10 Best Shoe Insoles and Inserts 2017

The feeling of your feet after working hard during a day depends much on what kind of shoes insoles that you use.You can make your feet more comfortable as well as minimize the possibility of injury easily by using the best shoe inserts in stead of your current ones.They will absolutely protect your feet during long runs and make you very comfortable when wearing them.

What are the benefits of wearing shoe insoles?

It is certainly that you have ever recognized the feeling when you first wore your new shoes and the one after using in about one week or more is relatively different. The reason for this is because the skimpy insoles equipped inside your shoes have worn out.

Shoe insoles are designed to keep your feet comfortable as well as prevent them from injured. They can help your feet a great deal healthier and make every step you walk really comfortable. Besides, they also support you well in daily hard tasks. The following are 5 main benefits of wearing shoe insoles.

Prevent foot disorders

The materials of high quality are used to make these products; therefore, your feet will be ensured to be in the most comfortable feeling and avoid foot disorders well. They are also great with the ability of absorbing any pressure on your foot when walking, standing or running.

Thus, there’s no need for you to worry about getting injured or experiencing the uncomfortable feeling. All you need to do is enjoy your active life. These products are significantly good for your health. Especially, they are equipped with a protecting layer to reduce shock and pressure on your feet. They also do a good job of avoiding damage in tissue and muscle.

Cushioning and support

Cushion can do well with the ability of absorbing the shock making your feet sore and tired. Besides, support contributes to improving the balance and alignment of your foot. In the market, there are many products that only offer one of them: well cushioning or great support. However, most people would like to enjoy the ones with both features.

They also correct existing foot disorders

Not only are shoe insoles protective solutions, but they can also help to treat many foot conditions, such as toe pain, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, knee pain, Achilles heel pain, corns, neuroma, and bunions. Nonetheless, it will be best to discuss with your doctor when you want to try them to cure foot disorders. The reason is that your doctor can give you lots of beneficial advice in choosing the right insoles for yourself.

Extend the lifespan of your shoes

There are many kinds of insoles for your shoes in their market. All of them are designed with the best materials for the purpose of durability and longevity. These products can increase your shoes’s lifespan considerably because they are designed to minimize the impacts of ground when you take any activities. Furthermore, your feet will be kept in good shape to maintain your shoes design, help them extend their lifespan.

Reducing foot and heel pain

Insoles can give you the comfortable, convenient feeling in any kind of exercise activities such as walking, running or standing. Also, they help you prevent the pain in leg and foot, for example, arch pain, Achilles tendonitis, flat foot, pain in the metatarsal, top of foot pain and heel pain.

Achilles pain or Achilles tendonitis has a significant influence on the runners. The foot heel is connected with the carve muscle by achilles tendon; therefore, you can feel the tenderness spread along the tendon. In which, over pronation is the main reason leading to achilles tendonitis.

Mainly, the purpose of shoe insoles is to protect your feet well and help you completely enjoy your shoes. Let spend time on looking for insoles which are of high quality, so you don’t have to worry about your feet health.

How to choose the best shoe inserts?

There are many kinds of inserts with the cushion focus or help to change the way you land. However, no matter how much they cost, there are some tips that you should consider when purchasing new ones.

Cushion and support

The simplest inserts are the ones with cushion focus that are designed for those only wanting to release shock.

The ideal ones will be flexible, lightweight as well as designed from good materials which can not easily wear out.

However, when it comes to shoe inserts, people usually think about the ones with footbed of full-length having arch which is built up (also can make the forefoot stress off). Such products can help you well in case you face with plantar fasciitis, get injured in your arch, or feel the ankle as well as outside muscle are overworking.

It is also quite vital to ensure that people use materials which are firm enough to make arch support not to easily flat out when being under great pressure from your stride.

The footbed with moldable heat will be great for those wanting the one which customizes gradually to the foot. It can make your feet comfortable when first warmed up.


