Best New Balance running shoes

Of all the brands, which sell the running shoes, New Balance owns the biggest collection of retro and lifestyle running silhouettes. This brand does not have any problems with lifestyle and performance shoes mixing together. However, it has a problem – the differentiation with New Balance’s performance running catalog. There’re a lot of models of this brands that have the same ride characteristic, due to the absence of a different tier strategy.

 Therefore, if someone is seeking a fast running shoe for race day or for long training sessions, a flexible pair of shoes for all kinds of workouts or maybe a pair, which you can easily take from a gym to a pub or bar, there’s always something there for you to choose. In this post, we have listed the best New Balance running shoes, which you should own right now!

1. Cushioned Neutral: New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay V3

New Balance Mens M980 Boracay Running Shoe

This model was first called as the Fresh Foam 980 – also known as the first model of New Balance to include Fresh Foam midsole. After that, the brand dropped 980 label and renamed this model after a Philippines’ beach.

New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay V3 is such a perfect cushioned trainer, which is specially made for you. It is one of the best Fresh Foam soles of New Balance and provides a highly cushioned feeling to such a typical lightweight trainer.

  • Well-fitting upper
  • Lightweight
  • Quick turnover
  • Suspect that whether its cushioning is appropriate for full marathon
  • Something found in its toe box cause a toe pain whenever over double digits.
  • The rocker on its toe takes time to get used to

2. Trail runner: New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v3

New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v3 mens

This model is one of the best various trail offerings of New Balance. Thanks to the greatest amount of cushion that it features, New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v3 is specially designed to give runners a comfortable feeling on any trails. Just as most of the trail shoes, a layer of protection is added to the shoe’s toe – so, in this case, New Balance has added a thin layer made of rubber across the toe to deal with sticks, rocks, and tree roots. Thanks to this, it helps with the shoe’s durability as well.

To conclude, the ride is soft but responsive. It’s stable, thanks to its wide platform, but not wide enough to make it become boxy on your feet. I’m still impressed with the way New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v3 deals with all different surfaces.

  • Wide base helps to keep the shoes always stable on most of the trails
  • Quick turnover and aggressive upturn on the shoe’s toe
  • Sock-line upper helps to keep the dirt out
  • Vibram outsole is able to grab everything
  • Lots of cushion for long trail runs
  • Wide base also means narrow trails, thus, it may be difficult to navigate.
  • The shoe’s upper does not include lots of structure

3 Premium cushioned trainer: New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v8

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v8

In this year, New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v8 just features some minor changes to the shoes, which promises to give runners a softer and smoother ride. The major difference between this one and its previous version is a switch from the convex into concave geometric patterning on the midsole’s outside.

The flex grooves in its forefoot help to add and remain the flexibility to provide a smooth ride. Personally, I really appreciated the shoe’ traction since it can perform well on various conditions and terrain.

  • The hexagonal outsole can grip well
  • Wider footprint offers a supportive and stable ride
  • Its tailored fitting upper is very comfortable
  • Value vs. Price isn’t in line.
  • Updates to its midsole haven’t improved its dull or unresponsive ride

4. Perfect racer: New Balance 1500v4 Running Shoe

New Balance 1500v4 Running Shoe

With speed is a majority, New Balance 1500v4 Running Shoe is designed to become a perfect companion for you in race day. Thanks to the Boa Fit System and a full bootie construction, this shoe features quick entry. Moreover, it also comes with an adjustable fit, which is excellent for transitions in the triathlon or whenever you just simply need to feel fast.

New Balance 1500v4 Running Shoe is a racing shoe and this means that it’s aiming at such a niche marketplace, however, it’s certainly among top flagships of New Balance. Some competition consists of Adidas Adizero Tempo shoes, ASICS DS Racer and Saucony’s Fastswitch

  • Great support for the overpronation
  • Its sole features tread pattern
  • Its upper comes with booty construction
  • Responsive and light ride
  •  These shoes are hard to wear every day

5. lightweight neutral trainer: New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4

This model is a typical lightweight and neutral trainer, which is a harmonious combination of a fast, snappy and responsive feeling and a soft and smooth cushioned ride. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4 comes with a more breathable, newer upper, and a comfortable bootie construction. It’s such a flexible shoe, which can be widely used for racing 5ks or even marathon distances. This product will be a great companion for efficient runners.

