20 Best Stability Running Shoes of 2018

20 Best stability running shoes in 2018 by Asics, Adidas, Brooks, Hoka One One, Nike, Mizuno, New Balance, Saucony, with full Review,

Stability shoe is the most popular among various styles of running shoes on the market. It is ideal for runners who have average weight, normal arches (neither too low nor too high), don't have any severe supination or pronation issues but need good medial support and cushioning.

This style of shoes is the great combination of support, cushioning, and durability. Stability shoes are a bit stiffer than neutral shoes and offer more flexibility than motion control shoes. They provide your feet medial support to prevent them from rolling inwards as well as cushioning to keep you protected from injuries when running. There is a large number of stability shoes available out there. The important thing in order to get the best effectiveness from stability shoes is to choose the true size shoes from reliable brand for your feet.

And here I want to recommend a list of best stability shoes according to advertisement of manufactures as well as reviews of customers.

Best stability running shoes

1. Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged – Editor’s Choice

You are looking for good running shoes for your next exercise days and wondering which one is the most suitable for you to choose. Well, depending on what your detailed requirements are for your definition of “a good pair of shoes,” I shall recommend you a high quality and best product ever from my point of view - Adidas Ultra Boost uncaged. The shoes from Adidas called “Energy Returning Shoes” are appropriate to those who love running on a frequent basis and whose performance requires high training.

As its name suggests, every step you take, you shall feel like your energy is recharged. In other words, you can run over and over again with endless energy. I can sum up most significant advantages of Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged into three main words: Supportive, Flexible and Responsive. The special design of the midsole with a boost of full-length makes it work perfectly with the outer sole, thereby preventing runners from being fatigue easily but still helping them to release their energy freely with every step.

Moreover, the deployment of Torsion System into designing the midfoot of the shoes supports the foot to be in its best natural flex. For this reason, your heel and toe always feel comfortable while moving. In fact, when you run a lot or even when you walk in a long distance constantly without having a rest, your foot ends up hurting so much. The pain cannot disappear right away. That is why when you choose the shoes with the well-designed outer sole, for Adidas it is Continental Rubber Technology, you don’t have to worry too much about your foot.

Adidas UltraBOOST Uncaged

The Continental Rubber outer sole provides traction under all circumstances, thereby reducing the feeling of pain in your foot. This Rubber outsole is not hard or thick. Besides, unlike normal running shoes, Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged gives you circular nubs, which are not easily to be worn off quickly. As a result, the durability of the shoes is good and satisfying.

The only thing you should take note here about this rubber outsole is it is not ideal on rainy days. You might fall over using the shoes under wet conditions. On the contrary, the shoes work perfectly in dry weather. Consequently, there is no doubt that Adidas Ultra Boost is not flat at all. In fact, it responds to every step of your foot very well. The shoes despite its high price are still worthy of your money thanks to its amazing boosting function and excellent overall performance.

Another thing you usually ask for a good pair of shoes is a high-quality cushion. Adidas is proud to be the sports producer who delivers the best cushioning now. The cushion of Adidas Ultra Boost is responsive, smooth yet solid and durable. Stepping on the shoes makes you feel your foot is boosted. The special pebbles in the midsole are responsible for pushing back your foot.


  • Beautiful and attractive design
  • Lightweight disposition
  • Durable and comfortable despite high price
  • High responsive performance and good boosting feature
  • Overall reliable quality


  • The width was a little bit tight following some runners’ feedbacks
  • Need a pull-tab to put on the shoes to some extent
  • Not suitable for use in wet conditions
  • Irritate the foot skin after long use

Our Rating: 9.6/10

To sum up, Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged gives a lot of comfort and flexibility to runners. Using the shoes to protect your foot from fatigue and feel free to step on every day.

2. Asics GT-2000 – Best rated

Asics is now coming back to the shoe market with their GT-2000 models. Among of them, we will focus more on the 5th version of legendary GT-2000. There is no significant change in the shoe sole compared with previous samples except for the upper sole. Asics decides to make a big modification to the upper, thereby giving an appearance of more elegance and modern.

The sole, moreover, is similar to the latest version in weight and design. The outer portion is equipped with gel, which helps the Asics GT-2000 5 to adapt perfectly to shock while running. A little change in the heel portion regarding the height (10mm) still keeps you balance well during your daily activities. The fluoride acts as a springboard to lift off the foot and make your movement easier.

