10 Best Running Shoes for High Arches in 2018

Check our best running shoes & Sneakers for high arches with full reviews of top models - Women and men - 2018

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Besides wide feet, knee pain and plantar fasciitis, high arch is one of the most common foot conditions of many runners. As other foot conditions, it is fairly easy for you to determine whether you have high arches. If you don’t have suitable treatment, this can lead to more serious problems. Choosing the right running shoes is the best treatment recommended for your high arches. What are the best running shoes for high arches? How to choose the right running shoes for high arches? These are 2 big questions of many people. Follow my article to have reliable answers.

At first, I think it is necessary for you to know more about high arches. This often comes with some uncomfortable side effects such as shin splints, stress fractures of the tibia, ankle strain, plantar fasciitis or even ligament rupture. Taking the Wet test you can determine the type of your arch.

  • Put your foot into a shallow pan of water to wet the sole of your foot
  • Put this foot onto a blank piece of heavy paper and stand on
  • Finally, step off and check the shape of your footprint

If you see little to no contact along the outside edge of your footprint but just your ball and heel of your foot (like followed picture) that means you have high arch. When you run, your foot won’t roll inward much and won’t absorb much shock.

10 Best running shoes for high arches

Having the suitable shoe that can assist your under-pronation alignment is truly necessary. The shoe must provide enough cushioning, arch support, and stability. So, it can enhance your running efficiency and minimize the foot injury. After reading 10 reviews of the best running shoes for high arches, you may pick the shoe that meets your condition and requirements.

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 - Best shoes for high arches to buy in 2017

The Pegasus with its featured midsole and lightweight would be a reasonable choice for your high mileage run. Indeed, it splits the gap between the maximalist and minimalist shoe. So, you feel like nothing underfoot when put on this lightweight (10.8) oz. And this is the reason why the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 belonged to our list of top 10 best running shoes for high arches.

Nike Air Pegasus

Moreover, its low drop (10mm) is worth applauding as it grants a significant responsiveness in each strike. For the high-arched runner, its durable cushioning is a huge support. It also helps your feet contact with the ground closer and bounces immediately after landing.

While its midsole foam can handle well the cushioning duty, the cellulose board above the Air heel units increase the shoe's stability. Moreover, its outsole has numerous lugs around the heel-to-toe underfoot side to grip on rough or muddy surfaces.

Meanwhile, its carbon rubber heel and midfoot section enhance the shoe’s durability. Its upper is designed as a sock-line fit that keeps your foot stay cool and comfortable. Additionally, it never brings a squishy feel. And you can have this versatile shoe for a variety of different run without worrying about the worn-out risk.

Besides, its Flywire cable tightens your feet well. Moreover, there is a soft lining that wraps the interior to protect your feet from the cord’s pressure.


  • It delivers an outstanding and lightweight cushioning, plus a great shock absorption.
  • The shoe positions gait properly and allow you run stable thanks to a provided superb traction.
  • It provides a wide toe box to conform the shape of your foot comfortably.
  • Its Flywire cables tighten your foot securely. It saves much of the runner’s time from shoe tying.
  • Its quick-drying upper is what most of the runner fond of besides its best-looking appearance.
  • You may highly value its breathability.
  • A variety of color scheme is offered.


  • Its size is smaller than what you get used to.
  • You may be complaint about this stiff outsole sometimes.
  • Few runners have to adjust their strides due to lumps appeared on the left shoe’s forefoot.
  • Though it provides a great thick layer of cushioning, you can find that it makes the shoe narrow.

Rating: 9.6/10

It has an amazing foot protection as well as great arch supports. Importantly, it provides sufficient cushioning to comfort foot. Overall, the high-arched runner finds this shoe greatly assist their everyday running.

2. Brooks Pure Cadence 6

In our 2nd place of the best running shoes for high arches is the Brooks Pure Cadence 6. As for the runner who is an under pronator, you would appreciate Brook's provision of extra cushioning and stability support. Indeed, when put on this pair of shoe at first, I find it's extremely comfortable and lightweight (8.6 oz.).

Brooks Pure Cadence 6

Though the shoe may be a bit narrow, it does provide a wide upper. Its Dual Toe Flex allows you to have more balance while running due to its natural push-off. Besides, it has the airy foams that can support the arch motion and lessen the weight stressing on the joint.