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4 is an excellent example of the rule “Keep it simple”. It’s enough of everything you need and no more. You don’t look at this model and see something more than just a plain-looking sneaker atop a single layer of foam sole.

  • Durability
  • Snappy and cushioned
  • Much softer than its previous version
  • Lightweight and even much lighter than the previous version
  • A jack of all trades.
  • Quite tight in the mid-foot area

6. Lightweight racer: New Balance 1400V5

This New Balance 1400V5 is my favorite one thanks to its all-round goodness. Its low profile and lightweight construction mean that it can be used for races. Simultaneously, its midsole has more cushioning in comparison with a racing flat. This shoe’s quality makes it appropriate for fast training runs with a comfortable feeling.

Its upper fit is dialed in as well. Although the shoe’s upper is snug, it’s still comfortable. On the other hand, its interiors are smooth and it also features ample ventilation. The price of New Balance 1400V5 is about 100$, which is such s sweet deal for you.

  • Design for movements, which help runners feel free and fast
  • Its new outsole can grip very well on all tracks and roads
  • Excellent transitions
  • The quality of its ride is a perfect mix of cushioned and firm
  •  Still lack the best width sizing

7. long haul: New Balance 1260v7

This model is a trainer, which is suitable for a long haul. Such a great amount of support along with the lower drop make New Balance 1260v7 become a premium shoe with high stability.

New Balance has come back again in the top of manufacturing stability shoes. New Balance 1260v7 provides runners with control, comfort and offers them the self-confidence to go hard whenever they want to.

The shoe is a little bit heavy, just as the model of last year. Although it may feel quite bulky, it isn’t bad at all, especially when compared to other competitors.


  • The shoe includes such an impressive amount of the reflective details
  • Lower 8-millimeter-drop lets this shoe perform faster but still not sacrifice its comfort
  • Includes such a great amount of cushioning and provides a good level of stability.


  • Price.
  • This shoe is quite bulky

8. Daily trainer: New Balance Fuelcell

This model is such a good start to a brand new line of responsive and fast daily trainers. New Balance Fuelcell features a sleek-looking upper and an energy effective outsole.

The shoe comes with a new technology called FuelCell along the shoe’ length. Thanks to this new addition, New Balance Fuelcell offers a responsive and resilient ride for the best speed. Moreover, it also includes last VL-6 and dynamic material for the upper to offer a unique aesthetic and aggressive fit for runners.

Nevertheless, I strongly recommend those who love this New Balance Fuelcell to test out another pair of competing shoes with the TPU midsole foam because the foam of top layer of this shoe is quite stiff.

  • Responsive and flexible sole
  • Fast and sleek feel
  • Durable upper’s construction
  • The breathability of its midsole is poor
  • It’s not really a real cushioned shoe.
  • Still includes some manufacturing blemishes

9. High cushioned and light stability: New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v2

The innovation of fresh foam has kicked into a brand new gear with the advent of fresh foam Vongo. New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v2 is specially designed for those who want light stability but still need a smooth, soft transition. It gives runners the optimized balance of support and cushioning as well.

The sole’s extended flex groove helps to increase the flexibility of the shoe in the forefoot as well as bring a less stiff midfoot because it bends much more readily in total. The midsole of Varus Wedge is a saving grace of New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v2 toward its stability. It is breathable and comfortable for your runs in the hot summer.

  • Its toe box is quite average between close-fitting and roomy (but still more on the later side)
  • Great cushion
  • Comfortable and fit
  • Breathable
  • Higher weight and lower stability than its previous version.
  • Quite expensive for a pair of shoe that feels good while walking but doesn’t provide lots of support for a run

10. Seasoned runner: New Balance Vazee Pace v2

This model of New Balance is a great performance, no-frills daily trainer. New Balance Vazee Pace v2 should be listed in the list of selections for seasoned runners, who look for a pair of shoes, which can deal with main mileage whilst still offering an efficient, firm ride and comfort.

