Best Running Shoes for Bunions Reviewed

If your feet have bunions, picking up a right shoe isn't an easy task. Here I will recommend some best running shoes for bunions reviewed by runners with bunions.

Every part of our body is important to our health, and if it has any problems, it will affect your daily life negatively. Our feet are not exceptionable due to taking your whole body’s weight. Hence, it’s extremely important to prevent your feet from any problem such as as corns and calluses, bunions, blisters, hammertoes.

Bunions in your feet are one of the most common problems we can meet on a daily basis. You should know about their symptoms to have the right prevention and treatment. It’s too hard for you to choose the right running shoes for your feet with bunions. This article will provide you some best running shoes for bunions reviewed. In addition to providing knowledge about the bunions, it also gives you some tips about how to choose the right shoes and the treatment for bunions.

1. Saucony Omni

Saucony Omni 15 review

Saucony is the well-known product of Omni series. Omni offers supper support for common pronation, which provides an 8 mm heel – to – toe drop and much cushion. With features of a crash pad for shock absorption and a support frame for heel locking, your feet will be supported adequately and locked strongly. You can go anywhere with this there mode products.

Besides, the lightweight design of 11.2 ounces can help you to move on your feet lightly. You may run or walk longer without irritation. Thanks to the support frame in the heel – locking system, your toe will be kept pressure off. This increases your shoes’ stability and keeps your bunions guarded. Saucony is also used lightweight material: rubber outsoles and IBR that will boost overall cushioning comfort.

Although Saucony Omni has a higher price than the other products, I ensure that its quality will not make you disappointed. You will get the best quality worth what you pay. Don’t scamp money when choosing the best running shoes for bunions. Low – quality shoes can cause your feet problems easily. Feet without problem will make your life more wonderful.


  • Supreme support
  • The shape is keeping for a long time
  • Well cushioning


  • Tighter toe box
  • Around movements of the tongue
  • Little higher price

2. Brooks Beast 14

Brooks Beast 14 review

Brooks is a prestigious brand for many runners. The Beast 14 provides excellent support for overpronation with medium to severe status. Thanks to this support, you can run more lightly than any other products, but just for those needing the support. A long crash pad not only gives premium support on terrains but also give you the smooth heel – to – toe feet when moving. In addition, DNA midsoles of this model also give support and cushion.

Breathable mesh combines with the lightweight synthetic material, which will help your feet to feel snug and supported because they allow for better airflow. Although Brooks Beast 14 brings comfort the same before, a superior feature is that this model uses material upgraded with non – toxic additive. Which help the landfills break down more quickly when you wear them out.

These product lines have the second highest price in this list. But don’t worry because the quality of running shoes for bunions will not let you down. Their advanced design will enhance the stability of your shoes. The only thing runners often complain is small running. Hence, you should choose the best size for your feet to avoid some foot problems.


  • Great stability
  • Roomy interior
  • Durable materials


  • Little Stiff
  • Small sizes

3. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 18

Asics gel nimbus 18

For mild overpronation, Asics is the best selection with the supportive feature. With the gel cushioning, Nimbus 18 offers a seamless and comfortable design. The combination of heel’s clutching and stretchy upper fabric with glove-like fit helps you to stay in place during your running. This model is a light shoe at a weight of 11.4 ounces; this can help you to go anywhere you want.

Nimbus 18 can remove any stitching or seams inside the shoes, reduce rough spots that is the primary cause of irritation and friction. Moreover, the proper cushion not only provides the appropriate amount of bounce back but also keeps the high durability and lightweight, which will make you bunions less pain and comfortable while running.

This product is one of the most expensive shoe lines because of the premium features which are provided by Nimbus 18’s manufacturers such as great support of cushions, lightweight, and sleek design. Why don’t you pick up a pair of Nimbus 18? I believe Nimbus 18 is your perfect choice for your bunions. You can buy it at shoe stores or online.


  • Breathable material
  • Much cushioning
  • Gel on front and back


  • Smaller toe box
  • Not suitable for low riding socks

4. Asics Gel Venture 5

Asics gel venture 5

With similar quality but competitive price, Asics Gel - Venture 5 also gives adequate support to overpronation. The trail-specific outsole and rubber sole can take you from sidewalks to rocks with great traction. Gel cushioning on heel offers high shock absorption. Furthermore, it will make your feet have a better feeling during any high – impact activities.

