10 Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet for 2018 – Women & men

You have wide feet and are looking for best running shoes that suitable for your foot conditions? But you don’t know how to determine the width and sizes correctly and what shoes should be on the list for your wide feet. This article will provide you with necessary information to choose the right shoes for you as well as recommend some best shoes for wide feet available on the market.

Some information about wide feet

Women often have wider feet than men because their hips are wider that make them tend to roll inwards, or over pronate. And in fact, people with over-pronation often have wider feet than those who don’t.

Other common causes are:

  • Aging: People’s feet are widened with age as the result of the stretched ligaments and muscles in their feet.
  • Obesity: increasing weight puts more pressure on feet and flattens your muscles and ligaments out.
  • Pregnancy: in addition to putting more pressure on the muscles and ligaments, the bodies also create a hormone called relaxin, which makes muscles relax. Some can return to their normal size after giving birth but others permanently wear a larger size.
  • Excess standing: security guards, nurses and restaurant industry workers are often have wide feet because their jobs require standing for long periods of time that make their feet wider years after years.

From size C and up are considered wide shoe sizes.

Tips to buy shoes for wide feet

  • You can determine size and width of your shoes as I guided above or have your feet measured in the store. In fact, there is a difference among shoes sizes of different manufacturers’, but this measurement at least will help you have a starting point.
  • Next tip is to find wide toe box shoes. You should avoid pointy-toed shoes if you have wide feet. And if you try to squeeze your feet into them, you will receive worse foot condition. Let your feet have enough space to move.
  • Shoes with removable insoles or linings are also good for wide feet people. By taking these out, you can create wider room for your feet or extra room for orthotics that provides support for your foot problems caused by wide feet.
  • Ignore slip on shoes even in your right width size because your feet can slide forward or squash up in the toe box.
  • Shoes with strap or laces up are one of the best shoes for wide feet. Because these allow you to set them as wide as you want.
  • On shoe market, there are always stores that specialize in wider sizes. Look for them in case you were disappointed by the sizes in regular shoe stores. Especially, if you have intention to shop online, keep in mind some points below: you should have your feet professionally measured, accompany with familiar brands which made you pleased in the past and check the return policy.

10 Best running shoes for wide feet

1. Saucony Cohesion 10 – Best for men with wide feet

If you are looking for the running shoe that is a lightweight and speed-up option, this Saucony surely is the right one for you. Specifically, this cushioning is top notch which makes you feel like nothing under feet while running, especially for a long-distance run. There are cushioned footbeds and contoured injection that are made from the EVA foam to absorb shock on every stride.

Saucony Men's Cohesion 10

The shoe also adds more heel foam to offer more cushion around your heel, whiles the EVA foam at its midsoles would greatly reduce the impact and increase responsiveness from the ground strike. Though you may find its forefoot area is slightly supported by such this amount of cushioning, it does a great job in reducing the chance of blister or ankle injuries.

Truly, the Saucony has an amazing stiffness which avoids your feet moving unnecessarily inside the shoe. So, your feet are kept and protected well. Besides, the Saucony employed the Saucony GRID technology at the heel area to support your running gait throughout the run. Additionally, there is a multi-directional tread design on its outsoles which are made from durable rubber.

Moreover, it's a heel-top differential of 12 mm allows you stretch comfortably. Alongside with its maximum cushion and great shock responsiveness, your shoes are also enhanced to be flexible. By this way, it's needless to worry about whether your shoes broke down in the middle of a run.

Moreover, its top cover is made of the mesh and synthetic to ensure your feet stay comfort in the shoe. Meanwhile, the shoes are specifically constituted from the breathable material to enable your feet to stay dry from perspiration. As a result, there would be no issue of fault odor or foot discomfort.

In term of the shoe's quality, let's rest assured as it is wide recognized for its superior quality though it might look not that sharp. Specifically, its high-wear areas are reinforced strongly by employing the XT600 material. Thanks to this XT-600 outsoles, you can enjoy your run on many types of surfaces.