All features about this New Balance Vazee Pace v2 screams back to the basic performance, from the meaty rubber pods to old-fashioned to spring and from a perfect fit to a no-nonsense midsole. Therefore, this model is mainly designed to be good at a heavy training, which is needed for a competitive runner.


  • Offers a wide range of color options
  • Comfortable upper
  • Perfectly fit
  • Durable


  • The laces on the size 12 are very short
  • No interesting tech.
  •  Not the lightest option in the category

New Balance Running Shoes- all you need to know

New Balance was established in 1906 – by the time when William J. Riley – an entrepreneur made his decision to launch a brand, which is specific for arch supports that contour to the runner’s foot shape. Until the 1960s, the daughter of Riley and his son-in-law introduced their first New Balance shoe to the world. Nowadays, this brand is widely known as one of the best shoe manufacturers around the world. New Balance always carries on bringing such a unique combination of style and performance in each pair.

Unlike its competitors, who have China manufacture their products, New Balance always chooses its material carefully and has good ideas in creating an unequaled product of its best quality to cross the line. New Balance portrays its care for craftsmanship in its shoe, which goes along with its motto and belief, “Let’s Move The World” and “We Were Born To Move”. The company stands out and shows its differences but still shines in such a competitive industry.

What about the results? New Balance’s running shoes offer great performance, fashion, technology, and quality among thousands of shoes. This company always focuses on the needs of its customers and promotes its technology every day to enhance the performance of the runners. Millions return to its products and would not dare to run with other products.

 Whether you’re seeking for a stable shoe or anything else that offers barefoot-like experience, this brand always has a suitable pair for your need. Not all of its products have a good review. However, some have reputation including New Balance 1080, New Balance Minimus Road, New Balance 1400, New Balance 1260.

What are the most outstanding features of New Balance shoes running shoes?

Shoe Technologies

As a part of New Balance’s commitment to improving the runners’ sports potential, the brand carries on promoting its footwear features and technology. As the time goes by, the result is the astonishment of running community, thanks to the progress of shoe’s innovations in the running collections of New Balance. Some of its best shoes nowadays are all incorporated with the brand’s exclusive features, like Bootie Tongue, Oblique Toe Box, VL-6 last, Asymmetrical Heel Counter, RevLite Foam, Fantom Fit System, Ndurance outsole, ABZORB midsole, N2 Cushioning System, and Fresh Foam Midsole among others.


Craftsmanship is a pride of New Balance. As a matter of fact, this company is the only shoe company to create its running shoes in the United State (4 million pairs each year, across 5 factories). The brand also employs 210 employees in the United Kingdom, with the similar craftsmanship and quality construction. Obviously, New Balance is focused on development and research and doesn’t rest on its successes in the past. This is among the reasons why this brand focuses its attention on offering the shoes with the highest quality


New Balance comes with a lot of shoes at a reasonable price on the marketplace. Beginners and casual runners can find a good pair for their requirements at a good price. The price of its best shoes ranges between 140$ and 180$. On the other hands, an affordable pair of this brand only costs about 80$ - 90$.

New Balance running shoes include three collections:

We have predicted the trend now: In recent years, most of the shoe brands categorize their products into 3 collections: Suppor, Neutral and Motion Control as we can seee with Brooks and Nike. However, the New Balance is different from those. We split our collections into three Adapt, Unleash and Commit. Each category has it’s own specific features to fit with different kinds of user.

ADAPT – Fresh Foam:

Best choice for smooth and soft ride. Inside this ADAPT collection, you can find those types of shoes: from stability to cushioning, road-to-trail and trails. Below are our major models: New Balance Fresh Foam Gobi, New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro, New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3, New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo, New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v7.

