Best Reebok Running shoes – 2018

Known as a European company specializing in producing and designing a range of accessories, footwear, and athletic apparel, Rebook focuses its attention on providing top quality sports and fitness items including training equipment, workout clothes, and running shoes.

 Coming to this company, you can find minimalist and maximalist shoes, as well as road and trail running shoes. In addition, with a very reasonable price, the company also attracts a lot of customers. If you would like to try something strange and new, or just get used to running, the Rebook shoes can meet your requirements. Below are the best-recommended shoes of the Rebook.

1. Yourflex Train 9.0 MT Running Shoe - best shoes for sport men

Yourflex Train 9.0 MT

With the textile and synthetic materials, the Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 9.0 MT Running Shoe is an ideal choice for all sportsmen and has a long – lasting service. This shoe is equipped with a high – quality rubber sole that helps move for various terrains in addition to the Eva sock-liner and a 3D Ultralite outsole. Let’s try it to enjoy amazing feeling now.  


  • Die cut Eva Sockliner
  • Imported
  • Low cut design
  • 3D Ultralite midsole and outsole


  • The toe box of the Yourflex Train 9.0 MT running shoe is a bit narrow.
  •  The shoe looks bulky.

2. Speed Rise - highly breathable

Reebok Speed Rise Womens shoes

With the amount of cushioning provided enough, Speed Rise makes you feel comfortable while moving. This running shoe is featured by its high breathability, a midsole with enough cushioning, and a low – cut design. This shoe is protected by a toe cap in the upper and supported by the vamp lace – up. In addition, its padded tongue and collar brings about comfort too.

Not only is it flexible and lightweight but the Speed Rise also offers good comfort thanks to its Memory Tech™ insole. 


  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Protection provided toe cap
  • Highly breathable
  • Low – cut design


  • Cushioning is not provided a lot because the Speed Rise shoe is a neutral running shoe.
  •  You may feel a bit narrow while running.

3. Run Supreme Spt Leather - the most flexible

Run Supreme Spt Leather

Why don’t you enjoy your amazing runs with this Reebok Men’s Run Supreme Spt Leather Running Shoe? You will look athletic when you wear it thanks to the multi-material upper while your feet can move comfortably with the help of underfoot flexibility. In addition, the comfort of this shoe is added by the soft midsole.

Apart from a rubber sole to help adapt different terrains easily, this running shoe also has a low cut design as well as a breathable mesh to ventilate better. In other words, your feet stays dry even after a long time of running.  


  • 3D Ultralite bottom
  • Medial perforations
  • Rubber sole
  • Soft EVA sockliner


  •  There is one complaint that it was torn out quickly

4. Hexaffect 4.0 Mtm - highest quality of synthetic material

Featured by a rubber sole, the running shoes is one of the top running shoe that can help you move easily on different kinds of terrain.

With a high abrasion rubber outsole, this shoe also provides you with more support and comfort. Made up of the best synthetic material, this running shoe can be used for a longer time than normal.

Furthermore, other its features include 3D fuse frame technology on the toecap and a hexagon sidewall detail, which helps protect your feet. Let’s try it to have amazing experiences.


  • Hexagon sidewall detail
  • Low - cut design
  • Breathable mesh upper


  •  A bit heavy.

5. Reebok Harmony Road - best choice for long runs

Considered a reliable daily trainer, the Reebok Harmony Road is designed to be able to provide an extremely responsive and comfortable ride every day while dealing with high mileage. 

The Reebok Harmony Road shoe runs true to size and suitable for moderate threshold workouts, easy runs, and long runs as well. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy high speed, this shoe is not a good idea because of the Harmony Road’s high heel-toe offset (13.2 mm) and weight (10.7 oz).  


  • Functional durability and expected to exceed 350 miles out of these shoes.
  • Responsive ride
  • Well cushioned


  • Aesthetically uninspiring
  •  Not highly recommended for speedy works such as intervals or quick tempos because of their heavy weight.

6. Reebok Floatride Run - neutral daily trainer

With the design to be a neutral daily trainer, the Reebok Floatride Run combines the unique design with a lightweight assembly which brings about a secure and comfortable ride for runners.

