10 Best running shoes for knee pain 2018 – Women, Men

While some use rehabilitation and medication to treat their knee pain, others look for right choice of shoe to solve their problems. But how to choose the right shoes and what shoes are the best for knee pain, you can refer my article for having more information about this problem as well as choosing the best running shoes for your life.

What is knee pain?

Knee pain is a popular problem that can affect people in different ages. The location and the severity of the pain are different depending on involved structure. Signs and often come with knee pain are: swelling and stiffness or sometimes have a fever, instability, crunching or popping noises, impossibility to straighten or flex the knee fully.

Top 10 Best running shoes for knee pain 2018

1. New Balance M890v4 - Editor's Choice

One of the best running shoes for knee pain available on the market now is New Balance M890v4. As a higher level version of New Balance M890v3, this product is expected to bring about the non – restrictive and lightweight feeling when you put on.

 If you want to practice for easy and long miles, then a decent trainer with lightweight New Balance 890v4 will absolutely be a right choice for you. Moreover, this product can also be used as a marathon shoe if you are a person who likes the traditional shoes and is interested in lighter one which helps keep a lot of cushions and a similar drop.
new balance 890v5

One of my favorite midsole foam is REVlite because this type is not only stiff but also not squishy. Although both the REVlite midsole foam and the Fresh Foam are seemingly released at the same time, I am personally fond of the former much more. Designed with an ABZORB crash pad, this product will make you feel more stable when wearing shoes because it can fit the heel area laterally and medially.

The upper part of the shoes is made of the seamless and breathable mesh, or known as “Fantomfit” often called by New Balance. In addition, this product is also designed with a drop of 8 mm which is not so small, they can offer you a nice ground feel.

In terms of the popular outsole, you will be certainly satisfied when seeing its cool appearance. Besides, it also offers some support and traction. Although I have never used these shoes to go over ten miles, I am always ready to go farther than that with these shoes.

With a good design, the padded cushion of the midsole is just soft enough. In addition, on the outsole is a lot of blown rubber which helps traction and durability a lot. With its weight of about 8.5 oz., the shoe is considered quite light compared to others and suitable for those who want to do a total workout.


  • This shoe is not only lightweight but also offers cushioning and strong support in order to lessen the influence on knee and joints.
  • Make your feet comfortable when putting on it.
  • With the help NB's Revlite EVA foam, the balance between weight and cushion is made.
  • hand-o-up
    The width of the forefoot is made wider with more than 890 models.
  • hand-o-up
    Seamless upper is supportive and comfortable.


  • You should consider the size carefully because you may make choice of the smaller size than your normal one.
  • Rubber pods is quite thick, commonly leading to a heel strike.
  • List Element


In brief, if you are looking for the best running shoes for knee pain as well as overpronation runners, then the 890’s will be definitely the priority. Although these shoes are not supposedly sexy and completely perfect, I personally will give them 4.8/5 stars.

Rating: 4.8/5

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS15 Running Shoe  - Best rated

Another recommendation for those suffering knee pain is Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 Running Shoes. If you use it for a long walk, then it is a right choice.

The outsole of the Adrenaline GTS 15 is made from rubber that can resist to a strong impact. Besides, this rubber can offer tracon when you move on smooth surfaces such as pavement or roads as well.

The material to produce the Adrenaline GTS 15 midsole is new BioMoGo DNA made by Brooks. With this type of material, users will be provided with cushion to help them put on the shoe comfortably as well as resist the high impact while they are running.

In addition, another noticeable feature of the Adrenaline GTS 15 feature is the midsole saddle. It is an adjustable saddle which ensures that all runners can fit it.

The design of this shoes upper is a mesh, which comes as no surprise to running trainers. Not only is the mesh nosew but it also helps make your foot fit the shoe and create a lot of breathabilities. Similar to other types of mesh upper, these shoes’ upper is quite decent but not so good. With a combination of the lightweight and breathable synthetic mesh and an uncomplicated saddle, runners are expected to have an interesting experience of running.