COMMIT – NBx collection:

Focus on the high mileage. Those shoes are a proof of the most successful collection of New Balance for many years. There's a wide range of excellent shoes in there: New Balance 5000v2, New Balance 1400v4, New Balance Leadville v3, New Balance 1260 v6, New Balance 880v6, New Balance 860v6.

UNLEASH – Vazee collection:

Focus on fast runs and responsive ride. It’s the optimized option for faster training days, or for your races as the age-grouper, as well as for the runners, who love a responsive feeling within their runs. Some typical models: New Balance Vazee Summit, New Balance Vazee Prism v2, New Balance Vazee Rush v2, New Balance Vazee Pace v2, New Balance Vazee 2090.

ADAPT – Fresh Foam:

How can New Balance running shoes help you?

The running shoes of New Balance are made for the track, gravel, roads and even the mountains, trail and off-roads. The trail runners will like the great combination of traction, comfort, and protection offered by the trail shoes’ collections of New Balance. Otherwise, the range of its road shoes will offer runners with responsiveness, comfort and shock attenuation for pavement actions.

For marathons and races, a pair of New Balance’s race shoes will be able to help runners improve their performance and speed. Whether you need to race on the roads or trails, the race-specific technologies of those shoes will always keep you feeling light and versatile on your feet.

In case you go after minimalist running, then a minimal and light platform, which doesn’t compromise the shoe’s responsiveness, protection, and comfort, is what you need. In this case, the minimalist shoes of New Balance are an ideal option for such activities. Nevertheless, if you need less cushioning and better ground contact, the low drop shoes of this brand are the best choice.

 Runners have various arch heights. For those who have medium or high arches, a pair of neutral shoes, which is a hybrid kind between stability and minimalist trainers, from New Balance, with its flexible property, will be a great companion for you. On the other hand, for those who have low arches, their feet require the support of specific pronation control and technology properties of New Balance stability shoes and New Balance motion control shoes.

New Balance trail running shoes

There are more than 100,000+ reviews on the internet involving their remarkable design and performance is a great experience of what New Balance brings to customers. You do not need wasting time to search for a suitable shoe, because now you have New Balance.

Whether you are a beginner or an elite runner, it is not a matter with New Balace. It offers you many different kinds of shoes so that you can find a suitable shoe. In addition, trail shoes also adapt to your size and mechanic. New Balance features a big selection of choices for runners, who would like to use the more cushioned path, heavier footwear because of longer runs. The improved cushioning is suitable for sustained runs on the trail. Moreover, these padded path footwear would also be ideal for heavier or large-framed runners.

 New balance also create many pairs of shoe for those who would like to speed up during their trail runs. Being faster means that you run on a relatively lightweight shoe, thus you can pick one from many options suggested by New Balance. If you have a special need for your trail, you can choose a considerably lighter version along with sufficient cushioning to make your shoe more versatile. As far as footwear is considered, New Balance meets all demand from trail runners.

What to look for in the best New Balance trail running shoes?

  • Weight. Weight is an important factor you have to consider when you choose the best New Balance trail shoes. In the case of lesser build, you can choose the lighter New Balance trail shoe to go faster. However, during the period of recovery on the trail, this type of runner is advised to pick the heavier ones.
  • Outsole Build: compared to other parts of the trail shoe, the outsole build is the most important. Nontheless, if the runner hopes to challenge themselves on trail routes, the more aggressive outsole will be the most suitable. It features excellent tranction on rough outdoor terrain. On the other hand, if the runners want to use the trail pair in different situations, New Balance will provide them with less aggressive treads or lug patterns.
  • Waterproof: Water cannot absorb into New Balace owing to its waterproof trail specific shoes in their line.

5 most popular New Balance trail running shoes:

  • New Balance Vazee Summit v2

 With the New Balance Vazee Summit Trail v2 can be seen as a sleek, soft and fast trail shoe assisting runners to run as quickly as possible regardless of the terrain. The Vazees’ combination of protection and speed will help runners to control on any types of terrain.