Gel, foam, leather, and cork are among the most popular materials. Each one has its own benefits; therefore, it will depend much on your preference to choose the suitable material. In which, foam can do a great job of supporting, cushioning and releasing pressure; gel works best for absorbing shock; cork specializes in light cushion and support, and leather is good at cushion as well as “feel” (particularly when using a pair of thin socks).


It is extremely crucial to choose the right size when buying new shoe insoles because they affect much on how much value you can take from them. If you do not purchase the ones with suitable size, they can make your problem far worse; therefore, you should choose carefully.

Before buying, you should try the insole by standing on in case it’s out of the shoe; have one of your foot up and try to keep balance; then consider whether it fits. This is actually important because you can know the stability you get, its pressure exertion and how it supports.


If you want buy new ones which are high quality, their price is not really important. However, don’t worry too much, the price of these products is usually not too high. Therefore, purchase a new pair of insoles that are supportive, comfortable and especially affordable.

Besides, it will be useful to consult the reviews of customers and ask anything you want to know, then let make a purchase.

Type Of Insole For Your Needs

The following are some most popular insoles on the market with specialized purposes.

Arch support insoles

These products not only provide users the feeling of comfort and flexibility, but they also support your arch well with a great balance and alignment. They are an ideal choice for those facing with discomfort around their arch; also for those accustomed to orthotic ones and needing a kind of interim to get adjusted.

Orthotic insoles

Their design specializes in supporting arch well. Besides, they also offer support to your heel and metatarsal if needed. These products are mainly designed with the purpose of being semi-rigged as well as rigged in nature. They also give support and enhance foot alignment; therefore, this can help users control their feet flexibly and their motion well when walking.

Orthonic shoe insoles usually have full foot offer. In which, 3/4 of options you choose depends much on your purpose: casual or athletic. Moreover, they have a variety of sizes in thick and thin along with its levels of ability to absorb shock.

Gel/comfort insoles

The name presents clearly and exactly its main material-gel. The purpose of Gel insoles is to increase foot comfort just by their material which is greatly soft. Therefore, they can easily help you minimize foot shock as well as prevent bad impacts when walking on hard grounds.

Athletic/ trainer insoles

These products mainly aim at offering foot support through the design of toe, built-in arch, and heel that helps Athletic/trainer move properly in extreme activities.

To achieve the best effect, these insoles can use foam, rubber or gel as the main material. It will depend much on the kind of activities as well as its impact level that appears during that activity.

Heel support insoles

Heel support insoles are usually used for reducing pressure put on your heel during hard-working days. Their main purpose is to help you avoid slipping if your current ones don’t offer this support. It is designed with a little big size to your foot in case you want to add a comfortable layer when using high heels.

There are a wide variety of the levels of softness and thickness. You can choose the suitable ones for you at your purpose.

Arthritic/Diabetic insoles

Simply, these insoles are specially designed to support the ones who are facing with the diabetic condition.

Some of these products are made of the kind of material that can be self-molding; therefore, it can fit properly to your feet when wearing. Moreover, they also use the weigh and heat from your body to do this molding process.

Corrective insoles

These products specialize in correcting your foot alignment as well as balance your foot in the right position. They are designed at a slight level of heel and arch support to adjust your foot alignment and avoid any potential things rolling into your shoe when walking or running though the naturally foot cradle.

for people under any medical conditions, corrective insoles can prevent them from fungus or odor with their layers including microbial and bacterial ones.

Custom insoles

These products are frequently made by foot specialist or tailor after the process of molding and measuring your foot; then give you the most appropriate insoles suitable for your needs.

If you have found and tried all the insoles in current market but not satisfy, let have custom insoles made, you will be completely comfortable.

Insole volume

The insoles can adjust the volume of footwear-it’s the shoe internal space.

The high-volume ones specialize in the shoes with high volume, for example ski boots, hiking boots and running shoes.