Rebook is going to release some new running shoes of daily trainers including Harmony Road shoes and the OSR Sweet Road. Let’s wait to explore something new in this new lineup.   


  • Lightweight sole
  • Unique upper design


  • Stiff plastic cage
  • Odd feeling upper material transitions
  • Upper ‘tongue’ begins to get loose

7. Reebok Quickchase - great choice for all terrains

Reebok Quickchase running shoes

If you are looking for a pair of shoe to run like a pro, then the Reebok Men’s Quickchase Running Shoe will definitely not make you disappointed. Made up of synthetic material and good quality leather, this running shoe can be used for a long time.

Also designed with a rubber sole, the Reebok Quickchase can be used to run on various kinds of terrains and it is also one of the top highly appreciated running shoes with Cmeva midsole and Reebok logo. To be able to possess it within the next 24 hours, all you need to do is order now and it is certainly a right decision.  


  • Iconic reebok logo
  • Cmeva midsole
  • Low-cut design
  • Mesh upper and open weave


  •  Some runners have complained that this shoe seems to be too tight for them.

8. Reebok Zprint Running - the highest quality of textile

Reebok ZPrint 3D running shoes

This type of shoes is strongly suggested for all trainers because it is made up of the most excellent quality of synthetic material and textile. Additionally, it is also durable thanks to the feature of synthetic sole and low-cut.

With its midsole made of 3D foam with high density, this high – grade running shoes are expected to make you greatly comfortable and one more thing about this shoes is that it is very durable and long lasting, thus it worths every penny.


  • Midsole with high density 3D foam
  • Low - cut design


  •  Rather narrow.

9. Reebok Z-Jet - greatest traction shoes

It can be said that it is its high comfort, flexibility, and light weight that make Reebok Z-Jet popular. This running shoe is featured by its high breathability, a midsole foam offering cushioning, and a low – cut design. A toe cap in the upper is responsible for protection while its vamp lace –up offers support. You also can get more comfort from its padded collar an tongue.

Not only is it flexible and lightweight but the Speed Rise also offers good comfort thanks to its Memory Tech™ insole. 


  • The smooth use of seamless upper brings about the lightweight feeling.
  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic and mesh 
  • Flexible design and traction pattern on the sole
  • Breathable and light


  •  Quite expensive

10. Reebok ZQuick 2.0 - best shoes for athletes

The Reebok ZQuick 2.0 shoes are designed with flexible and lightweight EVA foam to help cushioned ride, the good return of energy, and the firm midsole. In addition, no sew in the upper makes it more flexible, and the air can move freely to keep your feet cool and dry because of the mesh.

The upper ensures the secure fit and stabilizes the whole feet. One of the features of the Reebok ZQuick 2.0 shoes are highly appreciated is the weight because these are among the most lightweight shoes produced by Reebok.   


  • Very lightweight
  • Designed with the special outsole geometry to improve the flexibility of the shoe
  • The high abrasion rubber in the outsole can increase the durability


  •  There are some feedbacks that the shoes felt a bit slippery, especially in the wet conditions.

All you need to know about the Reebok Running Shoes

Established in 1895, Reebok is now found in almost anywhere in the world and is trusted by many professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Indeed, it provides track and field sponsorships for a lot of athletes such as Shalonda, Blake Russell, Micah Kogo and Simone Facey. Based on rating results and reviews, the Reebok One Guide and the Reebok All Terrain are among the popular models of the brand.

 Reebok running shoes can assist both on track and on trail. Apart from running, the versatility of those shoes make them available for cross training, casual purposes and performance activities. You don’t have to worry about your low or high arches (if you do have those) because there is always a pair to fix that - it can improve your performance without any changes in style and comfort. Reebok proves its stability as a brand by continuously improving with new technologies and technical features, especially for running. However, some of their models don’t have such good reputation; therefore, thorough research before spedning your money is of great importance.

What makes the best Reebok running shoes different from other shoe brands?


Regardless of its old establishment, Reebok still offers a collection of the best running shoes at an affordable price. Their performance models cost only a reasonable amount and are available for beginners, enthusiasts and athletes in the running field. There are footwear products suitable for beginners and casual runners starting at a very bargaining price of only $50-$70 and also technical pairs ranging from $130 to $150. Reebok also offers a variety of footwear which might be fit for any level of budget and/or experience.