  • New Balance 1210v2

The New Balance Leadville 1210v2 features a cushioned and comfortable trail shoe with amazing traction. Hence, it is really suitable for long trail runs. One weakness of this shoe is that it does not fit completely with my foot, so sometimes pine needles and pebbles disrupt my run.

I wore the New Balance Leadville 1210v2 on many kinds of terrain, from rocks, mud, roots to sand. However, it is easy to clean this shoe only by using a good spray with the hose.

  • New Balance Fresh Foam 980 Trail

The New Balance Fresh Foam 980 Trail applies a new foam technology, thus it creates ideal cushioning in a lightweight package. Many runners considered the 980 Trail as a “maximalist” during the advertising campaign, however, they made a mistake. In fact, the 980 trail is a workhorse of a trail runner. Another feature is that it has nimble 10.5 ounces.

On one hand, the 980 Trail offers more protection for longer distances. On the other hand, it offers flexibility and lightweight for runners to run fast and feel spry. It is suggested that you should own a pair of the 980 Trail when you go shopping at local running specialty store.

  • New Balance Minimus 10       

The Minimums 10 GT can suitable for many fitness goals and satisfy many users. On snowy or wet trails or roads, the GT is responsible for keeping your feet dry and warm, as well as creating smooth traction from a minimal platform.

 The Minimus 10 is a combination of the ruggedness of its trail counterpart and the friendliness of its road. If you have the trouble with outdoor conditions, the Gore-Tex waterproof upper of the GT will protect your feet. Another strength is that the form fitting last and upper assist you to wear the fit sock or not. The Multi-sport versatility of the Minimus 10 makes it to be a shoe both suitable for running and wearing to the gym.

New Balance road running shoes

Road running shoes of New Balance is particularly designed with wonderful cushioning. Thanks to this cushioning, you will be amazed at how long the foam holds up from the punishment it takes as well as how pulpy the foam is. Additionally, the company also has long-lasting midsole foams giving perfect shock absorption.

New Balance is really successful in creating midsole technologies that not only give a responsive but also really soft cushioning. With this soft foam, it helps runners to get rid of pain and tiredness in their foot meanwhile maintains useful qualities which are necessary for a powerful run.

 New Balance running shoes are suitable for all surface of road and all kind of training activities. In fact, you can use these shoes for any activities from short or long course racing, gym training, tempo workouts to the daily stroll in the park.

What are the main features of New Balance road running shoes?

  • Weight. Commonly, the weight of shoes is recommended to be correspondent with the runner’s weight. Those who have heavier weight should choose a heavier pair of shoes; thus, it can gives them a great cushioning, stability as well as protection. The shoe which is light-weight is very useful for speed during a race. By contrast, the heavier shoe would become the best friend for casual training.
  • Heel-Toe Drop. It is recommended that 8mm or lower be the ideal difference between (midsole + outsole) heel height and (midsole + outsole) forefoot height. In reality, it would be the ideal option for those who want to receive better tactile feedback. However, for runners who would prefer the more traditional setup, the 10mm or higher differential would be suitable for them.
  • Arch Support. New Balance road shoes are specially designed for those who have different running mechanics. Therefore, it has various designs that is suitable for supinators, neutrals, and overpronators.

5 most popular New Balance road running shoes

New Balance 990 v4

The oldest version of New Balance road running shoe has been improved. Although only sporting factor is subtly changed, this improved version gives the runner exceptional comfort, long-lasting protection, and mid-foot stability. Thus, it is undeniable that this is a great option for daily workouts and training.

New Balance 840 v3

One of the outstanding features of the New Balance 840 v3 that impresses most of the runners is the incredible comfort.

The New Balance 840 v3 is particularly designed in order to give the best cushioning as well as comfort for runners who want to run for a long time. The arch support is to neutral runners to feel as comfortable as possible. Every inch of this running shoes is decorated like traditional shoes, particularly the weight, heel height, cushioning, and heel offset.