Indeed, the shoe can control the flow of your feet and guide you hit high arches properly. Noticeably, most of the users agree there is no sign of worn-out after miles running. Meanwhile, its rounder heel encourages more natural motion and enhance the smoothness when landing on the forefoot.

Additionally, the Brooks highlight its BioMoGO technology with a design of midsole. For this upgraded feature, you gain a better responsiveness and flex groove on almost any surfaces. As for the foot protection, its Support Saddle protects your midfoot greatly from on-the-run objects.

Likewise, its soft cushioning pad wrapping around your heel comfort and secure your foot. Even though its upper would tend to get soak in the wet/snow conditions, you would favor its seamless 3D Fir Print upper. As it provides a sock-like feel, your foot can stay with ease on a tough run.

Importantly, the Brook amaze many runners with its low heel-to-toe drop (4mm). Not only provides a natural running feel, this enhanced feature minimizes the foot injuries (e.g. plantar fasciitis). It means this shoe does benefit for the runner who has the under pronated running motion.


  • It's lightweight and solid cushioning are appreciated strongly by users.
  • Its amazing responsiveness is appraised by many runners.
  • Some runners highly appreciate it's cushioning around heels as it boosts their running efficiency.
  • There is a spacious wiggle room that accommodates for a wide variety of foot size.
  • It offers an exceptional five color combination and an eye-catching style.


  • Some people suggests its sole should be softer.
  • It is required to provide the better traction.
  • It's necessary to order half a size bigger.
  • For such superior features, it has a high price.

Rating 9.5/10

The shoe does a great job of supporting the under-pronator. You could opt for the Brooks without worrying about foot injuries.

3. New Balance Leadville v3

This New Balance model, as one of the best running shoes for high arches with tons of comfy cushion underfoot greatly supports the high-arched runners. Indeed, these lightweight and numerous layers of cushioning that features a soft Revlite foam can message your foot during the whole run.

New Balance Leadville v3

Besides, it's lightweight and responsive N2 Foam provides you non-intrusive and arch support. Notably, it avoids your arch collapsing in each land off. Besides its out-of-the-box comfort does a great job in protecting your foot.

As for this seamless sock liner, it enhances step-in comfort and fit. It also prevents any odor-causing bacteria. Moreover, it supports your foot motion as well. And thanks to its low drop of 8mm, your feet is greatly protected while contacting closely to the ground in the ultra-long runs.

Its plush fabric assists and durable Rock plate helps to enhance the shoe’s durability greatly. Likewise, the sewn in tongues and synthetic mesh upper significantly secure your shoes from debris, sharp rocks.

The shoe also can minimize the water absorption. And it guarantees to have just a minor wear and tear off after hundred miles running. Noticeably, it is one of a must-have shoe for the ultra-marathon trail as for its great breathability and toe box protection.

Besides, its Vibram outsole with numerous rigid lugs allows you span your heel-to-toe in multi-direction. By this way, your shoes aggressively grip firmly on a variety of trail surfaces.


  • It provides wide toe box and solid cushioning.
  • It is recognized to be one of the most durable shoes. Moreover, many experts review it as the most breathable shoe.
  • It delivers an effective Vibram outsole that comforts feet well.
  • You can use in for a variety of trail surface (marathon training, gym workout, shed off mud etc.).
  • A large number of users appreciate a smooth responsiveness given thanks to its REVLite cushioning technology.


  • It is suggested to provide more fit upper.
  • Some people asks for more arch support and cushioning added at the forefoot area.
  • Many runners complain about its loose heel.
  • It is quite expensive.

Rating: 9.4/10

This New Balance shoe offer you’re a well-balanced combination of flexibility, arch support, motion stability and foot protection, best running shoes for wide feet and high arches. Importantly, there is a little sign of wear-out appears after high mileage runs.

4. Saucony Hurricane 16 Running Shoe

Saucony Hurricane 16 shoes

The Saucony is adequately cushioned to guarantee you a real road feel. Indeed, it comforts your feet by providing a soft and lightweight upper. Besides, there is a wedge of dense foam under your heels and arches to avoid you from running excessive outward.

Despite its highly-curved forefoot, most of the runners are impressed at its outrigger under the big toe. It guides the high arched foot rolling inward and against overpronating by giving extra reinforcement.

