11 Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 2018

The best shoes for plantar fasciitis (PF) - Shoes, Sneakers, Sandals with good arch support in 2018 doctor recommend - Men and Women

Most people having plantar fasciitis feel painful when they try to take the first steps right after sitting for an extended period or getting out of bed. You have less pain and stiffness if you take more steps and get used to it. However, your foot can hurt more when time passes, badly when climbing stairs or standing for a long time. Let’s look at our list of Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, which will accurately help you out with this circumstance.

What you should know about plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is known as the inflammation of the plantar fascia which is the big tissue band. Such tissue has the function of a ligament and stretches from the heel to the bones of the middle feet. It supports your foot arch and acts as the shock absorber assisting your foot as well.

So, PF can be explained as the most popular cause of the pain under your heel. Once you get PF, it is indeed difficult to eliminate. Its remarkable symptoms include the stabbing pain in, around, or near the heel. This foot condition affects the most people at the popular age groups from 20 to 61.

The thing is that it typically comes in time and the proper treatment can speed up the recovery. Rest, painkillers, exercises, good footwear, and heel pads may help you much to cure these symptoms. For more serious cases, you may think of other treatments like steroid injection. In the case you feel pain in your feet at night, it can be arthritis or the syndrome of tarsal tunnel.

Why do we have to choose the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

Still, this foot condition may be treated whenever you are ready to explore some different options. You can know of some effective treatments for plantar fasciitis as follows: specialized inserts in your shoes, night splints, simple stretches, shoes with excellent heel and arch support as well as other invasive surgery and injection options. In several cases, your doctor may recommend you to do physical therapy as it may strengthen your muscles in the lower leg. By this way, it will better stabilize the ankle and heel.

During the physical therapy, the doctor or health consultant can teach you the suitable way to apply the athletic tape in order to support your foot bottom. The bottom should be enhanced until the muscles are strong enough to be able to stabilize the heel.

As a matter of fact, you are indeed more prone to this foot condition if you may not wear the proper footwear or you are typically a runner. That is the reason why you should choose the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. Below is our stunning shoe collection with unique shock absorption for the foot and proper support for your arch, the critical component to treating plantar fasciitis. To give you a more comprehensive view, we will classify shoes for different purposes.

11 Best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis reviews - 2018

Work on the feet during the day and run for long miles can easily put lots of pressure on your feet. However, it can be controlled if you use the proper footwear. We have conducted many surveys and found out the most suitable ones for your feet. Let’s consider our best choices of shoes suggested for your Plantar Fasciitis in 2018!

Best Running shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

1. Asics GEL Nimbus 19 - Best for women

Almost runners have to face with the relatively popular injury, PF. If you are not in that situation, you are lucky now, but we cannot tell about our future, don’t you think? In some case, you probably itch to get out to do your favorite thing. However, what may it need to minimize your afternoon pains and aches which the regular shoes did not treat?

ASICS Womens Gel-Nimbus 19 Running Shoe

You should start with the excellent running shoes. It is not just picking up any pair yet, figure out the most suitable one for you. That is the reason why we suggested the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis for both women and men.

This product is listed in the top rank of shoes for your plantar fascia. I have tried them and found that they keep clean really well during my test; moreover, it’s pretty eye-catching. At my first time of wearing them for testing all day, they appeared to be extremely comfortable as well as worked well for a pair of shoes used every day.

The 19, the latest version of Nimbus, is equipped with the Fluid Fit upper to ride snug. Besides, forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning help to absorb impact effectively.

Furthermore, the shoe heel is equipped with High Abrasion Rubber making sure the rearfoot does not break down easily.

Especially with the new design of sole, Asics is applying the system of the new cushion of FLYTEFOAM to the midsole. In advertisements, the company claims that this combination of FLYTEFOAM and the old system of gel will reduce the weight as well as keep the cushioning at an ultra level.

Its upper’s been almost absolutely seamless with the new redesigning. Its main material is knit fabric making it extremely breathable as well as giving you a soft feeling.