Besides, you also can enjoy a lot of different features of the Adrenaline GTS 15 as you put on it. In brief, when using these shoes, you do not have to worry about knee or joint pain, sore feet, as well as blister. Therefore, if you want the shoe with the solid stability, then the Adrenaline GTS 15 is seemly a “must have” shoe. Furthermore, this product also can be seen as a daily trainer which helps meet some requirements of high and long mileage outings and fast runs as well.

 After Brooks produces the Adrenaline GTS 15, the GTS 16 is also created. This product has some features which are updated from the previous version.


  • Provide secure feeling and great support
  • Both the durability and breathability are high
  • This product can help ease the knee pain as well as handle the moderate pronation.
  • hand-o-up
    The coverage becomes more flexible, and lightweight thanks to the 3D Fit Print overlays.
  • hand-o-up
    The blown outsole made of rubber not only provides traction and protection but also offer a little of cushioning.


  • There are many complaints about the size because the size of these shoes is a bit smaller than normal ones


In short, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 truly becomes a routine of daily rotation of shoe. I am very satisfied with its combination of cushioning and stability while creating the necessary control to use on different kinds of terrains. Therefore, I will give it 5/5.

Rating 5/5

It can be said that the Glycerin 14 is a nearly perfect version because it has been improved significantly compared to the previous model. Moreover, this version is also added with the outsole design and a few upgraded forms of 3D overlays which are redesigned. The Glycerin 14 will provide you with a cushioned, comfortable and high – quality ride. Besides, it also helps those with some foot problems like knee pain feel more comfortable while running.

The use of pressure zones to produce the outsole is only to reduce the impact of the ground. This type of resistant rubber will be placed between the ground and the midsole and performs a function of absorbing the shock. Besides, these grooves also help create the flexibility while moving on road.

 To be honest, this shoe really makes me impressed and certainly exceeds my expectations. It can be said that its high quality is unquestionable. So, this product is highly recommended for people having knee pain!
Brooks Glycerin 14

Produce upon the advanced midsole technology, these pressure zones which appear on the outsole aim to reduce the shock or impact and create a plush collar to make you feel most comfortable with different levels of cushioning. Therefore, you can move comfortably regardless of stepping or pushing harder with no worry about the impact from the ground and concentrate more on moving forward.

An interesting feature of the midsole and outsole is that there are many grooves on it so that the shoe can be flexed quite freely.

Designed with the Brooks' 3D Stretch Print Overlays, the upper is responsible for supporting your foot and creating the comfortable feeling. With a view to providing the support evenly in mid – foot zone, an overlay – saddle is added to embrace your feet effectively when tightening the laces. To help the airflow go through, windows will be cut into saddles, which, thus, does not cause a lot of impact on the airflow. In general, I sometimes make a complaint about this shoe, but this product is quite well after all. The shoe keeps my foot secure, and the airflow maintains the good temperature for my foot.


  • It carries a lot of modern technologies and features.
  • This shoe is quite flexible and delivers pressure evenly, helping ease the knee pain.
  • There are always available options for different combinations of color.
  • hand-o-up
    Have an effectively responsive cushioning.
  • hand-o-up
    Its saddle structures are designed to be able to fit all runners and bring about the comfortable and soft feeling.


  • Seemingly heavier compared to others.
  • There are some complaints that it is quite small.
  • Its cost is relatively high.

In short, the Brooks Glycerin 14 running shoe is highly appreciated by many. You can use it for long distances as well as daily training. So, my rating for this shoe is 4.7/5.

Rating: 4.7/5

4. Puma Faas 600

Puma running shoes are always highly appreciated for their flexibility and light weight. Consequently, they can help you reduce the pressure putting on your knee joints. These products are considered as the best running shoes for bad knees. Perfectly combined from sport and fashion elements, they are really ideal supporters for either joggers or runners.

The midsole of the shoe: the material which is used to make this midsole is pumas Faas foam. However, it did not come up to my expectation that it was relatively firm while I thought it would be softer. It may be partially because of the outsole which uses thick rubbers. But as the whole, it’s ok.