It is because it provides solid grips and traction on a tough trail, especially in the wet conditions. However, you are advised not to wear it on uneven trails as it would lead your shoes worn out quickly. Above all, these shoes are such a suitable choice for the wide feet person as it fits perfectly without no break-in period. So, you just need to order a normal size which you get used with.


  • Many people appreciate its amazing durability and true-to-size.
  • It's sufficient amount of cushioning meets most of the user’s demand.
  • According to most of the runners, they find their muscle pain and foot pain are stave off considerably when wearing the shoes for a while.
  • The shoes are a suitable choice for the wide feet runner.
  • It provides great responsiveness and solid traction to enhance efficiency.
  • You can have it with an inexpensive price.


  • Many complain relate to its inflexible midsole which lessens the natural move of the foot.
  • Some users find its cushioning insufficient.

Our Rating 8.6/10

Overall, the Saucony Cohesion 10 is a well-rounded shoe that may gain your faith due to its reliable performance. It is not only offered with an affordable price but also well-built to support your feet during a whole run, especially when you have the wide feet.

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 – Best for women with wide feet

The Brooks comfort the wide-feet runners for its nearly seamless design. As for this reason, you would find they fit snugly and secure your feet effectively. Especially, its upper construction is greatly enhanced to prevent your feet moving around. Importantly, when broke in, the shoes would fit better than other same range of models.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17

Moreover, it has sufficient amount of cushioning to comfort your feet and reduce your feet pain after running. In term of the upper units, there is the BioMoGo feature which is made from biodegradable material. So, it would not only preserve the environment but also contribute to helps your foot stay at ease. Especially, it's inner lining helps to comfort feel and boosts comfort level at a top notch.

Especially, its cushioning gel which is placed at the rearfoot and forefoot ensures your foot’s motion flexible. Even though the Brooks would lack cushioning in comparison to a neutral shoe, your feet are guaranteed to deliver an optimal comfort. Besides, it applied the HPR Plus resistant rubber at the forefoot and the heel to provides amazing grip. So, your running efficiency is boosted even in harsh conditions.

Thanks to this abrasion-resistant and durable material, you are likely to free of slippage risk on the run. Additionally, the shoe also features its Stable Pod Configuration which enhances your heel-to-toe transition’s balance. Moreover, to enhance your transition from heels to toes to be smoother, the shoes also gave crash pads which are designed in the full-length.

In addition to this, the Brooks could fold deeper inward with V-Groove to allow you run stably. Indeed, it helps to attenuate shock and disperses the impact from each ground strike.

As for its durability, you would find the shoe appears with no sign of wear or torn throughout hundreds of miles. As the Brooks is made from a high-quality material, its longevity is greatly improved. As well as, you would find its stiffness is comfortable to wear for a long-distance run despite its mildly heavyweight (252g).


  • The shoe is favored mainly because of its longevity and support features for the foot.
  • You may find the shoe comfortable for both run and walk.
  • It provides a wide choice of colors and style to select.
  • Most of the users find there is no blisters or pain after wearing it for a haft-marathon.
  • It is belief to protect the foot from injuries or discomforts.
  • The shoes offer sufficiently wide toe-box for the toes splay.
  • As for this upgraded wiggle room, you would not feel tight. So, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 would fit snugly and comfort your wide feet.


  • There are some complaints involved in its stiff and unwieldy midsoles as it causes some underfoot discomfort.
  • There are a few reviews suggesting to widen upper units as they suffered skin irritation.

Our Rating: 9.2/10

With the supportive and stable midsole, the Brooks Adrenalin GST  would be a great choice to wear. Especially, its sizing scheme, it's width, and the responsiveness of platform are greatly improved to satisfy the runner’s need. Additionally, its stylish design and protective construction are two factors worth considering to opt for this shoe.