ASICS GT-2000 5

The material of the upper is completely revamped, but for some people, the color and design are somehow old-fashioned. Anyway, the upper is reworked to make it comfortable than the previous editions. This reason lies in the panels of outer midfoot, which bypass the stitching. Now your foot can fit better into the shoe.

The heel is covered with a plastic and solid exoskeleton that works best with the shoe sole. Under the heel, a special design of the outer midsole for softness increase is a success. The inner sole, on the other hand, is facilitated with a medial post that makes it control the motion easily. Thanks to all amazing features, your heel can get rid of pains due to long walks.

Another plus point of the Asics GT-2000 is the system of lacing. Each eyelet is independent of each other, thereby not causing any tightness when you tight your shoes. No pressure is put on your foot. On the contrary, the shoes can stretch out flexible. The insides of Asics GT-2000 5 is also smooth and soft. With an overhaul of the midfoot Asics logo, your forefoot is snugger and comfortable to fit in. Besides, this shoe provides a firmer midsole to control the foot roll better.

In short, the Asics GT-2000 is one of the best versions and types that Asics possess. the cushioning of the shoe is responsive and flexible. With Asics midsoles, you don’t feel any bounce during your movement. The boost feature shall be a good point you can consider to buy these shoes. Asics keeps its business slogan in delivering excellent cushioning, arch support with a high security for the midfoot and heel. Although the price can be high, I still recommend you should try and feel it by yourself.


  • Comfortable sole for easy movement
  • Cushioning adapting well to shocking actions
  • Heel Clutch System structured well to deliver better flexibility and support
  • New upper design provides good support for foot hugging
  • Midfoot overlays provides a well feel in the midfoot


  • Some recommendations for reduction in weight
  • Expensive price

Rating: 9.5/10

To sum up, the Asics GT-2000 has step by step gained trust and solid support from runners who always ask for well-balanced, good cushioning and supportive shoes.

3. New Balance Vazee Prism v2 – Best value

After the success of Vazee Prism V1 as well as the Vazee line, New Balance continues to satisfy sport lovers with New Balance Vazee Prism V2. If you are looking for a lightweight, durable, comfortable sport shoes with reasonable price to wear in long run, you may not want to miss New Balance Vazee Prism V2.

Vazee Prism is purpose-built for the half. New Balance Vazee Prism V2 has some changes in design, especially the upper, compared to the first edition. The ultra-thin layers are used for both the forefoot and toe-box, which ensure V2 to be both secure and well fit at the same time. Furthermore, all the upper part is no-sew to avoid blisters or sore to your foot after wearing for a long time. With the mid-foot and rear-foot, woven is chosen to add to the breathability and weather proof feature of Vazee Prism.

New Balance Vazee Prism v2

The outsole with new forefoot design and tweaked flex gloves help to support users to conquer longer distance. In addition to the sleek design and flexible use of V2, the bulky heel part in the first edition was removed, replaced by the transparency hard plastic. Also, the longer tongue connects with the upper pattern by a full sleeve and one unit lacing, help users to fix to their foot size.

The sole unit bows up, which is great upgrade to push your feet forward. Traction issue of Vazee Prism V1 has been solved in the second generation due to new prism pattern to give you more control over different running distance and weather condition. The eyelets have also been updated from round shape in V1 to two separate flat piece of synthetics in V2 to make the lace up becomes smoother and easier.

The underside of the insole has a dimpled texture which is not only durable but also keeps your feet on the ground, avoid slipping. However, some users still find the slipping happens in wet pavements. Hopefully, New Balance will fix this issue in the upcoming version of Vazee Prism. V2 gives more room in the toe-box than the previous edition so that you can move your toes easier, which is essential to guarantee highest speed. However, it may take some time to get used of initial feeling of blisters.

New Balance Vazee Prism V2 used an EVA foam Revlit, gives the soft and anti-sweat feeling to your feet. If you are regular runners, you may rest assure about the life span of V2, as the firm Revlit foam and closed upper mesh will make V2 last longer than softer sport shoes. Let’s find a pair of Vazee Prism V2 for yourself, lace your shoes and start your journey right now; you will surely not regret about your choice.


  • Support fast speed thanks to lightweight feature
  • Improved sole unit and traction with more control
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable to use and well fit
  • Breathable upper
  • Firm while still responsiv
  • No-sew upper avoids causing blisters


  • Mid-foot may not be secure due to minimal upper
  • Not work well in wet pavements
  • Hard midsole edges may be found under the arch

Rating: 9.3/10

Thanks to sleek design, superior comfort and incredible support, New Balance Vazee Prism V2 will help you to reach the best performance and keep your health on track.