While low-volume ones go with the shoes with low volume, such as cycling or casual shoes, ski or in-line skates and boots. (Note: your socks thickness also has great impact on the fit of footwear).


1. Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insole Orthotics

Thanks to the flexibility and ability to help ease many typical foot conditions, the Pinnacle has become the most well-known Powerstep orthotic. It comes with an excellent blend of cushioning, spring, and foot control for the best comfort. Moreover, this kind of insert is a good product for alleviating or reducing the pain, which is related with plantar fasciitis.

In fact, many shoes don’t offer enough cushioning for the feet. Understand your need; the Pinnacle offers you enhanced comfort and maximum cushioning. Thanks to the double layer of foam cushioning, this ideal orthotic is perfect for easing and reducing pain associated with the plantar fasciitis as well as other typical foot conditions.

The Pinnacle also comes with top anti-microbial fabric, which effectively helps reduce friction and heat while performing strenuous activities, thus, keep your feet more comfortable and healthier.

Another good point of this insert is that it gives your feet a medical and strong level of foot support. Thanks to the semi-rigid shell and encapsulated design, the Pinnacle offers you a full arch support and great flexibility for moderate to mild pronation.

This product also comes with a deep heel cradle that helps stabilize your feet and protect the heel from massive impact when landing during running or walking. The combination of heel cradle and semi-rigid foot arch support is a perfect combo for more stability and support in your shoes.


  • 5/5 stars – A product with great comfort, value, and quality
  • An ideal orthotic for the plantar fasciitis as well as other typical foot conditions
  • A good method to alleviating your foot pain.
  • Well-fitted in most shoes.
  • The padding offers great comfort


  • Take some time to be accustomed to the insole
  • Although it is very good in arch support, it is not so good in offering stability.

Rating: 5/5

2. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles

If you are seeking for additional cushioning for both the heel and forefoot, then, PolySorb Cushioning Insole will be an ideal option for you. This insole features the greatest combination of energy return and shock absorption. This powerful duo perfectly works together to offer you the best comfort as well as relieve foot pain and prevent injury.

With the PolySorb Cushioning Insole, the life of your shoes will lengthen, and your performance will be better thanks to the great support and cushioning. This product is extremely suitable for sports, training, walking and running. There are up to 7 sizes for you, women’s 3-12 and men’s 6-15. This insert is best used in shoes that include removable insoles.

The PolySorb Cushioning Insole is made of 4-way stretch fabric and silpure antimicrobial materials to control odor and prevent blisters.

The forefoot cushion from Eva offers perfect shock absorption and energy return for sports. Thanks to this, the stress placed on your feet can be reduced a lot.

Those insoles are efficient for high impact training and competitive sports, but they can be worn in other activities, which place stress on your joints and feet. Moreover, this product also features the lightweight Polysorb polyurethane foam, which helps support your heel and provide arch.

Finally, the PolySorb Cushioning Insole also offers customers lot of sizes and colors options for both women and men.


  • Excellent balance of spring and cushion for activities with high impact.
  • Heel strike protection and increased shock absorption
  • Efficient for use in all training and sport competition
  • The best combination of energy return and shock absorption
  • Made of fabric
  • Reduced friction to prevent blister.


  • For the first week, it may be a little bit uncomfortable for you to wear
  • Quite heavy

Rating: 4.3/5

3. Hydrofeet Dynamic Liquid Massaging Orthotic Insoles - Best Shoe Inserts - Arch Support and Foot Pain Relief 

For those who are experiencing severe arch pains, the Hydrofeet Insole is the best kind of insert that you should get.

This product comes with FDA approved glycerin, pharmaceutical grade, and a vegetable based. The Hydrofeet Dynamic Massaging Orthotic Insoles also support the arch while offering massage, cushioning, and an ever-changing, variable surface for light impact sports, walking and standing.

