20 Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis – Women, Men

20 Best running shoes for plantar fasciitis - Women, Men with good arch and heel support, flexibility and great cushioning.

Plantar fasciitis (PF) has been considered as the most common problem of runners. It usually happens in middle-aged people. However, it also occurs in younger people who are often on their feet, like soldiers or athletes. It can occur in one foot or both. Are you also having trouble with this issue and want to choose a best running shoe for your plantar fasciitis? This article will provide you with the essential information.

Top 6 plantar fasciitis running shoes

 ModelArch SupportImageOur Rating
1Asics Gel Kayano 23
(Best rated)


2New Balance 990 v4
( Editor’s choice)


3Asics GEL Nimbus
(Best value)


4Saucony KinvaraNeutralSaucony Kinvara 9


5Brooks RavennaStabilityBrooks Women's Ravenna 8 Running Shoes


6Saucony GuideStabilitySaucony Guide 10



20 Best running shoes for plantar fasciitis

1. New Balance 990 v4 – Editor’s choice

As you may know, the latest New Balance running shoe was recently updated. Although sporting just subtle changes, such new version offers durable protection, exceptional comfort, and stability of the mid-foot, which can last an extended period. It can be an excellent choice for exercises and performance trainings. As a matter of fact, breathability is a standard norm in this 990 series so that it continues the legend on this 4th model.

New Balance truly made the special mesh material to make this one a bit more breathable and open than that used for its’ precedents. The Reflectivity feature named 3M was added directly to the whole silhouette, ensuring that this shoe can be visible in the conditions of low lighting. Furthermore, its’ shoelaces may be looped well through the lace keeper located on its’ tongue, which was meant to maintain this tongue in the right place. Also, this mechanic can prevent that tongue from making you feel uncomfortable and slipping to other sides.

New Balance Men's M990V4 Running Shoe

You may see that New Balance intends to make this shoe model to look a bit like the first New Balance 990 version. So, its’ overall look was made in order to mimic this one. The logo design with the N character has been stripped right down from its’ current colorful and reflective design to the more streamlined scheme of design. By this way, it evokes the shoe simplicity that can be knowns as the excellent beginnings of this brand.

The ENCAP® sole has been evoked and engineered to offer the additional medial support of mid-foot for anyone who needs extra stability. This shoe is supportive enough for you to run with plantar fasciitis. However, it will not easily be restrictive or squishy like a shoe with the motion control function. Furthermore, the outsole of this shoe features the Blown Rubber. Such material is considered durable enough to provide the adequate traction over some mild trails and roads.

The New Balance 990 v4 has the standard length of a typical running shoe, which basically means that you can get your desired size that you will be entirely satisfied with. It has come in several widths, from wide, standard to narrow. It may accommodate a wide range of the foot shapes so that you can acclimate this shoe well to its’ measurements. The outsole is responsive as well and it adds additional cushioning when needed

The mid-sole shoe technology named ENCAP® was made specially with the resilient and lightweight foam named ACTEVA LITE and the Polyurethane rim that adds durability. The New Balance 990v4 has the stability sole which was reconfigured well to deliver you the increased medial mid-foot support and reduce the over pronation rate. Besides, the combination of Polyurethane and EVA in the shoe mid-sole may extend this unit’s lifespan. These high­-quality materials make the shoe quickly succumb to breakage or wear, so you may get more wonderful performance for an extended period.

  • You may laud its’ reliable durability which praise the strength in this new model with the heavy weight.
  • The New Balance 990 v4 features a combination of durable pigskin and breathable mesh in its upper unit.
  • Though sporting the slightly expensive price, this shoe may enthrall you because of the long lasting and high quality performance.
  • If you have ever tried this shoe, you will appreciate its’ lace keeper that has the meaning to keep its’ tongue in the right place and secure its’ laces.
  • Runners with narrow or wide feet may get this shoe which suit their own preferences.
  • Medial support of the underfoot is handled well by the mid-sole technique named ENCAP®.
  • There is a chance that you do not like the gray, bland color scheme which became the primary feature of the 4th series.
  • It was a bit stiff for several athletes who like to get flexibility for the feet.
  • This shoe has the bulky look that made your feet look somehow awkwardly big.

Our Rating: 9.8/10

The New Balance 990 v4 has the improved design of the shoe tongue. It also features the lace keeper which is considered a tab for the shoelaces to loop into with ease.


The mesh material may cover its’ entire upper in the most comfortable way. This fabric is not as closely restricted or woven as before. Furthermore, the shoe has an open construction which leads to the more comfortable and well-ventilated experience for you. By this way, it can secure its’ tongue as well as help the shoe stay in the right place and reduce any slipping risk to other side, which can affect the efficiency and comfort.

2. Asics GEL Nimbus 19 - Best value

The flagship neutral Asics shoe gets lots of changes and modifications in the GEL Nimbus 19. This shoe continues its’ previous version to be well-cushioned along with the added emphasis for its’ midsole responsiveness and protection. You will be indeed impressed by its’ arch support and comfortable feel. Furthermore, the drastic weight drop is knowns as a bang for its’ value price. This shoe remains as one preferable products which will make you feel excited easily as a new year opens.

There are sufficient reasons for this case. The Asics Gel Nimbus 19 already features the updated Midsole technology named FlyteFoam, which provides sufficient cushioning without increasing much weight. In addition to such adaptive cushioning, the new technology of the shoe also delivers improved durability.

ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 19

Furthermore, the shoe upper was updated as well. It uses the gradation jacquard upper made of mesh, which offers a personalized fit likes glove as well as the adequate stretch with the multi directions. With its last updated features, the Asics Gel Nimbus 19 provides a snugger and enhanced fit in its’ heel area. Also, its’ toe box is more spacious and wider than its’ previous model which have not yet added the toe spring.

As a matter of fact, Asics offers this shoe wide, narrow and medium widths for both women and men. It provides you a comfortable fit as well as accommodates a broad range of feet measurements. The available Sizes of the men’s GEL Nimbus 19 are from 6 up to 16 and from 5 up to 13 with the women’s version. The outsole of this shoe utilizes the Rubber which has the High-Abrasion feature and was placed strategically in its’ heel for enhanced durability.

On its’ forefoot is the DuraSponge shoe outsole which is made from carbon rubber as well. It provides added flexibility and responsiveness while giving added durability. Furthermore, the Asics Gel Nimbus 19 own an improved shoe midsole. It utilizes the new Midsole technology named FlyteFoam, which is designed specially to deliver you the adaptive cushioning while not adding weight for the shoe body. Aside from providing the responsive ride, it’s midsole technology gives added durability.

Also, this shoe features the outstanding Asics Forefoot and Rearfoot cushioning system named GEL, which attenuates shock to serve for the extra responsive ride. It works well with the shoe midsole technology named FluidRide in order to promote your resilient ride. In fact, The Asics GEL Nimbus 19 uses the fantastic Guidance Technology of Trusstic System that was designed to enhance gait efficiency yet, giving the structural integrity for the midfoot.

