Best Puma running shoes 2018

Puma is undoubtedly among the most famous footwear brands available on the marketplace. With the success on both trail and road, they continue to introduce fantastic running shoe options. The most highlighted part of this brand’s running shoes is its various designs, which attract both pro-runners and the novice. They provide shoes for the casual Puma fan as well as the elite runners – thanks to the research and edge technology that they put into their products. Any long-term Puma wearers can feel the durability and comfort that these shoes offer. Puma also features a wide range of running shoes. Therefore, regardless of the budget, there is always a suitable option for you.

In this post, we will introduce you top 10 Best Puma running shoes. All the options in the list below are the best one. We hope that you can find it helpful in selecting the next pair of Puma running shoes.

1. Puma Ignite Ultimate - best cushioning comfort

Puma Ignite Ultimate

Thanks to its superior comfort and responsive cushioning, this shoe is able to offer runners a good treat on the roads. Puma Ignite Ultimate has maximum breathability, traction and moderate arch support. Its substantial cushioning is now compensated by some flex grooves to bring it a good blend of versatility and flexibility.


  • The quality and performance of this shoe is worth its price
  • Very comfortable
  • Substantial flex grooves from forefoot to heel.
  • Ultra-breathable mesh, which helps it become an ideal option for humid and warm climates.


  • Quite heavy
  • This shoe is not the best choice for you if you are living in inclement-weather places.

2. Puma Tazon 6 Mesh - striking design

The striking design of this model will impress you. It is well-known with runners for its comfort, cushioning, breathability, and durability. Puma Tazon 6 comes with EVA midsole foam to provide a well-cushioned ride. The shoe also includes the dual-mesh upper and synthetic overlays. In addition, its dual-mesh offers maximum breathability to give runners a well-ventilated experience when running.

To conclude, with all of the technologies included in this shoe, there’s no doubt that this shoe is worth your money.


  • High-quality construction
  • Stylish design and a wide range of color options
  • The mesh upper material offers runners’ feet a breathable coverage when running


  • Some users mentioned that this shoe was too tight for their feet.

3. Puma Ignite Disc - very versatile

The revolutionary system – Disc Fit - is re-launched in this model. thanks to this, the shoe is now faster, sleeker and lighter than its original model. Puma Ignite Disc creates a glove-like fit along with a disc’s simple twist. This shoe also provides a foot-hugging upper made of Ignite foam for a responsive ride. In addition, it comes with tons of comfort and a moderate arch support for your running


  • Eye-catching and trendy design
  • Versatile and can be used for casual wear
  • It’s flexible
  • Its breathable mesh guarantees a sweat-free and cool run


  • Some runners said that the Disc system in their shoes was broken quickly

4. Puma Mobium Elite v2 - best choice for neutral runners

This model is a typical lightweight road shoe, which is specially designed for the neutral runners. It comes with an innovative technology called MoveCELL. It can follow the foot’s natural movement since it is able to flex in all directions. Moreover, it offers agreeable bendability to give runners a springy ride.

In addition, the EverTrack technology of Puma Ignite v2’s outsole gives it a great protection against the road’s damaging nature. On the other hand, this shoe offers reliable traction as well.


  • Stylish design and a wide range of color schemes
  • Mesh upper's material offers maximum breathability
  • The presence of expansion pods help it more flexible


  • The shoe’s bottom creates some unnecessary noise while running and walking
  • The shoe needs to have half-a-size bigger in comparison with the usual shoe’s size to achieve an accurate fit

5. Puma Ignite v2 - impressive cushioning

Puma ignite v2

This model gained its positive feedback from a lot of reviewers due to its components’ responsiveness and its impressive cushioning. Its mechanisms are comfortable and durable. Puma Ignite v2 is highly recommended for you, especially if you need a trustworthy running companion.


