbacks.


  • It would be better if providing more arch support.
  • Its price is relatively expensive.

Our Rating: 8.4/10

Since the Vasyli insoles are specifically created for athletes and people who substantially enjoy sport activities. Also, it has considerable arch supports that allow your feet withstand the tough footwork without suffering pain.

10. Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles

Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles

Here is another insole belonging in the Spenco line which also gets much positive feedback about its effective plantar fasciitis pain treats. Especially, it is designed to prevent overpronation while walking.

As the over-pronation person, you are likely to endure leg, back and foot pain. That’s why the Spenco features its 3-POD Modulation system can reduce ground force stressing on your foot and increase your performance efficiency.

Particularly, there is Semi-Rigid Orthotic Arch support that stabilizes your running gait. Besides, its cushioning system would comfort your feet and reduce lessen strain and inflammation on the plantar fascia.

Noticeably, it’s deep heel cup is offered to help your Plantar Fasciitis as it can hold your heel in full. So, your feet are protected by its great shock absorption pad. Meanwhile, it can strengthen your foot in the process as well. Additionally, the crash pad which is put at the forefoot area allows you to transit smoothly through your gait.

Specifically, it’s metatarsal arch support can disperse pressure and impact on the ball of your feet. Overall, this combination can relieve micro tear in your plantar fascia as well as other foot-related pain. Particularly, many people whose flat-arch feet find the Spenco Total truly supportive and comfortable to treat their pain well.


  • It does prevent your overpronation and treats the pain caused by plantar fasciitis effectively.
  • Many users appreciate it deep heel cup and arch supports that hold and guides their feet correctly.
  • It’s sufficient amount of cushioning meet most of the users’ demand.
  • Its durability is widely recognized.


  • You are advised to buy it in a smaller size than what you get used to.
  • You may find the insole tight make your shoes quite tight to wear due to its thickness.
  • For this reason, it may cause some blister on the top and sides of your feet.

Our Rating 8.4/10

This Plantar Fasciitis aid is offered at a low cost with many features of versatility and arch supports. Truly, it’s heel cushioning, solid construction and orthotic shape would support your whole foot’s motion.

11. Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support

Footminders COMFORT Orthotic Arch Support Insoles

Base on a large number of the users whose low arch, after wearing it for the long term, they realize a noticeable impact of PF on their feet disappear. As for a short-term use, they found this Footminders provide pain relief and fast-acting comfort for their feet.

Additionally, it is designed by podiatrists and chiropractors who ensure your feet are granted sufficient support and flexibility to walk or stand for long periods of time. Especially, for people whose flat or low feet, the Footminders could relieve the foot and PF thanks to its biomechanical alignment.

Particularly, as being the overpronator, your ankles are likely to run inward which explains a high possibility of plantar fasciitis risk. So, with such firm arch support and cushioning, it could guide the overpronation alignment to the neutral alignment properly. Besides, this pair of insoles does provide Deep heel cups. Thanks for this High Ankle Stability and Support, your ankles' motion is enhanced for stability.

Noticeably, you are offered a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Under this circumstance, you can return your purchased insoles if it does not meet your requirements. Moreover, the Footminders insoles are versatile to be able to insert in many kinds of footwear including lace-up shoes, sports shoe or work boots.


  • The insoles are belief strongly to deliver feet comfort and pain relief.
  • It’s solid arch support and sufficient-padded cushioning are enhanced to relieve foot pain caused by PF.
  • You can put it fittingly in a wide range of shoes.


  • A majority of users suggest it to add more cushioning.

Our Rating: 8.2/10

This podiatrist-recommend product would firmly offer nice arch support and cushion. You can feel how your plantar fascia is relief significantly after wearing it for a while.

12. Sof Sole Plantar Fascia Comfort Gel Shoe Insole

Sof Sole Plantar Fascia Comfort Gel Shoe Insole

The Sof Sole insoles are best known for its remarkable breathability, arch supports and great absorption. For those main reasons, many people who suffer plantar fasciitis often wear it for running, cross training or any types of foot-related activities.

