10 Best Shoe Dryers on Market 2018

Have you ever shuddered to think of putting your dry foot in a wet boot with its moist and cold interior that almost takes all the warmth out of your body? With our 10 best shoe dryers review today, you’ll be able to choose your best footwear that is dry for hours without odor or bacteria growing up.

Now let’s take a closer look at our 10 best shoe dryers review below and decide which one is great for your traveling or for your sports camp.

1. MaxxDry Heavy Duty Shoe Dryer

Merely give MaxxDry Heavy Duty Shoe Dryer a try, then you will know how impossible to take a good care of your shoes or boots without it. With the use of unique technology paired up with the badass power that allows you to dry all types of footwears in just one hour. Obviously, it’s the average number because the running time would depend on how moist or wet your shoes or other footwear items really are.

MaxxDry Heavy Duty Shoe Dryer
That’s also the reason why the manufacturer has equipped the shoe dryer with 3-hour timer. One more bonus of this device is definitely its 2 modes (heat and no heat features). You’ll be able to select between them, then it’s more likely to dry out the shoes without raising the risk of over-drying.

Pros: The capability of drying out 2 pairs of shoes at the same time in a few hours would make this device the most perfect for any big family. 

Cons: Some consumers complain about the bulky feel of this dryer.

2. DryGuy Simple Dry Boot and Glove Dryer

Are you now looking for a simpler but more efficient and not quite costly shoe dryer? DryGuy 02136 will be sure to meet all of your requirements. By successfully working on the convection drying technology, the device also knows how to heat up the air more than 105 degrees F at the base part, and then the hot air starts to rise up through the tubes for drying up the footwear or any other relevant items lying there.

 Further than that, its nice design and built-in tray guarantee all floors of your room to stay utterly clean no matter how muddy the streets are out of your home door. So don’t hesitate to pick this up to make your daily cleaning a breeze!
DryGuy Simple Dry Boot and Glove Dryer

Quite similar to other models, this one is able to dry not just the shoes but also your hats, gloves and other clothing items. Owning such a lovely long tubes, it finds it not hard to dry any high boots, which is a great part of this appliance. Also, its minimum power can ensure that your footwear and other garments not to overdry, turn stiff or change size.

Pros: Uniquely designed with pretty long tubes, the DryGuy finds it so much easier to dry out any high boots.

Cons: As compared to other best shoe dryers, the drying time of this device is slightly longer.

3. Dr. Dry Electric Shoe/Boot Dryer and Warmer

So whenever you need a shoe or boot dryer to satisfy every specific of your family members, then look nowhere else but your Dr. Dry Electric shoe dryer. What makes this version the most suitable for every consumer is properly its size range provided by the manufacturer. You get to choose among kids, women and men editions to meet your own needs.

Dr Dry Electric Shoe Boot Dryer and Warmer

Most consumers would agree that a big family of many people find it extremely convenient when it comes to the way it dries many pairs of shoes simultaneously after a walk in the heavy rain. Better than this, the dryer takes up the user’s belief when being able to save a lot of time drying, so you no longer worry about putting on wet boots in the coming day.

And it’s so easy to use and run this amazing shoe dryer. All you must do is to place the device in the shoes and plug in. Wait for several hours, your footwear will get dry and now you can go out comfortably again.

Pros: Having a great compact design, this shoe dryer only takes up a little of the space in the closet.

Cons: As compared to other average dryers, this device takes about 3 - 4 hours to utterly dry out the footwears.

4. Peet Dryer - Advantage 4 Shoe Electric Express Dryer

People know Peet as one of the most noticeable leaders in boot dryer industry, so no wonder why they often provide a huge range of products for various circumstances and obviously seen as one of the best brands in the market. This Peet Advantage 4 is undoubtedly a nice model for us to consider whether you’re searching for something that is fantastic quality and able to finish the job fast and efficiently.

For users, this model easily becomes one of the top picks nowadays due to its huge and solid base that is strongly trusted to tackle 2 sets of heavy footwears, like ski boots for instance. It does an excellent job when drying out the items much faster than other convection models, thanks to the Air chambers and DryPorts with its fan.

Peet Dryer - Advantage 4 Shoe Electric Express Dryer
Another good thing is how it’s now available in 220v electric configurations and always running in high performance, no matter if it’s specialty items or normal garments for daily use. Use it with no heat feature for your most delicate gear.

Pros: People love this Peet dryer since it’s not too noisy with a handy timer for easier adjustment. Two different heat and no-heat options for further use and additional ports for different items.

Cons: It takes a longer period of drying time than how it’s advised (4 hours) to make the shoes or boots completely dried.

5. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

Another great one out of these 10 best shoe dryers you can’t miss here is surely the DryGuy - a leading brand that is well-known for producing high-quality dryers at reasonable prices. Furthermore, they also provide a great number of various drying models that could run well for varied situations where you can find yourself in.