Any pains that you are experiencing when walking will dramatically reduce thanks to those insoles. They solve your problems by equalizing the pressure in your shoes, thus, make you feel that your feet are floating at all time. The cushioning feeling created by Hydrofeet insole act as an efficient shock absorber.

By anticipating the next impacts changing from your feet’s ball to your heel, this orthotic can soften the blow on the next time, when your feet hit the ground.

The Hydrofeet Dynamic Liquid Massaging Orthotic Insole also features a 3-year-warranty. This means that when you pay for one, you won’t have to worry about purchasing another one for a certain time.

This product is also among top best shoe inserts for fibromyalgia, extensor tendonitis, excessive supination as well as other conditions. That incredible effectiveness comes from the insole’s design to alleviate your leg pains.

Furthermore, this product also possesses the water soluble formula, which doesn’t damage your clothing or your shoe even if it breaks. It is also safe for children and pets as well. The Hydrofeet Dynamic Liquid Massaging Orthotic Insoles are safe for machine washing and your hand, however, it should be air dried.

This orthotic is suitable for a wide range of foot conditions like peripheral neuropathy, corns, poor circulation, back pain, and heel pain, etc. You can feel a soothing sensation when using the Hydrofeet Insole because it also helps increase the circulation of blood to your feet.

Rating: 4.0/5


  • Perfectly go well with your shoes. The company guarantees to pay back the money within 30 days if the product does not satisfy you.
  • Good for poor circulation, back pain, sore tired feet and other conditions
  • Protects your lower back, hips, knees, and ankles when walking or standing on the hard surfaces
  • Mildew resistance and anti-microbial to prevent odor.


  • A little bit solution should be added to the pads so that it can work better
  • To be accustomed to the insoles, you have to take a couple of wears.

Finally, this insole is certainly a high-quality shoe insert that is appropriate for standing and running all day.

4. Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Full Length Performance Shoe Insoles

Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Full Length Performance

The insole of Airr Orthotic shoe is really ideal for every person thanks to a supporting stability plate. By using this insole, you can easily control your motion, and feel the support with low arches. Also, the shock absorbing technology and ultimate cushioning of the shoe let you jump, run or cycle all day long without worrying about hurting your foot. So, from now, nothing can prevent you from going far.

The upper of this product is combined with the moisture-wicking material. Thus your feet are always kept in freshness and dryness. Moreover, Polymer gel of the Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Insoles works as improving shock-absorption. With all features I have mentioned, it is surprising that these insoles have a weight of only 77 grams. Hence you will not feel heavy on your feet during workout.

Do you know why your moisture can evaporate quickly by wearing this insole? The answer lies in special management fabrics called Hydrologix & CoolMax. This advanced technology moves perspiration from your feet and ensures that your feet are always dry. Additionally, open cell foam provides you exceptional breathability by way of enhancing the airflow around your feet.

Another bonus point is that encapsulated air chambers and energy rebound foam help reduce shock impressively and protect your feet from bad outside impact. Airr Orthotic Insoles are a worth investment on the grounds that they have a long life span, which means that you can use them for up to 1500km of running or other physical activities.

Although Sof Sole insoles are suitable for both genders, they still have differences in designing width, thickness, and depth of heel cup for men and women. It can be concluded that they have no rivals thanks to outstanding advantages.


  • Fabric assists your feet to be dry and cool.
  • Enhance stability and cushioning.
  • Especially suitable for athletic shoes.
  • Fitting for cross training, running and walking.
  • Trimming is innecessary.


  • People who have pain in heel need to be careful in using this product.
  • The life span of insoles only lasted 4 months and then worn through.

Rating: 4.2/5

5. Powerstep Original Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

If you are looking for a product that can help you ease your pain, Powerstep Original will be the best choice. This product is regarded as an orthotic to deal with problems related to plantar fasciitis and other popular foot conditions.