The outsole of this kind of shoes is made from two rubber layers. Surely, at first sight, it always brings you the feeling that they’re actually thick and durable. The design of this outsole can help to reduce the damages on the areas which are easily wear-off on your shoes to the least amount. So giving users a flexible and smooth ride without getting any hurt while contacting with the ground. The flex grooves, decoupled heel and lateral release grooves appropriately adapt to every movement the users make.

Especially, these shoes have a kind of upper construction which is a combination of air mesh and weave mesh panels. This helps to enhance the breathability as well as fit greatly to your foot. Besides, the material used to make the air mesh allow air flow easily inside the shoe. Thus maintaining a cool and dry environment for runner’s foot.

Moreover, with the support of Ortholite Sock Liner, it helps increase the comfortable feeling significantly. It works as an extra cushioning foam. One of its great things is the ability to control moistures and prevent microbe. So your foot can be healthy and clean as well as keep the environment inside shoes fresh.

 However, there’re also some features that I don’t really like about this upper, especially with its odd-shaped tongue. It’s actually difficult to keep my heel and my foot in place while wearing and moving, particularly when running down the hill. Not mention to this, it works extremely well on the ground or uphill.


  • Provide great support, comfort as well as secure for users.
  • Resilient soft cushioning with responsiveness.
  • Designed with the ever track and rubber outsole for better durability.
  • hand-o-up
    Reasonable price
  • hand-o-up
    Designed with the air upper construction, helping enhance the air circulation inside the shoes.
  • hand-o-up
    Using the technology of EverFit 2.0 lockdown and lace closure, give you an extend security.


  • You might get blisters due to the rubbing process of lining and skin.
  • Not suitable to use for running down the hill.


On the whole, The Faas 600 v3 is actually a great type of shoe which is really light and offer you nice stability as well as cushioning. It is actually an ideal choice for runners who suffer from bunions or foot pain.

Rating: 4.5/5

5. New Balance 1080

This vision is really rare in the current market for its feature of anti-supination. It means that this product is the best running shoe for knee pain. It will surely bring you lots of benefits from cushioning to supporting. New balance pays great attention to the demands of users to create an extremely comfortable midsole with fresh foam. They are about force patterns and wear tendencies.

Let start first with its upper. This product is designed to fit your foot appropriately and help you have the most comfortable steps. The specially designed mess improves the space for your toes while the midfoot saddle holds your foot tightly and comfortably. The midsole of the new balance 1080 is a remarkable feature. It runs along the hollow of the foot, giving it the soft but responsive feeling.

Besides, there’s also an extra bootie put into the shoe to increase the fit. Plus with its medium-thick tongue, your foot will be cover with a greatly soft. The 10180 outsole’s flex grooves appear relatively good. However, I think it will be a great deal greater if there is a deeper cut in the next version because they still not totally satisfy me in term of flexibility. They’re a little bit stiff.

Furthermore, with the material of blown rubber, it also leads to some problems of durability. It depends on how much pressure you put on the shoes.

The midsole of the new balance is fresh foam which is supportive and thick. The wide base of the shoe makes it more stable. Moreover, all of pieces of foam are greatly shaped so they fit my foot really well.

In particular, its insole and midsole fit my foot so perfectly that I think they are designed for me; therefore, this new version has done a great job of making a shape fit any foot with complete flexibility and stability.

Until now, the 7th version of new balance has been introduced to users with the great advance in its either quality or design.


  • Using the material of carbon rubber, helping to enhance durability.
  • Improvement in cushioning and responsiveness with the help of blown rubber.
  • Offer perfect fit for any running performance.
  • hand-o-up
    The effectiveness of the midsole lasts for a long time of using.
  • hand-o-up
    The upper wraps your whole foot well with great security.


  • Rather expensive.
  • There’re some issues of stiff ride while using 6th version.
  • Some users complained it's over tightness.


As far as I concerned, this kind of shoes is very good if not mention to its a-little-bit firm cushioning. As a result, it’s not really suitable for using faster workouts. However, for long runs, it is ideal shoes due to its great responsiveness and durability.

