Best running shoes for overpronation – 2018

Over-pronation is a real concern among many runners because this can cause some unexpected injuries if you don’t know how to correct it. In this article today, I want to provide you with wider knowledge of this as well as suggest some best running shoes for over-pronation as the good way to correct your over-pronation.

What is over pronation?​

Your foot naturally rolls inwards when running or walking is called pronation. Pronation is one of the normal proportions of the gait cycle to provide shock absorption for the foot. But when your foot rolls inwards too much, you have over pronation. Over-pronation is not an injury but if you have it, you may get injuries, especially in running. For a runner with an over-pronation, his lower leg, knee and thigh rotate much more than a neutral foot runner and that increases stresses on tendons, muscles and ligaments of the foot as well as on shin and knee of lower leg. A number of common injuries caused by over pronation are anterior compartment syndrome, plantar fasciitis, patello-femoral pain syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome, achilles tendonitis and bunions.​

How to determine whether you have over-pronation or not?

Typically, over-pronators often have a flatter arch while supinator tends to have a higher arch. The way to determine if your arch is high or flat was recommended at the article of the best running shoes for high arches. Other way to check your over-pronation is that if your foot lands with most of your weight put into the inside of it, your foot rolls in and your ankle points out (like bellowed picture) that means you may have over pronation.

But the best way to determine is to visit a podiatrist who can give you a full gait analysis or use force-plates to measure exactly the angles and forces of your foot when running.

Best running shoes for overpronation

How to correct over-pronation?​

Instead of forcing your feet into different positions, choosing the right shoes for your foot type in order to gradually improve your biomechanics is better. Getting a gait analysis before purchasing running shoes for your feet is very important. This is freely provided at most running stores. Generally, more cushioned stability and motion control shoes are always highly recommended for runners with over-pronation.

Another way to correct over-pronation is using an orthotic device. You can come to sport stores and choose the best suitable orthotic device for your feet among wide range of orthotic device available on the market. They come in different brands as well as prices. However, some people need special casted orthotics from podiatrist or therapist.

Strengthening your feet and ankles through barefoot yoga, calf raises, single leg hops and improving your running form will also be another method to help you prevent injury as well as have better running. For example, taking quicker and shorter steps when you run will prevent over-striding that often exacerbates biomechanical issues caused by over-pronation.​

How to choose right running shoes for over-pronation?​

As I mentioned above, more cushioned stability and motion control shoes are the best types of shoe for over-pronators. Therefore, when choosing running shoes for this condition, you need to pay attention to these features.

Stability shoes are chosen by many runners who have normal or medium arches or in the other words by mild to moderate over-pronators because these often provide good midsole cushioning and some medial support. They consist of a firm “post” to enhance the arch side of midsole, which is a highly impacted area by over-pronation.

Motion Control shoes are good choices for runners with a low or flat arch and who have moderate to severe over-pronators. They often have extra support devices on the medial side and other features like stiffer heels, straighter lasts to against or slow over-pronation as well as wider and flatter outsoles.

Besides two general types of shoes, you also need to know about some particular features in designs of shoes, which are good for over-pronators.

UPPERS: TPU overlays are used over breathable shoes, which add more abrasion-resisting as well as help enhance stability and durability.

MIDSOLES: you should look for shoes that have Posts - areas of firmer EVA. These are added to create harder midsole. Posts are often put in stability shoes for decreased pronation or boosted durability.

Heel Counter: it is also called the rigid structure around the heel which offers motion control and sometimes provides more support and cushioning to the heel added with a heel wedge. Certainly, this supports well runners with over-pronation or even Achilles tendinitis.

Another support considered for over-pronators is an orthotic device inserted into your shoes for more support to your over-pronation.

List of best running shoes for over-pronators - 2018

After many times reading and referring reviews from customers on each product, I made the list of some running shoes which have had feedbacks from over-pronated runners as well as have necessary features which over-pronators are looking for. They are:​

1. New Balance 860

If your foot rolls in at the heel you should try New Balance 860 running shoes. These are great combination of stability, support and cushioning. Especially, they are really stable at the heels that guaranteed to support moderate over-pronators. The midsole in these shoes are designed with TBEAM shank, which provide an ideal medial support to prevent the runners from over-pronation as well as control your feet to follow the right direction. The upper uses seamless overlays providing irritation-free comfort. The padded tongue and angle collar also keep the feet comfortable and secure. The New Balance 860 has had new updates with a lot of improvements than previous versions. You can look for them at Amazon to choose the best one of this line.