3. ASICS GEL-Foundation 12 Running Shoe

With many updated features in this version, the Asics GEL-Foundation 12 would ensure to deliver abundant foot support and stability to enhance your performance efficiency. Besides, it can correct your foot alignment while reducing the weight. First of all, it features a GEL cushioning that is added at the rearfoot and the forefoot to provide an ultimate shock attenuation.

asics gel-foundation 12 men's

And due to it's 8.5 mm Ortholite sock liner, you are not only offered a great responsiveness in each stride but also enjoy a plush- cushioned run. Moreover, the shoes' breathability is greatly enhanced thanks to this sock liner. And your feet could stay at ease without an issue of fault odor thanks to its anti-microbial properties and moisture-free comforDry Sockliner.

Additionally, you are less likely to endure irritation and blister at the midfoot and the forefoot thanks to its sleeker engineered mesh upper. Truly, these nearly seamless uppers are significantly enhanced to have less overlay and reduce unwanted friction. Hence, you would enjoy a more adaptable run.

Additionally, its outsole is made from The ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR), especially at the heel area to contribute to the shoe’s durability. By this way, it would add extra cushion to comfort your feet. Moreover, it reduces excessive overpronation and delivers gait efficiency without adding weight to the shoe.

Likewise, it midsole are made from the full-length SpEVA foam to offer great bounce and energy return. So, you can sense clearly how the shoe attenuates shock and disperse impact in each stride, and thus you would enjoy a responsive ride.

Besides, the shoes are guaranteed to provide solid grips on a wide range of surfaces. It is because of its Guidance Line flex groove carved on the outsole. And for moderate and severe overpronators, it provides wider and thicker forefoot part to comfort and supports your foot during a whole run. Especially, its amazing flexibility, stability with striped lace cage would assist your alignment to be correct to a neutral alignment.

Importantly, the Asics Gel 12 is considered as a perfect choice for wide width foot. Actually, they are presented in the wide size that would accommodate both the medium and wide foot ‘s runners. Particularly, for the men’s size, its width of standard D is a good match, while it is B for the women’s.


  • Its upper is widely favored as it improves the shoe’s breathability.
  • Its lightweight is worth admiring.
  • Most of the positive feedbacks involved in its synthetic overlay that prevents their feet from suffering blister or skin irritation when wearing sockless.
  • Its abundant amount of cushioning with Sp EVA foam in the midsole are two main reasons why the runner like this shoe.
  • Your feet are kept dry thanks to its ComforDry Sockliner that can reduce moisture and foot odor.
  • You would sense how it apparently reduces shock impacts.
  • Best for men with wide feet


  • People suggest the toe box should be widened as their toes rub uncomfortably against its upper fabric.
  • Some complaints about its stiff stability mechanics at underfoot. As a result, their feet could not move naturally.

Our Rating 8.8/10

Not only delivers nice support and stability construction, the Asics Gel 12 also delivers maximum comfort and breathability. That’s why the runners could enjoy a smoother ride in both short and long running sessions. 

4. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus - Best Nike shoes for wide feet

Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 33

The model 34 presentation would continue the legendary Pegasus series to provide foot comfort and impact protection. Notably, in this version, the Pegasus highlights a complete redesign in Flymesh with translucent monofilament yarn. This feature is embedded within the shoes to enhance the shoe's lightweight and durability.

As well as, it ensures your feet could enjoy an optimal ventilation and responsive cushioning. By this way, you can control your feet at the forwarding position. Importantly, it would soon available this June. Importantly, it is able to reduce dirt, stain or sharp objects attacking the shoe.

Noticeably, when wearing the shoe, you would not feel discomfort thanks to its durable cushioning and a low drop. As a result, your feet can contact closely with the ground and gain a great bounce in each strike. Additionally, the midsole part is well cushioned to handle your gait efficiency.

Especially, the Pegasus 34 employs the Air heel unit to enhance its stability. As for numerous lugs around the heel-to-toe underfoot side, it will offer solid traction to run stable on rough and muddy trails. In term of its durability, this version has enhanced its midfoot section and its upper. Specifically, there is a sock line fit upper to keep your feet dry and fresh during a toasty condition.