Particularly, its shock absorption properties grant you better responsiveness while a sock-fit midsole with a Power Grid foam stabilizes you on the run. Meanwhile, its heel-to-toe differential of 8mm adds more stability and brings the heel contact the ground closer. This feature indeed brought the Saucony Hurricane 16 Running Shoe 9 to the top 10 best running shoes for high arches.

By employing the XT900 carbon rubber at the forefoot and iBR+ rubber at the cushioning, the shoe’s construction is strongly reinforced. Besides, its mesh upper allows the shoe breathes efficiently. Importantly, you would get relief as the shoe is able to ease foot maladies such as high arches or plantar fasciitis.

So, after 50 miles+ running, I find this Saucony with a solid structure supports my running efficiency. Even though it’s a bit heavier than other same range of shoe, it's sufficient layer of cushioning gives me a smooth experience.


  • Its outsole ensures a durable traction to run on various surfaces.
  • Most of the users highly appreciate its lightweight construction and its true to size.
  • There is a nice amount of cushioning to assist the long-distance run.


  • Some people complains about its narrow width as their foot expands while running.
  • It is expensive.

Rating: 9.3/10

Overall, the Saucony Hurricane 16 Running Shoe 9 provides the stability, comfort and durability elements. So, you can wear in on daily training or long distance runs.

5. Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 M

This shoe would not disappoint you with its flexibility, high-energy return, and stability. Specifically, it is designed to enhance your gait efficiency. That’s why this Adidas are chosen by a majority of under pronation runner and laid as one of the best running shoes for high arches.

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 M Running Shoe

It provides a great cushioning system that guarantees the stability. Besides, its sole is made from the compressed and sculpted foam to maintain its strong arch support. As for its midsole, it features the STABLEFRAME technology to ensure you land on the heel smoothly.

When it gets back into rolling through the toe-off, you can sense how its cushioning at the midsole assists your strike. In term of the outsole, it is made from the Continual rubber to provide you an excellent grip on various types of terrains.

Though its modified pattern cannot deliver a sufficient grip for a higher-end mileage run, you can wear it for both outsides and on the treadmill run efficiently. In term of the upper, your toes can stay comfortable thanks to its roomy toe box.

Though your foot may feel the edge of the left shoe’s tongue when walking, you would not endure any irritation when running. Besides, it's needless to worry about the matter of fit-to-size when it comes to its midfoot.

As for the synthetic overlay that helps to lock its mesh upper down, your foot can be tightened. Moreover, you can customize the shoe quickly as its overlay is segmented out per shoestring eyelet.


  • Come with wide range of color and size for both men and women.
  • Provide perfect support for high-arched runners
  • Cushioning system offer not only comfort but also protection from impact.
  • Keep feet cool and fresh with breathable materials


  • Some feel these run small
  • Seems to be heavier and more expensive than other running shoes for high arches

Rating 9.3/10

If you are looking for the shoe that provides a superb grip, a wide toe box, and comfortable ride, you should opt for this Adidas. Importantly, this true-to-size shoe promises to energize power and provide stability support for the high-arched runner.

6. Brooks Ghost 9

Many high-arched runners, including me find the Brook highly assists their foot alignment. Specifically, the high-arch runner can roll a bit inwards when running in the Brook. However, wonderful features of Brooks Ghost 9 prove it well to be one of the best running shoes for high arches.

Moreover, its DNA cushioning is inserted in forefoots and heels to let you enjoy the smooth ride and landing. Besides, it avoids you wasting much energy for the heel-to-toe transition. Likewise, its density midsole foam supports your arch significantly.

Brooks Ghost 9

Additionally, you are granted a maximized comfort by its BioMoGo sock liner and plush collar. As for its sufficient cushioning, it allows you adapt to your stride and minimize the pressure weighed on the foot.

Besides, its shock attenuation is greatly enhanced thanks to a Caterpillar crash pad. As a result, you can experience the natural running feel. In term of its upper, its engineered mesh overlay wraps around your feet gently.

As for this design with a lock-in tongue, your foot can be tightened no matter how you twist your foot. Despite its high drop (12mm), it provides you a great ground contact and allows you to push the tempo.

Though your feet are likely to be soaked in the wet condition, its advanced breathability ensures your foot stay comfortable during a hot weather. Besides, its wide toe box greatly supports your high-mileage run as it provides the sufficient space for your toes splay out.