  • Come with cool highlights and bright colors
  • Available width for both men and women
  • Stability and medial support for preventing over-pronation
  • The upper mesh provides a snug-like fit


  • Bulky running shoe for runners with slender feet
  • Some had blisters on their first time

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS

Like New Balance 860, Brooks Adrenaline GTS is also good shoe if your feet start to roll in at the heel. These shoes are stability trainers that provide combination of support, cushioning and flexibility. In terms of support, Brooks Adrenaline GTS is a great choice for runners who have moderate to severe over pronation due to better arch support provided by a medial post in these shoes. The midsole is designed with the Brooks’ latest technologies to ensure a stable and responsive ride without losing the flexibility while the upper provides a supportive and snug fit thanks to element linings, element mesh the Adjustable Saddle Construction and Profile Sockliner. Additionally, Blown Rubber and The HPR Plus placed at the under surface of outsole also offer flexibility, durability, responsiveness and great traction on both dry and wet surfaces.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 running shoes review


  • Have ability to hold off moderate to stronger over-pronation
  • The deeper grooves provide better flexibility and shock absorption
  • Components used in the outsole improve durability and traction of the shoes


  • The Brooks Adrenaline GTS is quite heavy and bulky
  • A slightly high price

3. Saucony Guide

Saucony Guide 10

Saucony Guide introduces to runners a lighter weight, support, flexibility and stability running shoes among large range of running shoes on the market that helps runners to run easily, lightly, and better. Especially for over-pronators, features and design in these shoes intended to support the mild over pronation control. With this help as well as stability and cushion provided by these shoes, your foot movement will be improved without the pain. The upper of them is made from synthetic overlays and breathable air mesh for comfortable and fresh feet feeling. Additionally, the molded EVA ComfortLite Sock liner in the upper made from durable materials, which intended to contour the arch and the heel without adding pressure on your foot. The Saucony Super Lite EVA used in the midsole is a dual density material that is durable and lightweight providing comfort and rebound. Besides, The SRC Impact Zone also offers smoother transition from heel to toe as well as great shock absorption. Lastly, the outer sole made from XT-900 aims to offer better traction and durability. Saucony Guide introduced to runners the 9th version.


  • Cushioning is plush and responsive for comfort and support
  • Come with different color options
  • The stability is reliable feature without being intrusive
  • Provide the mild over pronation control for over-pronators


  • slightly expensive
  • Stiffness is a little too much for some runner

4. Asics GT 2000

The newest version of the GT 2000 has more improvements in stability and cushioning which are very necessary for runners. Aside from adding new features, Asics has still maintained the great effective features of the previous version. These running shoes are designed to meet the demands of moderate over-pronators. On the outer sole, Asics High Abrasion Rubber provides exceptional durability for the shoes. The outsole also has the DuraSponge placed in the forefoot for enhanced cushioning and flexibility. The best thing in the midsole of Asics GT 2000 is the Dynamic DuoMax featured which helps decrease over-pronation by controlling the foot movement. An open mesh upper keeps your feet dry and cool during running. The upper of these also has ComforDry Sockliner, which reduces odor and moisture and adds more cushioning into these shoes.

ASICS GT-2000 4 review


  • Gel Cushioning System provides shock absorption for softer landing phase
  • Heel Clutching System provides secure fit because this helps hold on the rear section of your feet
  • The open mesh upper makes the environment dry and well-ventilated
  • Provide enough support for moderate over-pronators


  • Price is high
  • Some reviewed that the forefoot area was a bit narrow

5. Brooks Beast

Brooks Beast 14 review

This is an ideal suggestion for the serious over-pronator who requires maximum support and cushioning from running shoes. These shoes have a solid motion control without excess weight. In the latest edition, Brooks Beast still provides the stability, comfort and flexibility like the previous versions and at the same time, adding some new and updated technologies and features. This motion control allows you to control your shoes while running and avoid accidents from happening. HPR Plus placed in the heel of the outer sole offers durable traction that helps you to not worry about slipping off the ground.

The BioMoGo midsole provides great cushioning for better shock absorption during the impact. Besides, Ultimate Sockliner in the upper not only adds more cushioning but also gets rid of the moisture built up inside the shoes. There are more and more features that you might be amazed when wearing them.


  • Provide cushioned stability for over-pronators
  • People with severe overpronation can benefit from these
  • The Element Mesh and Element Lining keep shoe dry and cool
  • Flexibility with more natural movement in the forefoot area


  • A narrow fit that is not suitable for wide feet runners
  • Moderately heavy weight
  • Price is not low

6. Saucony Omni

Saucony Omni 15 review

Thanks to a supportive medial post to correct runner’s gait combined with premium cushioning, SAUCONY OMNI becomes other ideal product for runners with moderate to severe over pronation. In fact, many runners found that these running shoes had rebound properties, excellent pronation support, a lightweight and premium cushioning and a lot of new features. Specifically, this product applies the PowerGrid technology and dual density SSL EVA as the arch support to reduce over pronation and correct runners’ gait. Medial support is provided to prevent shock from landing from causing discomfort or pain on the sides of the foot. The cushioning technologies like The SRC Impact Zone and The PowerGrid Technology are indeed effective in controlling pronation and supporting arch. The upper comes with features that guarantee flexibility, resiliency and breathability of the shoes.


