Best Mizuno Running Shoes – interesting facts

Mizuno Corporation, a Japanese company founded by Rihachi Mizuno in Osaka in 1906, is well-known for its sports equipment and sportswear. Today, Mizuno has become a global company and manufactured a large spectrum of sportswear and sports equipment for tennis, baseball, golf, football, volleyball, rugby, cycling, skiing, judo, table tennis, boxing, badminton, and athletics. Among its wide variety of products, Mizuno shoe brand is a top selection for beginners as well as professionals in running.

Mizuno shoes are designed specifically to bring an excellent blend of comfort and performance in a stylish and sleek platform. Indeed, Mizuno shoes have gained constant favor from people pursuing track racing, trail running, speed workouts, performance training, cross-training and casual activities such as jogging and traveling. In Mizuno product line, best shoe models that receive positive reviews are Mizuno Wave Universe, Mizuno Wave Evo Ferus, Mizuno Wave Rider, Mizuno Wave Hitogami and Mizuno Wave Prophecy.


Mizuno is known and favored for its performance shoes, especially running shoes. Attempted to bring a unique mix of both performance and comfort in sleek platforms, the best Mizuno shoes, as observed by most runners, are a little bit pricey for average runners. The most budget shoes are from $100 to $120. The highest price tag of Mizuno shoes could reach $210, which is sometimes beyond the budget of even professional runners. Yet, what the brand offers – performance and quality - are above average, thus making every pair of shoes good value for money.


Mizuno shoe brand certainly takes up a large share of the sportswear market and receives great reviews as well as high ratings. Performance shoe models from Mizuno are favorites among runners, from amateur to professional athletes.

Footwear technologies

To create a great blend of comfort and performance with stylish design, Mizuno has exclusively offered the best technologies for their running shoes. Their techno and features consist of Wave techno, G3 Sole, X10 outsole, U4ic midsole, Intercool techno, SR Touch cushioning, Dynamotion Fit and Smooth Ride techno and so on.

  • Wave technology: Mizuno uses the technology which offers you enough cushioning and stability – the structure of wave form. Not only does it make the shoe cushioned but also help you much in preventing impacts and keep you stable; therefore, keep you away from over-pronation.
  • U4ic midsole: a particular midsole which can perform well as the AP+ one of Mizuno but is only about 30% lighter in weight; still making sure to provide you enough comfort and great performance.
  • X10 outsole: its outsole is designed with a unique rubber material which is extremely durable, surely supporting you well in high-challenging terrains for a long time as well as offering great traction.
  • Dynamotion Fit: with the support of the lately innovated biochemical technology and motion capture, its blueprint makes this shoe a necessary assistant for the gait cycle of the foot.
  • Intercool technology: the full-length ventilation system in the midsole helps to reduce the humidity and heat, allowing the air to go into your foot box.
  • SR Touch: this is a new innovation of cushioning material which is particularly light as well as can absorb the shocks well, offering you fast and smooth movements.
  • G3 Sole: helps to enhance the traction in some certain areas.
  • Smooth ride technology: helps to reduce any impacts affecting you while running, giving you the smoothest movements.
 In addition to the technologies concerned above, there are still many other ones, such as Pabax Rnew, Pownce, EL8, Mizuno Synchro, Zeroglide, Michelin Tech Soles and so on.

Why should you purchase Mizuno running shoes?

  • Mizuno running shoes are designed to be suitably used in any terrain. In which, its road shoes have a great design of shock attenuation properties and non-aggressive treading pavement; therefore, they are suitable to use on pavement, track and even gravel. Besides, thanks to its aggressive outsoles and debris protection, the runners will be offered the considerable stability, cushioning and comfortable ride on and off the road.
  • It appears that barefoot running is a relatively common choice of most advanced runners. Are you intending to experience barefoot running? The minimalist shoes and low drop one of Mizuno will be ideal choices for you.
  • The motion control shoes and stability ones of Mizuno will greatly prevent you from over-pronation. Besides, they also help the ones facing this problem reduce the pain they get. Moreover, for the persons suffering neutral pronation, the neutral shoes of Mizuno will be a great choice as they are not designed with structured arch units. Even the under pronators or supinators can use them to enjoy their flexibility and cushioning.
  •  Are you looking for extended speed, the shoes supplied by Mizuno will satisfy you thanks to their outstanding lightweight.

Mizuno Neutral running shoes

The ones suffering from under-pronation with a medium arch are technically known as neutral pronator runners. And in this case, a perfect pair of neutral shoes offered by Mizuno will support them well with a much firmer and receptive ride on the run. Besides, it also offers the runners comfort, flexibility, and protection.

Why should you choose the best Mizuno neutral running shoes?


with the support of G3 Sole designed on the forefoot area of the outsole, its flexibility will be increased to the best. Plus its considerably lightweight rubber dotted pattern, the grip of the shoes will be more secured. This also helps the runners move their foot easily inside their shoe.


it can be used for many purposes, including long runs, casual runs like strolling, daily runs, and even fast workouts. Moreover, it is also relatively durable and comfortable even when being used in long run.