4. Adidas Adistar Boost ESM – Provides the greatest support

Adidas is one of the most famous brand names in the world. Adidas produce many kinds of shoes, including running, football, basketball, and training shoes. You can easily catch a person who wears a pair of Adidas on the street accidentally because it illustrates their style and taste of fashion.

In the running shoe section, the Adidas Adistar Boost ESM is the main product which is in the best overall, best road, best Adidas ranking. With this product line, consumers will experience the comfortable and flexible in every moment of their feet. Not only is it a high-quality product, but it is also a supportive and durable product.

Adidas Adistar Boost ESM

The modern technology demonstrates a strong and firm pair of shoes – The Techfit. It supports runners have an enjoyable long-distance running trip. These shoes have spacious space which brings comfort to your natural movement but it still fit your feet perfectly. Moreover, consumers will not worry about the long-distance trip with family and friends.

The Formotion Technology helps your feet experience comfortable feelings, especially in difficult movements. The soft and smooth motion will appear every time you run with the Adidas Adistar Boost ESM. Moreover, the Boost Technology represents the extra foam whichs provide more cushioning for an effective ride. With the innovative technology of continental rubber component, these shoes offer superlative tractions on the differential surface.

The AdiWear Technology provides the durability and safety for your feet even on the rough ground. Furthermore, this non-marking carbon material supports your feet to do difficult movements. This shoe is designed to run through the wet and dry surface. With the Zonemotion system, the ability to adopt the harsh ground increases significantly.

The TPU provides soft and comfortable cushioning which is distinguished responsiveness. Thanks to the development of the adaptive Formotion, it allows your feet move naturally. We cannot miss the upper part of these shoes. The Open Mesh element makes the Adidas Adistar Boost ESM becomes an advantage competitive product. It offers breathable fabric which allows the air flow to enter.


  • The adaptable upper material gives seamless support.
  • The external heel counter ensures a fascinating heel feel.
  • There are various colors for consumers to choose.
  • The boost technology supports a continuous cycle of energy while running.
  • The cushioning systems do a great job in providing the soft and smooth feelings for runners.
  • Many viewers say that the rubber of the outsole is favorable.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • The mid-sole is not perfect as the description shows.

Rating: 9.2/10

Generally, this is an excellent pair of shoes for running in the long-distance trip. With the upgraded technology, not only do consumers experience the durable and supportive product, but also the fashionable and trendy product. So this is the time for you to show your real and unique characteristics.

5. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 – The most comfortable one

In terms of running, choosing a suitable pair of shoes is important preparation. Each person has the different type of foot, so getting the one for you is not an easy journey. In order to solve your issue, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 represent a fascinating pair of shoes. It is the main product of Brooks which is in the top one category of running shoe. Mostly you will experience the fresh air which makes you feel comfortable. And running around your neighborhood at that time with this shoe is totally a great idea to start a new day.

If you want a durable pair of shoes, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 is absolutely the best option. The design is simple and elegant which is suitable for all ages. It is noticeable that the Brooks provide a various color collection of this product line. With this strength, consumers can easily find their favorite colors such as blue and silver or red and orange.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17

The outsole is made from high-quality rubber which can avoid the abrasion. It also brings the permanent and effective suction. In addition, the shoes are upgraded by adding the blown rubber which is more responsive than other kinds of shoes. Especially, you cannot deny that the additional cushioning plays an important role in bringing comfort to the runner.

The most impressive innovation of these shoes is the high-quality foam which gives extra cushioning – The BioMoGo DNA. This is an eco-friendly material. With the development of technology, the PDRB is invented to restrict the injury when suddenly moving your foot incorrectly. The Omega Flex Grooves make you feel comfortable when you have difficult movements.

The upper part is made with the breathable fabric which supports the movement of air-flown. The Element Lining helps your foot feel dry and free change the position. Additionally, the adjustable saddle ensures an extraordinary comfortable feeling of safety. Morning is the appropriate time for doing exercise. Waking up early in the morning brings you more energy.

With the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17, you may start your running journey with ease. Moreover, running is the effective way to enhance your durability. So are you ready to run every day with this shoe? Along with other benefits of this activity, your health will be improved boosting your creativity.