Their laces work very well. It helps keep your shoes tight without constricting. It's tongue’s cushioned well while still breathable.

However, with its breathable feature, they may absorb a little of water while running in the rainy conditions.

The biggest drawback of the upper is the fit. Even though it seems to fit properly to the length of the size, its real upper fit is quite disappointing


  • A sneaker is cushioned and can run well on pavement
  • Advanced technology with flytefoam giving you optimal comfort. It is an ideal ride for neutral runners
  • Decent cushion
  • Great traction
  • Upper is relatively breathable


  • It's toe box is quite narrow
  • Not really cushioned like with the say in the advertisement.

If you’re looking for a firm shoe, this is not your choice; however, if you need a shoe which is remarkably engineering neutral and cushioned, Asics Gel-Nimbus 19 will be an ideal choice.

2. New Balance Men's 990V4 - Best for men

New Balance 990 v4

New Balance is designed for athletes, and it is the best running shoes for men with PF.

Representing the classic 90's fourth generation, the 990v4 first appeared in 1982. Not only made of lightweight pigskin leather in interlocking together, but it also has a unique appearance of classic running shoe for men.

Wearing this version creates the feeling as if the clouds were under your feet and your feet were gliding on a Cadillac. New Balance offers the ENCAP midsole technology that supports you excellently.

Besides, your sole is supported with good bounce and insulated from the pavement, so this version is no doubt an amazing choice for runners landing hard on their feet.

Another feature of the 990v4 is that it combines stability and high-qualified cushion. Thanks to this feature, your feet will have a soft landing and a comfortable feeling.

This fourth version has some subtle updates, which has a rationalized "N" logo, is more breathable and displays a lace keeper, to make sure that the tongue is in place.

The shoe's 12 mm midsole drop makes it unsuitable for runners who are minimalist and own one of the shoes whose drops height is on the top of the market.


  • A mix of upper durable pigskin material and breathable mesh
  • Great lace keeper
  • Narrow and wide-feet runners can get a suitable pair of shoes as their desire
  • Trustworthy durability and high quality
  • Durable protection, midfoot stability, and exceptional comfort


  • Bulky appearance makes the feet awkwardly huge
  • Too rigid property does not meet the flexibility-wanting runners' demand.
  • Relatively heavy weight

In fact, this version is a little bit more expensive than others. Nonetheless, they are more than just gym-shoes since these shoes are designed and sleeked particularly. Moreover, I have turned these shoes into daily-life shoes since I started testing them one month ago.

In conditions that I have to stand on my feet entire day, these shoes not only perfectly go with jeans but create comfort feeling all day as well.

Best plantar fasciitis walking shoes

1. Easy Spirit Romy Walking Shoe - best for women 

Accompanied by the rubber outsole, this shoe is supposed to be very durable. If you have difficulty looking for a right pair of shoes, so why don’t you try the Easy Spirit Romy Walking Shoe. This type of shoe is seen as one of the top walking shoes for those suffering plantar fasciitis.

Easy Spirit Women's Romy Sneaker

This type of sneaker is also a perfect choice for leisure activities and light walking. Made of leather, its breathable upper will fit your feet comfortably and perfectly, bringing about more comfort. With such classic design, you can enjoy the most personalized and adjustable fit.

Moreover, a padded and removable sock liner can provide you with shock and cushion absorption.

Besides, you can combine it with various clothes to create your own style. This shoe can be cleaned easily with a simple wipe, water, and soap. You can wear it comfortably because there is a large space inside it. And if you have some problems with feet, don’t worry because it is made of excellent materials and doesn’t make your feet hurt.


  • The shoe is really both slip-resistant and supportive.
  • It hardly causes damages to your feet.
  • Its weight is quite light.
  • It is comfortable and versatile for you to use in the gym as well as at home.
  • These shoes make you comfy, and you can conserve them easily.


  • It doesn’t match with the size well.
  • The shoe’s comfort may be not as expected.