The first outstanding feature of Powerstep Original is that they can be moved from one shoe to another shoe without trimming any part. The material of the Powerstep® is polyester with a semi-rigid arch which brings you soft and comfortable feeling.

In addition, when your feet touch the ground, by this heel cradled cushion, you will receive support and stability. You can be sure that these insoles are very thin and have a normal design. Thus you can mix it with casual, athletic or dress shoes.

These insoles feature being used for athletes, flat feet, and all outdoor activities like standing, running or jogging. Especially, the Powerstep® is extremely ideal for running. If you have metatarsal, Morton’s or bunion conditions, ask for doctor’s advice before using them.

You have to wait for one year at minimum so that your feet can be stable and mobile enough for motion. These insoles change frontal plane alignment, and then these inserts strongly change the rear one. As a result, the rear foot is closer to a vertical position.

Something you need to note is to use cold water and towels to wash your insoles without bleach. If you want to wash it by washing machine, remember to put them into a zippered laundry bag. And the last thing is let the insoles dry by nature.

Rating: 4.5/5


  • These come in perfectly with no trimming.
  • These insoles are thin, thus they can be fit in even casual shoes.
  • Encapsulated design and flexible shell.
  • Moderate, two layers of cushioning.


  • The thinness of material may make you feel uncomfortable after several hours.
  • It’s not ideal for people with high arches.

6. Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles

If you are looking for insoles to be able to feel comfortable whenever wearing shoes with an affordable price, Superfeet GREEN insoles can meet all your demands.

With these insoles, you can use them with many different types of shoe such as stylistic, boots or casual type. The insole is 4 inches in height and 14 inches in width. Made of synthetic material, the man-made sole offers excellent support and can be removed or inserted easily.

With a unique design, the Superfeet helps make the foot more stable, contributing to reducing pressure on knees, ankles, and feet. Furthermore, the full-length foam and the structured and deep heel cup offer comfort and support when moving.

It is designed with a Stabilizer Cap that play a role as an insole’s base. Its function is to provide the foam layer with stability and structure, and support the rearfoot. One noticeable feature of the Superfeet insole is the deepest and widest heel cup which both assists with the natural shock absorption and provides maximum support.

Another outstanding feature you may be impressed by is its Organic, Odor-Control Coating. With this design, you don’t have to worry about odor-causing bacteria and will feel more comfortable when you wear it.


  • Inserting the insole seems a breeze. Even if you work hard, the insole remains intact.
  • You can move comfortably because it leaves enough space for movement and offers maximum support.
  • Its accessory is very durable and remains intact for a long time.
  • It can provide maximum support thanks to high-arched insole.
  • It helps reduce some types of pain such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain and common foot pain.


  • Its design and material are relatively thin
  • Compared to other stores, its price may be slightly higher.

Rating: 4.4/5

7. Speedfeet Sport Insole Gel Massaging Insole

These insoles are high-quality and suitable for both women and men no matter how old she or he is. As a role of a shock absorber, they reduce stress on your foot and maintain the balance when you move. These anti-slip shoe insoles will provide the necessary stability for you.

You can use the insole for many different types of shoes such as walking shoes, sports shoes, hiking boots or work boots.

In addition, they are also helpful to those who suffer bone spurs, bad knees, blisters, arthritis, Achilles tendon pain, fused ankles, plantar fasciitis pain, heel pain or heel spurs.

It is made up of a silicone gel which supports the shock resistance. Besides, the areas in the arch and around the heel are even strongly supported. The surface is made from soft velvet, bringing about the feeling of comfortable slipping inside your shoe without resistance. For a tall boot, this is very important.

Noticeably, this insole can help relieve your pain because it reduces the pressure of your feet on a rough surface. If you don’t have to suffer any feet pain, this insole also deserves to buy. It is considered one of the best shoe inserts to help you stay away from heel pain and plantar fasciitis. Speedfeet Sport Insole promises to bring about the comfort.

