Top 10 Running Gloves for Women and Men

In such a freezing condition, it is critical to find some warm pair of running gloves. It is common knowledge that your hands will be the first part that freezes as the temperature decreases. Therefore, hunting for the best running gloves plays an important role in keeping your hands warm.

However, you also do not have to worry about so much because your fingers can be protected from the cold weather with the appropriate gloves. The key factor to make such gloves is the right construction and of course, materials too. In addition, good running gloves also have the wicking ability in case they become hotter, making your hands sweat. One particular thing for all – weather runners is water and wind protection because it is wet and cold hands that are mainly responsible for damping a run.

 The list below includes the 10 best running gloves for women and men:

Head Digital Sport Running Gloves with Sensatec "Touch Screen Compatible"

This kind of glove is such an excellent product for all of your purposes. It also received our Serious Gear Award with its SensaTEC Touch Screen Compatibility, sleek design, and secure grip.

 Another good point of this product is that it fits well. Moreover, since the gloves are not too thick, you can still hold your hands while running easily.

This digital liner/ sport running glove is a product of Head (and is sold at Costco). It comes with Sensatec on the forefinger and the thumb to make it compatible with screen touching. These gloves feature a fleece lining and soft shell outer, which has wind-resistant property.

Besides, they also include secure grip with silicone fingers and palm as well as the extended cuff. Thanks to those features, Head Digital Sport Running Gloves are perfect products for adventurers and athletes in cold weather.

They are thin and nice. Thus, although at the beginning of the run, you may feel that your hands are a little bit chilly within a few minutes, you’ll feel good and ready to go later!

The most highlighted feature of Head Digital Sport Running Gloves is their rubberized patches, which still allow you to pick things up, such as credit cards. Moreover, there’re contacts, which are built in the glove’s fingers. Thus, you are able to fire up running apps or use your mobile phone without having to remove the gloves.

2. Best for the Hardcore Runner: TrailHeads Elements Touchscreen Running Gloves

TrailHeads Elements Touchscreen Running Gloves

This product is highly rated for its great style, fit, performance and comfort.

TrailHeads Elements Touchscreen Running Gloves feature fabric blend of spandex/polyester/nylon with moisture-wicking technology. They offer suitable amount of protection to allow your hands to stay warm but not overheat during the long runs. Howerer, this product is not recommended for coldest days of the winter.

An outstanding point of TrailHeads Elements Touchscreen Running Gloves is their touchscreen compatible property. They come with conductive fabric on the forefinger and thumb so that you can always use touchscreen devices without removing the gloves.

Moreover, these gloves are equipped with Double layer stretch cuffs, which ensure users a comfortable and secure fit. They are also suitable for machine wash and air dry as well.

 On the other hand, TrailHeads Elements Touchscreen Running Gloves also include four-way stretch fabric to offer form-fitting performance but not sacrifice the dexterity. Finally, this product also features contrast closed cell mesh accents, which allow for cooling in your long workouts.

3. Best Outdoor Gloves For Men And Women To Stay Warm, Active:  Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men & Women

Whenever you get up every morning in the fresh air of the mountainous region of Colorado, you can see a wonderful landscape that inspires adventure, passion, and beauty. You will fall in love with the fantastic outdoors and the unlimited ecstasy of finding yourself in such a wilderness territory.

In companionship or solitude, when you join the story of nature, you will need what it demands: comfortable and quality gear. So, this one is for you – the outdoors enthusiasts and sports. We know that because we’re one of you.

Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men & Women serve multi-purpose athletic uses for driving, hiking, cycling, running, as well as other outdoor activities in the cold weather. They come with a comfortable lining, which is perfectly absorbent and helps to dry your hands quickly.

Moreover, they also feature multi-directional stretch to allow for active use and the anti-bacterial treatment to remove the odor. Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men & Women also have an anti-slip zipper design to offer perfect comfort, warmth, and fitting. On the other hand, this product is super light, super hand feels and features strong heat preservation with super breath freely.

 Furthermore, the rubber pattern inside the hand is useful for holding things and is functional for grabbing items out of your backpack, bag, etc. Another great point of those gloves is their fit. Besides, they also let you use your hands without taking the gloves off.

4. Best waterproof insulated mittens:  Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove

Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Gloves make a good job of keeping your hand dry and warm since they are sweat wicking and waterproof.