4. Nike Air Monarch IV - Best for men

Considered the leading athletic shoe, the Nike Air Monarch IV Running Shoe is able to meet many different training requirements. It can offer robust support, excellent traction, and lightweight cushioning.

Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Training Shoe

This type of shoe can be combined with many designs; however, you are encouraged to use it with the sleek and modern design. So, you can not only reduce the stress on your feet but also train well under tough conditions.

The multi-pattern outsole is designed with high durability to provide the stronger traction. Meanwhile, with the brand name of Phylon, the full-length midsole will create the lightweight cushioning.

Made of fabric, the soft lining is supposed to cause no irritation like many different walking shoes.

Additionally, thanks to the mesh tongue which is in the forefoot and mid-foot zones, and the perforation upside, this shoe is more breathable. As a result, while this makes your feet cool, everything becomes hotter.

With the help of the softer landings, the cushioning will be provided, which is very helpful in a hard training environment. Furthermore, pronation and foot rolling may be prevented to make your forefoot more flexible.


  • Its outsole wraps your toes tightly so that it can protect your feet well.
  • The shoe overlays provide the durability and support.
  • It is quite comfortable.
  • Irritation is reduced significantly thanks to the soft fabric lining.
  • With the Lightweight Phylon midsole, you will feel comfier.


  • These shoes may produce the loud and annoying squeak on some surfaces.
  • You may feel a little uncomfortable because of its tight width.

Best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis

5. K-Swiss Grancourt II Tennis Shoe - Best for women

Two Swiss brothers immigrated to California to make their dream of starting-up a company producing footwear come true. Their dream came to reality. That is the reason why today, there is a heritage tennis branch of American- K-Swiss. Having gone through 50-year being the symbol of formal and informal performance, K-Swiss is still original as what their founders hoped and is committed to stimulating as well as equipping the next entrepreneurial generation.

Highly recommended for those who have high arches feet and plantar fasciitis, the K-Swiss Grancourt II Tennis Shoe can help all strongly physical activities which require the grip and traction on the tough face such as tennis courts or pavement.

Made of high-quality material, its midsole is supposed to offer excellent cushioning to support your heel. With such design, you can feel more comfortable when stepping and are protected from the pain.

The shoe is designed with the arch support and cushioning, resulting in comfortable footwear. So why don’t you choose it to enjoy interesting tennis games for a long time?

To disperse and absorb the impact made on the feet, the shoe soles come with the shocks. This helps both make the foot more durable and comfortable.

Overall, the Grancourt II which K-Swiss offers is a tennis shoe you can afford. Besides, it can meet your demand of exercises. This sneaker not only is leathered with a strengthened toe but also is designed with a K-EVA midsole whose functions are to create shock absorption and comfort. The solid outsole made of rubber offers durability and traction.


  • The risk of inflammation in Plantar Fasciitis will be reduced thanks to the arch support and ample cushioning.
  • Highly recommended for those who suffer high arches.
  • With its excellent traction, you can stand steadily even on the wet court or pavement.
  • The fit is comfortable, wide and nice as well.
  • Well-made design


  • The shoe’s appearance may be a little unattractive.
  • It seems quite wide for some people.

Adidas Barricade 2016 Tennis Shoe - Best for men

adidas Performance Men's Barricade 2016 Tennis Shoe

The Barricade 2017 BOOSTS, which is designed on the successful basis of the 2015 and 2016 Barricade BOOSTS editions, may be by far the best of all. This version fits your feet and provides the feeling of predecessors, however, some subtle upgrades turn these shoes into a remarkable boost (no pin aimed) in comfort and performance.

First of all, we have tested these shoes in the heat of the Indian Wells desert; the result showed that new knit upper one by far was more breathable then older versions and softer when they were out of the box.

Secondly, better stability, as well as amazingly comfortable feeling, are supported by a new memory foam ankle collar locks that are in the foot's back.

Furthermore, during intense lateral movements, serves, and volleys, the possibility that your feet may get foot-drag is higher. That is the reason why this version is characterized with Abrasion resistant ADITUFFTM which wraps around medical forefoot and the toe.