  • The platform’s flexibility allows you to move your feet much more naturally
  • Suitable for various activities
  • True to size
  • Affordable price


  • Some users are disappointed by the thin tongue of this shoe

6. Puma Speed 1000 S Ignite - perfect for long running distance

This product would be a great assistant providing you maximum stability and cushioning on long runs. The things making it well-known are its excellently breathable ride, comfortable interior and an upper completely hugging your foot. It is really ideal to support the shoe racks for the person suffering from over-pronation


  • Impressive qualities of cushioning and shock-absorbing ability
  • Wonderful breathability
  • Excellent outsole durability


  • Quite expensive
  • Quite heavy

7. Puma Ignite Mesh - best choice for neutral pronators

Any neutral pronators will find this product useful for their condition. This running shoe is actually flexible, comfortable and well-cushioned which is suitable for both short runs and daily training.

Particularly, its unique formula of PU foam makes up an excellent cushioning, helping to keep your energy and providing maximum responsiveness, boosting the movements of the users.

Besides, with the support of EverTrack Technology, its outsole could offer you great sturdiness, typically on the high-abrasion areas.


  • Providing the comfortable ride
  • The outsole offers sturdy build and reliable traction
  • Providing maximum flexibility, helping to make smooth transitions


  • The fabrics and stitching easily wear-off
  • Some runners might feel the shoe a bit tight and the shoe rather heavy

8. Puma Ignite PWRWARM - best road shoes for winter

If you are intending to run even in a cold condition and want to purchase a pair of shoes which helps you in this case, no looking further, this product is ideal for you. With the support of the technology thermoregulation in its upper, your foot temperature will instantly remain while running at night or in the cold weather. Moreover, the scheme of the one-hue color of its façade makes this product more neat-looking and vibrant.

Particularly, the underfoot platform of this shoe use the main material is IGNITE foam, offering you long-lasting cushioning, great responsiveness and comfort for your foot. Moreover, its heel area is also securely reinforced with the ForEver Foam.


  • The great traction helps you control your movements easier
  • The vibrant schemes of color
  • Natural flexibility


  • Some complaints about the size which is half bigger than the normal one
  • Few runners said this shoe did not offer cushioned and comfortable enough on the run

9. Puma Carson 2 - best daily running shoes

With the no-nonsense and uncomplicated design, this shoe can satisfy most of the users thanks to its great capacity and simple features offering you wonderful performance. It is also an ideal assistant for the ones avoiding extravagant wear.


  • Decent and affordable quality
  • Perfect arch support for neutral-pronators
  • Suitable for daily runs


  • Few users found this shoe a bit uncomfortable and tight
  • The outsole is quickly lost grip after a month of use

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10. Puma Tazon 6 Fracture - good-looking neutral road shoe

The design of this product can satisfy many purposes of the users, including working, daily using and even joining a party. This is thanks to its combination between the synthetic leather upper and good-looking fracture graphic.


  • Eye-catching and stylish design
  • Available color schemes
  • Excellent quality
  • Great effectiveness for a cross-trainer


  • You might need to spend a week to get accustomed to this shoe
  • Your foot might not feel comfortable, especially rather hot, while wearing it
  • You might feel uncomfortable to wear this shoe in half Marathons or on long runs

 Best Puma Running Shoes- Interesting facts

In the running industry, Puma is among the top brands having the great reputation through its numerous innovation and records. Starting to break into this market in 1950 with MAKANUDO-  the 5-bristle running shoe, Puma had made continuous running shoe technology revolution with more cell cushioning technology, well-performing spikes, and especially Mobium- a groundbreaking running shoe.

Besides, Puma has also attracted the concern of both advanced and casual runners thanks to its high quality of the innovative technology offering them wonderful experience on both trail and track. You can enjoy your maximum comfort and experience on the runs with the support of its products, such as Puma Mobum Etile Speed, Puma Faas 300 or Puma Faas 500. However, the rating of the running shoes for men and women are not the same.

What are the outstanding features of Puma running shoes


When purchasing the products of Puma, the price is not a big problem as it is relatively affordable. This is also one of the features making this shoe popular for both entry-level runners and casual athletes. Besides, it also offers you extra performance, comfort, and quality.