There’re some key features, which will make you fall in love with those gloves once trying them on. When talking about fabric, it’s all excellent since it’s very smooth and soft inside the gloves.

Its outer shell is perfect as well since it seems like this glove can be submerged in the water, and you’ll never need to afraid of water seeping inside your gloves.

These gloves’ insulation is also great even if you don’t see the proof of this property when looking at them. Moreover, they are also able to withstand winds and very cold temperatures as low as -30°, thus, ensuring users to be warm when encountering with those conditions.

Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Gloves come with a special lining as well. Thanks to this lining, you can make sure that your hands are always warm even when the temperature drops. Those gloves also allow you to grip things properly even though when you are wearing them.  The glove’s coverage is another highlighted feature since it is able to cover the entire wrists of users.

 Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Gloves also include hooks to ensure that the other glove cannot be missed when being put in storage. Another big plus of this product is that you can clean the glove through hand wash so that you can always keep it clean for all of your workouts.

5. Best Rabbit Fur Gloves: Fratelli Orsini Everyday Men's Our Bestselling Italian Rabbit Fur Gloves

First of all, these gloves come with a fantastic appearance. Their thick leather, which is a proof of their ability in stretching and conforming to the hand’s shape, is certainly high quality. The more you wear them, the better experience you get.

This product comes with a lining made of rabbit fur, which is sinfully soft. You can hardly find any suitable reasons to take the Fratelli Orsini Everyday Men's Our Bestselling Italian Rabbit Fur Gloves off. Just remember that there’s only a slight tendency for the glove’s lining to shed. Nevertheless, it’s light and a far cry from being a nuisance.

 Last but not least, this kind of glove is boastful in its warmth. The fur material insulates well. Besides, the leather material creates such a breathable barrier between the user and the cold objects that they want to contact with. Because of those reasons, we highly recommend Fratelli Orsini Everyday Men's Our Bestselling Italian Rabbit Fur Gloves.

6. Best Merino Wool Glove: Icebreaker Quantum Glove

Made of cozy GT260 terry fabric, the Quantum Arm Warmers will definitely make you feel comfortable because this kind of fabric will stretch when you move. In addition, with the design to help perform best, this glove is considered the perfect choice if you do not get one more layer but need more warmth. 

 In addition, they are also made of from Lycra which is a kind of fast – drying substance, so it’s perfect for you to wear as you face flurries suddenly. Besides, they are equipped with the touch – screen technology both in index and thumb fingertips. In terms of size, you should choose the large size if the size limit often makes you uncomfortable.

7. Best convertible gloves: Korlon Winter Warm Wool Knitted Convertible Gloves Mittens with Mitten Cover

Maybe most of the people do not want to exercise outdoor under the bitterly cold weather. Thus, Korlon convertible fingerless gloves are made to help you with this problem. Seen as the best choice for exercise in winter, these knitted wool mittens may keep the balance between warmth and outdoor work. Besides, they are also ultralight, comfortable, and easy to use. 

With these Korlon gloves, your hands will be provided with more warmth. It is convenient that the one size can be used for most of the adults. Once wearing them, you can feel warm and comfortable. One more thing is that you can wear them in many places such as a studio or office, indoor or outdoor.

 You do not have to worry about anything as buying this product because its customer service receives 5 stars assessment and quality is also guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied with this product for any reason, then you can receive all your money back from manufacturers.

Furthermore, it is sometimes used for winder yard works, snowball fight, skiing, as well as other purposes. And it is possibly a useful gift for your friends, family, or even yourself. 

8. Best Liner Gloves: Smartwool Liner Gloves

Smartwool Liner Gloves

Whether you are riding, hiking, or running, be always ready to enjoy comfortableness through the day. As one of the most advanced fibers originated from nature, merino wool is considered a perfect choice to make high – quality clothing.

With its features of wool clothing like resisting odors or breathing and wicking the moisture, this glove can be used for various activities such as buying fruits in a bustling market like Peruvian one or putting up the tent. Only when you feel comfortable, others may become easier.    

With the all-black design and the knitted feeling, these SmartWool gloves are made up of Merino wool which is one of the best fabric in the world. Although it may cause the itchy feeling and be inclined to overheat, the SmartWool Liner Gloves are totally wonderful and comfortable with heat management.