For it is established in the 80s, Reebok has its name well known across the whole active community. Fitness enthusiasts and athletes entrust their trail and track needs to the brand because they believe in the quality of the shoes. Reebok isn’t just famous among runners - its reputation is also acknowledged by the running authorities, such as Men’s Health and T3 through a number of awards like “Top Puck for All-Around Shoe”, “Best Running Shoe Award”, and “Best Shoe for CrossFit Traning”.

Shoes technologies

Reebok shoes’ speed and performance are enhanced by great footwear technologies; therefore, the following are some innovations that you can expect from Reebok’s best collection:

  • Floatride Foam: due to the ultimate performance and comfort it provides, this one is the “most technically-advanced running shoe to date”. Floatride Foam is cell-structured, hence its consistency and smooth cushioning and responsiveness.
  • air-inspired technology: 25 years afterpumping air into a basketball shoe, Reebok has renovated its air filling technology to provide adjustable fits in the new low-top running shoes. Each shoe features a cage filled with air that borders the entire foot to adapt to each person’s foot shape. The ZPump Fusion and Fusion Sleeve models are the most successful ones in applying this technology.
  • 3D-Printed Sneaker Tech: it’s a Huge Step Forward - creating active outsoles which are receptive and graceful. The first sneaker Reebok has ever produced using this technology is the Liquid Speed, and we can definitely count on the brand to do even more than that.

How to Find the Perfect running Shoe for You by Reebok

Chris, who works at Reebok’s corporate headquarters in Canton, MA, began his story by telling us that he would take through the biomechanics and construction of how we move. Chris wanted to see the appearance of hands when he asked the question “How many people buy shoes because they are cute?” He said that although many people decided to get new shoes because they are in nice colors and cute but the most important thing is not just appearance but the final purpose we really need for. 

Running is considered a broad type for shoes and the majority of people have also possessed their own running shoes. The matter is how to pick a good running shoe. Manufactured by Reebok, the Series One running shoes is different from other shoes on the shoe market. The Series One Guide helps with pronation and stability: 

  • There are 3 zones culling out different densities in the midsole. Its purpose is to help you meet different requirements from your shoes while you change your gait cycle from heel, midstance, to toe – off. When you starting moving from the heel, you need support from something firm and being able to cushion you. As turning into the midstance stage, stabilization is required and propulsion is necessary in toe- off phase. With its design, the Series One will allow these three stages of your gait to happen smoothly.
  • There is difference between the density and material in the lining part and the upper of the shoe and the midsole’s. The purpose of the upper is provide more stabilization and support while the forefoot is made in the form of mesh to support the breathability.
  •  Rebook claims that this shoe is built in the way the foot moves and from back to front. Rebook has designed its shoes to mimic your gait cycle instead of the bottom up so that your shoe can imitate how your foot moves and deal with your gait.
  • While the Reebok One Series shoe is designed to support pronators ranging from mild to moderate level, Reebok One Series Cushion is considered a neutral product for those who are not interested in pronation. This shoe is designed with a stable arch area in order to provide maximum comfort. In contrast, the Reebok One Series Guide is a stable shoe that is added with a denser foam in the arch to handle with pronation. So, you shouldn’t crash while changing your gait cycle.  
  • It is relatively rare to find super- pronation (or pronating outwards) and what you need is a motion control shoes.
  • The One Series also supports for pronation. In case you do not know how to pronate, don’t hesitate to visit a local running speciality store to receive a gait analysis and make a right decision.

In addition to the One Series shoes, another popular running shoe is barefoot running or known as minimalism, which was getting more popular thanks to the book Born to Run. This book tells about a man who got injured while he was running to get to Mexico. Then, he found an ancient Mexican tribe who could run a very long distance in shoddily made sandals or by going barefoot for many days. Therefore, he would like to figure this out.

Today there is a movement to see the biomechanics of how people run without shoes and being injured. The reason is that the average time of elite marathon seemingly remains unchanged since the complex running shoes were invented. And Rebook has created the Real Flex shoe.  