The variety of colors can help you to have the large selection and easily pick up your favorite color. Besides, with the removable inside liner, Venture 5 can help you to add the orthotic inserts by yourself. By adding to the top of the liner, you also can modify the fit of shoes without losing foot space. A fitting shoe is the best option for your bunions.

With the low price, you will get more than you pay. Without breaking the bank, this product line also provides great support for your bunions. The stability is good for you to run longer with irritation. Overall, when your feet have bunions, you are looking for the best running shoes for them, Asics Gel - Venture 5 should be under your consideration.


  • Low price
  • Great stability
  • Comfortable gel cushioning


  • Small sizes
  • Not reinforce the big toe

5. New Balance M940V2

With long trusted products, it comes to no surprise that the brand New Balance appears in this list. Medicare and Medicaid approved for product quality of this shoe for diabetes patients. With the ultra-supportive design, it has positive effects for medium to overpronation. Featured with t-beam support shank, low cushioning and core medical stability, this model will provide the best support for bunions.

The combination of the antimicrobial and lightweight round makes M940V2 become a great choice for runners who need serious protection. This product is approved by the insurance company for the relief systems and great support. As you know, running shoe is the place where bacteria grow easily. It also has antimicrobial features which can avoid odors and bacteria development.

With proven results, New Balance M940V2 is the premium choice for supporting the worst problem. It also has the middle price, which suits with most runners’ pocket. It also brings the amazing results that can satisfy any runners with bunions.  Let’s pick up New Balance M940V2 if you have demand for running shoes for bunions.


  • Substantial Soles
  • Great support
  • Good bounce


  • Fits larger

6. Asics GT-2000 4

ASICS GT-2000 4 review

GT-2000 4 is a great choice for runners with minor to moderate overpronation. GT-2000 4 also provides breathable upper material and heel clutching system, which helps your feet to be kept in place and makes the shoe lightweight. Slight shoes will go with you during your long running without any irritations or frictions.

The gel cushioning is one of most factors for comfortable running shoes. With gel cushioning in front and back, the shoes will increase shock absorption and protect your bunions during running. This will enhance your shoe stability and offer the great arch support. A roomy toe box is also useful for your bunions that require a fitting – size shoe.

Bunions in your feet can affect your gait negatively. GT-2000 4 can improve this problem with the guidance system. This model is also the second cheapest in this list. If you are on a tight budget, why don’t you consider GT-2000 4? It is likely to be a good option to meet your demand for bunion shoes.


  • Lightweight
  • Adequate toe box
  • Good arch support


  • Run small
  • Little lower – quality laces

7. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 running shoes review

Adrenaline GTS 16 is the perfect choice for moderation pronation. The mesh upper can manage moisture, which makes your shoes breathable and lightweight. Furthermore, the mesh can bring a cooler and dryer shoe, reduce the possibility of bacteria development. With flexible midsole saddle, it’s easy for you to adjust to meet your comfort needs and reduce pains from bunions.

The mold and removable foam insole help to accommodate any medical insert. The crash pad and diagonal roll bar keep the stability of your feet and prevent them from rolling inwards. The reinforce rubber can increase the shoe longevity in high – wear sole areas. The roll bar has three hard levels, which can help your foot to move naturally from heel to toe, keep the way you walk as you want.

If you are looking for middle – priced shoe for moderate pronation bunions, let’s consider the Adrenaline GTS 16. Compared to other products with the same price, it will be superior because it hugs your feet fitly like a glove, great shock absorption and fit your pocket when you are under tight budget.


  • Affordable price
  • High – quality material
  • Well shock absorption


  • Tight around toes when running

8. Asics Gel Kayano 23

Kayano 23 is a product of ASICS – well-known running shoe brand for bunions, which provides the great motion control for moderate overpronation. The classic gel cushioning in front and rear foot make Kayano 23 hug your feet fitly, which prevent our feet from slipping around. With color diversity, you will feel free to choose your favorite color with the large selection.

The concept of Kayano 23 can hug your toes and feet fitly. This will ensure that your feet can’t move around when you are jogging or running. The cushioning technology provides reinforced fibers, which prolongs your shoe longevity and enhances the maximum comfort. In addition, it also increases the stability and shock absorption.