Indeed, the insoles' forefoot area are constituted by a polymer gel which helps to attenuate shock efficiently. Additionally, the particular air bubbles which are put at the heel and arch areas also contribute to absorbing impact. So, the advanced technology air capsules are applied to convert impact into kinetic energy for last shock attenuation.

Meanwhile, the gel in the forefoot offers you maximum cushioning, while the rest of them are made of dedicated fabric to wick away moisture effectively. By this way, your feet are kept dry and relaxing in the toasty shoe’s interior.

Since during exercise, your core body temperature would rise and leave your foot sweat, the latest technology would promote moisture evaporate quickly. As a result, your core body internal get backs to normal temperature and make you more comfortable, obviously.

As you may concern about the hygiene matter, this insole would help you clean easy with a lot of great features. Because it can prevent stains, odors by defending odor-causing bacteria, especially mold, fungi or yeast, your feet are greatly protected from odor issues. Moreover, it’s Polyurethane footbed is specifically made to be more flexible and resistant to comfort your whole feet.


  • You would be impressed at its sufficient amount of cushioning which significantly comfort your feet.
  • There are many helpful aids for your plantar fasciitis issues.
  • Most of the users favor its air chamber in the arch and the heel.
  • Its price is reasonable


  • As for its slim design, you may face with the heel bump issue. Hence, you should consider thoroughly about the sizing matter.

Our Rating: 8.2/10

At first, it impresses users with the slim design. Then, it’s great ability of shock attenuation surprises people. Importantly, the Sof Sole insoles are suitable for multiple uses. Remarkably, with such superior functions, it costs you an affordable price.

How to choose the right shoes inserts for plantar fasciitis?

Best insoles for plantar fasciitis

Choosing the wrong insoles not only doesn’t relieve your foot issue but also cause more pain. I want to share some experiences on choosing the best insoles for PF and avoid the bad insoles on the market.

Plantar fasciitis shoe insoles have to be able to cushion sore spots and correct unnatural function of your foot to provide plantar fasciitis sufferers with a better quality of life. You can purchase perfectly functional insoles for plantar fasciitis from retailers or by prescription from a doctor. But before buying, you should check users’ reviews on Amazon and other big retailers.

Next, you should make sure that you purchased the correct type of insole, which suits your foot condition. It is better if you have an accurate diagnosis of your foot shape from doctor before going to buy insole. When you buy these, bring along the shoes that you will put insoles in and then try walking around in them several times. Most users with plantar fasciitis feel quite comfortable with new insoles from the start while another part needs to break in them.

Besides some tips above, you should also notice the following:

  • A deep heel cup: to provide more cushion and support for the arches of your feet or in other words, reduce the overall stress on your knees, ankles and feet.
  • Price point: An expensive insole does not mean it is the best! However, a cheap insole which saves you a few dollars but will not save your feet. The best way is to refer to reviews of users on each product.
  • ​A well-known brand: buying from a famous brand with a solid fan base is probably safe. Because brands cannot work well in relieving people’s pain and discomfort, you would have never heard of them.

Some downsides of plantar fasciitis insoles

Although insole for Plantar Fasciitis is often receive goof feedbacks from users, that doesn’t mean there are not any downsides.

Firstly, some insoles maybe a little thick that led to a tighter feeling around your feet. Therefore, you should choose the insole volume matching the type of shoes. For instance, high volume insoles are matched with roomy shoes such as boots or sport shoes while low volume insoles are suited to snug fitting shoes such as dress or cycling shoes.

Next, you have to clean them regularly because they spend a lot of time in your feet. Taking your insoles out to air and rinse them regularly is essential to last their life and prevent uncomfortable odor.

Other downside of insoles is wearing over time. Insoles also wear out over time like shoes. Insoles probably last about 12 months before they need to be replaced if you apply proper care.

The last popular downside of these is fit problem. If your insole has size 9, it won’t fit in your size 9 shoe so you need to trim a little bit off the toe area to solve this problem.

In conclusion

These 13 insoles are the best plantar fasciitis insoles according to general reviews on each product on Amazon. Although every insole has cons, I think they are just small downsides that we can ignore. Hope this article will help you in treating your feet problems.

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