  • The shoe may not require the break-in time and you can still be impressed by its’ comfortable ride.
  • The Asics Gel Nimbus 19 is very worth the price. This shoe is indeed lighter than its earlier model.
  • The 19th iteration of this GEL Nimbus line offers the trademark stability and cushioning.
  • There are several options of colors for you to select from.
  • You appreciated the cushioning and support of the shoe. Of which, its’ gender-specific part works well to the amazing and distinctive benefit for both men and women versions.
  • Asics recently introduces the innovative midsole technology named FlyteFoam in this Gel Nimbus shoe for better responsiveness and protection in the ultra-light shoe foam.
  • You may note that this shoe is a bit narrow and small, sometimes.
  • Also, you can be slightly disappointed that it is extremely tight around its’ toe box.

Our Rating: 9.7/10

To provide you a snugger and comfortable fit in the roomier heel and toe box of the shoe, the Asics Gel Nimbus 19 has a new technology advance that offer additional toe spring to serve for your enhanced experience of running.


In short, the shoe features the breathable upper made of mesh with the seamless construction to reduce the blistering and irritation possibility. It delivers customized fit likes glove and the stretch with the multi-directional function as well. The shoe features the X-40 Sockliner named ComforDry, which has the anti-bacterial nature as well as helps to reduce odor. Its’ sockliner also provides added protection for your underfoot.

3. Asics Gel Kayano 23 – Best rated

The Asics GEL Kayano 23 indeed live up the lofty and excellent standards already set by the predecessors. Some influx technologies make this shoe more durable and lighter while it continues to be stable and well-cushioned. Despite being on the expensive side, the Kayano can be known as the established name which is appreciated by the stability and cushioning. With the considerable updates, the largest modification of this model can be the FlyteFoam introduction trumpeted as amazingly lighter than the standard EVA.

Asics Gel Kayano 23 women

In addition to being more durable and responsive, it indeed helps you much with the weight reduction. Also, its’ upper features a New Adaptive network or system overlays in its’ midfoot on a medial side with the purpose of curbing overpronation. This element works handy with the engineered mesh and can support your foot in right areas. With the new mesh, Asics could remove its forefoot overlays while balancing the security and support.

One more update that need be highlighted can be the new counter of its’ external heel. Asics made its’ heel support slightly narrower than previous versions to truly hold your foot in the right place for additional stability. The shoe fit is mostly similar the previous model. You can see its’ excellent security right from the forefoot to the heel. Its’ fit is snug enough to let people sitting on their foot size edge have to choose a larger size.

Its’ outsole can be a mainstream design of Asics with the heavy AHAR rubber dose in high impact zones, including the heel, whereas its’ forefoot was made up mainly of the blown rubber. The prominent cut or Guidance Line in its’ outsole can stretch from the forefoot to the heel to assist with your transition from take-off to landing. This structure converges with some flex grooves of the forefoot for extra flexibility.

Furthermore, Asics packs almost all of advanced technology in its’ midsole. The Asics GEL Kayano 23 uses the Flytefoam to provide the responsive durability and cushioning despite being slightly light. Found directly in its’ heel going towards its’ midfoot is the dual-layered shoe foam. It can be considered a little soft in its’ heel and becomes denser gradually when moving near the shoe midfoot to offer excellent stability, especially for overpronators.

The cushioning system of Asics Gel also located right under the forefoot and the heel for added cushioning and shock attenuation. Finally, the TPU material nearby the arch can enhance torsional rigidity and stability for runners. We should not miss out The engineered mesh which can delivers flexibility and support if needed. The Asics GEL Kayano 23 continues to prove as a very breathable shoe which holds your foot in the right place.


  • The upper of the 23rd edition of the Gel Kayano conformed much better to the foot compared to the previous model.
  • Asics’ trademark cushioning and seamless construction create a comfy ride, according to several reviews.
  • There are already many different color combinations to choose from.
  • The Kayano 23 continues to be Asics’ flagship stability shoe, based on most comments.
  • A new engineered mesh helps with foot support and security, even without the forefoot overlays.
  • It is lighter than the earlier model.
  • Out of the box plushness of the interior is almost always mentioned in reviews.
  • The cushioning is a pleasure to run-in as noted by some.


  • The latest instalment of the Kayanos have early durability issues, which should be a no-no particularly because of its expensive price tag.
  • The 23rd ride of the Kayano is still a bit pricey for most.
  • A handful of Kayano loyalists noted that it is clearly stiffer than any of the past models.
  • Most of the negative comments from fans of the Kayanos mentioned how narrow the toe box is in the latest model.

Our Rating: 9.9/10

The Asics GEL Kayano 23 provides use the new design which greatly help users with medium to narrow width dimensions.


Almost all people with plantar fasciitis who tried the Asics GEL Kayano 23 appreciate its’ seamless construction formed the overlays and engineered mesh. It is what the shoemaker Asics has called as the famous FluidFit System which is designed specially to cradle your foot comfort and in support. Inside, you may find its’ Comfordry sockliner for the moisture-wicking functions, breathability, and comfort.

4. Saucony Kinvara 8 – Best for men with plantar fasciitis

Upon slipping right on the Saucony Kinvara 8 for your first time, you noticed the additional width to its’ toe box. It has the welcome improvement right its’ pointy-toed structure. Also, its’ structural integrity is unchanged when compared the previous models. This shoe provides the signature style and simplicity of the Kinvara, which solidified the it as the fan-favorite product over the eight years.

Furthermore, your ride is indeed softer than its’ Kinvara iterations. However, it remains responsive with the adequate balance performance and comfort. The Saucony Kinvara 8 does not requires break-in at all and you can use this product for long runs, easy runs, speed work, and so on. The Saucony Kinvara 8 can be known as one true-to-size shoe that provides the snug fit of the midfoot. This shoe can give you the huge benefit of the wide toe-box along with the 4mm toe-to-heel offset. It was natural-surface convenient and broad, performing well in different conditions.

Saucony Men's Kinvara 8

Its’ shallow ridges of the outsole do not select the road rocks or debris. The Saucony Kinvara 8 offers a snappy but soft ride which is indeed ideal for longer tempos and long runs. The fan base of the shoe is pleased to find out that this shoe version stays connected to the run-ready Kinvara spirit. Both the outsole and midsole of it retain some substantial changes which were already made in the previous version.

Injection rubber of the shoe was blown in the strategic locations right on its’ sole to provide optimal protection and durability on the contact zones when keeping itself lightweight. The injection placement of blown rubber was calculated well under the lateral arch and forefoot in the flexible configuration to maximize traction. Meanwhile, it distributes shock evenly across its’ sole.

You may expect that those supinating even slightly may experience accelerated and significant wear in the same location, decreasing its’ lifespan. The absence of Injection blown material goes along with the outsole lateral forefoot, leaving its’ foam midsole the ability to expose to contacting the ground. For all neutral runners, you may notice the visible wear right in this particular location after 50 miles.