You will be always offered the comfort thanks to many great features of the shoe, including Strobel Last, Air Mesh, Dynamotion fit ad Standard Sock liner. Furthermore, all these things help to keep your foot always breathable, comfortable, even in a long run.

Outsole durability

the X10 design on the outside of Mizuno running shoes makes it more durable and offers you a perfect traction. This design locates at the two main areas: the heel and the forefoot of the shoe. As it uses the material of carbon rubber, the runner’s foot will be protected securely from any impact or shock on the ground, helping you avoid slippage.

Good transition

This is also one of the great features making this neutral shoe well-known. Thanks to the great cushioning system, it surely gives you an extended comfort, preventing from getting bruises, irritated or blisters.

Most popular Mizuno neutral running shoes

We have listed some suggested running shoes suitable for neutral runners to consider.

Mizuno Wave Creation
Mizuno Wave Creation 18

Are you a neutral runner under a train for marathon or a 5K and looking for an assistant for your foot? The Mizuno Creation will be an ideal choice for you. This shoe is designed with a full-length ventilation system of the mid-foot helping to reduce the humidity and heat and allow the air to go into your foot box, offering you the comfortable feeling. Lots of runners highly appreciate this product thanks to its great cushioning and durability.

Mizuno Wave Rider 19

This is a new advanced model of its predecessor which is improved in its in-shoe feeling and comfort which is also its target. Despite that, it still keeps all the remaining features of the previous version. According to the reviews of many runners, this shoe is suitable to use for daily running, marathon training or gym workouts.

Mizuno Wave Sky

Most runners experienced this type of shoe really enjoyed its excellent cushioning and its flexible and plush ride. It helps to protect your underfoot in both short and long runs. This shoe has a specific design and technologies, providing great stability, comfort, and performance.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst

Its high-quality performance can attract any runner. Users also enjoy its extended flexible upper unit thanks to the additional breathable mesh which locates on its forefoot for airiness and reinforcement. Plus, a mix of fused and stitched overlays helps to make up a secure and snug coverage.

Mizuno road running shoes

The road shoes are specially designed for boosting your speed and to be receptive. In case you mostly perform on the roads, then, it is highly recommended that you should use the best Mizuno road shoes as their shoe treads are thin enough to use for traction, even if it is minimal. These shoes are constructed with lightweight material, in comparison with trail shoes, which are made of heavy material.

What are the outstanding features of best Mizuno road shoe?

Heel to toe drop: Many runners do not like the running shoes that have a high heel to toe drop, just as the road running shoes of Mizuno. Anyway, each model of Mizuno shoe has a different measure: 8.5 mm for the version of women and 9.4 mm for the version of men.


Mizuno’s road running shoes come in two different versions and each of them has a unique weight: 167 grams for the version of women and 216 grams for the version of men. Although the weight is different, both of them are lightweight, just accurately what a runner will need if she or he wants o beat or overtake a road race.

Arch support

If you are looking for a pair of road running shoes, which is neutral and suffice those who have the medium arches, then, let’s Mizuno road running shoes do the job for you. They suit those who don’t need the strong support


The X10 feature of the shoe helps its construction much more durable to make sure that you will have more enjoyable and longer runs

Flat outsole

A shoe with a flat outsole is best used on the flat terrains since it has maximal grip. Thanks to the G3 sole feature of Mizuno shoe, you can now experience this. On the other hand, if you usually perform on terrains such as tracks in a forest, a road running shoe is still an ideal choice.


Mizuno road shoes have more padding or cushioning, in comparison to the trail shoes. They promise to provide runners with excellent comfort

Most popular Mizuno road running shoes

Mizuno Wave Inspire
mizuno wave inspire 13 womens

This model is a road running shoe, which is specially designed for the moderate over-pronators and for those who need some extra midfoot support. It offers shoe lovers the best level of proficiency. The silhouette of Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 is the same as its immediate predecessor – Mizuno Wave Inspire 13. However, this model has a redesigned upper, which considers both durability and breathability

Its midsole is made up of plastic wave units and proprietary foam compounds, which work together to offer an agreeable and supportive underfoot environment. Besides, the durable rubber serves as an agent that protects your shoe from tear and wear while offering traction as well.  In addition, the Flex Controllers of Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 guarantee a responsive toe-off for the runners.

Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4

This model is loved by those who noted that it is good for road running, as well as those who have neutral gait when running. Its visually endearing and breathable upper unit is lauded by a lot of cushions, just as the midsole.

Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4 also comes with a striking design with trendy and vibrant color schemes, which entertain but still not distract. On the other hand, this model also has the conventional workings of a modern road running shoe. However, it does not present all technologies in such a boisterous manner. It just looks simple but it does not shy away from becoming attractive to your eyes.

Mizuno Synchro MX

This is a functional shoe, which sets up its highlight thanks to the dual-density foam in its midsole. The perfect synchronization of the foam in its midsole offers excellent responsiveness, durability, protection, and support. Furthermore, this Mizuno Synchro MX also features a 12mm heel to toe drop, which has a good support for your arch and is light enough for your long runs.