  • The spacious forefoot section makes your foot move naturally.
  • It can be used in competition.
  • The width of the shoes is roomy which the tight feeling will fade away.
  • It is notably lightweight which make user easier to run.
  • You can use this for long-distance running as well as walking.
  • Various colors are available.
  • The cushioning is responsive and effective.


  • The mid-sole terrace is too tight and inconvenient which brings uncomfortable feelings.
  • The toe box is quite small which causes some aches.
  • You should order smaller than half size.

Rating: 9.0/10

To sum up, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 is a great option for running. The new technologies such as the BioMoGo DNA and the Element Lining which are applied in these shoes represent the clear understandings about the market.

6. Under Armour SpeedForm Europa – Best for men

This new shoe of Under Armour is designed for runners who require extra stability during training and running. The Europa Shoes provides excellent cushioning, a perfect fit and foot supporting structure for foot motion control and over-pronation prevention. As a result, it offers comfortable and invigorating feeling for long runs and normal walking.

With the application of UA SpeedForm technology in ensuring the foot fitting perfectly in the shoe, the Europa shoe can eliminate distraction. The product is highly recommended for those whose toes are broad, and feet are wide. The first feeling when you let your foot in the shoe is snugging and nice. For runner references, the lacing system is customized so that the shoes are not so tight when moving but still flexible and easy to stretch out.

Under Armour SpeedForm Europa

The appearance of the Europa shoe is the combination of old insight and modern technology, which is a good point for Under Armour when it doesn’t hesitate to try innovations. With the aim of providing young and energetic customers with reliable running shoes, Under Armour has created a simple yet durable product. The shoe stability is enhanced thanks to its wide forefoot sole named HOKAArahi and its narrower heel, contributing significantly to a snug foot fit.

The midsole, on the other hand, plays well with strong and shocking actions. It is created with high density and helps you so much due to its good responsiveness and boosting function. Look at the sole unit; you will find that the shoe’s rubber forefoot angles outward to monitor pronation. This part is firm and soft to keep your balance and boost up your foot during running. With SpeedForm molding, Armour is proud to be able to offer customers a precise fit for their heels, thereby avoiding all distraction.

Besides, flex grooves add the flexibility and protect you from falling over on wet grounds. Given the fact that the Europa shoe is light in weight, the outsole appears to be unexpectedly durable. Armour takes care so much of customers’ heels in the first place. That is why the shoe upper is designed and constructed in a way that fits your heel immediately.

If you are considering to purchase a pair of shoes for exercising in a gym room, the Europa is a suitable one. On the contrary, if you like marathons or long runs, I will not recommend this one as a result of its low and moderate stability. Whatever your choice is, the Europa is still worthy of your money. It offers high-quality performance that I bet you will like it.


  • Light in weight so easy to move and run
  • Good responsiveness and boosting function
  • Good lockdown to fit your hell right in the shoe
  • Good choice for long runs
  • Offer the avoidance of all distractions thanks to SpeedForm Construction System


  • Quite bulky
  • Too much over-pronation correction
  • Not appropriate for long runs due to low and medium stability

My Rating: 8.8/10

To sum up, the Under Armour SpeedForm Europa is good at bringing materials that comfort the foot and provide highly appreciated cushioning support for all of us.

7. Saucony Originals Shadow – Best for women

Saucony Originals Shadow is the shoe designed and constructed following classic models. Looking at the color and style of this shoe shall remind you of the vintage style. More than that, I bet you will be more impressed by amazing running experience with this Saucony Shadow, a shoe which is stated a crowd-pleaser. I can round up some main benefits you can gain from this shoe: durability, comfort, flexibility and balance which I will discuss further later on.

Saucony already cut off some unnecessary rubber in its latest edition of this classic shoe to reduce the overall weight by an ounce. I must say that Saucony Shadow is kept simpler than other types of Saucony’s running shoes regarding its retro style. The insole is carefully constructed with a new technology of Saucony called Premier sock liner helping the shoe from the bad smell after being used for long. An extra room inside the shoe is also provided for runners who have something to do with bunions.

Saucony Originals Shadow

The cushioning feature is a plus point of the Saucony Originals Shadow. With Ionic Cushioning Technology, the midsole offers molded pillars for cushioning thereby reducing distractions and impacts on your foot. The midsole is long enough to comfort you from toe to heel. Together with EVA midsole, you shouldn’t care too much about pains due to long running. Besides, the heel cushioning will protect you from debris on roads for a very long time as it is firm enough to avoid being worn out easily.