 Not only can the wool make your hands warm and insulated, but it also gets rid of moisture. It means that you may put only these gloves on (or when the temperature is approximately 15 degrees F) or they can be worn under the silicone lined fingertips, helping you use your iPhone more easily. Additionally, it is also one of the best running gloves under the cold weather.

9. Best Touchscreen Running Gloves for women: TrailHeads Women's Power Stretch Touchscreen Running Gloves

These popular gloves are usually highly appreciated by their fashion, function, and fitness. Female runners require the best things from their gear which can be provided by these gloves.

featured by a durable and smooth outer layer which is resistant to abrasion and wind, 4-way stretch polartec® power stretch® fabric is a great choice. with the brushed and super soft inner layer, there will be no moisture on your skin, thus making best thermal efficiency.

made up of touchscreen compatible- conductive fabric, these gloves can help you use touchscreen devices more easily by forefinger and thumb. 

silicone palm grips under the shape of a snowflake will improve the dexterity. besides, attractive swirl which is metallic will be printed on the back of the hand.

 Although you can wear these gloves to take part in some aerobic activities like winter running, they are not suggested if the temperature falls toward single digit.

10. Best Hand Heat Warmer Pockets: Heat Factory Gloves with Pop-Top Mittens

Being able to serve many different purposes such as snowshoeing, hunting, cycling, skiing, running, and so on, Heat Factory’s gloves with Pop Top Mittens will make your activities in winter relating to hands easier and more interesting.

With a pocket designed to hold Heat Factory air, the fold – back mitten cap is able to provide more warmth over your fingers even on the extremely cold days.

As usual, one pair of gloves will be accompanied by a pair of Heat Factory Hand Warmers which can provide heat for 10 continuous hours. Besides, you also can buy additional warmers because they are sold singly.  

Thanks to the palm grip which is rubberized, you can hold items easily and confidently. With the combination of Heat Factory warmer technology and the design tested over the time, these gloves will provide you with warmth and protection under any circumstances.

 With the help of Heat Factory's air, toe warmers, body warmers, and hand warmers can be activated. Over the past thirty years, outdoor enthusiasts have enjoyed wonderful experiences with pain relief and warmth from heated accessories.

When To Wear Running Gloves?

It is usual that runners also have their own personal preference at which temperature they wear gloves for running best. Some will use running gloves when the weather is pretty warm – maybe the temperature is approximately 60 degrees – in spite of the fact that they are wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt but not using a jacket.

Meanwhile, others won’t do that until the weather is colder. However, it is definite that people will cover their hands when the weather is under 40 degrees.

 Your core will be frozen faster in such harsh condition and with a complicated vascular system, your hands particularly also have to suffer the same thing. It is the reason why you should keep your hands warm or even hot a bit instead of in an uncomfortably cold condition.

What To Look For In Your Running Gloves?

In general, buying gloves for running also needs to follow the same steps as some warm – weather things. It is important for you to balance among factors such as your budget, preferences and specific needs. This article will mainly focus on running, but it is also true for cycling under the cold weather too. Below are some features you should pay attention to when buying winter gloves for running.


This is definitely the things you must take care of, but more importantly, you need to find out gloves with the right warmth level. However, everyone has their own warmth level. For example, the needed warmth a person who is a morning runner in Northern California wants is different from the needed warmth level for a person living in January in Boston.

 One more thing is that there are many different gloves which are suitable with specific conditions, so remember that in order not to become so cold or so hot.

Wind Protection

In reality, there are several ways to keep warm with the use of insulation. Meanwhile, the material density will be applied to help prevent wind effectively.

 Regarding to keeping the hands warm, most runners, in general, usually refer to staying away from the biting wind. The running gloves with the best quality consist of various layers of materials, and the outmost layer will be used to prevent the wind.


It is inevitable for most of us that running under the rain sometimes happens. So, you should make choice of the gloves which can keep your hands warm at a certain level.

When I wear fleece gloves while running, they keep my hands warm very well, but one small problem is that there is a little trouble when there is cold rain suddenly falling.

 It can be said that you will have difficulty in finding the glove that can meet all requirements of being waterproof, comfortable or breathable, but make sure that the glove you choose at least can keep your hands off from the first moisture layer.