Likewise, the midfoot and heel are both constituted by the durable carbon to lengthen its longevity. So, despite a variety of different surfaces, you would hardly find any sign of abrasion or torn.Besides, your feet are kept snugly in the shoe thanks to its Flywire cable. And needless to worry whether it would tighten your feet as the shoe’s soft lining gently wrap the interior to protect your feet well.


  • Your toes comfortably wiggling in its wider toe box.
  • The shoes are ensured to provide sufficient cushion, superior shock attenuation, and lightweight.
  • It would correct your gait and stabilize your run by providing superb traction.
  • There are Flywire cables to secure your foot efficiently, and also save your time from shoe tying.
  • Its breathability is greatly recognized by many users.
  • It suits for both the medium and wide feet.
  • There are many color schemes and styles that you could opt for.

Our rating: 8.8

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 would be a great choice if you are in between of the maximalist and minimalist shoes. Especially, there are sufficient cushioning to comfort your foot alongside with its amazing protection and foot supports. Importantly, its sizing is sufficient for the wide footed person.

5. Brooks Ghost 9

When you look it from the front, you may notice it does not feel as pinned down but more vertical room at the toe box. As the Brooks 9 has made its toe box and forefoot areas to be wider, and no overlay over its open-ported mesh, your feet are provided more room to wiggle. Especially, this new mesh would comfort your feet considerably.

Brooks Women's Ghost 9

Besides, its midfoot is made to be less stiff and fit pressure better. Additionally, its lacing panel in this model has implemented a molded foam instead of thick synthetic to decrease stiffness. Moreover, its speed lace loops in the previous version have been replaced by the lacing pressure to offer more evenly spread.

Overall, the Brooks Ghost allows your feet stay at ease in the shoes' interior, alongside with its plush and ample foam padding at the heel area. In case you require more grip around the ankle, you can employ the last eyelet in heel-lock lacing. As for the wide-footed runner, they find this shoe truly meet their demands as it has large and open toe box.

Thanks to its toned-down bumper design, your big toes would not feel hemmed in the shoe. Notably, the Brooks 9 also has a spacious room and an extra room at its forefoot. And though it’s a bit heavier than another shoe, its lower heel stack (12mm) still enables your foot to feel grounded clearly.

Importantly, your foot would be comfortable in its BioMoGo DNA foam cushioning. As this cushioning can assist in dispersing pressuring on your soles and transiting energy from foot strike point to the toe off, you would gain the smoother ride experience. Additionally, the Brooke is able to keep you running confidently during the long-distance run thanks to its full-length crash pads.

By this way, your feet can sense natural feel from strike to toe-off. Importantly, there are Omega Flex Grooves patterns at the shoe’s outsoles to allow your toe off consistently landing. Besides, with this aggressive stack and sufficient cushion, you would push the tempo efficiently.


  • The shoe is belief strongly to provide sufficient cushioning, aside from solid traction and firm responsiveness
  • They are lightweight to wear in comparison to other same range of neutral shoe.
  • It delivers well-rounded arch supports and stability.
  • Many runners favor its stack height as they can sense a great ground feel.
  • Its cushioning can absorb impact well.
  • The shoe is durable for a long-term use.


  • A few of runners suggest its heel-off differential should be shortened.
  • Some people are unpleased with its lacing system as they have to spend extra time to have it done.
  • It is required to offer more color options.

Our Rating 9.2/10

With a roomier toe box and spacious forefoot, your feet would stay at ease in the Ghost 9, especially when the shoe features its sock-line fit and arches support. Besides, your foot would avoid blister or foot pain during high-mileage runs as there are enough cushioning, seamless overlay and foot protections. Overall, this true to size shoe is suitably used by the wide-feet runners.

6. Saucony Omni 15

Saucony Omni 15 review

When mentioning about the Saucony 15, people often regards it as a road running shoe that features useful arch supports for the overpronated foot motion. Not only so, it is well-known for its high-quality rubber material that constitutes the outsole unit. Specifically, the shoe could be able to resist to abrasion risk and damage from surface exposure or friction.