Another feature of these shoes is A BARRICADE chassis. Not only does it offer you a solid base for support of sturdy footwork but it also adds constancy.

Thanks to all its features- stability, support and durability, the Barricade 2016 BOOSTS have become one of greatest choices for men with plantar fasciitis issue.


  • Full-length adiprene, supportive barricade chassis, and cushioning
  • The construction of seamless bootee along with geofit offers stable and comfort fit
  • The shoe provides stability with the shock absorption and heel stabilizer.
  • It provides good grip and no sliding at all.


  • It is stiff and can rub on the ankles.
  • The shoe is somewhat heavy.

Best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis

7. Vionic Lydia Women’s Demi-Wedge shoe - Best for women

Favored by many women, this dress shoe will make you feel professional and feminine. In addition, they are a useful tool to reduce and prevent the plantar fasciitis symptoms. Made of leather, its uppers promise to bring about luxury and sophistication. Besides, the demi-wedge design will certainly impress you with its comfort.

As a matter of fact, it is the wedges that make this dress shoe more classy and comfortable. In addition, you also can combine this type of shoe with many different wearers. With it, you don’t have to worry about the foot pain and at the same time have a better posture and alignment on walking.

Additionally, with the flexible shoe soles, you will receive enough traction and then slipping is no longer your concern. You may wear the Vionic Lydia Women’s Demi-Wedge shoe to walk comfortably even the whole day because its toe and the ballet pump style both help stand stably.

The outsole comes with a metal logo and durable TPR outsole.

To meet many requirements from customers, this shoe is produced in both the wide and medium width as well as certain half and whole sizes.

Applying the Orthaheel technology, the Lydia footbed promises to bring about the comfort all the time. In addition, it will provide your feet with additional support to prevent common foot problems like plantar fasciitis.


  • It provides your feet with enough support with no separate heel.
  • The heel is supported by the high shoe back.
  • The orthotic bed helps keep the feet aligned.
  • Its price is supposed to be cheap compared to its high quality.
  • It is made very comfy and soft leather.


  • It may be wider than its true size.
  • The arch support sometimes makes you a little disappointed.

8. Orthofeet Avery Island Mens Extra Depth Shoe - Best for men

Orthofeet Avery Island Mens Extra Depth Shoe

To stay away from the plantar fasciitis, this smart casual shoe is a good choice for you. In fact, it helps relieve your foot pain and recover gradually. Besides, depending on your feet size, you can adjust the fit because two spacers can be removed. So, don’t let the problems such as PF bother you anymore.

Designed with soft upper, it will make you comfortable when wearing without any pressure points. Furthermore, the lightweight and cushioned sole also allows you to walk all day freely. Seeking to reduce the pressure and rubbing on your skin, it is provided with more foam padding.

With deep heel-seat and anatomical arch support, the Ortho-Step orthotic insole will bring about unsurpassed shock absorption and customized support. Thus, you don’t have to worry about foot discomfort and heel pain whenever wearing the shoe. Instead, you will feel comfortable on moving.

Thanks to the extra-depth design and the nonbinding and soft leather upside, the pressure on your foot will be reduced considerably. In addition, a free movement of toe and a roomy fit is also provided.

With the lightweight cushioning sole designed in the Ergonomic-Stride™ manner, you will feel easier and more relieved when stepping and moving forward.

There are two sets of spacer (1/8" and 1/16" thick) which are removable.

Accordingly, you can adjust the inner space so that the shoe fit your feet best. Besides, there are also many different widths you can choose from.


  • These shoes have not only a right fit but also an appealing appearance.
  • It's softer materials protect your feet from rubbing and blisters.
  • It has the soft interior and seam free.
  • With the design of the deep toe box, your foot can spread out comfortably and relax.
  • It is able to give the best solutions to all problems relating to footwear.


  • It may be wider than its true size.
  • The arch support sometimes makes you a little disappointed.

This product is designed with outstanding features such as a cushioning sole to soften step, comprehensive protection from painful pressure points, and the maximum anatomical support. For these reasons, it deserves being listed among the most multifunctional and cleverly designed shoes on the market. With them, you even can stand the whole day without movement.