  • Its lower stack height helps many runners contact closer to the ground.
  • An excellent traction assists you to run stably.
  • Many high-arched runners appreciate its sufficient cushioning as it comforts their feet and absorbs impacts well.
  • It provides greatly breathable upper and a roomy toe box.
  • The price is worthy based on many reviews.


  • You would find some rubbing on toes when walking.
  • Several users demand to have the lower heel to toe drop.
  • It should offer more color options.

Rating 9.2/10

This well cushioned neutral trainer directs you running forward with a sufficient arch support. It is sturdy, versatile to take on a daily run. Notably, you can have this shoe for a reasonable price.

7. Salomon XR Mission 2

This shoe is light, flexible and comfortable to wear for the middle-distance run. Truly, with an excellent provision of stability control, and sufficient cushioning, this lightweight shoe (11.5oz) satisfies the high-arched runner's needs. Particularly, its Hexagon TPU medial and lateral metatarsals secure the foot efficiently.

Despite a lack of dual densities in the midsole, its low heel-toe differential (100mm) is effective to assist your run. Besides, the midsole with the molded EVA offers you a smooth ride. So, even though there is no rock plate, your running efficiency are still maintained and promoted.

Salomon XR Mission 2

Furthermore, there are directional Contagrip patterns on the outsole. These chevron lugs improve your shoe’s durability and stabilize you on the wet surface. By this way, it is well known as one of the best running shoes for high arches. However, the lugs should be spaced further from each other to offer better utility.

Besides, the Salomon adds more durable carbon rubber at the heel and ball of the foot to give more impact resistance. So, your shoes have more superior traction. Thanks to the rubber bumper and tough TPU cap, the shoe is able to protect your feet from any potential hazard such as the traumatized toes.

Its upper is made from the ripstop nylon to enhance the shoe’s durability. It prevents the rocks; debris or sharp objects scratch your shoe. Moreover, there is a gusseted mesh trampoline placed above the tongue to protect your feet. Besides, its roomy toe box that features the Sensixlex technology enables your toes to splay out comfortably.

It's worth admiring lacing system is easy to use as you only need to pull it to tighten the shoe. Though you may find its pull cord overtightens your shoe’s bottom, it would be equaled out after 100 yards run.


  • Its redesigned OS tendon helps you exploit less energy during the heel-to-toe transition. Its energy return system assists you during steep climb or on broken terrains.
  • Many runners are pleased with a provided traction.
  • Much positive feedback about this roomy toe box and lacing system.
  • The shoe has an outstanding breathability that keeps foot dry and fresh.
  • It is recommended by many runners as the good running shoe for high arches, especially for a long-distance run.


  • A few complaints about its stiff midsole.
  • Some runners find its worn out after a few months running.
  • It should offer more color combination.

Rating 9.1/10

Due to an abundant provision of motion control, stability and arch support, the Salomon is more favored by the high-arched runner.

8. Asics Gel Cumulus 18

As for its nice cushioning and smooth ride, the Asics wins a faith of many runners whose high arches. Being one of the best running shoes for high arches, it offers a well-balanced combination of flexibility, durability, and bounces back properties.

Particularly, its rear foot and forefoot are added Gel cushioning units to grant a better shock attenuation and guide your running gait properly. Noticeably, its light weight of 13.2 oz. along with its FLYTEFOAM midsole and sufficient cushioning comfort your running greatly.

ASICS Women's Gel-Cumulus 18 running Shoe

Especially, when pushing the tempo, you would find its sole unit impact positively on your entire stride. By this way, you can sense a fluid feel in each responsiveness. Though it would be heavy to run for miles, it does offer an aggressive traction to attain a smooth ride.

Nevertheless, I find there is a little sign of worn out after 100 miles running. Besides, its upper and tongue are enhanced to be more breathable and sock-line soft. So, your foot can stay relaxingly during a whole run. However, its upper fit dissatisfies most of the runner.

Nevertheless, its lacing system allows you to tie easily and ensures your foot’s movement flexibility. However, it may discomfort the runner due to an arisen feel of tightness


  • An under pronators are pleased with its arch support as it's not too aggressive.
  • Many users appreciate its provision of amazing breathability and rigid grips.
  • You can comfortably choose the color that matches your preference among its 5 color schemes.
  • Its price is reasonable for a well-cushioned trainer.