Importantly, the shoe sizing is based on standard measurement which follows the regular preference of runner. Particularly, the women runners are offered a full range of its width including the narrow’s, the medium and wide’s. Meanwhile, it provides in medium and wide size for men. Especially, the shoe is designed to be well-accommodated to the natural curve of the human foot.

It has the SaucFit system to lock your foot into the place properly without overtightening harshly. And thanks to its new overhaul of the stability stalwart, the shoe gains more 3 mm thickness and grants you greater responsiveness and bounce. Though you may trade off the real ground feel, your feet would be relaxed in the shoe’s interior thanks to its sufficient amount of cushioning.

Especially, with such those cushioning that are placed at the forefoot and the heel, and plus a heel-toe differential of 8mm, you can run stable and comfortably. Additionally, you are granted such a firm traction thanks to its XT-900 outsole. Likewise, its Tri-Flex design would enhance your foot’s motion flexibility and maximize the traction capacity.

Notably, it also offers you more real ground feel. Moreover, you may be impressed at its breathability system. Thanks to its mesh and seamless upper which employ the FlexiFilm material you can enjoy smoother stride experience. Besides, the shoe is able to accommodate airflow within the foot—chamber.

Another feature of it is the toe box with an incredible amount of room. Indeed, this specific part is made from the Flex Film material to ensure your foot’s unparalleled movement and flexibility. Additionally, you would free from worries about its durability as the shoe is able to ensure your forefoot’s motion flexibility without any change of medial post’s length while sustaining its shape during various types of surfaces.


  • It would fit snugly for the wide-footed runner.
  • Many users compliment the shoe as it does not cause skin irritation.
  • The shoe is able to keep your foot in place without interfering with the foot's motion.
  • It provides a spacious toe box for your natural toe spaying.
  • It's responsive and durable cushioning are received many positive feedbacks from the runners.
  • It contributes to guiding the gait efficiency by its stability mechanism.
  • The shoes deliver solid traction to deal with running on tough surfaces.
  • Most of the users like its stylish appearance and color schemes.


  • Some people states that it fairly fails at supporting their collapsed arch.

Our Rating: 9/10

The Saucony Omni 15 would be your supporting running shoe as it provides enough arch supports and stability features. Especially, it would fit and comfort your wide feet by allowing your feet rest at ease in its plush and wide interior space.

7. Asics GT 1000 5

This shoe would deserve to be listed in one of the shoes for the wide-footed person. Indeed, it provides sufficient space in the midfoot and heel. As well as, it helps to secure the foot efficiently. Additionally, you would be amazed at its spacious toe box which allows your foot moving freely and comfortably inside the shoe.

ASICS Women's Gt-1000 5

Asides from being true to size, it also offers a glove-fit feel around the forefoot area. Thanks to its soft mesh upper, you would feel your feet secured gently and comfortably.Besides, the shoe features the sleeveless upper which contribute greatly to comfort your foot during a whole run. Since then, your performance efficiency is much enhanced.

Moreover, thanks to its deep flex grooves on the outsole, and a huge vertical groove running from the heel to the forefoot, your heel-to-toe landing would be supported to be smoother. Moreover, these two vertical and horizon grooves assist you in running more stable, alongside with a support of its DuraPpondge rubber placed at the heel area. By this way, you are delivered more reliable traction.

Additionally, with the midsole made from SpEVA, the shoe is able to improve your heel-to-toe transition. And thanks to the Duomax support with two layers of foam added at the midfoot and the arch areas, your arches could avoid from hard pressure from each ground strike. Specifically, this technology helps to disperse the impact from the medial side of the heel to the midfoot.

Likewise, the shoe could greatly absorb shock thanks to its Guidance Trusstic System that helps with torsional rigidity. Lastly, the Asics GT 1000 5 shoe’s breathability is worth admiring for its synthetic overlay that allows your feet stay dry and fresh during long runs. There is more cushion at the collar heel and the tongue to comfort your feet.

Rest assured as these additions would not make the shoe becomes thicker or heavier to wear. Instead, it enhances the shoe’s plush degree while maintaining its lightweight. And when it comes at night, you can run safely thanks to its additional reflective material around the eyelets.