Best work boots for plantar fasciitis

9. Timberland PRO Women's Titan Waterproof Boot - Best for women

Timberland PRO Women's Titan Waterproof Boot

With many common safety features, the Timberland PRO Women's Titan Waterproof Boot is really a useful you if you have to work a lot. If your job requires diligence and a lot of efforts such as lineman, electrician or foreman, don’t hesitate to pick up this boot immediately.

In addition, you will certainly be surprised at its outstanding features such as the ally toy, hazard rating operated by electric and the safety cap protection of the toe. All characteristics are made from the premium grain leather by hand in order to bring about the most comfortable feeling when using.

Made of polyurethane midsole and nylon, the diffusion shank promises to provide you with the effective shock-absorption. In addition to regulating your foot temperature, the Outlast Adaptive footbed also makes you feel cool all the time. Apart from the open-cell feature, the antimicrobial and contoured polyurethane footbed offers more airflow compared to other kinds of work boot. What’s more, it helps prevent the accumulation of bacteria to avoid the bad odors.

Containing a mesh lining that is handled with the microbial coating, this slip-resistant shoe can control the odor more easily.


  • It is quite comfortable and true to its size.
  • The high-rebound insert of the heel is made exclusively for the maximum cushion and durability.
  • You can use this shoe for the feet contours.
  • Mesh comfort lining
  • Rubber outsole offers the slip-resistant traction


  • The boot soles may be not strong enough for you to work at the construction site
  • In case exposed to snow ice, you should be careful because these boots may be slippery.

With above features, Timberland PRO Women's Titan Waterproof Boot promises to make you especially warm, super lightweight, and truly comfortable. So, why don’t you try it right away?

10. Skechers USA Men's Verdict Waterproof Boot - Best for men

Skechers USA Men's Verdict Waterproof Boot

Water plays a critical part in our lives. However, few people know that it will become very dangerous if we are exposed to it for a very long time because of our job’s requirement. To help prevent this, the Skechers USA work boot is mad from the leather which is waterproofed. Therefore, the amount of water intruding into the boot reduces significantly. This kind of leather can be protected from both stain and rain. So, the original attractive design of your shoe is likely to be maintained during a long period.

One of the most outstanding features the Skechers USA Men's Verdict Waterproof Boot offers you is its stylishness and versatility. This also means you don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing different shoes to go to work every day or simply sometimes go downtown. With these shoes, you can use them to serve both purposes, from construction work to hiking.

Seeking to protect your toes best, these shoes’ tongue is padded properly and fashionably. We need to make sure that both quality and comfort play the same important roles in producing an excellent men’s work boot. The upside of the boot is accompanied by the lace-up shoe front that includes the metal eyelets. So, it can be used to fit and adjust the size. In case there is no require break-in time, you can use it comfortably. If you work or live in a wet or cold environment, so this boot is a useful tool in your everyday life.

Designed with an aggressive lug sole, these shoes will help you get enough traction to work constantly during 12 hours.


  • You will feel comfortable at any time you use this boot because of its cushioned insole.
  • While the sole is made from rubber by hand to make you boot more durable, the material of the boot’s upside is suede and waterproof leather.
  • The boot is both flexible and durable.
  • Smooth fabric shoe lining
  • Steel shank in midsole provides more stability and additional support.


  • It may make you feel annoyed with by the squeaky sound.
  • If you return the boot, the convenience fee has to be paid.

Best shoes for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

11. Saucony Guide 10

Seen as a good choice of shoe, the Saucony Guide 10 possesses all features to create a stability shoe including a firm heel helping hold the foot tightly, wider landing area and firm midsole. With additional features, you may suppose that the weight of shoe may be heavier.

However, you don’t have to worry about this because the Guide 10 weighs only from 8.9 to 10 oz. depending whether it’s for male or female.