New Balance 1540 v2

The New Balance 1540 v2 is another kind of running shoes that can control motion and provide amazing comfort. Moreover, it is dramatically updated in terms of durability, cushioning, and design as well. Therefore, it will permit runners to pound their way to their goals. Many users also noticed that the New Balance 1540 v2 has good ventilation.

New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz

A majority of runners the found the comfortable and responsive nature in the design of the New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz. These shoes are specially made for neutral runners, it helps to give the users a soft cushioning and a smooth heel-to-toe transition for an amazing experience. Additionally, it has various colors and meets both everyday and workout requirements. In a word, not only do these shoes have fascinating looks but they are also an effective tool for performance.

New Balance FuelCell
 The New Balance FuelCell is carefully made for neutral road runners. Thanks to the amazing weight and comfort level of this kind of shoes, runners will no longer have to adjust the shoe before wearing it. Indeed, the technology of New Balance FuelCell helps you to be always in a ready status to be able to run.


We are confident that if you consider some of those factors when making decisions, you can find a suitable pair of New Balance running shoes, which meets your need. Before getting out there and running, we have also compiled a few questions, which usually arise when seeking for a new pair of running shoe.

Q: There's a wide range of New Balance models with lots of versions, so, how can I know which one is suitable for me?

A: This’s a popular concern if you have just known New Balance. We are here to help you and do all the legwork for you. Our guide of buying is a result of the latest and the best versions, which the company has on the marketplace. Please trust us when we say that you will be familiar with the numbers of our models very soon. This’s because people are usually attracted to a certain model and tend to stick with this through each of its version’s update. You can even find yourself buying a few pairs of your preferred models from New Balance.

Q: Does the suede of some models get worn or is it durable?

A: The suede of New Balance is at the best resilience that you can find on the marketplace. In addition, our company is very careful to use the colors of suede. Our chosen colors are more forgiving than their lighter counterparts. You can find that our customers show off their suede as an honor, not as an outdated fashion statement.

Q: What are the differences between the trainers and running shoes of New Balance?

A: Runners have less protection through their feet’s balls and more cushioning in their heel for better impact. This’s because they’re meant for the forward movement. When runners are over the moon, they will generate much more heat, therefore, they may feature breathable materials and mire mesh to keep their feet cool.

On the contrary, trainers provide much more ankle support, not only for the forward movements but also for lateral movement. They’re good for aerobics, weights, light runs and other similar activities. We suggest that you should make your decision for the activities that you will use your shoes for. An ideal situation is to remain a flexible rotation of your footwear.

Q: Are the New Balance models good for trails, which are more technical?

A: Certainly. These’re capable and rugged models for trail running. As a matter of fact, the models on the buying guide put through their paces and received hundreds of good reviews from the real users around the world, who depend on their footwear whilst they’re in nature and require for the durability of their trail runners. We have listed some links to those shoes on the most exhausting of trails for more inspiration.

Q: Do those shoes expend when I put them on?

A: They often stay true to their size and don’t expand. Thus, when trying them, you had better ensure that you feel comfortable. Not too loose or not too tight. Ensure that you try your shoes later, in the same day, because your feet will swell within the day or after a workout.

Q: How do those shoes perform in the wet terrain?

A: Due to their breathability, it is not recommended to wear your shoes in the wet terrain because the water or other wet elements can make their way inside your shoes easily. Although the mesh, suede and other elements of your shoes are selected carefully for walking, running and good performance, we don’t suggest using them in wet terrains. In case you really need to wear New Balance running shoes in these terrains, then, you should be careful when choosing appropriate ones, however, do not bet on staying dry.


 Hope that the above-mentioned recommendations will be helpful for you when you don’t know how to choose the perfect pair of New Balance running shoes for yourselves. Remember that choosing the suitable running shoes takes your time, money. Furthermore, it is also vital to select your shoes which is helpful for your personal use and needs. One more time, we truly hope this guide will give you all the necessary information you need; so that you will be able to make a right decision. Thanks for reading our article. Now it’s time for you to make the great selection and keep running!
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