  • The shoe is greatly fit to the wide feet.
  • Most of the user agree that the shoe’s breathability is excellent.
  • It provides spacious wiggle room.
  • There is no skin irritation that caused by this Asics GT 5.
  • The shoe is highly regarded as one of the effective orthotics to try.
  • Its durability is more superior than other same range of shoes.
  • Its appearance is attractive to many people.
  • With such outstanding features, the shoes are offered at a reasonable price.
  • You can comfortably pick the one that matches your personal taste among 5 different color schemes.


  • Some people suggest it giving a break-in period.

Our Rating: 8.8/10

So, if the person whose wide feet is looking for the shoe that could accommodate and comfort feet greatly, this shoe would be the one. Besides, it delivers a firm and responsive ride, alongside with it's wide- toe-box and extra arches support to enhance performance result.

8. Brooks Addiction 12

Brooks Addiction 12

As being the wide-feet runner, you surely keen on the shoe that would not overtighten your feet or unnecessarily widen its space. So, a perfectly fitting shoe would be a right choice which also explains why this shoe is suggested. Truly, the Addiction 12 has a standard running shoe length. It means its sizing scheme would follow the regular measurements for both genders. Specifically, for a bit larger than average foot’s width, the shoe can accommodate snugly.

Indeed, the Brook 12 has been designed to widen its forefoot area to allow your feet stay comfortably. Besides, its outsole uses the HPR Plus technology to enhance the shoe’s durability as it could resist to abrasion. Importantly, with this insole’s material, you are provided reliable traction while running on the trails.

Besides, there is the MC Pod Configuration which is specifically designed to enhance your heel-to-toe transition efficiently. Additionally, to enhance your ride experience, its midsole uses the BioMOGo full-length cushioning. By this way, you are granted more efficient energy return and enjoy the more responsive ride.

As well as, with the tri-density BioMoG foam at the midsole, the overpronated feet would be guided to run a bit outward. As a result, the shoe would help to correct your running gait to a neutral alignment. Besides, the shoe also utilizes the Caterpillar Crash Pad to enable you running gait stable and experience the smoother heel-to-toe transition.

As a result, it not only smoothens your landing but also provides greater ground feel. And another feature of the Brook Addiction 12 is its lightweight mesh upper. For this reason, the shoe is much more breathable than its previous versions. Additionally, its overlays are strategically positioned to secure your foot in place. As well as, there are many internal support saddles at the midfoot to keep your foot secured.

Especially, this crash pads contribute to the shoe’s cushioning system and stability features. And being different from Brook’s predecessors, the Brooks addiction 12 preserves stitched-on overlays. Importantly, this overlay is constructed to be sturdy and able to support the overpronator.


  • There is wide toe box for the wide-footed runner.
  • The Brooks 12 highlights its DNA technology with greatly adaptive cushioning functions.
  • The shoe would smoothen your heel-to-toe transition with its segmented full-length crash pads.
  • It's comfortable construction and configuration are two worth considering factors to choose.
  • A few positive feedbacks about this simple and neutral color.


  • Some people are unpleasant about this heavyweight.
  • Due to its worn-out quickly upper, there are a few of complain.
  • It is relatively expensive.

Our Rating 9.2/10

This motion control running shoe with spacious toe boxes and sufficient amount of cushioning would meet your demands. Indeed, it offers many support, protection, and stability for your foot, especially, for the runners with severe pronation.

9. New Balance Leadville v3 - Best New Balance shoes for wide feet

The New Balance V3 tend to fit slightly wider feet as for its roomy forefoot and heel areas while also locking your foot in place efficiently. In comparison with other shoes in the Leadville series, this model has a larger size. Due to its one and a haft larger size, your wide feet would comfortably rest. So, the men’s sizes would run from 6 to 15 which available in D and B width, whiles there are sizes of 4 and 12 for the women’s.