Mizuno Wave Connect 3

A good combination of stability and cushion is what this model provides for runners. Mizuno Wave Connect 3 uses special technologies to make it reliable during both short and long distance runs. Many runners found this shoe efficient and reliable.

Mizuno Wave Shadow

This model is a neutral road shoe with such an affordable price. Mizuno Wave Shadow is a colorful and lightweight shoe that allows you to experience a better landing with a propelled toe-off while still stands out from the crowd. It is appropriate for those who are seeking for a stylish but nimble companion for short road races, general workouts and tempo run.

Best Mizuno Trail Running Shoes

In the market, there are lots of kinds of trail running shoes for men and women. This is actually effective and useful to help the runners realize their self-style of athletics. In fact, one of the main factors making a brand well-known is its number of loyal professional athletes and casual runners.

What are the exceptional features of the best Mizuno trail running shoe?


it features lots of things always offering you the comfort and secure fits, such as Oblique Toe Shape, the AP + foam or the shape of Flat Forefoot. Moreover, your foot is surely breathable.


the version of the shoe for man is about 224 grams while the one for women is only 196 grams. This can be said one of the lightest shoes on the market which can help you easily speed up while running. Besides, it also offers you the stability, comfort and secure protection.


the outside of this shoe is made of a durable soil rubber material which will support you well in any terrain, including on the road or muddy or mixed gravel. Additionally, together with the feature of hostile pacing pattern, this shoe is in the best conditions of traction, grip, and resistance. These features can be found in the design of Active X and X10 lugs.


with it, you can challenge any kind of terrain except the ones having rugged trails or sharp rocks thanks to its great outsole and the things it offers you, such as stability, secured protection or traction.

Most popular Mizuno trail running shoes

Mizuno Wave Mujin 3

This shoe is designed with a great cover-system which is really breathable, offering you an extended comfort while performing. This is thanks to the open construction of the fabrics it uses which makes you feel that the air always enters your foot-chamber. Moreover, it is also supported by the water-resistant mesh which surely keeps you dry if running in the wet conditions.

Mizuno Wave Daichi 2

This shoe is famous for its great features of the lightweight ride, comfort, aand versatility which can be used on both roads and trails. The thing contributing much to this is its sole design. It uses the technology helping to deliver traction and unprecedented grip across any weather conditions and terrains. You can easily realize these features from the mountain tires bike provided by Michelin.

Mizuno Wave Hayate 3

With the latest U4ic technology, this product is considerably lighter and even much cushier compared the previous versions. Besides, it also helps to reduce and absorb the impacts while running with a great resistance.

Furthermore, its ESS Rock Plate will protect your foot from small rocks and stone while running. With the support of the grooves which are incorporated in the mid-foot, you can change your foot movements without any difficulty. 

 On the whole, what makes this shoe enjoyable are its good looks and comfort.
Mizuno Wave Mujin 3 GTX

This would be a perfect one to challenge the most difficult terrain. It will surely support you well on any touch conditions with great comfort thanks to its beast inherent stability, plus interior and an amazing grip. You can gain the best functions and benefits of this shoe when running at average speeds, typically for middle distances.


We hope the article above will help you much in choosing a right pair of shoe in the market of numerous kinds of shoe. However, there are still many questions about these types of shoes as well as how to choose a suitable one. We have listed the most common ones below:

Q: Do I have to break in my running shoes?

A: it would be better if you could spend a certain amount of time at first to get used to your new shoes. This will help you feel more comfortable when performing as well as can adjust the right fit for you, helping you avoid getting injured.

Q: I want to run on non-technical, light trails. What kind of running shoe suitable for me?

A: there are many factors which most of the runners consider before purchasing, including the durability, protection, traction or grip as well as which type of terrain you choose to run on. Follow that, there will be the types of shoes designed for these terrains and purposes. However, it is sure that you should avoid choosing the one having over-aggressive lugs as it only works best on technical, tough terrain. 

Q: how do I decide which running shoes will help me run beer?

A: actually, improving the running is one of the main aims that most runners focus on to boost their speed as well as running efficiency. And, the running shoes will be wonderful assistants for you in this case. Consequently, choosing the right shoes will help you shorten the distance to that goal, also depending much on your goal. For instance, if you want to boost your speed, choosing a lightweight shoe will be better. Luckily, this article will help you much with this problem.

Q: Are Mizuno running shoes actually worth purchasing?

A: Is this shoe worth buying? Of course, the list we give you is based on the best reviews of the users as well as its feedbacks during its performance. Plus, we also make a comparison between this line and the other brands. And actually, this kind of shoe features some things which you might not find in many other products. Consequently, it is actually an ideal choice for you with its great durability and resistance.

Q: How can I make sure my running shoes last a long time?

A: there are many tips you can apply to keep your shoes in a good shape as well as lengthen its lifespan, including removing pebbles and rocks getting stuck on the outside of the shoe and in other areas, cleaning off the debris and mud to keep your shoe breathability, keep it dry as much as possible.


It is relatively important to consider carefully before purchasing your running shoes as this can affect much your running process. Mizuno will be an ideal choice for you in this case. We hope all information we supply will be useful for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know via a comment. Thank you very much. Enjoy your running!

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