  • It is essential to improve its durability, especially the toe area.
  • Many complaints about this narrow heel and forefoot areas. As well as, the shoe’s narrow width discomforts many users.
  • A few suggestions of more break-in of the shoe.

Rating 9.1/10

The Asics is a good choice if you are looking for a specific high-arched running shoe for the tempo or speed work. It ensures your gait efficiency and your foot's comfort during a long run.

9. Saucony Guide 10

Saucony Guide 10

The high-arch runners would benefit from this running shoe as for its combination of flexibility, well-cushioning system, and stability support. First of all, it no-stitched-on overlay helps to eliminate unnecessary layers. As a result, the shoe gains better breathability and reduces weight. Moreover, it turns to be more adaptive fit.

Indeed, the under-pronator runner appreciates this lightweight shoe (10 oz.) due to its sufficient cushioning system. It comforts your feet greatly during the daily training or long run. Though you may find it’s toe box a bit narrow, it is no longer restrictive after a couple of runs.

Besides, you may realize it is haft-size smaller than your normal size. However, the Saucony Guide offers you a bunch of foot protections such as its XT-900 carbon rubber outer sole. Thanks to this material, it offers you a superior traction and lessens a chance of slipping.

Besides, its SSL EVA midsole gives a consistent underfoot feel. As for its low heel-to-toe drop (8mm), you can transit naturally from the heel point to the balls of your feet. So, it is considered as one of the best running shoes for high arches. Likewise, its Chevron shaped outsole enables your feet contact with ground closely.

Moreover, its deep Vertical Flex Groove grooves of the midsole distribute a huge amount of flexibility in the forefoot. To enhance its durability, many decoupled areas at the heel’s sides are removed. As well as, the outsole is made from a durable rubber to improve the shoe's durability. Since its special top sole features its springy energy return, you can minimize your energy consumption while running.

Besides, its lacing system is truly user-friendly that save your time considerably from shoe tying. As well as, its mesh upper enhances the shoe’s breathability. So, your foot can stay fresh and cool during a whole run.


  • According to many reviewers, it is the true-to-size shoe.
  • It's sufficient cushioning and arch supports are appreciated by many high-arched runners.
  • It provides a great shock absorption and flexibility.
  • The upper unit wraps the foot securely and snugly.
  • Many users are impressed at its breathability, durability, and lightweight.
  • The shoe performs well despite a lack of break-in time.


  • The footbed may cause some numbness as it places pressure on the ball of the foot.
  • Some users find its forefoot area is a bit narrow.
  • Some blister may be caused due to its interior cover system.
  • It is quite expensive.

Rating: 9.0/10

This lightweight Saucony Guide may meet the high-arched runner’s requirements as it provides a super durability, lasting comfort, and supportive ride. So, you can wear it for your daily use to enhance your gait efficiency.

10. Nike Free Run 5.0

At the first sight, this minimalist shoe would impress you with its attractive appearance of fluorescent yellow and bright blue. Next, its flexibility would amaze you as you can roll it into a ball or twist it nearly around.

Additionally, its heel counter is unstructured and flexible to comfort your foot gently. Besides, it is lowered enough to prevent heel slippage while running. Importantly, there is a high level of cushioning and arch support that assists the high-arched runner performance.

Nike Women's Free 5.0+ Running Shoe

With a provision of EVA Strobel foam and memory foam, you are granted a good firm feel. While enjoying assists ground contact, your feet still stay comfortably in its interior space thanks to an abundant cushioning. Indeed, this lightweight (8.2 oz.) and thin shoe deliver an obvious barefoot-like experience.

Besides this minimalist shoe has the Dynamic Flywire in the midfoot that fit and secure your foot well without restriction. Though the cushion which is placed at the midsole would not be enough for the minimalist runner, it still guarantees a sufficient amount for the under-pronator.

Particularly, many biomechanically efficient runners who are looking for a flexible trainer with a low heel drop choose Nike Free Run 5.0 as an ideal option. In case it's sufficiently seamless upper may cause some blister, you can avoid it by wearing socks.


  • Its stretchable upper can accommodate a variety shape and size of the foot.
  • It provides a sufficient arch support and responsive cushioning to assist the high-arched runner.
  • Its flexible underfoot platform allows the runner move naturally through the gait cycle.
  • It keeps your feet dry thanks to the upper’s enhanced breathability.
  • Many users appraise its long endurance and suitably lightweight.
  • Some runners admire at this running shoe as it could relieve their muscle pain.