Innovation is one of the great features building the reputation of Puma. It always makes research to look for new innovations suitable for casual training, normal running, and racing. In fact, lots of professional athletes choose PUMA’s products for their competitive and training needs. Nowadays, although there are lots of new brands breaking into this market, the popularity of Puma still remains.

Footwear technologies:

Having a great reputation in the running shoe market, Puma has lots of array of technologies to support its performance footwear; and many available shoe innovations, including EVERFIT technology, FAASFOAM midsole, AIRmesh upper, EVERTRACK outsole or IGNITE Foam midsole. Consequently, you can find the best feature and technologies which are incorporated in the shoes of PUMA, offering excellent comfort, support, performance and protection on your runs.

Best Puma road running shoes

Not only does the Puma shoe offer great features and performance but also have eye-catching stylish appearances. This is also one of the great things attracting lots of users.

What are the features of the best Puma road running shoes?


The outsole is designed with EVA+ technology and Ever-Ride, offering your toes smooth movements. Besides, they also help to provide great impact absorption as well as boost the cushioning ability. EVAs are sturdy and lightweight which will support runners the comfortable feeling and faster movements.


In fact, many users will try the shoe or hold it in the hand to estimate its weight. For the running shoes provided by Puma, you can rest assured that it is extremely lightweight which just about 180 to 300 grams, offering the runners actually natural experiences. Consequently, there is no need to worry about that your shoe will prevent you from speed up or get you slow down why running as well as its capacity of shocking absorption.

Heel-to-toe drop:

Conventionally, the drop of the best road shoe offered by Puma is about 6 to 10 mm. This feature will help the runners make steady and secured movement and contact to the ground or surfaces. Particularly, this drop is different from the heel to toe, therefore give you a more natural style.


The shoe provided by Puma is surely made from the best materials and technologies, including breathable meshes resilient foams and translucent no-sew overlays, offering you the best footwear with excellent durability.


Thanks to the really lightweight feature, the use of this running shoe is flexible. You can use it for workouts, cardio training, daily activities, and even some sports such as basketball or tennis.

Flex notches:

This will help every step you make smoother as well as offer you extra breathability and flexibility.

5 most popular Puma road running shoes

1. Puma Ignite Proknit

This shoe can provide you a maximum comfort which is also the feature making this product outstanding. This is actually an ideal assistant for the user with the medium or high arch. Its use is versatility which can be used in workouts or daily activities.

2. Puma Ignite Ultimate Layered

With a unique appearance, it can challenge any kind of daily sneaker. Particularly, this product is designed to aim at keeping your energy remain which is really suitable for the neutral runners. It can support you enough energy and comfort on the runs.

3. Puma Cell Surin 2 FM

This is a favored product of lots of runners thanks to its affordability and versatility. It is made of the best materials and has a really eye-catching appearance. However, its scheme of color is still rather limited. Although few runners feel it a bit tight, most of them enjoy its comfortable fit and great wearing experiences.

4. Puma Flare Metal

This product is actually an excellent supports for lots of runners. Although it first appears rather simple, it is actually a bit complicated with the design of peeking metal flares or metal aglet. The Puma Flare Metal can offer you wonderful comfort and performance. It can satisfy not only lifestyle enthusiast but also the collectors of fashion-forward shoes.

5. Puma Ignite Limitless Weave

For any neutral-pronators looking for a running shoe, this product is a right choice for them. It can satisfy any casual runners thanks to its street-ready design. Its thermoplastic polyurethane add-ons will keep your foot in right place while the cover system of stretchy mesh will offer a great durability.

Besides, its perfect cushioning will help you avoid any impacts and minimize responsiveness on the runs. Plus, the Ignite foam in the drop will help to increase the support it offers. And the foot protection will be improved thanks to its rubber layers.

most popular Puma trail running shoes

1. Puma Faas 300 Trail

Puma Faas 300 Trail, which offers much more fashion than the function, is an entrance of Puma to its first venture to the mid-weight trail running shoe category. This model has some strength in its outsole lugs and midsole foam. Puma uses a dual density mesh for its shoe’s upper, which restricts breathability but still keeps lots of dust out of the shoe and still makes the shoe’s interior fairly plush.