The resilient midsole named EverRun SSL is surprisingly soft yet dense. Its’ structure maintains the integrity much longer than the standard foam named EVA. In the departure from its’ firm midfoot, the luxurious and light ride of some earlier models comes back in the recent update because of the topsole extension named EverRun through its’ full length. Above all, 2 predominant technical characteristics of the shoe upper are truly carried over: the lacing system named Pro-Lock and FlexFilm.

  • FlexFilm overlays indeed melded to its’ upper but eliminate the seams as well as provide the flexible fit which moves with your foot harmoniously.
  • In this shoe, the limited Flexfilm laces can make the shoe upper meet its’ midsole, covering your entire toe firmer than previous versions.
  • The Saucony Kinvara 8 owns the improved breathability and flexibility.
  • It is indeed Lightweight and Soft
  • You also can see that this shoe is a Responsive and Versatile option.
  • People with plantar fasciitis may feel Supremely comfortable when wearing it.
  • The internal strap of the shoe may make you feel disappointed as the Pro-lock technology of the midfoot is unnecessary and constricting.
  • Its’ Laces are cheap, thin, and flimsy.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

The Saucony Kinvara 8 remains quite faithful to the roots of its’ precedents as the lightweight trainer which is indeed perfect for different types of activities, including running.


The Saucony Kinvara 8 can be quite similar to its’ previous version and retains some significant changes right in the upper, midsole, and outsole. However, we should now leave out the recent updates to this model, including 2 key improvements which take it to a next level: the softer ride and the broader toe-box. By this way, this shoe lives up the amazing Kinvara cult-status undoubtedly.

5. Brooks Ravenna 8 – Best running shoes for people with plantar fasciitis & flat feet

Being one of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis, the 5. Brooks Ravenna 8 is indeed a high-performance shoe. It has a broad toe box when compared with other sneakers of Brooks. For this reason, it ensures the comfortable fit and satisfactory. Its’ extra cushioning offered by the midsole cushioning named BioMoGo DNA helps your foot return and bounce back to your feet while running and striding.

The Brooks Ravenna 8 running shoes provide a smooth toe-to-heel transitioning system thanks to its’ full-length crash pad which is segmented. Pronation is indeed controlled by its’ diagonal roll shoe bar. With its added comfort, extra cushioning, and stability from the moisture-management and breathable upper, this running shoe is a great option for people who are dealing with plantar fasciitis. It can be your perfect choice to stop or reduce the pain while you are running or walking intensively.

Brooks Women's Ravenna 8

As you may know, the Brooks Ravenna 8 may provide the similar underfoot feel and comfort as expected. It comes into the stage with some minimal changes. Of which, one seen minor update is right on the shoe upper. It utilizes a new material made of air mesh with the altered overlays which provides the exact amount of support and breathability. Also, this shoe comes with the enhanced and adjustable saddle which provides the secure fit directly in its’ midfoot.

The Brooks Ravenna 8 owns the new transition zone of the midfoot, which delivers the smoother toe to heel transition and the faster feel. To offer an enhanced flexibility and traction, this shoe features the redesigned configuration of the outsole and improved flex grooves. Also, this shoe is indeed true to size and provides the toe box and the snug fit for its’ natural splay.

As Brooks offers it in wide and standard widths for women’s and men’s versions, the shoe is designed well to offer the flex grooves and enhanced traction which are modified for the added flexibility. All out updates provide you an extra toe-off. The Brooks Ravenna 8 utilizes the DNA midsole named BioMoGo, which deliver reliable protection of the underfoot along with the responsive feel. It works well with its’ Diagonal Rollbar which aids your foot to run naturally for your responsive ride and gives you the necessary support.

To provide you a smooth and fast toe to heel transition, the shoe uses the new transition zone of the midfoot. Also, it features the seamless design which lets you have a comfortable experience of running. This shoe uses the new air material made of mesh, which provides the breathable coverage of your foot all throughout your run. Its’ mesh upper was designed to maintain the dryness of your foot.


  • The Brooks Ravenna 8 can be considered as a lightweight shoe for running.
  • This shoe has reliable and soft cushioning.
  • It delivers enough volume of support but does not look bulky at all.
  • It has breathable and comfortable upper.
  • This shoe is indeed very responsive with the reasonable shoe price.
  • You may appreciate its’ durable construction.


  • You may experience the heel slippage while wearing this shoe.

Our Rating: 9.4/10

The Brooks Ravenna 8 can be knowns as a reliable stability shoe for your road running. It provides you the right volume of support, durability, cushioning, and comfort.


In short, you may like the lightweight and springy feel of this shoe. The Brooks Ravenna 8 features the completely redesigned shoe outsole. It may come with the new configuration made of rubber, which was designed to offer the enhanced traction. Its’ flex grooves were modified for the added flexibility. Its’ outsole updates provide all runners the extra toe-off.

6. Saucony Guide 10 – Best for women with plantar fasciitis

The comfortable and stable yet lightweight shoes from the shoemaker Saucony are indeed suitable for all women who is currently dealing with plantar fasciitis or heel pains. The modern cushioning named EVERUN ensures that your foot and heel are cushioned amost all of the time during your run or stride. Such new system helps your feet to be able to bounce back as well as enhances your energy return. By this way, it helps you much in improving the overall performance.

Saucony Guide 10

The Saucony Guide 10 is widely knowns as a robust update to some stability shoe series for long runs. You may note that its’ supportive section of the mid-foot reduced the pronation tendencies. Meanwhile, its’ cushioning system can offer the reliable responsiveness. However, for some runners, it was somewhat narrow in its’ toe area, making them discomfort while using.

This shoe is durable, stable, and highly cushioned. However, they are lightweight, flexible and has the ability to enhance the desired running performance. By wearing it, you may feel like having one softest slipper. Also, the inside RUNDRY lining of the shoes along with the collar may help to keep the feet stay dry and cool even during your intensive running.

Its effective shock absorption offered by its’ landing zone named SRC in its’ crash-pad of the heel will keep the feet away completely from possible injuries and pain while letting you enjoy a training session or run. You can see that Saucony pointed a variety of changes in its’ 10th iteration of its’ Guide production line for the more adaptive, better fit as well as enhanced support dedicated for overpronators.

There is one impressive change of the shoe is the new engineered introduction of the mesh. It is slightly more seamless and flexible than other past models. Its’ new upper provides a snug fit. One more apparent change of the shoe upper can be the disappearance of the stitched and thick overlays, including those supporting its’ eyelets. Without the sew construction, you will face lesser developing risk of hot spots or blisters.

Provided that breathability tends to go up as its’ engineered mesh is slightly bigger with more holes than that of the precedents throughout its’ upper. As a matter of fact, Saucony made its’ heel and midsole slightly firmer than previous models. For some minimal overpronators, the welcome development of this shoe should be the added stability to different types of runs. With the firmer midsole and heel, there is a rather quicker transition right from take-off to landing.