 Just use it once, you will know why a lot of users fall in love with the way it works - it’s fast and efficient. The dryer feels so great in term of huge boots such as your ski or snowboard boots without making too many annoying sounds.
DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

The DryGuy DX is just one of the greatest options that you can count on when it comes to working amazingly well for any heavy tool and any kind of garments. It just arrives with a set of boot extensions for high ones. Another bonus of it is how the device is good at drying out yet not getting too hot, so making itself a totally safe option for both kids and pets.

Pros: Works great for huge boots (ski and snowboard boots) and drys out the items so quickly with its powerful motor. Owning a great airflow, 4 drying tubes, 2 extension tubes that are removable, the dryer is perfectly meant for huge knee high boots.

Cons: The users feel that the drying tubes a bit wobbly when using it.

6. ROK Industries Electric Shoe & Boot Dryer

Rok Industries Electric appears to avail the innovative thermal motion to push the warm air circulation throughout the items that need drying out. Besides, its dual air tubes are believed to accommodate the shoes made of different materials, such as canvas, plastic, leather, and rubber.

ROK Industries Electric Shoe & Boot Dryer

And if you’re still looking for a fast and efficient way to dry all of your boots, gloves and other garments from snow and rain, then the Rok Industries Electric dryer will be the best choice. It’s just what you’ve been searching for, especially when it can help your drying process to start fast. Alright, just put the boots, gloves and your own trainers on the cylinders, turn the power on and wait for the drying process to start. This device won’t have a fan so basically offers a quite quiet drying experience.

 It’s perfect for any kind of footwear, from leather, vinyl, rubber, canvas, and plastic. But more awesome than that is, it can be divided into 4 removable towers for more compact storage.

Pros: People love how super silent it is when in use throughout the night.

Cons: Some users stated that this is just for damp shoes only, not soaking wet boots. This is because the device is not a fan-forced unit, so it can take overnight to dry them out.

7. PEET Dryer - Original Electric Dryer

The Peet Original Electric this time is highly favored due to its ability to fight against the odors triggered by perspiration and annoying bacteria. How does it succeed? It can warm up effectively the moisture out of your footwears and other gears no matter what materials they are made of. This is really handy to use if you’ve got a big collection of shoes and garments that need drying out.

The device is safe to use on a great abundance of materials and come with a fantastic 25-year warranty. Apart from efficiently eliminating the odors and removing all contaminants, from viruses to mold that can cause your skin irritation, the dryer is also able to circulate the air for delicate drying.

 Its thermal convection is said to rise through the AirChambers for drying out the footwear spontaneously. However, please note that such products won’t guarantee 100% odor removal, but only help to reduce them as much as possible.

Pros: Works great and perfectly silently throughout the night. It can really help to reduce the mustiness for the snowboard or ski boots.

Cons: Not quite a speedy driver since it takes a little bit longer to dry the boots.

8. StinkBOSS Shoe Deodorizer, Ozone Sanitizer and Dryer

This is another worth-to-buy dryer, but mainly advertised as only a device to remove odor or mustiness. So what’s great about this item that can make it a must-have? First of all, it should be the design that can enable you to completely enclose the footwear, so it can eliminate the bacteria both inside and outside the gear.

The other striking function of the StinkBOSS is how we can freely set the cycle times anywhere, ranging from a half to 6 hours. This makes it so nice for the entire range of various types of gears. However, what most users love the most is, the dryer blows the ozone and heat through the interior of your footwear or any athletic gear to ensure the stink to completely go away.

 It’s so easy to use by simply putting your smelly footwears or any items inside the device, close the lid and then choose the suitable setting before walking away. Wait for 90 minutes to see the final results.

Pros: Works excellently in removing odors and have the best drying options that run really fast. It has a nice enclosed design and allows the users to set various cycle times.

Cons: A few consumers complain about the ozone’s irritating smell whole the others feel bothered by the quality of the parts.

9. Prago Hy'n Dry Portable Boot Dryer

The Prago Hy’n Dry Portable Boot Dryer is made of the ABS thermoplastic that is not only tough but also rust-resistant and easy-to-clean. Quite like the Peet Original dryer, this one uses the ceramic heat - its ceramic heating unit helps to release the thermal convection heat that can dry well all types of boots and shoes fast, so no more cold, damp or wet feet.

 With a highly portable and compact design, the device is so small and handy to pack and just take it anywhere along with you. The Hy’n Dry features a dripping tray that serves a vital role in getting water to help you keep the floor always clean. And it’s also stable and silent when in use, according to some users.

Pros: It heats slowly but efficiently, but more than that, the dryer seems to be of a good plastic, so highly recommended.

Cons: Some users claim that the device’s drying power is not enough for soaking wet boots.

10. DryGuy Travel DX

The DryGuy Travel DX is not only simple “plug n play” one amongst other best shoe dryers. Let’s just place them into your own footwears, shoes or high boots, plug in and then leave them right there to get dry. Apparently, no on and off-switch here, but the users are still able to see how it runs so efficiently.

By utilizing a PTC heater, the DryGuy Travel DX won’t be hot whenever you touch it by accident, or when being used in the wrong way. Well, it’s safe to use with any material as well. According to the manufacturer, this dryer can spend 1 - 2 hours to dry the shoes and boots though a few consumers claim that it takes longer than that.