New Balance Leadville v3

In term of your foot comfort, you would be interested to know that the shoe employs the N2 foam for a midsole while employing the REVlite foam for the main part of the midsole, specifically it runs along the shoe’s length. As a result, your shoe is greatly enhanced its durability and responsiveness. Especially, it contributes to the shoe’s lightweight (293 g).

Especially, there is a medial post placed directly underfoot to assist you in running stable. As well as, for the overpronator, this one which is made of high-density foam would offer great non-intrusive and effective arches support. Moreover, this medial post also helps the neutral runner as they would bound to have a breakdown in form during a run.

As for the shoe’s traction, the New Balance V3 does promise to grant you reliable and enhanced traction, even on wet surfaces. Particularly, its outsoles are made from the Sticky Rubber compound with many facing lugs in the shoe’s perimeter. As for these multi-directional lugs, your shoes would be empowered to run stably on tough trails because they can consistently grip on the surface.

Additionally, between the midsole and the outsole, there is a highly-durable Rock Plate to protect your shoes from sharp objects on the trails.Importantly, to enhance your feet’s comfort feel in the shoe’s interior during a long-distance run, there are flexible and breathable mesh covers.

Specifically, this use of synthetic overlay would contribute to the upper’s durability and structure, while its seamless sock liner can fight against odor-causing bacteria. As a result, you gain more step-in comfort and enjoyable running experience. Additionally, its prominent overlay also plays a crucial role in providing extra room for your toe splaying.


  • Large numbers of reviewers state it's Vibram outsole adds to the shoe’s durability and reliability. So, they would confidently to wear it on a muddy trail, or rough surfaces.
  • Its Gusseted Tongue and toe Guard are primarily favored as it can protect the user’s foot effectively
  • People fond of its REVlite cushioning technology, especially its N2 cushioning at the forefoot area, alongside with its lightweight layer in the midsole.
  • People recognize its breathability truly comfortable for their feet during a long run.
  • The shoe also is quick-drying and lightweight.
  • Many runners appreciate its upper construction as for its debris-free performance.


  • Much negative feedback related to its quickly worn-out sole after few months.
  • A small number of users find its upper has yet secure and stable fit their foot.
  • Some people suggest it should add more arch supports.
  • It has an inexpensive price.

Our Rating 9/10

In short, this jack-of-all-trades trail running shoe would give you out-of-the-box comfort and cushion as well as well-rounded foot protection to wear for plenty of miles. Noticeably, you would find no problem with your wide foot in this shoes thanks to its wide toe box and tight synthetic mesh upper.

10. Asics Men’s Gel Fortitude 7

Asics Gel Fortitude 7 mens

Amazingly, compared with the Asics's previous models, this version 7 has improved its size to be wider. That’s why the Asics Gel Fortitude 7 is widely used by the wide-footed runners. Meanwhile, there is no change of the heel and midfoot sections. And as it is true to size shoe, it's needless to worry about ordering a larger or smaller size than what you get used to.

Specifically, this shoe’s width for men is D and the women’s is B. Despite its slightly heavy weight (346 g), its low heel-to-toe drop of 10mm makes it becomes a supportive orthotic for people who are suffering the plantar fasciitis. Besides, it also supports the excessive overpronator with its sufficient amount of GEL cushioning in the rearfoot and the forefoot.

Specifically, the shoe features the Maximum Support Last that would allow the wider-footed person and the one who need to wear orthotic relieved. Besides, its outsole is constituted from the DuraSponge foam to capable of delivering nice cushioning and flexibility. As well as, it is made from the high-abrasion resistant rubber to avoid on-the-go damages.

Additionally, to provide the runner an efficient energy return and enhanced shock absorption, its midsole is improved to have the full-length SpEVA crash pads added. Importantly, this addition would give the shoe more durability. Along with that, it would match the forefoot and the rearfoot gel cushioning greatly to attenuate shock and enhance your heel-to-toe transition.