  • You may be impressed by its’ responsiveness platform.
  • The Saucony Guide 10 is indeed true to size and can be used on the light trails with the agreeable performance.
  • In fact, it is incredibly comfortable with its’ overall parts and components quality was broadly appreciated by many runners.
  • This shoe did not require the break-in period and can perform pretty well right from the beginning.
  • Its’ stability mechanic can be appreciated by many people who needed extra guidance.
  • Its’ cushioning system is suitably long-lasting yet soft.
  • Its’ upper unit can hug your foot securely and snugly.


  • Its’ forefoot area may make you feel slightly narrow.
  • The cover system inside the shoe may cause blistering to your foot.
  • Its’ footbed placed pressure right on your ball, causing the numbness.

Our Rating: 9.3/10

You may be aware that its’ fit remains unchanged when compared to previous versions. With the adequate toe box, secured midfoot and heel, the Saucony Guide 10 has the standard length.


All Runners with slightly wider to average feet can be suitable for the Saucony Guide 10. It continues to use the special Everun technology so its’ top sole can provide a more resilient and springier ride. The SSL EVA of the shoe also provides you added cushioning. Such modified version can be a little firmer for better stability and enhanced transition than its’ precedent. Also, its’ Everun part are durable while minimizing weight.

7. Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 – Best for plantar fasciitis & over-pronation

The Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 can be appreciated by bother over-pronation and neutral runners. This shoe can provide you security and comfort with ease. For some runners, the excellent performance on their road running was indeed agreeable. However, there are different opinions about its width and sizing schemes, which did not accommodate some runners’ feet. Its’ design features the minimal usage of layered and stitching overlays.

In this year, Nike- the giant sneaker brand- has released Dual Fusion 3 which is the latest version in this line-up. Also, the upper fabrics are constructed openly to conform closely to the foot movements. Its’ overall look and shape is not thick and bulky when compared with the previous model. It currently has a forefoot and midfoot shape at the medium volume. Meanwhile, its’ heel area may maintain the particular construction to let your foot rotate or move more naturally.

Nike Dual Fusion Run 3

Also, the mesh material of the shoe can be more exposed, allowing additional air to come inside the shoe essentially as well as keep your foot dry and cool. The mid-sole area makes use of a dual-density foam that has a specific purpose for the optimal comfort and efficiency of the foot. The shoe has the softer platform made of foam to rest your foot, and the firmer underside. By this way, it will assist you much in maintaining the durability whenever you need the function of weight handling and water-resistance.

Its’ outsole unit owns the rubber which is traction-ready for high control over different types roads. Its’ Flex grooves were optimized in accordance with its’ natural anatomical foot capability to flex. For this reason, the Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 makes each of your step and toe-off more effective than other version. Furthermore, this shoe has the standard length.

This shoe comes in various sizes which adhere to your preferences. It has the medium width which is applied for all sections. The forefoot and mid-foot areas have the medium-volume to serve for the comfortable yet snug wearing experience. By this way, the Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 can accommodate a variety of foot types. The outsole of the shoe makes good use of the durable material which was placed throughout its’ entire length.

The shoe is efficient enough to offer the protection against different types of abrasion and give traction directly to you for a precise control of the surfaces. Molded blades and Flex grooves are placed right on the shoe outsole to allow regular mechanics and natural movement of the foot and when entering its’ gait cycle. The deeper groove was placed nearby its’ forefoot, encouraging the flexibility if needed.

  • The Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 is affordable with its’ visually appealing look.
  • Its’ inner sleeve makes you feel snug while not making its’ upper unit tight.
  • The liberal rubber usage in its’ outsole unit can make the shoe more durable.
  • Its’ toe box does not make you feel constricted at all. They did not sense the toes clump uncomfortably when using this shoe.
  • You may appreciate its’ particular overlay system that offered the structural support while did not add extra weight.
  • The cushioning system of the underfoot is long-lasting and comfortable.
  • This shoe is versatile enough for you to function in a wide range of activities, like running, walking, and training.
  • Its’ collar area is slightly high and the Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 may rub against your Achilles region.
  • Sometimes it was not very flexible, hindering the natural moving capability.
  • It is a little narrow with a half size smaller compared to the standard version.

Our Rating: 9.2/10

With the tightened or loosened shoelaces, these cords of the mid-foot found right between the external follow suit made of fabric and the inner sleeve. By this way, the Nike Dual Fusion 3 can customize its’ fit to your matched preference.


As far as you may know, The Phylon material of the mid-sole ultilized for the Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 was a foam with the dual density. It helps you in delivering durable support and soft cushioning. Its’ foam upper portion offers the responsive and comfortable experience of the underfoot. Its’ lower part can be a carrier which serves as its’ foundation for other parts of the sole unit. This part is the solid foam dedicated for the robust performance.

8. New Balance M1540 v2 - Best for people with high arches & plantar fasciitis

The New Balance M1540 v2 is the updated model of the New Balance 1540. This New Balance’s shoe is one of the top running shoes for motion control that offer incredible comfort. The 1540v2 is designed to be the best partner for overpronation, helps guide your foot toward so you can stay focused on your run. It is considered one excellent option for ladies that suffer directly from the severely painful inflammation named plantar fasciitis.

Made from the high-quality materials, this shoe will endure your running long miles, and help relieve. Furthermore, it can eliminate your pain from any symptom of plantar fasciitis or other types of aches in your ankles and feet that you may bear. These sneakers own the round toe along with the removable footbed made of foam, which you may quickly replace with the orthotics.

New Balance M1540 v2

The main purpose of changes in the 2nd version of the 1540 is to provide excellent security and support. Its’ seamless upper owns lesser and smaller overlays to hug your foot better. The platform is slightly wider for the ultimate stability. The other difference between this new version and its previous one is the 1540v2 gives a lot more support under the arch, which helps correct your overpronation.

When it comes to plantar fasciitis, you need to consider three main factors toward a shoe, including heel and arch support, cushioning. An accurate shoe option can reduce the pain in your heel or even get rid of plantar fasciitis. The 1540v2’s motion control running shoe is designed to provide stability and cushioning, make it perfect fit from the heel to the toe top. For women bearing the foot or heel pain but love intensive walking or running, these shoes with the Optimum Control should be in their best running shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Let’s go more into detail about the structure of the 1540v2, you will know why it is the best shoe for plantar fasciitis. Its’ outsole is designed for improved cushioning and traction. The no-sew upper is made of breathable mesh, besides that, the synthetic overlays provide lockdown support and structure. Additional, due to several tops of the advanced technologies, New Balance makes a strong midsole to provide protection against shock.

The Rollbar system minimizes the movement of your rear foot. This feature along with 10mm heel-to-toe drop these sneakers give an excellent arch support over your foot. The ENCAP technology provides the soft cushioning EVA in its’ midsole for more durability and support. Moreover, ACTEVA LITE is lighter than the standard molded foam compression of the New Balance for the optimal compression properties. Below are some pros and cons for your additional consideration.