  • Many people complain about it's not true to size and quickly worn off midsole.
  • It is one haves size smaller than what you were used to.
  • Its shoelaces are suggested to be shortened as it easily slips in the collar.

Rating 9.0/10

Besides its flexible mid-sole unit, it does deliver a comfortable fabric of the upper. So, many runners keen on wearing this shoe on their daily run. Especially with the high-arch runners, it has many supportive and protection elements to enhance your gait efficiency.

How to choose the right shoes for high arches?

When considering shoes for high arches, you should pay attention to some features:


The best running shoes for high arches are required to have cushioning placed along the outside of the shoes to solve any outward roll of your foot due to under-pronation (typical characteristic of high arches). These neutral running shoes also need to have plenty of cushioning in the heel area without having bulky cushioning on the inner part because your foot doesn’t roll inwards. They are often designed with more cushioning but still have the same weight as other shoes.

Additionally, neutral-cushioning shoes feature a single-density midsole; therefore, the cushioning is a uniform composition across the sole. Nowadays, there are different cushioning used in running shoes to promote arch support such as air cushioning, gel, glycerin or foam cushioning. Some types of shoes use padded inserts while others use separate ones. In order to choose the most comfortable and suitable cushioning for your foot condition, you should try on different shoes.

Read more: Best cushioned running shoes​


Besides cushioning, flexibility is another necessary feature for runners with high arches. Flexibility will recoup the rigidity of runner’s feet and make the distribution of the impact in each stride easier. Flexibility of shoes firstly depends on a soft upper. The sole of the shoes is also flexible. Bending the shoes in different directions is the good way to determine how much flexibility the shoes offer.

The shape of shoes

You should look for running shoes with a curved last which often provides you with a more neutral running experience by encouraging your foot to have light pronation. A slip last is also the feature that you want to have in your running shoes because this makes the shoes flexible and add extra cushioning to them as well.

Arch support and Stability

In addition to flexibility and cushioning, the neutral running shoes for high arches also need to have arch support as well as stability. If your shoes don’t provide enough of these, you should additionally get inserts to add more support in your shoes.

Another thing you should keep in mind is the time you choose to go to buy shoes. Although there is an available large amount of running shoes online, I highly recommend purchasing shoes in stores because you have a chance to try on different shoes. But if there isn’t any shoe store in your town, Amazon is a reliable address for you with return police. In case you can buy in stores, in order to get the best fit, you should buy in the afternoon or evening because at that time your feet have swollen to their biggest shape.

Causes of high arches

If you have high arches, when walking or standing, there will be a large amount of weight placed on the heel and ball of your foot that often causes pain and instability (as your foot rolls more outward). This can occur at any age, and in one or both feet.

A neurologic disorder or other medical condition such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, cerebral palsy, polio, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, or stroke are the main causes of high arch. Besides, it is also a result of an inherited structural abnormality. Normally, high arch caused by medical condition or a neurologic disorder is likely to worsen. However, if this is caused by another factors, there will not be a change in appearance.

Also read:


  • If you inherited high arch, a pair of shoes with good arch supports and padding built-in is all you need to prevent or treat any pain that might happen. These supports help reduce excessive pressure by cushioning the impact of each step when walking or running and by distributing your body weight across your feet.
  • Another method is to modify your regular activities to relieve excessive stress on your feet. For instance, you may run shorter distance instead of normal long running.
  • Wearing high heels is actually easier for women who have high arches.
  • Orthotic devices fitting into your shoes are also a good treatment because they can provide more cushioning and stability to your feet.
  • A brace is recommended by surgeons to help keep your foot and ankle stable. Besides, it also helps manage foot drop.
  • If the non-surgical treatments above don’t improve your condition, surgery is suggested to reduce pain, increase stability while compensating for weakness in the foot. Especially, if your high arch is caused by neurologic disorder, surgery is perhaps the best treatment to prevent progression of the disorder.


Getting the right arch support, enough cushioning, stability and flexibility will prevent pain and injuries caused by your high arches. 10 running shoes above are top choices for high arches, because they not only support high arches runners well but also useful for other popular foot conditions. I hope that these suggestions will meet both your requirement and buget.

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