Saucony, moreover, takes time on researching ways to improve the outsole of the shoe. Traction and durability are more focused by this producer. Reliable rubber sole offers you amazing grips thanks to Triangular Lug Design. This system, on the other hand, is durable enough for you to run for a long distance. A lot of grips are designed on the rubber outsole to prevent from sliding off on rainy days.

If your foot often sweats while you are running, don’t worry because the synthetic lining can wick moisture right away and makes your foot dry and cool. You can use the Saucony Originals Shadow for your daily running exercises no matter how hard and intensive they are. Despite its quite heavy weight, it won’t disappoint you when it comes to the flexibility. A good cushioning, high responsive and dependable shoe is ideal for pro runners and neutral pronators.


  • A cool look thanks to the vintage design
  • Offer a snug fit for your foot
  • A Reliable midsole offering good responsive cushioning and springiness
  • Triangular Lug Design makes the shoe breathable and keeps your foot cool and dry all the time
  • An affordable price


  • Weak resistance to water so not suitable for using under wet weather
  • Look bulky and stiff
  • Heavy
  • A little bit tight in the forefoot part

Rating: 8.7/10

To sum up, Saucony Originals Shadow is so robust that it is no doubt for you to buy it right away. The shoe provides a lot of high-quality experience to customers ranging from stability, durability, and comfort.

8. Mizuno Wave Catalyst – Best for overpronators

Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 was officially launched into the market in January 2017. This line of the shoe was firstly introduced in 2016 as Mizuno’s first supporting shoes since the era of Elixir. Wave Catalyst 2’s quality and features can be summed up in three words: lightweight support, fantastic snug fit and reliable cushioning. For neutral pronators and mild overpronators, Wave Catalyst 2 is a good option for training and running.

With the comeback of version 2, Wave Catalyst experiences some small changes in fit and cushioning. To make it clearer, I shall compare version 2 and version 1. While Wave Catalyst 1 offers a firm ride and most of the runners don’t expect this to be changed dramatically, the deployment of a new technology named U4IC X does offer a softer step for you to feel. Mizuno has focused much on improving durability and responsiveness of Catalyst 2 by adding one top midsole with new U4ic X.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst

What is more, to keep offering the highest comfort to the runners, Mizuno also utilizes the DynamotionFit feature to not only protect your feet better but provide a more flexible fit. The toe box is designed deeper with higher breathability to keep your feet always cool and dry. The sole unit remains unchanged against version 1.

The material for the midsole is exclusive from Mizuno named EU4IC. It is soft to touch but springy enough to be responsive during your running. The cushioning feature also works well on heel area and in the forefoot part. Some comment that they feel their forefeet are even boosted more than their heels. So it is clear that the energy is rebound perfectly on the toe.

The Wave plate – the plastic shank in the waveform – is the unique part that provides more stability to the way you walk. It, moreover, offers extra cushioning for those like teenagers whose ankles are weak. The Wave plate lies under the heel and keeps running through to the midfoot thereby increasing stability so much and protecting you from hurting during movement.

The upper of Wave catalyst 2 shows you a solid heel with a much better snug fit for your foot. It is so comfortable and flexible that I think you could run in it for a long time without tightening the shoe laces so hard. The shoe will no way slip off your heels. By this way, you can totally run in it without wearing socks for most of the time.


  • Breathable upper unit keeps the shoe cool and dry all the time
  • Outstanding capability of stretching and responsiveness
  • Sturdy heel offering a firm balance for runners
  • Provide many widths for your choice regardless of medium, wide or narrow size
  • Consistent cushioning and light stability


  • No so much improvements in design and feature compared with Mizuno Wave Catalyst version 1
  • High price

Rating: 8.5/10

Overall, Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 is a perfect choice for you to do exercises on summer days. In fact, it has overcome one of the problems that it encountered with its previous version, that is the overlays right above the toe box not folding randomly.

9. New Balance M990v4 – Best for athletes

New Balance 990V4 is one of the primary shoe lines produced by New Balance for professional athletes with the aim to help them to achieve excellence and success in sports. New Balance is committed to high-quality shoes with high fashionable designs. New Balance 990V4 with its most amazing features is chosen to be the true ambassador of this company.