  • Excellent motion control, stability and perfect arch and heel support.
  • These sneakers provide the ultimate comfort and cushioning for the foot and heel.
  • They have the plush tongue along with the foam collar having the double density for a safe and comfortable grip of your foot.
  • Blown rubber outsole provide added durability in high wear areas.
  • The upper is breathable and comfortable.


  • The toe area is quite narrow.
  • Slippery on wet surfaces.
  • Heavyweight.

Our Rating: 9.1/10

If you expect to say goodbye to your pain, try on the New Balance M1540 v2 running shoes that you can use for sports activities, working time, and everyday errands.


Support your feet with a comfortable pair of running shoes is extremely is critical. The 1540v2 provide the optimal comfort, support, and overpronation. For those reasons, New Balance 1540v2 is ideal for plantar fasciitis shoes. In fact, this shoe is one of the highest rated among those who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

9. Saucony Triumph ISO 3 – Best for people with plantar fasciitis & wide feet

The Saucony Triumph ISO 3 is considered a success so far. It delivered the comfortable and smooth ride that you would love to experience. Its’ component responsiveness also gained lots of praise but it did not fit for all runners. As a matter of fact, Saucony brings several changes from bottom to top in this shoe to create the more relaxed and comfortable feel, the more flexible and springier ride. At your first glance, its’ upper offers primary modifications.

The tech named ISOfit now uses two straps or bands to offer runners with the high volume in the foot with more rooms. The 3rd band removal makes you to have the average volume with the forgiving fit. Besides, the alteration of the shoe continues its’ advantages from the previous models with the usage of the engineered mesh. Such mesh is indeed flexible when compared with the regular one of its’ precedents. It gives you the adaptive fit by providing more ventilation created by the big holes.

Saucony Triumph ISO 3

The shoemaker, Saucony removed almost all of thick overlays then, replaced them entirely with the thinner versions. Its’ support remains the sufficient level without adding more weight. Its’ welcome addition is the place its’ fit goes with its’ thinner tongue. For this reason, you may get the plush feel with the particular design which molds a little bit better to your foot. By betting “all in” with the new midsole technology, Saucony expects this amazing shoe will dominate sneaker market and create a fever for their fans.

Furthermore, running in the low-light zones gets it a boost thanks to its’ heel section features the wide reflective band. You may see that the widest change in this shoe is not visible. Provide that Saucony gives your ride more cushioning and spring, the heel insert named Everun is more than the earlier model size. Also, it extends to its’ midfoot in the shoe model. It is considered the huge development dedicated for heavy-framed users, heavy heel runners, and anyone who love heel cushioning.

Its’ sizing is standard as the shoe continues to provide a toe box just like other predecessors. The upper changes give it more volume. Meanwhile, the midfoot and Heel security can be more than efficient to inspire security and confidence with your runs. The shoe outsole is indeed not spared right from such changes. Saucony deepens its’ grooves for the better flexibility. The bigger cut directly from the heel to the midfoot in order to enhance its’ softer ride.

In fact, the Triumph ISO 3 may bring the common layout named Tri-Flex to runners. Such design of the shoe is characterized specially by the flex grooves that are deeper in its’ precedents with more flexibility. Between its’ slightly wider grooves are the rubber for enhanced contact to the ground. A well combination of XT-900 and IBR+ rubber deliver the nice mixture of durability and traction. While its’ former was located directly in the midfoot to the forefoot while this version is placed right in its’ forefoot tips and its’ heel.


  • Wearing the Saucony Triumph ISO 3 was a comfortable affair with the platform making you feel extremely plush.
  • Even though being used for a long time, it felt comfortable and fresh, like wearing this shoe at first.
  • The shoe is versatile enough for you to handle some tempo runs as well as slow, long sessions on different types of road.
  • You may enjoy its’ mid-sole responsiveness as it is indeed true to size
  • Its’ underfoot experience did not make you feel as it was sinking into its’ cushioning system. And this shoe was reliable yet smooth.
  • Its’ the toe box has sufficient room for you to accommodate the toe-splaying naturally.
  • The breathable nature of shoe upper unit may let you satisfied.


  • The price of this shoe is slightly expensive.
  • For some wide-feet people, it was half size smaller compared to the previous versions.
  • Its’ tongue is a bit thin, causing the lacing pressure of the shoe to transfer to your skin directly.

Our Rating: 9.0/10

Saucony welcomes this shoe with an engineered mesh as well as the enhanced ventilation and adaptability. Besides, the flat shoe laces cinch its’ fit.


In a nutshell, the supportive and plush sleeve inner or ISOfit tech hugs your foot in the wraparound comfort. The shoemaker. Saucony tweaks its exterior panel simply by using only two bands for a forgiving fit. Its’ shoe upper uses the FlexFilm overlays to serve for lightweight, melded support. Its’ Luxurious comfort may continue with its’ ankle collar and plush tongue.

10. Brooks Addiction 12 - Best for people with flat feet & plantar fasciitis

Brooks Addiction 12

All we know that Brooks is the famous brand name for running shoe. They always release shoe with high quality and well-designed. Brooks Addiction 12 is one of their best shoes in the market. According to the name, you will be addicted at the first sign. This shoe is one of my favorite, especially the combination of colors. Regarding the new technology, this secret component is a multi-density midsole

You will be regret if you do not order it sooner. Trust me. Notably, with a tall person, it is an enormous problem when buying new shoe. There are not very many shoes for flat feet people. There is always something that keeps you from fitting perfectly. But this shoe is different. It is the great solution for you. It fits your feet exactly and accurately. This shoe allows you to walk, run and generally be comfortable all day without any agony. It also has arch support which can reduce your pain while running or walking.

It is noticeable that the PDRB feature of the midsole makes you feel more comfortable and less overpronation when you use it for running. The MC Pod Configuration is unique designed for this shoe. The purpose of this element is to balance the transition from hell to toe when you run or walk. This is the new technology of Brooks to help consumer experience the great ride.

The cushion of this shoe is adaptive though the new technology from Brooks DNA. Furthermore, it makes your move smoother and softer because of the segmented crash pad. As I told you above, the color of this shoe is simple but it still makes it difference from others. This is a specialized product line for flat feet people so you will not need to worry about your wide-footed.

However, there are some barriers for consumers when they consider this shoe. The price is quiet expensive. The other thing is that this shoe is slightly heavy with some users. The most important drawback of this shoe is the upper mesh. It is quick to wear out and break down. This issue annoyed many consumers which they gave them 2 or 3 stars over 5. Brooks Addiction 12 midsole –as its brand name- is a stack of two different foam densities of EVA injection that contribute to enhancing the comfortable and cushioning feels for customers without any negative effects on durable support.

In comparison with other shoe from Brooks, this shoe has a higher price but the higher price, the more comfortable shoe you get. Few shoes can handle the beating you put on it. But this one can and it does that better than other shoe. It is totally relaxed with this shoe for a whole day long. You can run all day, walk all day or hike all day without any worries. In comparison with other shoe from Brooks, this shoe has a higher price but provides more comfortable for wearers.