 The users find it great when it comes to the price and quality of the product. They also like the high portability of this device and agree that the DryGuy really gets its job done excellent though it could take a bit longer than its original claim.

Pros: The dryer is available at cheap price and quite portable when in use. It has the unique tube shapes that could fit into any shoe and boot.

Cons: Just one heat setting. Some people are not satisfied to see how the airflow or the amount of heat coming out a bit too weak. And it takes longer to dry the shoes.

How to buy the good shoe dryer

Shoe dryers come up in various types, but the basics behind these handy devices would be the same: They can help reduce moist in both shoes and boots by using different technologies, meanwhile, some models even have the disinfecting capability. This feature is quite good for preventing the bacteria from feasting on your feet and causing the cheesy odor.

 So choose the one that works best with all kinds of situations. Take a closer look at the best things to consider when buying a shoe dryer:
  • minus
    Ensure the shoe dryer you’re considering to buy owns a drip tray whenever in need of drying out the footwears that are soaking wet
  • minus
    It has the auto-shutoff fan or not, especially when a few shoe dryers stiffen up the footwear even when they overdry
  • minus
    Whether it’s portable or not, which means you can freely take it along with you to the office or on vacation
  • minus
    Should be lightweight and easy to pack for camping, fishing, hunting, or golfing, etc.
  • minus
    It should be battery powered when no electricity is available
  • minus
    It has to dry with forced heat during the winter time
  • minus
    Consider about its capacity, whether it is able to dry multiple parts at one time or not
  • minus
    Will you need extra sanitation? For example, it could be UV light to kill bacteria and viruses
  • minus
    Its heat level at least guards your shoes and keeps the electric bill as low as possible
  • minus
    A few fans are complained to make some noises, so read more reviews to see what buyers really feel and say about the device
  • minus
    Some shoe dryers take advantage of its fan to move air through the footwear, which might shorten the drying time

Above all, to find yourself the best electric shoe dryer, you might like to get a quick glimpse at some noticeable features available on various models.

Power supply option

Out of other various kinds of power supply choices for shoe dryers, the most common one is none other than the plug into the 110-volt wall outlet - any efficient performing and popular dryer has this sort of power supply. When we have to take part in many outdoor activities, from camping to hunting, then these are the main times when we suffer the worst experience from the wet footwear. 

 Therefore, the manufacturers always know how to satisfy our poor condition by offering the adapters that can be plugged into the car. At the same time, we’ve heard about a couple of dryer models that are battery powered, which is a nice option for outdoor activities.

Different timer options

Therefore, most of the famous shoe dryer models have a timer as its main feature, which arrives with different time setting options. This timer is a handy feature for you to search for since the drying time varies based on the saturation degree and the kind of material you’re supposed to dry.

Other attachments

Shoe dryers become highly versatile in their own capability of drying out equipment and gears. Some agencies would like to provide us with some attachments for things other than shoes such as kid’s mittens and helmets. So in case you intend to use the dryer for these items, it’s suggested that you avail these attachments to prevent overheating the device.

Weight and size

Your boots get wet due to several activities outdoors or when you’re out of home for skiing, golfing and hunting. Thus, it’s always necessary to have a reliable device that is tiny and lightweight at the same time so that you can take it along even if you have to travel far from home. If deciding to purchase it for home, the size of the dryer will play an important role here. Make sure that product not to take up so much extra space.


These 10 best shoe dryers usually carry a standard warranty that lasts 1 - 2 years from the date of purchase. It guarantees the product to be free from any damage or mistake in both workmanship and materials. For Peet shoe dryers, the brand provides various length warranties for its different models, not to mention how your product is guaranteed to be not breakable in normal use for the same period of time.


Nowadays, it’s normal to get your boot or shoe dryers at about $30 while the other popular models could be sold in the price range of $50. Meanwhile, some deluxe models that own some additional features will range from approximately $100 - $150. If you want to find a premium quality model that fits their personal needs for about $50, feel free to get one at any of these outdoor shops, such as Costco, Walmart, Bass Pro, Target and even the online retailers if you like.

How to use shoe dryers

A shoe dryer could not be any easier to use, and based on the model you’ve just purchased, merely attach the boots or your shoes to the dryer. Turn it on and leave it operating anywhere from one to four hours (based on the type of product chosen by you and the saturation level of the footwear). Once the drying process is finished, you can get it removed from the device and now you’ve got your own clean and cool-looking dry shoes.

Questions & Answers

1. How long can we put the shoes into? And Does it harm our shoes if they stay too long in the dryer?

 It would last around 8 - 14 hours, and if letting your shoes stay too long in the dryer, it won’t harm but only warm them up.

2. Does this shoe dryer work only on heating up or it has a fan to release airflow?

This simply dries out your shoes by heating up and also owns an anti-bacterial UV feature.

3. Can the dryer be used on football boots as well?

Well, it works well on gloves/shoes/boots/jackets and everything else.

4. Does this device own a plug to run?

Yes, it can plug into the mains.

5. Is it possible to detach the bulbous tube ends from the tubes?

 Absolutely no!
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