The 990V4 is a perfect combination of fashion and function, offering you the fashionable look you need and effective performance you desire. The 990V4 is the fourth version of the legendary 990 that was first introduced in 1982. This newest version is light in weight with a leather upper delivering an inimitable appearance amongst the shoe marketing.

The premium cushioning featuring stability offer you a sense of comfort and freedom every time you put on these shoes. Some significant modifications to this version 4 can be listed here: the shoe is more breathable, newly designed with “N” logo and a keeper to fix the tongue right in place.

New Balance 990 v4

Furthermore, ENCAP midsole system is deployed to design the 990V4 with the aim of increasing support and durability. A midsole drop of 12mm thickness is constructed into the shoe so this means 990V4 is not for minimalist runners. Well, not to say anything more because these shoes are the choice of so many professional athletes as reliable friends to support them with high intensive performance and training.

Wearing the 990V4 is simply like you are flying on the ground because of its excellent comfort and light in weight. Thanks to ENCAP midsole feature, you can experience such amazing feeling. The midsole works a lot to support your movement. For those who often run on hard surfaces, these shoes will not doubt a perfect option as they provide good boosting and bounce.

The 990V4 is not only meant to be for professional runners. On the contrary, it is ideal to be a gym shoe or even a normal walking. In other words, these shoes are just versatile. What is more, the 990V4 is added more breathable mesh than the previous version to make it more durable. Even though you run for 50 miles, doing gym workouts or constantly walking, there is no sign of the 990V4 to be slow down.


  • More breathable mesh to keep your foot cool and dry all the time
  • Durable upper unit
  • Updated lace keeper to keep the laces in place
  • ENCAP midsole feature increasing cushioning and foot support
  • Outstanding and reliable durability
  • Offer a variety of shoe sizes from narrow to wide feet for your references
  • Perfect choice for long running and high intensive performance


  • Bulky look making the shoe awkwardly big
  • Too stiff for athletes who want more flexibility for feet
  • Heavy
  • Quite expensive

Rating: 8.5/10

To sum up, though the gray color and bland scheme of the New Balance 990V4 might disappoint you, this new edition still offers amazing comfort, more-than-expected stability, and durability that you might ask for a good pair of shoes.

10. Merrell All Out Charge – The most durable option

For an enjoyable running time, buying a right pair of shoes is needed to be considered carefully to support your feet effectively. Understanding the concern of all runners, the Merrell All Out Charge is created to help trail runners boost their energy. With the overworking environment in most of the companies, workers always try to do some outdoor activities to energize themselves.

With the perfectionist, the new blend of protection will fulfill their desire which offers an extra connection to your shoes. You will feel totally protection on the trail surface with the charge of the Merrell All Out Charge. It is also a lightweight shoe which reduces the pressure on your foot. There is a tremendous number of workers choosing running with this shoe as their routine activity.

Merrell All Out Charge

The Merrell All Out Charge contains the skillful and protective layers which support your feet when running in the harsh surface. The outsole of the shoe is made from 5mm multi-directional which allows your feet to move in many different directions naturally. There are various colors of the shoe are available for this product, such as black/molten lava, dark slate, granite/green, grey/lime green, blue dusk, racer blue/navy, spice orange/lime green and yellow.

The UniFly technology increases the responsiveness of the shoes in many types of trail surfaces. Furthermore, The Merrell All Out Charge adds more cushioning which offers soft interior layers to the shoes and makes your feet move gently and smoothly. Hence the combination of the cushioning and UniFly creates a fascinating protection. The molded nylon element provides the distinguished stability.

When it comes to the feelings of your feet, the upper part plays an important role in making your feet comfortable and flexible. The modern fit system technology – HyperWrap 360 Degrees brings the breathable layers which keep air flows directly and accurately. While the midsole adds more nylon makes users more comfortable, the upper part also has small nylon strips.

In terms of running, the trail terrace is the most popular surface which attracts a lot of runners. With the Merrell All Out Charge, the gusseted tongue avoids the injury for your feet when running through the trail debris. In addition, the classic lace-up closure offers the comfort and relaxation to your feet. Moreover, the Select Grip provides the durability and flexibility which enhances your running vacation. With a wide variety of colors, consumers will easy to choose their most favorite design.


  • This shoe is lightweight and flexible
  • The new fit system offers a permanent stability.
  • It is true to size shoe. You do not need to order smaller and bigger size.
  • The shoe has the distinctive and superlative cushioning.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • With some runners, it is too narrow.