Although Kayano 23 has a little expensive price, the trusted quality will satisfy any runners’ demand. If you need running shoes for bunions, you should prefer the protection and premium comfort features. With lightweight properties, you can go anywhere with bunions without any worsen pains or irritations. I can guarantee this is the best running shoes for bunions.


  • Better heel
  • Lightweight
  • Durable tread


  • Smaller toe box

9. New Balance M1540V2

The next is a product of New Balance again. M1540V2 also provides support to moderate pronators. The roller posting system can reduce the movement of your feet’s back. This system also protects your feet from irritating blisters and adds support to your feet. The synthetic mesh offers aeration, which makes your feet comfortable and close fit.

Furthermore, the midsoles with two layers of foam provide a softer rebound and allow you to run longer without any irritations. This model can truly help you to relieve any pains from bunions. It’s a great supportive shoe, helps a lot in severe probation. However, it’s quite heavier than other best products at the same price. You should put on the shoes and check whether it’s comfortable or not. The price maybe is little higher than others in the list, but the money you pay worth the quality you get.

New Balance is a famous brand, which helps most athletes to achieve their goal. If you are a loyal fan of New Balance for a long time and have demand for replacing your old shoes, M1540V2 is one of the best running shoes for bunions you should concern. The proved quality can satisfy your requirement as other runners.


  • Maximum support
  • Durable material


  • Heavier weight
  • minus
    Laces are short

10. Nike Lunarglide 7

nike lunarglide 7

Nike is also one of the most trusted brands. Lunarglide 7 provides support for over-pronation thanks to TPU heel counter and Flywire cables, which makes your midfoot and heel more stable. The breathable mesh upper is designed to reduce the possibility of fraying and breakage over time. The seamless design provides the overall lighter weight.

Lunarglide is one of the best well-known series in providing motion control support. The foam that keeps your shoe light can give a combination of support and softness, which can increase the shock absorption. Like the specific technology of Nike shoes, the upper portion designed with strong yarn and ultra-light will reduce the possibility of fraying and offer strongly supportive material.

 The price is relatively lower than other products of Nike. As you know, Nike has been the prestigious brand for a long time. Hence, runners can be confident to use Nike’s products. If your feet have bunions and they make your feet painful, Lunarglide 7 is the excellent solution for your problem with motion control support and other specific features


  • Well absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Enough ventilation


  • Less expensive
  • minus
    Little stiffer cushioning

What are the bunions?

Bunions – bony bump which often forms at the side of the big toe joint. You can see your big toe usually tends to bend towards the other smaller toes, which can make your big toe joint stick out and bigger. They are not similar to corns. The skin over them may be sore and red. They can cause the painful lumps at the joint.

If you choose a tight or narrow shoe, bunions can form easily or become worse. In bad cases, they sometimes might distort your footwear. Bunions are also the results of the structural defects, medical conditions like arthritis or any stress on your foot. They grow slowly and alter your bone’s normal structure. Bunionettes (as smaller bunions) can form at the joint side of smaller toes.

  • A bony and swollen at the outside edge of your big toe
  • Around your big toe join appears redness, soreness, and swelling
  • The shape of your feet can be altered, so it’s hard to find the fit shoes.
  • The skin over the top of bunions becomes sore
  •  Cons and Calluses are caused by the overlap of the big toe and the next toe,

What cause the bunions?

Although according to many experts, there are a lot of theories told about the origin of bunions, how they grow, no exact causes can be known. Some indicators can cause bunions on your feet:

  • Inherited foot type
  • Foot injuries
  • Congenital (deformity at birth)
  • Some experts believe wearing too narrow, high heeled shoes might lead to bunions because of putting your feet under pressure commonly. However, others think unfitting shoes only make the bunions worse.
  • Forms of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis

According to some researches, women are affected by bunions more than man (almost 90 percent). And bunions are less common with people who don’t usually wear shoes.

For these reasons, we can see the importance of choosing the suitable shoes, particularly for people with bunions. Top 10 best running shoes for bunions reviewed can make your choice easier.

How to choose the best running shoes for bunions?