  • The cushion of this shoe is adaptive though the new technology from Brooks DNA. It makes your move smoother and softer because of the segmented crash pad.
  • The color of this shoe is simple but it still makes it difference from others.
  • This is a specialized product line for flat feet people so you will not need to worry about your wide-footed.
  • It is highly breathable because of the lightweight mesh which makes dry and cool feet while using.


  • The price is quiet expensive.
  • It is slightly heavy with some users.
  • Water is easy to enter because of the lightweight mesh.

Rating: 8.9/10

The Brooks Addiction 12 is stability and durability shoe. You can use this shoe to walk more than 1000 steps per day.


In conclusion, the Brooks Addiction 12 is a best idea for people with flat feet. You will be satisfied with your choice. You may have shoe from Nike or Asics but I strongly believe that this shoe will bring you lots of new feelings.

11. Asics Gel Exalt - #2 Best women’s running shoes for plantar fasciitis

Asics gel exalt is a helpful tool for you to reduce your pain while running or walking. If you have plantar fasciitis, you have to be carefully when buying a pair of shoes. Your decision affects your health problems. So why do not get the right choice. There are many shoes for women have plantar fasciitis but it is very difficult to find the right shoe for you. These bring a great deal for consumers.

Asics Gel Exalt 3

You can stay long such as for a whole day with this shoe even though you have plantar fasciitis. Because of the SpEVa, DouMax, Gel and Trusstic System in the design, this shoe helps to reduce your pain. The structure of the shoe is uniform and unchangeable in any way which fit your shape for feet. It is also the good solution for women with plantar fasciitis. The carbon rubber outsole also contributes remarkably to the lightweight and versatility of these shoes which made it become an ideal option for daily runners.

Furthermore, the out sole is made from carbon rubber which is durable and stable over time. Especially, it prevents tear or wear when running. As the result, it meets the requirement from planter fasciitis people. When your feet are sore from the day before, you can wear them to bounce back. You will experience a great feeling while running or high impact workouts.

Markedly, there is a good quality cushion in the Asics Gel Exalt. It makes smoother and nimbler movements. Nevertheless, the color of shoe is limited. It is not easy to find your favorite color but the structure is well-design which is fashionable. Notably the price is inexpensive which will save your money. In comparison with Nike or Adidas, this shoe is a good deal for consumers.

Rating: 8.8/10

Especially, thanks to those special features, your ride will never get bored with the Asics Gel Exalt. Pain and blisters will fade away immediately.

12. New Balance W1340 – #2 Best for people with plantar fasciitis & flat feet

In recent years, New Balance has become one of the giants in sneaker market which always satisfy the strict criterion of the customers, especially women purchaser. The W1340 is a newest sneaker of New Balance that is anticipated creating a hot trend in this year. So, here is my evaluation for this shoe. According to many feedbacks from their customers, most people react positively to the new look of W1340.

New Balance W1340

Firstly, in term of weight and height, New Balance W1340 is very slight, weighing around 313g that definitely bring the most delightful sensation when your feet are in motion for a whole day. The heel height is 3.81cm (1.5 inches) including innovative midsole that help plantar fasciitis be more pleasant, unpainful during the time of wearing this shoe. Undoubtedly, New Balance continuously gains a great success in stylish design.

The New Balance WL1340 has furnished a rubber sole which help be more durable and stronger, especially in high wear parts. Moreover, to provide additional stability, additional comfort in control by extending web technology, New Balance makes WL1340 valuable to purchase. The shoe has a wide range of bright colors that combine harmoniously with its shape make the exterior of W1340 fashionable and enthusiastically.

Despite the positive feedbacks, New Balance also receives some negative responses. Many customers complain that the WL1340 size is too narrow and tight. This matter causes the unpleasant pain and unbreathable situation when they wear it for a long time. Besides that, the price might be an issue because it is quite expensive with some runners. In term of the heaviness, New Balance is well known for minimally furnishing the materials and this shoe is also no exception.

Our Rating: 8.7/10

Conclusively, I will give the New Balance WL1340 a score of 8.7/10. Although there are some problems with the shoe, however, it is still worth for you to purchase the WL1340.

13. Brooks Glycerin 14 - #2 Best for high arches & plantar fasciitis

Brooks Glycerin 14 is one of the best shoes from Brooks. Especially, it is in the top 5% most popular running shoe around the world. No one can deny the stability and durability of this shoe. You can easily find a good or 5-star comment about this in the internet. If you struggle with the pain on your feet when running, this shoe will solve your issue. Lastly, let discuss a little bit the breathable capacity, the single layer of the upper system work very well that avoid breezy and airy for runner's feet, even on their hottest run.

Brooks Glycerin 14

This shoe provides high cushion which gives it a smoother and nimbler feel. Moreover, it is filled with grooves to enhance the flexibility of the shoe. And it also has a tough carbon rubber in the heel which covers most of the underfoot for traction. As the result, this shoe is light and responsive as well. People with high arch should buy this one to reduce their pain. It also makes your ride enjoyable and funnier.

The Brooks Glycerin 14 is indeed one of the Best running shoes for people with high arch. The most important feature about this shoe is the stability and durability. You can use this shoe to run over 5 miles per day. Brooks provides wide range of size which is suitable for every shape of feet. You are not worried about the available of size because they are all in stock. Additionally, different color combinations are available. It is easy for you to find your favorite color.

However, the large holes in the mesh make it breathable but water can enter easily. So be careful when it is raining. It is very worth for daily runners to purchase, especially neutral one because the durable and versatile abilities make it become a top sneaker in this market. The other thing is it is quite expensive. The higher price, the higher quality you get. It is absolutely the one for people with high arch. The high cushion is the solution to get a comfortable walk or run.

Rating: 8.6/10

You will be impressed by the Glycerin 14’s durability. It is hard to tear out even when you always use it for a long ride.

14. Asics GT2000-5 - #2 Best for men with plantar fasciitis

After Asics GT200 released, it became a new trend at that time. The great design with beautiful colors makes it to be unique and fashionable. Keeping the heat of this product, Asics developed a new product with higher quality. That is Asics GT2000-5. Moreover, this shoe is absolutely a solution for people with plantar fasciitis. The pain will fade away. You can enjoy the ride happily without any arch. This is also the right one for people with flat feet. They fit perfectly.

The most special thing about this product is the Support System named DuoMax. This improvement of its’ system enhances support and stability, with increased support of the platform and reduced weight. Because of this system, weight is light compared to other shoes and light enough to be a good ran shoe. You will feel like walking above the clouds when running with this shoe.

Asics GT2000-5

The good points about the shoe include its cushioning and build quality. The cushioning and stability are much stronger than the first release. As the result, this shoe does a great job of providing the support you need for long run. You can use this one to run over 100 miles without any break down. Your ride is better when you have Asics GT2000-5. The harmonious combination of its’ expensive materials plays an important role in providing the best experience for customers.