  • Real Flex is a natural motion shoe instead of a barefoot shoe.
  • The sole of Real Flex shoe is broken into 76 centers to bring about users the feel of ground and greater flexibility.  
  •  You may know that when it refers to the heel drop of shoe, it means the height gap between the forefoot height and the heel height. That is, if the drop shoe is zero, there is no change in the height. With the design of a 12mm heel drop, Rebook shoe has a low millimeter drop. However, this is based on the biomechanics of how we run. Besides, to gain the most efficient for your gait, the heel drop needs to be as low as possible. Another reason is we intend to strike more on the mid- foot or fore- foot.

Best reebok trail running shoes

Famous for the excellent traction, Reebok trail shoes can be used on rugged outdoor or tough terrains. With these shoes, the runners can change their direction effortlessly or even jump over the tough rocks easily. In addition, going downhill or uphill is not a challenge anymore with the help of the outsole configuration.

What are the best features of reebok trail running shoes?

Lightweight. Considered an ideal shoe for trail racing, Reebok provides lightweight trail specific shoes. In spite of being designed for racing with light weight, these trail shoes still can offer ample protection from sharp objects as well as from the ground along the way.

Highly protective. Protection plates, toe guard, and lace pockets are among common protection features of these trail shoes. Protection plates play a role as a buffer underfoot to protect your feet from hard objects and rocks. The toe guard is responsible for avoiding the forefoot to be exposed with sharp objects while lace pockets helps keep laces away from roots or jutting twigs. 

Aggressive lug pattern. With their extremely durable and tough pattern, they can handle with not only the challenges of the trail but the difficulties of obstacle racing as well. This is definitely much challenging than the more technical and rugged trail running.  

Premium cushioning. This feature is designed for heavy runners who would like soft cushioning which can reduce the pressure on their knees and heels. Besides, these cushioned trail shoes can also be used by speedsters for relaxing run as well as recovery from the rigors caused by trail racing. 

Waterproof. Used on a few types of Reebok trail shoes, GORE-TEX upper helps ensure a dry run while running even in the harsh weather. If the run on the trail happens in hot condition, you also do not have to worry because this breathable upper will help dry sweat conveniently. 

Outsole build. Reebok is debatably designed with the best outsoles in the trail running industry which are amazingly durable to boot and totally ideal even for the toughest terrain.

Weight. The weight of Reebok trail shoes is among 11 – 16 oz. While large runners tend to prefer the heavy trail shoes, the light ones are suitable for the racers and less - framed people. If you want to find shoes for recovery days, then average weight shoes are a great choice.

5 Best reebok trail running shoes

1. Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0

Attracting the attention of various running enthusiasts, the Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0 is a perfectly comprehensive product. Not only is it comfortably lightweight but this shoe provides good traction to move easily on tricky or tough surface. What’s more, its appearance is quite good and the drainage system also works efficiently. In general, for neutral runners who would like to run on the trail, it is worth buying a sturdily built and comfortable shoe like the Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0.

2. Reebok AT Super 3.0 Stealth

It can be said that many users really highly appreciate the breathability and the comfort of the shoe. In addition to its amazing construction, the flexibility and design of the Reebok AT Super 3.0 Stealth are recognized by many runners. Although some feedbacks say that its ankle support and price is not good, it is favored by a lot thanks to its excellent performance. In short, it is its quality, versatility, and durability that make the Reebok AT Super 3.0 Stealth favored by the community of runners.

3. Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0

If you want to look for a shoe with a moderate price, the Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 is recommended. The features of the shoe are supportive and lightweight. In addition, you can use it on tough or debris- filled surfaces because it offers enough protection. There are some complaints that its hard midsole is not comfortable; however, this neutral road shoe is still suggested for occasional trail running activities.

4. Reebok All Terrain Freedom

Designed with reliable technologies to help trail running, the Reebok All Terrain Freedom shoe is aggressive but comfortable. This shoe is a combination of comfort, grip, and durability.

5. Reebok All Terrain Craze

On the basis of positive feedbacks from users on the product, the Reebok All Terrain Craze has made effort to meet the requirements as well as surprise its users.