Besides, to improve gait efficiency and deliver structure integrity in the midfoot, the shoe applies the Guidance Line and Guidance Trusstic System. By this way, you are offered a resilient and smooth ride experience. Another highlight feature of the Asics Gel Fortitude 7 is its ComforDry Sockliner which would deliver superior cushioning. Moreover, it has a high capability to keep your feet well ventilated and fresh throughout the run thanks to its odor-free attributes.

Importantly, its well-built upper is constructed with a seamless overlay to not only enhances the shoe’s breathability but also avoids you from enduring skin irritation.

Above all, with a wider forefoot platform, a soft underfoot construction and Maximum Last support, the wide-footed runners would perform efficiently without a hindrance.


  • Most of the runners greatly enjoy the adequate ground feedback that the shoe provides.
  • Its cushioning and roomy space at the forefoot and toe box makes it comfortable to wear.
  • Many positive feedbacks regard about its solid traction as well as its reliable flexibility.
  • People whose heavy overpronation find its low stack height and motion supports helpful.
  • It is offered at an affordable price.


  • Most of the negative reviews are about its heavyweight.

Our Rating 9.2/10

The Asics Gel-Fortitude 7 would be a great shoe for who is seeking out the supportive, well-cushioned and roomy orthotic. With an excessive stack height, great ground contact feels provided, arches support and tons of comfort, you may enjoy your miles better in this pair of shoes.

How to determine whether you have wide or narrow feet?

Best running shoes for wide feet

It is too bad if you walk or run in tight shoes because that can hurt you. Don’t save money for suitable shoes if you don’t want to spend in treating blisters and bunions. When choosing shoes you should measure both width and size. The correct size doesn’t mean the width is right for your feet. Shoes those are too wide or too narrow may cause foot problems. Therefore, it is very important for you to check if your feet are narrow or wide.

Step 1

Prepare two pieces of paper and put them on the floor. Wear socks that you often wear with shoes.

Step 2

Put both feet on the papers. Have someone use a pen to draw around your feet.

Step 3

Use a ruler to measure the widest portion of each foot.

Step 4

Write down the numbers of both feet. From the largest number, subtract 1/8 of an inch. And this number is chosen as your width.

Step 5

Look up shoe width measurement chart, and then find your shoe size accordingly. At the top row that contains your width number, look and determine if your feet are wide or narrow.

If you buy shoes that are too tight for your feet, they can cause problems, such as:

  • Bunions: they are a bone deformity when your big toes turn inward toward the second toes and often appear with throbbing pain and inflammation. They can also be caused by genetic factors but most people suffered bunions because of wearing too tight shoes. Surgery can be chosen to correct this deformity but a change to a wider toe box shoe can also be a great deal.
  • Corns: They are soft tissue calluses between toes as the result of pressure and friction from tight shoes. In order to solve this problem, you can put a foam pad over the corn to reduce the pressure and friction or wearing wide enough shoes that do not crush the toes together.
  • Crossover Toes: this problem occurs when you put your foot in an overly small toe box that forces your toes to move over the adjacent toes causing pain on the ball foot, sores and swelling on the crossing toe.
  • Toe deformity: It means your toe curls up rather than lying flat. This often happens in the middle toe joint. Feet are crammed into too tight shoes for a long time that also make the muscles attaching to the toes weaken.
  • Ingrown Toenail: if your shoes don’t provide enough room for the nail to grow upward as normal, it will sometimes turn inward and or even grow into your soft toe tissue that often leads to nail pain and inflammation.
  • Neuroma: in addition to the above problems, wearing too tight shoes also causes neuroma. This is said to be the reason of pain, numbness, and burning sensations radiating from the ball of your foot to your toes. Neuroma often occurs in the third or fourth toe, but can impact other toes as well.


Conclusions, these above running shoes for both men and women are the best running shoes according to reviews on some sportive site as well as reviews from runners who used to or are using them. Although they still have some downsides, they provide wide feet runners with needed support as well as comfort. I hope that you can choose one for your own feet.

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Reena Dui - January 28, 2017

I am reading this with great interest. I am a registered midwife which means long hours on my feet on very hard hospital floors most of the time : at homebirths i am usually barefoot .


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