The color and design are the special features which make it difference from other shoe. The combination of color gets others’ attention in the first sign. Thanks to this, the Asics GT2000-5 is more comfortable pliable while still maintain the lightweight ability of the shoe. You will scream out loud when you see the colors. Additionally, the price is inexpensive as compared to many other results. This shoe is appropriate for everyone especially the one who has plantar fasciitis.

Rating: 8.5/10

This shoe is suitable for people have plantar fasciitis. The type of it is cushion which makes consumers feel more comfortable.

15. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 – #2 Best shoes for plantar fasciitis with wide feet

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17

The 17th generation of the Adrenaline GTS series is the latest which concentrate on improving the balance and satisfaction when running and also protect the foot from injuries better. Here are five best reasons to purchase these significant shoes. In term of the weight, Adrenaline GTS 17 evaluated about 304g, less than 10g comparing with the GTS 16 that is a significant success.

With many bright colors and stylish designs for both men and women. Brooks has brought the consumers a wide range of choices which can be decided to rest in the fashion of each customer. Moreover, their marketing and design staffs work really well in motivating people with the various phrases in their boxes such as “I won’t call this a negative split because it feels so positive” or “Lace up and go”.

This latest shoes lengthen 12mm and also equips BioMoGo DNA Midsole quality so Brook’s customers do not have to worry about any uncomfortable feelings during running time. The pleasant design of Brooks cushion can decrease the negative effect on your foot by adjusting the size of the cushioning system based on your particular weight, pace, even running surface

A smart upper design provides a breathable, relaxing and flexible to not only the half-marathon runners but also the full one. The most specific addition of Brooks is Progressive Diagonal Roll Ball which allows runner body to normal balance and natural motion state. Brooks manufacturer has found a way to reduce the weight by using Flextra material in the outsole of GTS 17 which reduce adhesive friction on all of the surfaces.

Rating: 8.4/10

Considered fit for many runners with plantar fasciitis, this shoe is gentle, convenient as well as fashionable. Thus, these shoes can adapt all of your basic requirements.

16. Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 - #2 Best for plantar fasciitis & over-pronation

Mizuno is the most popular shoe company in Japan and many countries around the world. Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 is a product line for running shoe. This shoe will bring you the most comfort and pleasure when going outdoors. Next one we should discuss about is an Upper system. Mizuno has utilized a strong synthetic overlay, a soft inner sleeve, and a single layer mesh which are expensive materials and features.

Do you want to buy a suitable shoe for running? Do you want to get a pair of shoes which can run over 20 miles per week? Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 is absolutely the best answer for you. The most significant difference between Mizuno and other branch is the durability of the shoe. We cannot compare other shoe to the Mizuno in support for over-pronation. You can use this shoe to run for over 25 miles per week. This shoe is firm and durable over a period of time.

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12

With regards to the high quality, your feet would not be torn up with blisters around your midsole. It fits appropriately (not too loose). The pain will disappear. The Alchemy's looked like any other running shoe, but apparently, it's supposed to fix your severe over-pronation problem. No more pain and no orthotics needed anymore. Especially, they are super lightweight. Everything will be softer and smoother with this shoe. You will be more passionate about running when having this one.

Moreover, the price is reasonable for everyone. It is not as expensive as Nike or Adidas. But you still get the high quality product which lasts for a long time. You never regret for what you decided. This unique product is design to enhance athletic performance. Don't be hesitant to buy one. This product is also suitable as a gift for your parents or friends. No one can escape from the beauty and useful of this product.

Rating: 8.3/10

If you had been looking for a super pair of running shoe, your journey will end here. This is the right one. This is your answer.

17. Brooks Beast 16 - #3 Best for women with plantar fasciitis

Brooks Beast 16 is the latest version of the streaming of Beast’s line-up which provides superlatively the natural stability and the enjoyable feeling to all kind of masculine customers. So, here is some noticeable information of this shoe. The same as its brand name “Beast”, these shoes are quite heavy, in my opinion, weighing around 385g.

However, it still enables to bring the satisfying, convenient and pleasant perception when you are walking or running. In term of its width, Brooks still receive the negative feedback from their customers because they have not learned the mistake from the previous version that made it too narrow for customers to wear. Brooks has furnished Beast 16 with Super DNA which is more cushioning than any Brook midsole materials.

This couples with Progressive Diagonal Rollbar allow runners to balance heel-to-toe motion in all kinds of surfaces with less adhesive friction and more pleasant feeling. The upper design might be a plus of the shoe. By offering the Synthetic Overlays, Brooks has made Beast 16 more flexible and fit. Beside that, Element Lining combines with Ultimate Sock Liner to help the shoe be dry, cool and more breathable.

The exterior outlook of Beast 16 is quite bulky with tedious colors. Personally, I think Brooks has made their fans disappointed with the latest version. According to some runners, they do not like the available color patterns because it looks unattractive and too typical by any means. As a matter of fact, they can aid in moisture transition better to keep the foot dry.

Rating: 8.2/10

Conclusively, despite the fact that Brooks Beast 16 has some minus points involving in the monotonous colors and the narrow sizes, these running shoes is still worth to purchase.

18. New Balance M940 V2 - #3 Best for people with plantar fasciitis & flat feet

New Balance is specialized in running and walking shoes. They release the product with many sizes which appropriate for everyone. They design them to fit. The most important thing is that their product is suitable for flat feet. The special product for flat feet is New Balance Men's M940 V2. This is dedicated for running performance. Because this technology contributes to reducing the adhesive friction with all kind of surfaces, according to many viewers, this shoe makes them more comfortable and natural while moving.

Your feet are not pretty sight and you always have hard time finding comfortable shoes? You find your favorite but it does not have your size? You have a great desire to do exercise but you are tired of finding suitable shoes? These problems will disappear when you find New Balance M940 V2. This product is your solution. Moreover, they have wide size which can fit every type of feet structure.

New Balance M940 V2

People with flat feet cannot miss this product. They are created for you. They fit perfectly. Blisters around your midsole will disappear and replace by the pleasure feelings. Because of the meticulous structure, you experience new level of comfort. Now you do not need to worry about your flat feet. New Balance M940 V3 is here to help you. Overall, New Balance staffs have succeeded in understanding their customers.

Beside the unique design for flat food, this product is style and fashionable. They are the combination of many colors. They have silver mixed with blue, steel and velocity red, silver and red. It is easy to choose your outfit which fit your shoes. Flat feet are not in your problems list anymore. You can use this shoe to run over 20 miles a week. The design is firm and strong which is hard to break down.

Rate: 8.1/10

The New Balance M940V2 brings you the feelings of relax and effort. You will be happier in this shoe when running. With the high quality from New Balance, this product represents the durability.