 With the drain technology, the Reebok All Terrain Craze can help drain water effectively from the shoe. Moreover, obstacle grip with 360- degree tread offers responsive traction. Its durability is also maximized by a toe bumper and ripstop materials.

Best Reebok road running shoes

Reebok is well-known as a truly efficient brand of road shoes, which offers customers with road shoes that has ability to undertake excellently a variety of terrains. Reebok shoes have become better and better since the technologies that Reebok have obtained throughout their way are used beneficially.

Which features make of Reebok road running shoes outstanding?

Ultimate cushion. Reebok road running shoes are equipped with responsive cushion and a fit fusion of plush. Moreover, you will get the comfortable feeling with these shoes since it uses the R52 rebounds foams and C43 cushioning to manufacture the right blend of cushioning in some midsoles foam. The producers have used these materials on purpose which are its power from landing and converting the power for a better toe-off movement absorption provided by the accurate balances.

Reflective substances. All producers always prioritize the safety of customers, so does the Reebok. For that reasons, reflective substances are used on most of their running shoes with a view to improve safety.

Great outsoles. Runners no longer worry about which shoes suitable for each surface because the outfit of these shoes is made of the latest blown and carbon rubber outsoles that performs well on graveled paths, neighborhood trails, city streets, and even the tracks.

Weight. This factor depends completely on the inclination of customers. Reebok offers you with a diversity of the shoes’ weight that you can select the most suitable according to your demands. In case you want faster runs, the lighter ones is appropriate. In case you desire daily training, the average in weight is appropriate, even double as daily race shoes.

Heel-to-toe drop. Heel-to-toe drop is such an individual matter that depends mostly on the customers’ favorite. The lower the drop is, the larger ground contacting surface is provided. The heel offsets of Reebok best road running shoes is 8mm or lower.

Arch support. This feature is particularly maintained for overpronators and runners usually rolling toward the inside after landing. As a point of fact, the arch of overpronators is very low or zero so that the impact should have been taken by the arch is now supported by the plastic shank or medial post on the medial side. With Reebok best road running shoes, the arch is strongly support by either plastic shank or dual density foams.

5 best Reebok road running shoes

1. Reebok Runner
Reebok Runner Running Shoes

A large number of customers have feedbacked that the Reebok Runner has an ability to perform amazingly. Those are its reasonable price, its efficacy, and its design that impress them most. Another great issue about The Reebok Runner is its memory foam that has received exacting recognition for its seemingly form-fitting and soft nature. By and large, the Reebok Runner is suitable for neutral runners and some runners who require a little underfoot support.

2. Reebok Zig Pulse

On one hand, according to many positive reviews from purchasers that the Reebok Zig Pulse have obtained, they comparatively evaluated its performance and characteristics. On the other hand, few criticisms, yet important, consistently complained about its quality. To conclude, the Zig Pulse is an acceptable shoe, yet maybe far to the best.

3. Reebok OSR Grasse Road

Most feedbacks about the Reebok OSR Grasse Road express great satisfaction with the support and comfort that it offers. Most of customers agreed that it delivers such incredible cushioning. More than a few runners complained about the discomfort after numerous runs whereas others recommended this shoe owing to its attractive color combination and reasonable price. Runners usually use the Reebok OSR Grasse Road for running activities and gym workouts.

4. Reebok Fast Flexweave

The Fast Flexweave is listed among the most comfortable and supportive shoes. In addition to its structure, its springiness and breathability stand out from others on the market. If you are in search of a versatile, visually-tempting, and lightweight, the Reebok Fast Flexweave is such an ideal selection.

5. Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.5

Such is its efficient, affordable, comfortable, and attractive running companion that runners find it a great investment for the roads, especially neutral runners. Another great feature about this shoe is that it provides well arch support. The manufacturers have put the Pump technology in the upper which results in adding a layer of depth to the shoe’s functionality.


The list of best running shoes above may help you in choosing your suitable ones by ordering today. Complication while selecting your favorite shoes is now decreased considerably because these premium running shoes have different sizes, colors, and designs.

 Highest quality substances that are used to form these shoes guarantee a long-term service. In case you desire any of them, what you need is to order today, and the products are delivered within the expected time.
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