 Rating: 4.5/5

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6. Asics GEL Venture running shoes

They are such great shoes that you can wear them to exercise, play sports and take part in other activities including indoor and outdoor in your daily life. The important factor contributing to its multiuse is that it is carefully designed to create a good cushioning system, the stability, high quality, and perfection. All also support motion process a lot. In addition, with these outstanding characteristics, this product is seen as the most suitable running shoes for those who had a problem with their knees.

Asics gel venture 5

This Asics GEL  footwear has neutrality. It is an equal combination of minimalist shoes and stability ones.  This shoe has a lower heel to make the space among toes, which features a barefoot shoe. Also,  Asics GEL running shoe is well cushioned as a stability one.

The upper provides a comparison in price to other shoes, like the Nike Flex Experience Run 3 or the ASICS Gel-Contend 2. The upper is mostly made of mesh cloth, plus a few synthetic fibers with average size on the top of the shoe.  Also, the tongue is quite plush. Therefore, on the top, your feet will not have to suffer from additional pressure or lacking air, and your shoes are more stable.

The Midsole: The most important factors in the perfect cushioning system is the rear-foot cushioning technology. You should get used to this technology if you have worn the ASICS Gel-Content or other similar shoes. If you have never tried any well-cushioned shoes, you will certainly find it fantastic and incredible. It also brings a new experience to runners that use ordinary shoes for their race.

The outsole of the shoe has the particular trail system to create great friction on the surface. Moreover, it is safe to wear Asics GEL shoes to move in the bad weather, for instance, snow or rain, because of many weather-based products.

 In addition, with such great cushioning technology, this pair of shoes will absolutely meet your satisfaction and make you feel more comfortable. It can be said that the  Asics GEL shoe not only ensures quality standard but also attains some aims as its desire.


  • Great harmony between stability and cushioning technology
  • Be hard-wearing thanks to good materials
  • Smart choice for those who join fitness programs and daily activities.
  • hand-o-up
    The tongue is sharp enough to maintain the highest performance in any cases.
  • hand-o-up
    Be excellently stable


  • Only discount for the limited number of the products
  • The mesh cloth is not easy for you to wash and clean the dirt.
  • The size of the shoe runs a bit bigger in the using process.


To sum up, the Asics GEL-Venture running shoes both offer a reasonable price and are the best selection for exercising and casual activities. When wearing these shoes, you can both protect better your feet from the rough surface and other harmful factors and keep them more stable while moving.

Rating: 4.8/5

7. Adidas Supernova Sequence

If you choose Supernova Sequence, what you pay for is not the shoes but their stability. Adidas Supernova Sequence offers you a variety of special features and high shoe-making technologies. For example, its impact cushioning is made superior thanks to an Adidas technology. When you walk and run in this pair of shoes, you’ll feel pleased with the way they support all parts of your feet.

So far, sequence 9 is the most up-to-date version. The outsole is made of Continental rubber – a material you can often see in automobile tires. This rubber brand is very special since it is important in improving the overall traction. You can feel totally safe even if you are running on wet ground. Moreover, this material increases the shoe’s capacity to handle a great deal of mileage. Most people who have tried out this Sequence 9 version reviewed that they were amazed at its durability. Besides, the way these shoes withstood throughout training also took them by surprise. So, you will have no worries about Sequence 9 shoes when wearing them for a long time. Thanks to their tough outsole, running in these shoes on pavement will be a real breeze. I highly recommend you use them for road running since they aren’t really constructed for running on trails.

Similar to previous version, the midsole of Supernova Sequence 9 is super comfortable. The inside part of these shoes is inserted with a thick Boost Foam layer. This cushioning type is the regular feature of numerous Adidas shoes and gives running shoes of this brand the supreme popularity for energy-efficient and comfortable cushioning. Many runners have a soft spot for boost cushioning.

A mesh upper containing tiny openings is also another feature continued in Sequence 9. Yet, this upper part is revamped a little bit, with its material being softer and offering improved ventilation compared to the preceding version.

Another upgraded attribute is the softer and seemingly longer tongue. This is because the Sequence 9 uses new materials and features extended lining beyond the edge of the tongue.