To make the insole fit your shoes, what you need to do is follow the guide attached to the insoles on the bottom. However, you shouldn’t do that because not all shoes are completely the same and that the insoles are too small or large and damaged isn’t certainly what you expect.

In fact, I take the insole out and then use it as guided. First, I hold them together and then cut a new gel insole so that it fits the factory insole or boot nicely. To avoid making the insoles too small, you are recommended to leave a small allowance.


  • Compared to the foam-cushion insoles, the gel is much more better and its coverage promises to make the whole foot comfortable.
  • It can be shortened easily to fit your shoes if necessary, so you can walk comfortably.
  • Its price is reasonable.
  • With the surface made from velvet, your feet will stay dry.


  • The guides of cutting is for men’s sizes, so if you want to change women’s sizes, remember to check thoroughly before cutting.
  • The thick gel and low arches cause your heels to be raised a little compared to your feet’s balls.

Rating: 4.0/5

8.Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insoles

If you are really miserable because of your flat feet, then you don’t have to worry about it because you have Samurai Insoles now. These orthotic insoles that offer the needed comfort and support to you are not only highly effective but also lightweight. These durable and versatile orthotic insoles offer the needed support to help stay away from fatigue and soreness.

They can be used for both men and women and you also can combine it with flats, slippers, clogs, sneakers, work boots, running shoes, sandals, boots or dress shoes. A distinct feature of Samurai Insoles is a springy molded inner core which supports well under any circumstances.

With the low-profile and thin design, Samurai Insoles is supposed to bring about the fantastic relief as if you are wearing flats or dress shoes.

In addition, this type of insoles is able to optimize your legs and feet’s function. They are produced based on popular and favored shoes sizes, so they can fit your shoes perfectly. To enjoy the comfort when moving, what you need to do is just replacing the factory insoles with the new Samurai Insoles. It is very easy, isn’t it?

Podiatrists have suggested some good inserts for patients. These insoles have proved their efficiency and their price cost no more $500. With a reasonable price, you can own the high-quality insoles which are not rigid and hard and can work well for flat or fallen arches to enjoy the maximum comfort. They are considered better than drug products and contain no risk when trying them.

If you want to give them to others or own a pair for yourself, gift-wrapping is always available. You will get guides and can receive money back in 60 days. The products are made from imported material and produced in the US.


  • Relief for flat or achy feet even when walking or standing all day.
  • Inner core is designed flexibly to support flat feet exactly and effectively.
  • Relieve efficiently without custom orthotics
  • You don’t have to jam, stuff, trim or cut Samurai Insoles to fit your shoes.
  • Samurai Insoles are recommended for patients by podiatrists.
  • Very reasonable price.


  • There is a complaint that some insoles can’t be used although she has just bought them less than 4 months and used them about five days per week.

Rating: 4.3/5

9. Copper Compression Anti-Fatigue Foot Insole

It is common knowledge that staying mobile and active plays an important role in making your lifestyle much healthier. And to serve that purpose, Copper Compression Foot Insoles are invented. With this product, you will be provided with the needed support to help you stay mobile and active daily.

Injury in the heel usually makes you worried when you take part in sports activities. But now, with the Copper Compression orthotic shoe insoles/inserts, you don’t have to worry about that problem when you play sports, compete, run or stand because it will provide you with the necessary support, creating the comfort.

You may suppose that most of copper content is knock-offs or imitations, but this is not true at all. With its design of copper compression, it makes sure that your back, legs and feet problems will be solved easily and efficiently and no joint or muscle fatigue is left.

If you are the person who usually works at construction sites, these insoles are the best choice for you.

Notably, these insoles are designed to suit all fitness levels and all ages. No matter who you are, an active grandparent or parent, weekend warrior, or even professional athlete, Copper Compression which is made from copper-infused garments promises to offer optimal muscle and articulation support to make you feel most comfortable and work well daily.