Rating: 8.4/10

To sum up, the Merrell All Out Charge is a suitable shoe for trail terrace which is rough and harsh surface. The most noticeable component of this shoe is the HyperWrap 360 Degrees which makes your feet move in a variety of direction naturally.

11. Saucony Omni 14

Saucony Omni 14

The Saucony Omni is well known for its premium cushioning and supportive stability, which provide a supportive medial post and maximum protection for the foot, especially for over-pronators. In fact, runners never feel disappointed in this product that offers lightweight and plenty of cushioning with excellent pronation support and other features. It is designed with PowerGrid technology and the dual density SSL EVA to support reducing over pronation as well as correct the runners’ gait. Due to its medial support, the landing impact shock can cause discomfort or pain on the sides of your foot disappeared. This stability shoe is worth your investment.


  • The RUNDRY Collar Lining and The Open Mesh keep your foot cool and dr
  • Securing mechanisms are appreciated
  • XT-900 and IBR+ are used to enhance the durability of this shoe
  • Light weight


  • Toe box is tighter than the previous version
  • Highly suggested to wear socks because the upper unit can cause discomfort to skin
  • The bulky look may reduce flexibility

12. Nike LunarGlide 7

nike lunarglide 7

If you need great amount of support while running, this stability running shoe is recommended for you. Many runners were amazed by the stability this shoe provided. An External TPU Heel Counter, indeed, offers heel stability. Besides, it also offers great amount of comfort and cushioning thanks to advanced technologies and features. The BRS 1000 in the outsole provides durable traction which helps you avoid getting into accidents. This shoe is also designed with Flex Grooves for enhanced flexibility. Nike LunarGlide 7 is really ideal for over-pronators or runners with medium to high arches. With necessary stability and support, a denser medial midsole of this shoe helps reduce over-pronation by providing more cushioning for better shock absorption.

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  • The Flyknit upper unit and Dynamic Flywire used for better fit
  • The lightweight and responsive Lunarlon cushioning system provides a durable underfoot platform
  • The robust outsole unit for great protection, traction and flexibility


  • A bit narrow in forefoot area
  • Has slightly expensive price

13. New Balance 1260

New Balance 1260 v6

New Balance has always introduced to customers good quality running shoes. This latest version of New Balance 1260 is one of them. This provides many benefits, especially great stability, exceptional cushioned ride to prevent the ankle from rolling inward for over-pronators. Many runners are very interested in technologies and features incorporated into the shoe, which provide more cushioning, comfort, flexibility and stability. A Blown Rubber in the outsole increases the cushioning and responsiveness of this shoe and the Ndurance for enhanced durability. Moreover, Post Applied stability post added into the midsole not only offers support but also offers a smooth ride. The T-Beam is found in the mid-foot gives more arch support and torsional stability.


  • The Abzorb crash pad improves the motion control and stability of the shoe
  • Ortholite Premium insole for added cushioning and arch support
  • More comfortable than its previous version
  • Nice look


  • A bit heavy weight
  • The price is rather expensive
  • Much wider than the previous versions

14. Asics Gel Kayano

If you have a flat arch, Asics Gel Kayano stability shoe is what you are looking for. This shoe features a dual-density midsole to provide a firm support for your feet. Especially for over-pronators, it offers the pronation control and necessary stability. The trusstic found under the midsole area also provides stability. Additionally, a duotruss - a dual-density system improves torsional stability and arch support. A blown AHAR rubber in the outsole specifically enhances the cushioning, comfortability and durability of the Gel Kayano. It is made with a common gel of all Gel-Kayano series to make you have smoother feel. FluidFit technology is used to provide better comfort and glove-like fit.


  • Light enough to run long-distance without making foot fatigue
  • A seamless upper provides a blister-free run
  • Built with the high-quality materials


  • Expensive

15. Salomon XA Pro 3D

Salomon XA Pro 3D

Certainly, you will be conquered by foot protection, comfort, and traction offered by the Salomon XA Pro 3D to your outdoor activities. Moreover, you can expect to get high performance in different kinds of weather condition thanks to this stability shoe. It supports well to mild over-pronators by providing pronation control as well as stability to reduce the occurrence of pronation. The midsole of this running shoe has a dual density EVA foam, which offers comfort, more cushioning and shock absorption to prevent impact on foot. Another feature that allows Salomon XA Pro 3D to be used in all weather is breathable, cool, quick drying upper and a dependable waterproof design.