Here I will recommend some standard factors you can base on to choose the best running shoes for the bunions.

best running shoes for bunions


You know narrow shoes can make the bunions develop quickly and increase the pain. Tight shoes not only push against bunions but also worsen them. You feel uncomfortable when you are walking or running. Picking up the best running shoes help your feet to prevent the bunions and relieve pains from them. You should pay attention to the width of the shoes in case unfitting shoes cause your pain.

However, you also shouldn’t choose too wide shoes, because they will not support the rest toes properly. The best width is concerning about the other toes. A right extra wide shoe is the best solution for your bunions. With the best shoes, you can feel less pain when running or walking.

If extra wide shoes are not your perfect selection, let’s consider wider toe box. Normally, people choose a narrow toe box because it can protect your toes by keeping your toes fixed. Your toes can’t move much inside the toe box. However, for people with bunions, a wider toe box is a good option. They reduce pressure on your toes and relieve your pain even when you are running. 

Arch support

Shoes with arch support might improve the stability performance of runners without bunions and their recovery after running. Runners with bunions also have positive benefits from arch support. The arch of running shoes may help you to feel less painful and run comfortably.

Additional arch support not only relieves pains on your feet but also reduces the injury chance. Hence, you should look for the best running shoes with proper arch support to bring the best result for the bunions.


Today manufacturers often make running shoes with mesh on the top or side of the shoes. Mesh is helpful to both normal runners and runners with bunions. It creates comfort for the bunions and reduces stress on them. In general, it’s the better option than the solid shoes without mesh.

Mesh also helps the running shoes escape the heat and moisture and make shoes cool and dry. This will prevent your feet from bacteria and other foot diseases. Thanks to mesh’s features, it will provide the flexibility to your running shoes. This brings comfort and less pain to bunions.


If your running shoes lack stability, it can cause some feet problems such as pain in heels, arch pain or puts more pressure on bunions and causes soreness and pains. Stable running shoes will lessen the possibility of injuries when you are jogging or running.

You can check some different properties to ensure the stability of your shoes such as the lacing system and shoes’ height. You should ensure the lacing systems in good – working condition. The laces of shoes can measure how stable the shoes are. If they are weak, your shoes will become looser easily when you are walking or running. High heel shoes also reduce the stability of your shoes and put more pressure on bunions. So you should consider the height of the shoes carefully.

Remember that the more stable your shoes are, the more comfortable runners with bunions feel.

Shock absorption

Runners with bunions will feel more painful from shock than usual, particularly when running or walking. Why don’t you choose running shoes which can handle shock absorptions and foot vibrations? I recommend you should buy shoes which are made from some materials such as gel, rubber or any other synthetic materials which can reduce shock.

In general, if your feet have bunions, don’t hesitate to buy the great quality shoes with shock absorption features. Their quality will not let you down with amazingly comfortable running.

Bunions treatment

Conservative treatment (without surgery)

In some case, if your bunions are not severe, you can treat them without surgery. You can relieve the bunions by reducing pressure on them. This is the first step to reduce pain combined with other conditions like wearing the right shoes. Wearing fitting shoes is one of the least things you must do to have the achievement.

You also take advantage of orthotic devices that can help your toe in the right shape. Bunions pads or specific exercises are also good options. Also, you also can use anti-inflammatory medicines or corticosteroid injections available at pharmacies to relieve when the bunions become a pain. However, they are only the temporary methods. If you can’t help the pain from bunions, let’s go to the hospital for surgery.


Surgery maybe is the best way for you to remove bunions. This way not only correct deformity, relieve symptoms but also restore function. However, you should consult the doctor’s advice before the surgery for the best result.

Overall, prevention is easier than treatment. Choosing shoes with suitable size and high quality will help you both to run comfortably and to delay the bunions’ development.

In conclusion

There are three certain things you should not scamp on financially: your home, your vehicle and your shoes. Healthy feet will bring a wonderful life. If you select an unfit and improper shoe, your feet can be painful with feet problems. Choosing a fashion and suitable shoe will not only protect your feet but also make it nice. With the top 10 best running shoes for bunions reviewed above, I believe you can choose the right shoe for your feet with bunions.

Furthermore, with beneficial information the article provides, you also know clearly about the bunions, how to select the appropriate shoes for your bunions feet, the way how to prevent and treat them. Let’s take care of your feet carefully.

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