Tactile Function

Although some abovementioned functions are necessary, the one which costs more than the others is the tactile function. If you prefer a running glove that combines all features including wind stoppage, waterproof, and warmth with tactile function, you will have to spend more.

So what is tactile function and why is it such expensive? Just imagine that you are walking or running under terribly cold and you want to use your running watch, iPod or phone but still wearing the gloves. Then, the gloves with the tactile function will help you do that job easily without fumbling.

 Nowadays, most of the gloves available are designed with touchscreen compatibility in the position of forefinger and thumbprint. However, there are some gloves better than the others.


This might be considered the most important factor among others. In fact, there are many sizes and shapes of hands. While some people have short fingers and stout and strong palms, others were born with long fingers and bony and lean hands.

 In addition, it is also necessary for the gloves to protect your wrist, which helps merge with the running jacket seamlessly, leaving no gap or making your skin exposed outside. Make sure that the glove will match your hand. In case it does not fit, do not hesitate to return it and get another.


This is also seen as an important feature to some. However, depending on models and makers, the gloves will be designed in various styles. For instance, you simply want a black glove, but other people will have different looks based on their opinions. So we always try our best to take some photos in to help you make your choices clear.

What are factors to consider when you want to buy running gloves?

Find out the best running gloves based on this following guide.



The advantage of the gloves made up of acrylic is that they are cozy, quite stretchy, and extremely breathable. However, these gloves cannot keep your hands away from cold winds or water.


With these gloves made of polypropylene, they will help you stay away from both water and the wind. Therefore, your hands will be kept dry and warm during the run. However, in return for useful characteristics, their breathability is not good as other types, and such gloves won’t absorb moisture.


These gloves made of from polyester have quite many upsides. Not only can they keep your hands dry, cozy, and warm, but they are also designed with the high breathability rate and the ability to absorb sweat well. Nevertheless, a small downside of the polyester gloves is that such gloves are not resistant to wind or water in a perfect way.


After wearing the wool gloves, you will have the feeling like you are covering your hands with a fleece blanket. In spite of the fact that these gloves will make you feel comfortable, cozy, and hot once wearing, they are not breathable as well as able to absorb sweat well.

 Supposing that their patches are made of from other materials, they would become the best winter gloves. Besides, gloves are sometimes accompanied by an outer piece that made of fleece, so you can use it to clean the sweat on your forehead.


It is important to choose the running gloves that match your hands so that you will feel much warmer. If the gloves are too large, they will flop around. This not only can cause chafing but also create the obnoxious feeling. If these gloves are so small, then the circulation of your fingers may be negatively affected, resulting in the uncomfortable numbness for your hands.


Generally speaking, the back part of hands of the running gloves will be designed to be thicker aiming to provide the warmth as much as possible and the protection against the wind. Meanwhile, the inside part of the fingers and the palm of your hand will be featured by a thinner and mesh fabric to be able to provide the most breathability. Nonetheless, there are some types of gloves that are thicker than the others due to the fabric type or the existence of a liner to supply more warmth.


Whether a runner feels warm enough or not depends mainly on the circulation and temperature of the runner. While some people only need to wear the gloves until reaching a certain point, and then they will take off and put them into the pocket.

 Others, in contrast, need to wear them throughout their run. You should remember that some fabrics are much warmer compared to other materials, and gloves equipped with liners keep your hands warm best.


Although they are not suggested when the weather is hotter, runners still wear them around the year. In the winter or the autumn, it is recommended to use the gloves with windproof fabric and a liner so that your hands will be kept comfortable and warm. Meanwhile, in the spring, runners can leave the liner behind and make choice of a waterproofing material in case the rain occurs.


The weight of the fabric will mainly decide the glove’s weight. As usual, most of gloves will be lightweight enough so that they have no impact on the flow or comfort while running.

Bottom line

Among parts of your body, the fingers are the first to be exposed to the cold weather when you run. For this reason, it is very important to look for the best running gloves so that your hands can be protected safely even in the harsh conditions while you do exercise outdoors. 

 By using best running gloves to slip, you can keep them toasty before your outdoor next winter activities happen. This blog post presents some best running gloves with various quality levels for both men and women, and hopefully, this will help you find what you want as well as your family and friends too.
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