 The launch of the Boost cushioning platform has brought a breath of fresh air for Adidas shoes. Let Energy Boost help you enjoy every step of your mileage!


  • A mesh upper containing tiny openings offers improved ventilation
  • Better design for more comfort, flexibility and stability as well
  • Ideal for running over long distance, triathlons or marathons.
  • hand-o-up
    Adidas’ STABLE FRAME together with midsole featuring Boost foam layer gives an almost perfect ride for overpronators of mild or moderate level.
  • hand-o-up
    Rather lightweight, lighter than its previous version.


  • This model is a little bit stiff, but the way it supports your feet is very good.


If you’re looking for superior stability with comfortable riding; a sole that offers you the feel true to its name - Boost; excellent grip; and a spacious toe box, I highly recommend this Adidas Supernova Sequence !

Rating: 4.8/5

8. Saucony Hurrican

Featuring an advanced technology called Grid, these Saucony Hurrican shoes will offer you comfort, stability as well as support. This technology gives all kinds of athletes a great advantage since it allows the shoes to support your feet better. What I love about this shoe brand is the support it gives without making you feel bulky, which is very good for your knees. Saucony Hurrican are considered to be stability shoes.

 If you’re an athlete who favors the mildest correction coupled with medium cushioning level, then you should give this one a shot.

In addition, I highly recommend  Saucony Hurricane running shoes for over-pronators. This is because these shoes feature a supportive cushioning system that reduces the stress on both foot sides of overpronators. This cushioning is also an effective absorber for landing impact. Indeed, these shoes are unrivaled products in the market as they totally go beyond your expectations. Most users reviewed that Saucony Hurrican is a perfect option for runners with overpronation and wide feet runners as well.

The material that makes up this outsole is an extremely resilient rubber called iBR+. Thus, when you’re running in these shoes, you will enjoy the comfort it gives throughout the entire shoe. The rubber material is also an effective complement to other elements to provide the supportive cushioning. Moreover, when talking about these shoes, it’s a great mistake not to mention their holistic protection. Saucony Hurrican running shoes feature incredible grip and are constructed to be durable and water resistant.

You can also find the added protection within the midsole. It is designed with a protective cushioning foam which can absorb the impact put all over your feet and give them the desired support.

The upper part comes with a synthetic mesh which not only gives added durability but also improves the overall appearance of these shoes. This upper is a crucial factor that influences your buying decision since it is the most obvious part. With a great combination of materials and hues, it does give the shoes a unique look.


  • Give maximum cushioning that provides comfort and absorbs landing impact on your leg
  • Advanced technology to give the highest support
  • RUNDRY Sock Liner ensures your feet are fresh and dry all the time.
  • hand-o-up
    Highly recommended for runners with overpronation as well as wide feet runners.
  • hand-o-up
    Outrigger placed under your big toe provides extra support with no posting.
  • hand-o-up
    Soft, lightweight materials used for the upper part are comfortable.


  • The version for men is rather bulky
  • High price
  • Generous layers of synthetic mesh do not give sufficient breathability.


If you are looking for solid construction under your heels and mid feet to support during your run, there’s no need looking elsewhere.

Rating: 4.8/5

9. Nike Dart

When it comes to high quality, no product of Nike will disappoint you. In particular, Nike Dart is constructed with sophisticated technical details together with awesome features. Regardless of which activity you are going to take or how far you intend to run in these shoes, they will offer enough versatility to help you perform with great comfort.

Nike Dart shoes are designed to give support for runners who have mild to moderate pronation. If you need comfortable and responsive running shoes, Nike Dart is an ideal option with added cushioning in the sole. Full-length midsole foam offers great cushioning for the shoes and thus, you can have highly responsive ride. Moreover, Nike Dark shoes provide stable arch support, which can benefit both good and neutral runners.

In the latest version – Nike Dart 12, you can feel that it is a little bit softer compared to previous versions. Also, it comes with added cushioning to make you feel more comfortable when running.