  • Can be used in any weather condition
  • Comfortable and cushioned enough to wear on even rocky grounds
  • The lacing system has convenient and innovative design
  • Lightweight


  • The heel provides less shock absorption than other shoes
  • Some reported about lacking of support in ankle

16. Salomon Speedcross GTX 3

With this high quality product from Salomon, you will be able to conquer any kind of terrains and conditions. You can recognize a stability mechanism in the midsole of Salomon Speedcross GTX, which helps control the twisting motion of the shoes to reduce the risk of slips or sprains and allow you to run with more efficient manner. Considered to belong to stability shoes category, this running shoe also offers a necessary medial support to reduce over-pronation. The outsole is reliable and strong. It even holds you from slipping on snow, mud or sand. The upper also features a SensiFit system to provide high support around your foot. This is a great choice for trekking, hiking, normal training and daily trail running.


  • The GORE-TEX membrane provides amazingly waterproof protection
  • The cushioning system supports and cradles the foot well
  • Built with highly durable materials to be used in any condition


  • Heavy weight

17. Hoka One One Huaka

Hoka One One Huaka

If you are looking for a stability shoe for trail/road running, Hoka One One Huaka is highly recommended for you. It is lightweight but still provides enough amount of cushioning without reducing responsiveness and stability. It tends to deliver users the great comfort feeling and plenty of grips to become a great companion for trail or faster road. Especially, over-pronators can believe in the well-improved and heightened cushioning of this stability shoe to reduce their over-pronation. The RMAT material (a combination of rubber and EVA) in the midsole provides remarkable cushioning for this shoe, and this material present in the outsole to make this shoe responsive and fast. The upper is made from thin and flexible material, which allows you to wear and run comfortably with no pressure problems.


  • The No Sew Construction offers comfortable wear and run in without socks
  • Rmat mid-sole material delivers impact protection
  • The toe box is roomy


  • The price is a bit expensive
  • Slippery on muddy surfaces

18. Nike Air Zoom Structure

Nike Air Zoom Structure 20

The latest update of the Nike Air Zoom Structure provides runners with a light, smooth and responsive ride with great support. It is certainly a nice pair for over-pronators. The cushioning system of this shoe offers a great combination of stability, comfort and support for important places. This has been improved better than its predecessor. The Nike Air Zoom Unit in the underfoot of this shoe gives a more responsive ride. This stability running shoe is very breathable thanks to engineered mesh upper. In terms of durability, it is made up of durable, full-blown, and lightweight rubber that provides great traction and durability allow runners to conquer longer distances and hard surfaces.


  • The triple-density Dynamic Support system in the latest version increase stability
  • An internal heel counter for a secure and snug fit
  • Flymesh cables in the upper offer breathability and additional support
  • Available in a lot of color choices


  • Expensive price

19. Nike Dart

Nike Dart 11

Nike is a well-known brand with high quality running shoes. Nike Dart is one of them. You will find it comfortable and flexible enough for you to walk, run or train in it without terrible problems. You will be also amazed by the responsiveness provided by this shoe. Nike Dart is a great choice for neutral runners who need stability and arch support. Besides, runners with mild to moderate over-pronation also benefit from this stability shoe. Reslon Technology in the midsole provides a responsive and dynamic feel while highly durable Phylon Rubber found in the outsole is for high durability and traction.


  • sleek design and lightweight
  • The price is reasonable
  • Can be used in many types of terrain such as gravels, road, and tracks


  • Larger than normal size

20. Saucony Shadow 6000

Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 shoes

This stability running shoe provides balance that runners need for long distance running. Besides, it also brings extra flexibility and cushioning in the forefoot and great stability in the heel. Runners with high arches and neutral pronators, because of its good cushioning and support system, choose Saucony Shadow 6000. The Ionic Cushioning System in the midsole offers a great shock absorption. This helps prevent risk of experiencing ankle injuries when running. Its outsole is built with some materials and features, which are for durability and traction that will be very helpful for running in hard conditions. Besides, the heel collar is also a comfortable feature, which hugs your ankles perfectly during running. There are also many other great features that can amaze you when wearing this pair of stability shoe.


  • Leather overlays in the upper improve the overall durability of this shoe and create the cool look
  • The Triangular Lugs found in the out sole keep feet well on both dry and wet surfaces
  • The price is affordable


  • A bit narrow in the forefoot area
  • Heavy weight

This is list of best stability running shoes on the market. These certainly offer the best features and designs you are looking for.

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