Best New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis

For most of New Balance shoes, stability is the great feature they provide if you are finding best shoes for plantar fasciitis. As a matter of fact, shoes with the maximum stability may correct the symptoms of overpronation quickly. Also, plantar fasciitis insoles and shoes should guarantee the high level of comfort. Even a shoe provides the arch support or stability, if it is not comfortable, you may waste your money. Shoes under the New Balance brand name designed for the foot pain may come with the extra cushion. The reason for it is the cushioning can help you to diffuse the pressure away.

6 Best New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis

1. New Balance MW928 shoe

The New Balance MW928 shoe is possibly one of the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis. It offers utmost cushioning and stability even after several miles of use. Its subtle design comes in four colors to select from and looks great. This model indeed shows the beautiful usage with people experiencing the abnormal gait or foot pain. Its advanced stabilizing technology is surprisingly supportive, and its mid-foot cushioning will not fail to satisfy you. The shoe design includes the lateral comfort and stability in mind, from the toe box to the heel.

2. New Balance WW759 Country Walking Shoe

The New Balance WW759 Country Walking Shoe offers the convenience, thanks to its cushioning features in its design. It is referred as the shoe for the neutral feet with the minimalistic features in order to correct the pronation. So, this shoe is suitable for your hiking. Also, it has the thicker midsole which offers the extra durability as well as the excellent arch support. It has the high-quality layer under the Gore-Tex brand name, for additional protection and breathability in the shoe waterproofing range. In short, the shoe provides you maximum protection, and you can enjoy walking all day.

3. New Balance W1340v2 Optimum Control Running Shoe

The W1340v2 Optimum Control Running Shoe is equipped the Stabilicore support system to provide you the comfortable and healthy run. It allows for the ideal transition between this shoe and its heel strike, keeping you entirely balanced through. Its multi-density, polyurethane insert may give you support, flexibility, and comfort while its rubber outsole provides the excellent grip. Regarding the durability, its rubber compound is located especially on the parts which experience the maximum impacts. Besides, the extended support technology offers you additional pronation control and stability. With the large toe box, the shoe allows your toes to move comfortably, and you will not feel squeezed or compressed together. For these reasons, it was designed primarily for overpronators.

4. New Balance WL574 Outside In Pack Classic Running Shoe

Sporty and fashion-forward, the New Balance WL574 Classic Running Shoe can be what you are searching for your tough training time. They feature the lace-up part for the adequate fit adjustment with the durable outsole made of rubber. Like other shoes under New Balance brand name, the midsole of the shoe is made of the EVA foam to keep you very comfortable and well cushioned, no matter your running or walking time might be long. Its midsole technology can cushion all of your steps while providing you maximum durability and support. The upper of this lightweight shoe is fitted well with its breathable mesh, so your feet will remain fresh and cool, even when soaring temperatures.

5. New Balance W720V3 Running Shoe

The New Balance W720V3 Running Shoe is considered one of the most comfortable and reliable shoes with the affordable price. The shoe features the synthetic overlays and the mesh material in order to provide you the breathable and soft cover for the foot. Inside its sleeve, there is no sew technology used so far. This way prevents irritation while allowing the foot to move freely and relax. With its IMEVA molded material, its mid-sole provides the flexible cushioning for the underfoot part. Also, the shoe is streamlined enough for you to accelerate and move at higher speed than other similar ones. One distinctive feature of the shoe for other athletes, especially runners is that it is lighter than other shoes in this category.

6. New Balance 1080 V6 Running Shoe

new balance 1080 v5 running shoes

The New Balance W1080 Running Shoe is dedicated for runners with medium arches. This shoe delivers a well-cushioned and smooth running and walking experience. In fact, it is indeed true to size. The bootie construction and mid-foot overlays attempt to provide it the universal fit. Although the forefoot of the shoe is large than that part of the predecessors, the heel offers the medium fit. And you can adjust it to fit your feet perfectly by lacing the shoe. What’s more, its arch support can be supportive and decent, especially for those suffering from the foot pain previously. At last, the comfortable and soft tongue help you to keep the debris out, while its beveled heel can ensure stability.

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