Similar to its predecessor, the Nike Dart 12 also features synthetic mesh overlays for improved durability. If you are wondering “Are the comfort and breathability of the upper between two trainers the same?”, I would say absolutely yes. You can hardly find any signs of difference between the two.

What I also love about Nike Dart is its outsole construction. The carbon rubber design on the bottoms of the shoes differs slightly in comparison with the previous version. Yet, there is no difference in performance between the two shoes. Nike Dart 12 is rather softer and provides additional cushioning. This version is slightly thicker compared to the black carbon rubber. After you wear Nike Dart for a period of time, changes in the outsole will certainly assist in the shoe’s transitioning.

 The first time you try on a new pair of shoes, in this case running shoes, it is normal that you sometimes find it difficult, even less than fun, to get used to wearing them. This problem is naturally something you want least to happen with any types of footwear and in any situation. Yet, breaking through the pain threshold when you break your shoes in seems something that a great deal of people – from casual runners to experienced athletes, really want to avoid.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Featuring durable components and materials for the outsole to increase long-lasting protection and traction
  • Lightweight yet supportive.
  • hand-o-up
    Making a good pair of walking shoes in dry conditions.
  • hand-o-up
    Coming in numerous combinations of colors


  • Should order half-a-size larger than normal size/ You should order half-a-size larger instead of normal size


Great option for beginners and amateur runners as well. Lightweight and inexpensive. If you just take first step in running, this is your perfect shoe.

Rating: 4.8/5

10. Reebok Zquick Dash

In my list, I would rate this model as the best running shoes for knee pain. Most people reviewed that Reebok Zquick Dash is lightweight, has a cool look and provides a greater amount of cushioning than other “natural” trending running shoes currently. The arch support these shoes offer is sufficient for runners who have neutral supination and pronation. Compared to other trainers from Reebok, this Zquick Dash model is specifically designed for great stability and can be used for daily activities, whether physical or not.

When it comes to durability and grip, the outsole plays a critically important role. In Zquick Dash outsole, the material is CRTek Rubber which is a special rubber blend designed for extreme resistance to abrasions. Also, the texture of the outsole rubber is particularized to enhance the grip of the shoes. As a whole, the outsole is not too impressive, yet it is decent and offers grip as well as durability.

For every step you take, you need a good midsole to return energy back to you. Also, the midsole should provide cushioning to absorb the running impacts put on your legs. Zquick Dash midsole is made up of EVA foam which is a very common material for midsoles.

In addition, the midsole part of Zquick Dash also carries a feature of Reebok – special Z-Rated geometry. This carefully calculated design is promised to offer extra traction, cushioning and stability as well. Lastly, grooves are another feature of the midsole.  Zquick Dash midsoles are solid as a whole, and certainly, do a good job in providing great response and cushioning.

The upper of Zquick Dash shoes is designed with mesh – another very common choice to make uppers due to its numerous benefits. Since mesh contains lots of holes, it gives great breathability and flexibility. The Zquick Dash upper is an extremely strong component and does a very good job.

 If you are in search of performance and speed shoes for your road running or daily exercises, I highly recommend this neutral running shoe.


  • Improve your performance and speed in running.
  • Give comfort and resistance to abrasion
  • Supportive and stable for supination and neutral pronation.
  • hand-o-up


  • Some give awkward feel at the first time trying on
  • Some people reviewed they are half-a-size smaller compared to normal size.


For those in search of a pair of trainers to wear casually everyday or for physical activities, the Reebok Zquick Dash is certainly a good choice you should not ignore and it is also the best running shoes for knee pain

Rating: 5/5

What's Causing Your Knee Pain?

As I said, knee pain has different type and location depending on the reason that causes this. About only approximately 25% of cases which have been caused by running. In fact, there are some other conditions that cause knee pain.