With the version released on October 1, the Guide 10 shoe is a wonderful choice when the cold days in winter and autumn are coming. Although you can see the breathable mesh, under it is an additional layer, so your feet will be kept dry and warm on training runs. Besides, you also can’t see your socks directly through the mesh.

The first feature runners usually pay attention to when buying the Guide 10 is the protection layer made from cushion for the inside parts of the shoe. The EVERUN Topsole material will make you feel comfortable when wearing and cause no pressure points. With its added stiffness and firmer midsole, you can wear the Guide 10 to walk or run comfortably even on asphalt.

Regarding looks, the Guide 10 is designed in 4 colorways for both men and women. While men have 3 choices of the shoe’s color including blue, black and gray in a men’s 10, women can choose from pink, navy, and teal in women’s 7.

With the guide, runners will feel completely comfortable when rolling inwards and moving by the outside edges of the heels because the midsole can provide you with more support. With a stiffer midsole and heel, overpronators will certainly get additional support when they need.

When your feet touch the ground and lift up, the sole will provide a wider landing space for the heel to toe movement. Besides, the shallow grooves also play an important role in preventing debris or pebbles from catching into the underside part of your shoe.


  • EVERUN Topsole for continuous cushioning
  • Light Stability is suitable for runners who expect extra support.
  • Engineered mesh upper for dynamic lightweight fit
  • The Saucony Guide 10 is the same as the real size.
  • The upper unit can fit your foot perfectly and securely.
  • It can be used on light trails


  • Some runners complain that they feel a little uncomfortable with the forefoot area.
  • Some users say that the footbed the ball of their foot is put pressure on by the footbed. So, they sometimes feel a little numb.

Plantar fasciitis treatment

There’re many ways to control plantar fasciitis naturally as well as relieve pain without using any other medicines.

Maintain a healthy weight.

In case you are obese or overweight, it would be better to lose weight to reduce pressure on the plantar fascia

Proper Footwear

You should not wear high heels; it is better to purchase shoes with low to moderate heels because it can absorb shock and support arch well. Avoid walking barefoot, particularly on hard grounds.

Stop wearing athletic shoes which have been worn out. In case you are a runner, purchase new shoes after wearing and running for 400-500 miles.

Foot Archband Supports

Foot Arch Band Supports (FABS) is another natural and good way of curing plantar fasciitis. They are lightweight and small support pads which are on the thin band. Used by wrapping around your foot and kept fixed with the Velcro trip.

Their size is small enough to fit and be used with any kind of shoes, even with sandals; therefore, there’s no need for customization.

Stretching Exercises

The tightness of calf muscles and Achilles tendons can increase the pain of your plantar fascia by keeping them in a continuously stressed state. However, usual stretching can contribute to loosening everything.

Rest, Massage & Ice the Heel

Rest: you may need a certain period of time to rest for your affected tissues heal well. The amount of needed time depends on each person. While letting your feet rest, you can also perform some sports with low impact including bicycling or swimming.

Apply ice: using ice immediately after getting an injury with swelling will be extremely helpful. Take an ice covered with a cloth and apply to the pain area within 10-15 minutes with 3-4 times in a day and after activities. You can also try massage with ice. Freeze a paper cup filled with water, then apply compresses to the area of discomfort within 5-7 minutes. Usually, massage with ice can help much in reducing inflammation and pain.

Massage: foot massage is also a good way to release tensions from your plantar fascia. You can do this manually or with the help of any electric massagers. Massage with warm oil is also really helpful for feet. They can help to increase fluid flow and blood, speed up the process of healing as well as eliminate adhesions or scar tissue which can harden.

Final Word

We hope our above guide may help you pick up the right shoe type in the case you are suffering plantar fasciitis. Some shoes above can be utilized for as daily shoes, running, walking tennis, dress or work shoes. If you can pick up a fantastic pair of shoes, you may either lower your developing risk of plantar fasciitis or prevent this symptom from occurring. As shoe manufacturers frequently update their products, you may find that some shoes on our list are the previous models. However, they do not mean outdated. Several precedents still show its incredible application compared to the latest ones.

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