19. Brooks Ghost 9 - #3 Best for high arch

There are many running in the market. But to find a right one is very difficult. The good one must be in the favorable lists such as design, color, durability, fashion. You are having a hard time to decide what to buy? It ends here. Brooks Ghost 9 is the right decision you have ever made in your life. I guarantee that. As mentioned above, the carbon rubber outsole is a great addition to this shoe, make it lighter and durable.

This is the best investment you have made to end your foot pain. If you suffer with foot pain, do not hesitant to get a pair of Brooks Ghost 9. This one is the solution for your pain. Many podiatrists recommend this shoe to their patients. Surprisingly, most of them get a great result. It reduces your pain and helps you to walk smoother and softer. Furthermore, Brooks Ghost 9 is excellent for people whose ankles roll in.

Brooks Women's Ghost 9

They fit accurately which bring the comfortable feelings to consumers. Everything is easier with Brooks Ghost 9 for people with high arch. The most stunning feature about this shoe is they are cushion. With other type of shoe, it is hard on your knees and ankles when you run any kind of distance. Stylish design is another strongest points of Brooks. Ghost 9 is a fashionable, convenient and harmonious sneaker.

With the Brooks Ghost 9, you would never have any issues with pain. However, your feet will get soak when it is raining because of the breathability. Air can come in and keep in your feet which makes you relax and join the ride. But water can enter to your shoe when it is raining. So be careful. Brooks has offered a wide range of bright colors that certainly give gentlemen more choices. With extroverted and stylish runners, this shoe is made for you.

Rating: 8.0/10

This shoe is a good choice for people having the high arch. Your pain will go far away when you use this shoe. Specially, the price is reasonable for a unique shoe like this.

20. New Balance WL574 – #3 Best for men with plantar fasciitis

In recent years, obviously, New Balance has been one of the most popular trends among the young generation and the WL574 shoe is a dynamic and fashionable symbol in this lineup. So, here is some additional information on this significant sneaker. The New Balance WL574 is one of the latest version of New Balance that aims only to female customers.

This sneaker has offered a wide range of colors which is very good-looking and harmonious that allow their feminine customers to combine with many different clothes based on their lifestyle. New Balance has made a few surprise with their sneakers such as the WL574 Molten Metal with its all black exterior. Thus, you do not have to worry about a lack of choices when buying a shoe.

new balance wl574 mens

In term of materials and technology, New Balance provides powerful ENCAP midsole for the WL504 that permit all kinds of motions to be more flexible and relaxing. Stylish design is another strongest points of New Balance. This shoe is a fashionable, convenient and harmonious sneaker. To be more specific, you can walk for a whole day without any pain from your heel-to-toe. With excellent materials, this sneaker becomes very soft and breathable to wear suitably.

There is only a minus point about the WL574 line-up that the sneaker is too tight. This makes an uncomfortable and annoying when walking or running. Hence, to avoid this problem, my advice is that you should order or buy a bigger size than your foot. Because of the specific consumer “lady”, the company has created a simple sneaker but extremely high quality and stylish design that enable to adapt the high expectation and compete strictly with the other competitor in sneaker market.

Rating: 7.9/10

In short, New Balance WL574 is completely worth to purchase because it can meet the high standard of women. So, I will mark the above rating for this lovely sneaker.

Plantar fasciitis & How to choose running shoes

Plantar fasciitis Symptoms

The plantar fascia is ligament, which connects heel bone to toes. Plantar fasciitis is caused by straining this ligament. If you strain your plantar fascia, it will get weak, swollen, and irritated. The bottom of your foot or your heel hurt when you walk or even when you stand and especially when you climb stairs. In other words, you can feel a stabbing pain in the bottom of your foot near the heel. The pain is worst in the first few steps in the morning after waking up. Stiffness and pain often decrease after you take a few steps but they may return after long periods of getting up from a seated position or standing.

If you have foot pain at night, you should think about different problems such as nerve problems or arthritis. In order to determine your problem, you should consult your doctor.


For every disease, if you want to have the right treatment you have to find out the reasons that caused your problem. And here are some common causes of PL

  • You are on your feet for long periods of time, especially on hard surfaces. This is the most popular reason causing plantar fasciitis.
  • You have excessive pronation that means your feet roll inward too much when walking.
  • You have flat feet or high arches.
  • An amazing reason of this issue is that you are overweight.
  • The natural process of aging.
  • You have tight calf muscles or Achilles tendons.
  • And the last reason is your shoes that are worn out or don't fit.

In the acute phase of the plantar fasciitis your pain is most severe, you should have some rest from activities or use other alternative exercises such as cycling or those that doesn’t put much pressure on your plantar fascia. After this phase, you can go back to running but modify it a little. Start with short and slow paced runs on flat surface in order to avoid much stress on your plantar fascia. You can gradually increase the distance and time of running until reaching your normal pace.

In fact, there are medications as well as therapies depending on the cause of your plantar fasciitis such as simple stretches, night splints, specialized shoe inserts, invasive injections or surgery. According to some studies, around 90% of those with PL can make good recovery if they follow the right treatments. And as I mentioned above, your shoes is possibly the reason causing PL when they are tight, loose, worn out, or run down. So for runners, I suggest you choose the best plantar fasciitis running shoes as a simple and effective treatment that is going to be the pain management therapy.

How to choose the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis ?

Best running shoes for plantar fasciitis women and men

Your feet are different from everyone else’s. So don’t believe what really works for him/her will absolutely work for you. Possibly, you will have to buy a few different pairs of shoes and try them on to see whether they are suitable for your feet or not. However, I also want to give you some necessary factors to choose the right running shoes as well as the list of best running shoes for your PL.

At first, you should pay attention on the heel and arch support running shoes because they will give you necessary supports, which protect you from hardcore activity. But remember that the most comfortable shoes don’t mean the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. So you should choose shoes with combination of comfort and arch support. Additionally, well-cushioned and better shock absorption shoes with other supportive features to break up some force of heel striking are also very helpful for runners who have PL.

Other running shoes will not provide enough benefit because they are constructed with cheaper material or too light and flexible to provide enough necessary support. A top brand running shoe manufacturer is reliable enough to find running shoes with two criteria above. Besides, shoes with solid heel counter, flexible toe box, and dual (or multiple) density midsoles also contribute to decreasing your PL. You shouldn’t pay too much attention on good-looking shoes without the above features because they will make your issue become more serious.

In fact, ugly but comfortable shoes can help you relieve the pain much more than a nice looking but rigid running shoes. In order to give out the best list of running shoes for PL, I not only relied on above factors but also had to read a lot of reviews of runners with PL on each product. An interesting thing is that when compiling a list of running shoes for plantar fasciitis; I also choose the best-looking shoes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about missing nice shoes.


Good arch and heel support, flexibility and great cushioning are the essential features you should keep in mind when choosing the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. However, there are not many perfect shoes, and we don’t have a fix-all cure to plantar fasciitis. So you have to know that these shoes can be more expensive than other models because of their support features and cannot completely eliminate your heel pains. But I’m sure all shoes in my list above will help you relieve your problem better than other running shoes on the market.

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