2. Puma Trailfox 4

Puma has updated its fourth installment of Puma Trailfox 4. They have changed the shoe’s construction to make it much more comfortable. Puma Trailfox 4’s current midsole are continuous and made of Puma EML Lite Foam. This kind of foam offers good protection and nice cushioning without using TPU protection plate, which was utilized prior to.

Best Puma neutral running shoes

The neutral shoe is specially designed for those who have medium to high arch. The arch structure of a neutral running shoe isn’t as prominent as that of a stability shoe, since it doesn’t need to offer medical support for runners. The best neutral running shoes of Puma are in top most versatile options available on the marketplace. By prioritizing a lighter platform, runners are able to pursue racing and speed training on top of performance activities and regular fitness.

What are the features of Puma neutral running shoes


If all you need is to follow a natural running movement, then, a pair of neutral shoes with less cushioning in its midsole will be an ideal choice. There’re reliable midsole technologies from the brand, consisting of FAASFOAM+ midsole, ForEverFoam and IGNITE Foam Midsole among others.


Neutral shoes’ weight usually ranges between 150g and 300g. You should choose shoes, which weigh 150g to 230g if you need to pursue speed training and racing. There will be support and cushioning but in just limited amounts.


When choosing the neutral shoes for your shoe collection, the durability is a top priority. The outsole of a neutral shoe should be tough and abrasion resistant to withstand debris. Moreover, resilient upper technologies are also required to keep adequate coverage against all the elements. For the midsole, the long-lasting cushioning is needed to support top-notch and keep your feet comfort.

5 most popular Puma neutral running shoes

1. Puma Valor

This model is the response of Puma to the recreational or entry-level runners, especially for those who are searching for a reliable and lightweight neutral trainer. It provides ultra-breathability, moderate arch support, exceptional comfort and a style, which is able to take runners from their workplace or the mall to the road. Puma Valor is very pleasing to look at. Moreover, it also gives runners moderate no-frills performance, which helps it worth your money.

2. Puma Mega NRGY Turbo

This model is a running shoe of Puma, which aims to perform excellent performance on the roads, causing it to nearly equal to a racing shoe. Puma Mega NRGY Turbo is suitable for those who have high or medium arch and who are neutral pronators.

Its upper, which is made from the knitted mesh, strives to convey both breathability and comfort, and a high level of ventilation for your feet as well. Besides, it also comes with EverFit technology to give dynamic foot support to users.
3. Puma Ignite Ultimate Multi

Thanks to the solid performance of this model, Puma have matched their aesthetic value. The mesh of Puma Ignite Ultimate Multi is very light and wide, which allows for a cool run. The shoe’s upper is designed in layers so that it is extremely well-ventilated and can remain a lightweight support. In addition, the holes in its mesh help the colorful upper more visible and unique.

Puma Ignite Ultimate Multi features perfect cushioning with moderate arch support, great comfort, enough responsiveness as well as excellent breathable upper.

4. Puma Speed 500 Ignite NightCat

This running shoe aims to offer runners an extra edge of the speed. Its construction imitates professional racing wear. However, it’s efficient enough for your daily workout. Puma Speed 500 Ignite NightCat is perfect for road and the design of this shoe caters to those who have a neutral pronation.

5. Puma Carson 2 Nature Knit

Most of the runners are happy with this model. They love its appealing design, its versatile underfoot platform, its lightweight build, and its agreeable upper construction. Puma Carson 2 Nature Knit’s upper has such a porous construction that contributes to an excellently well-ventilated experience. Moreover, it also has an unassuming and muted look that attracts minimalist purchasers as well as those who do not want too much bulk.


In case you are searching for a reliable and comfortable shoe but do not want to spend lots of money, then, this article will help you. We hope that through this post, you can save lots of effort and time when choosing the best Puma shoes available on the marketplace.

Now, do not hesitate to choose the most appropriate pair for you, which is worth your money and can give you perfect runs!

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