Instead of copper oxide (Cu2O), Copper Compression products use pure copper ions (Cu++ and Cu+). This makes the difference between Copper Compression products and other products because of the high content of copper as well as the distinctive quality of copper in products. One of the leading companies in this field says that the rate of copper nylon is only at 4 percent when copper is infused into compression. Meanwhile, the rate of copper nylon of this product is 86 percent.

Generally, the unisex insoles will fit a women’s shoe sized from 9.5 to 14.5 while this figure for men’s shoe is from 8 to 13. If the inserts seem a little longer than your shoes, you may use scissors to trim them but carefully.

If you want to give these excellent insoles to your friends, family, or loved ones, don’t hesitate to pick up this one because gift wrapping is provided free. In case you are not satisfied or do not like this Copper Compression Foot / Shoe Insole at all no matter what the reason is, you will get a refund of 100% of your money.


  • In case these insoles don’t fit your shoe perfectly, you can trim them easily for best fit.
  • These inserts are designed to help those who need support stiff and suffer sore muscles.
  • You can use it to work daily without bothering anything. In addition, it also improves the efficiency of your job.
  • These shoe insoles are the effective solutions to the problem of fatigue.


  • To get acquainted with them and use them easily, you need to spend some days.
  • This product requires a higher arch, so it is better to prepare it.

Rating: 4.2/5

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10. Shock Doctor Court Insole

The Shock Doctor® court insole is designed for not only tennis courts or basketball courts exclusively, but any court as well. Regardless of your foot shape, the arch is ensured to fit with a view to bring about the best comfort.

With the insoles, the best shock absorption will be provided for you when you take part in sports activities. In addition, using these inserts also help prevent your feet from damages.

Three comfort levels can be realized including the mid-foot ShockDome™ which supports the plantar fasciitis and makes your feet relaxed; the heel and mid-foot ShockDome™ that receives the jarring shocks and then transmits them to your hips, knees or lower parts; and finally the Air/FX™ top cover.

The support cap with lightweight is able to embrace your feet, so this helps reduce lateral torque and maintain the balance more effectively.

Thanks to the absorption of foam by the full shock, you are provided with all the needed cushioning and support. Therefore, you can train and play for a longer time even on hardcourts.

Besides, using this product also contributes to reducing foot and ankle fatigue that may be resulted from hard cuts.

The inserts are 5 mm thin and weigh only two ounces. However, you may spend up to 7 days to get used to the inserts and feel comfortable when using them.

One feature of these inserts is that they contain just foam and no gel. For this reason, the foot shock is able to absorb foam, offering the support and cushion. Additionally, lower body pain and fatigue can be relieved and you are likely to play or train for a longer time at a greater level.

With abovementioned outstanding features, you should replace your existing insoles of shoes with the Shock Doctor® sport insoles. You also can measure your existing insoles to trim these insoles if necessary. Besides, they can be washed by hand in detergent or cool water, rinsed or dried by the air.

If the Shock Doctor® Performance Sport Insoles do not make you feel satisfied or meet your expectations, you completely can return the products within 60 days. In addition, 100% performance will be guaranteed as well.


  • Arch technology is adaptive.
  • The Shock Doctor Court insole is able to fit any court shoe or foot shape.
  • It is recommended for athletes
  • Great Insoles’ price is very affordable.
  • You will feel very comfortable when using them for light runs


  • This insert is quite stiff and requires a little volume.
  • These insoles are not suggested for those who have a narrow heel which requires extra support.

Rating: 4.0/5

Final thoughts

Above are considered 10 best choices we have just talked about, so based on those reviews, choose the best insoles for your feet.

Instead of complaining and suffering from back or foot pain after long hours of standing, why don’t you find yourself the best shoe inserts? Let the best shoe inserts help you get rid of foot pain completely so that you can pursue your favorite job or enjoy exciting trips with your family and friends. So let’s take these insoles right away!

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