  • XT-900 and IBR+ are super durable components used the outsole for durability and consistent.
  • Light weight
  • Designed with many advanced technologies and features to bring great support, stability and better shock absorption to prevent and reduce over pronation


  • The latest version has tighter box than previous ones
  • The price is slightly high
  • The look seems to be bulky which may lead to diminish flexibility

7. Mizuno Wave Inspire

The Mizuno Wave Inspire  is definitely the running shoes that moderate over-pronators are looking for. These running shoes provide you with necessary support that helps reduce difficulty you can have in running. These stability running shoes have a lightweight so you can use them for many different activities without making your feet tired. The outer sole has a durable carbon rubber material for better traction even on wet surfaces.

Additionally, the Blown Rubber provides greater cushioning and responsiveness, which help absorb the shock during impact and take-off to prevent injuries from happening. You also find the Extended Wave Plate in the midfoot offers more torsional rigidity (resistance to twisting forces) in the forefoot and heel of the shoe to prevent injuries in the ankle and other parts of your feet. AIRmesh covering the entire upper shoes provides great breathability for cool and dry feet.

mizuno wave inspire 12


  • Moderate over-pronation of the foot will be handled with these shoes thanks to added mid-sole components
  • X10 in outsole unit is effective in dealing with abrasion and wear
  • In the 12th version, there are systems which helps improve the natural flexibility of the foot
  • The Stitched Overlays put in the lateral and medial sides are appreciated in giving a snug and secure fit


  • A bit narrow in the forefoot area
  • The price is not cheap


If you are looking for an extra support for your over-pronation, this Motion Control running shoe is highly recommended for you. ASICS GEL EXCITE is considered as the most stable from Asics. They are lightweight, fit evenly provide lots of cushioning without being too soft. These shoes feature breathable mesh upper for comfortable feeling all day. Some runners reviewed that they are just a little narrow in width but provide good support without being tight. 

Especially, segmented crash pads in these shoes offer better shock absorption and help reduce pronation effectively. With these running shoes, pain will go away and allow you to increase your mileage. The durability is also appreciated thanks to AHAR high-abrasion rubber used in important areas of the outsole.


  • Provide needed stability, motion control for over-pronators
  • Lightweight
  • High durability due to AHAR high-abrasion rubber


  • A little narrow in width

9. Nike Lunarglide 7

NIKE LUNARGLIDE 7 is certainly great combination of high stability, lightweight and great cushioning. The LUNARGLIDE 7 is the newest version of the LunarGlide series with more features in order to improve your running performance. These stability running shoes are recommended for people who require large amount of support while running. Especially for over-pronators, these also help reduce moderate over-pronation thanks to their great arch support and pronation control. A breathable AIR mesh upper in Nike Lunarglide 7 provides the most ventilation. Moreover, they can often be bought with a reasonable price online so they are a really good choice for your over-pronation.

nike lunarglide 7


  • The robust outsole unit of the LunarGlide 7 affords good traction, protection and flexibility
  • Dynamic support layers and a decoupled unit below the heel area offer stability and absorb shock to decrease the rate of foot pronation
  • External TPU Heel Counter provides Heel stability
  • Provide great support, stability and cushioning for prevent over-pronation as well as enhance performance


  • a bit narrow fit in the forefoot area
  • The price is expensive
  • Don’t have enough grip on wet surfaces

10. Saucony Hurricane 17

Saucony Hurricane 17

These running shoes have a firm cushioning system including the Impact Interface, SRC Impact Zone, and the PowerGrid technology which help absorb the impact of landing and provide the essential support on the sides while pronating. The Medial posts found in the mid foot of these shoes offer necessary arch support to reduce over pronation that’s why Saucony Hurricane 17 is often chosen by over-pronators.

Additionally, their outsole is made from the XT-900 technology that offers a high wear resistance and great traction so runners can use them to solve wet surfaces easier. The IBR+ outsole is also found in the forefoot to improve the flexibility of the forefoot and provide a smoother transition from heel to toe. At the heel, there’s memory foam that molds to your heel for a snug fit. An open mesh upper makes sure resilience and good breathability.


  • The foot is always kept dry and fresh thanks to advanced features in the upper
  • Cushioning technologies provide comfort, better shock absorption and support for over-pronators
  • Lightweight
  • High durability


  • Expensive price
  • The toe box was said to be a bit narrow


In addition to these running shoes above, there are also a lot of running shoes produced for over-pronation. However, I think that you should rely on the reviews of users on each product to choose the one for you. Although these shoes still have some downsides, they are considered as the best running shoes that provide over-pronators necessary support, stability or motion control to prevent as well as reduce unexpected injuries that may happen if over-pronators don’t have the right correction for their foot condition.

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