Knee Pain from Running
  • Bursitis: fall, overuse or repeated kneeling and bending can irritate the bursa (a sack of fluid) overlying the knee caps, causing swelling and pain.
  • Iliotibial band syndrome: The iliotibial band- a piece of tough tissue runs from the hip down to the knee's outer part. If this iliotibial band is irritated and become inflamed, it can cause pain on the outer side of your knee.
  • Bone chips: breaking off fragments from the bone or cartilage of a knee injury can get stuck in the joint and possibly causes swelling and pain.
  • Osgood-Schlatter Disease: under your knee, there is a tendon from the kneecap connects to your shin where there will be a painful bump if this tendon is overused and irritated. This problem is the most popular among teenage girls and boys (ages 13 and 14).
  • Dislocated kneecap: this problem is not caused by an injury but it is a bad result of physical defect in your legs. In this case, kneecap in your leg slides out of its position causing swelling or knee pain.
  • Patellar tendonitis: Tendon is tough band of tissue which connects muscle to bone. Overuse can cause the sore and inflamed tendons. Inflamed tendons surrounding your knee of course lead to knee pain.
  • Lastly, knee problems can be caused by wearing the wrong shoes for your type or shape foot.

How to choose the right running shoes for knee pain

As we know that there are many causes of knee pain, however, in this article I want to focus on the causes of knee pain due to running. It is because of Biomechanical Problems or Training Errors. And the best solution to solve these causes is choosing the suitable running shoes for your foot type. Studies proven that the type of shoes which you are wearing can impact the load put on the knee joints, make knee pain better or worse. But, in order to do this, you should firstly have a gait analysis to determine that you are over-pronate, neutral or a supinate runner to choose the suitable running shoes with needed support.

  • Over-pronation: your foot naturally rolls inward when you run is called pronation. However, if you are over-pronator, your foot rolls inward excessively and at the same time puts more pressure on your knee joint. Therefore, stability or motion control running shoes are necessary for your legs. The shoes with a hard, thick material in the arch point will provide you with amount of stability that prevents your feet from excessively roll inward.
  • Supination: This foot condition is not as popular as over-pronation. You have this condition of your feet roll outward when running. The best running shoe with the cushion and flexibility are highly recommended for supinator. Keep in mind that stable shoes are not suitable for this foot condition or in the other word they can exaggerates rolling-out motion of supinator and increase knee and other joint problems.
  • Neutral ground: The best shoe for neutral runners are stable but not motion control shoes. In addition, your knees may need a pair of shoe with extra cushioning if you run over uneven surface.

But generally there are some common tips you should keep in mind when choosing shoes for your feet. Let pay attention to well-cushioned footwear which will help to prevent shock to your knee. These well-cushioned shoes can absorb the impact of your foot on the ground or reduce the impact when walking on hard surfaces like concrete sidewalks. You will feel like walking or running on the pillows. Next tip is checking the sole. Firm midsoles can help to reduce over-pronation (a type of popular gait in people having low arches).

Combine well-constructed running shoes with supportive orthotics will also help to solve your foot condition as well as maintain alignment well. It is important to replace your running shoes every 300-400 miles to avoid broken down shoes which can cause poor alignment.

Treatment for knee pain

In addition to choosing the right shoe, there are also some treatments which you can apply to reduce your pain. They include:​

  • Let your knee relax for a few days and especially avoid strong activities.
  • Use Ice in order to reduce pain and swelling at your knee. Do this about 20-30 minutes every 3-4 hours within 2-3 days or until you don’t feel the pain anymore.
  • Compress your knee by straps, sleeves or elastic bandage to reduce swelling or for additional support.
  • When you lie or sit down, put your knee on the pillow to reduce swelling.
  • Take anti-inflammatory painkillers like Advil, Aleve or Motrin which can help you reduce swelling and pain. However, you shouldn’t use them regularly because these drugs can have side effects.
  • Practice stretching and strengthening exercises if you are suggested by your doctor.
  • For people with bursitis, it is needed to have excess fluid drawn from their knee. Moreover, Surgery may be suggested to fix a dislocated kneecap or remove bone chips.


if you treat your feet right, your knees will get benefit. Knee pain always makes you uncomfortable and slows you down. Choosing proper running shoes can support you to do your daily activities with happy feet and higher performance. I hope that in above list of shoes with highly recommended running shoes for knee pain, you can choose the most suitable one for your leg.

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