The Best Winter Running Essentials of 2018

It is getting colder recently, isn’t it? And surely, you would not want to stop your running routine because of its cold weather. As thoroughly understand it, here are 11 winter running essentials that would support your running considerably. In specific, these running kit would keep you dry, snug and safe throughout the winter months. After all, you could able to run efficiently.

Winter Running Essentials

1. Replace your cotton with the synthetic material

Necessarily, you should wear clothes which are made from wicking fibers or the synthetic. Comfortably, there is a broad range of options for you to select.

Suggested items

Pearl Izumi Fly Thermal Run Top

This top is made of 100% Polyester. As for its thermal fleece fabric, it delivers a super breathability and superior moisture transmission. Hence, this soft top with an internal fist mitts seal will wick away sweat and give you a pleasant warm.

Also, it offers a 10’’ zipper at the front and center to regulate temperature on winter outings. Indeed, many runners state that this snug-fitting thermal top is indeed useful for their ventilation. In respect of its thumb loops, the athlete feels it is not a hindrance at all. Besides, its reflective logos enhance the runner's visibility in dark places considerably.

North Ridge Merino Convect LS Top

To have a safe winter running, you obviously look for a top which can insulate and wick away sweat. So, this Worth Ridge which is made from 100% Merino wool (1/7 thickness of your hair) could satisfy your demands. Besides, it delivers a great feeling of softness. So, you no longer worry about how to stay dry and comfortable during a long run. Noticeably, it’s natural antimicrobial properties helps the top to resist odor well. As the Merino can absorb 35% of its own weight in liquid, your sweat and moisture would naturally move away from the skin and the fabric. As a result, it keeps you fresh and dry during a winter running, especially.

2. Proceed your warm up in house

In fact, the runners often struggle with a very first mile. So, you should not forget to warm up inside. Because without a warm up, your body are not provided a sufficient heat to outweigh the cold outside. So, by running up and down stairs, or jump rope for 10 minutes, your body are ready for a running ahead.

Suggested item

Saucony Ride 9 Running Shoe

The pair is worth listing in a successful version series of Ride "neutral running." My sister has run 20 miles per week in this shoe and find Ride 9s has an impressive support spectrum. She is also impressed by its 9-mm smooth drop. Regarding the Fit and Comfort, the mid-sole has a large degree of cushioning. It awards her running comfortably. Along with carbon rubber toe, the shoe completely stands out for its high durability. Moreover, she could flexibly move foot thanks to Ride 9’s super thin upper.

3. Prepare yourself with gloves

The gloves will keep you warm considerably. Hence, it is obvious for you to wear a pair of gloves during a winter running. In case you get hot, there is a waistband that you can tuck them in conveniently.

Suggested item:

Reebok Running Gloves

This Reebok glove has been regarded as an essential accessory for running so far. It delivers a solid grip and textured palms to hold onto the water bottle. Besides, with an Integrated Smart touch technology, your index finger and thumb could touch screen devices easily. Because the gloves are thin, you would find no annoyance during a winter racing. It explains why many runners prefer this highly reflective gloves than other thicker, fleecy one.

Also, it offers a retractable wind and waterproof mitt for you to wear in most of the conditions. You could remove and pull the hood over the finger to fit your hand snugly in the gloves quickly. Besides, your visibility at night is empowered thank to its the reflective strips. Hence, this bright yellow running gloves should be one of your winter running essentials. Especially, the gloves are durable and comfortable to wear for all conditions.

Brooks Running Greenlight Running Gloves

Likewise, this Brook glove offer a tech-tipped index and thumb finger. While running, you can track apps quickly. Also, you could stash a little cash in its secret pocket that is placed in the palm of the gloves. And the reason why many runners go for it is its right temperature control. So, this super comfortable glove is worth listing in your essential winter running.

4. Enhance your warmth with a hat

You need to cover your head when running in cold weather. Especially, the hat must not be too tight or too thick to evaporate effectively. Also, the hat will help you to improve your body insulation.

Suggested item:

Bridgedale Duo Lite Hat

This hat is an ideal option to keep your head warm and avoid a headache in the cold wind. As for its sufficient thickness, your head would not be overheated. Moreover, you can wash it regularly without waiting for a long time because it could dry quickly. And because it is reversible, you could opt for a blue or gray side in a blink of an eye.

Besides, it is made from 83% polyester, 11% Tencel and 6% Elastane. Hence, you have the super stretch fit and apparent lightweight glove. As it is designed to eliminate odor, many runners indeed appreciate its fast-dry release wick moisture. Conveniently, you could stow it in your pocket when running thank to its packable and super lightweight.

Nike Dry Running Knit Hat

This reflective full-coverage hat can enhance your visibility in low-light conditions. Besides, it keeps warm and comforts your head. In short, this lightweight head with a fleece-lined interior could lock in warmth and keep you visible on low-light runs.

ASICS Thermal 2-N-1 Headwarmer

This ear warmer is worth considering for your winter running essentials. Indeed, this soft, multi-weather head warmer can keep your head and ear warm amazingly. There is a broad range of color for your preference. Moreover, it is reversible so you could change the color in a second.

5. Keep the front warm

By wearing a thick top with an ability of windproof, you could gain extra protection for the front.

Suggested items

Helly Hansen Aspire XC Warm Jacket

This cold-weather training jacket is specially designed to wear in low-temperature conditions. Hence, it provides a breathable water, a windproof main fabric to protect you during a winter running. Moreover, you would stay dry thanks to its ventilated material such as a Nordic collar and soft stretch cuffs. And a feature that impresses many runners most is a groovy retro design. It is emphasized on the back and under the arm to make you stand out among other casual colors like a blue and white colors.

Boom Bra

This bra is quick drying and stretchable in four ways. Besides, it provides a moisture-wicking and supportive elastic outer layer to grant you an ultra-softness on skin. Besides, you could adjust the bra until it fits snugly, thanks to its high shaping control. So, I suppose this stylish bra could be one of the winter running essentials for women.

6. Wear sunglasses

During a winter running, you should wear sunglasses. Not only protect and keep your eyes warm, but the sunglasses also reduce a possibility of getting cold.

Suggested item

Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm Snow

Admittedly, you would get annoyed of the blind feeling when walking outside on a bright winter day. As a matter of fact, you may not need a winter-specific pair of sunglass. As for most of the sunglasses, they could improve your eyesight in the harsh conditions. Particularly, it’s lenses can filter white tones that allow you to see clearly. Meanwhile, it’s maximized airflow could optimize ventilation and keep you cool. Also, you would be impressed at its lightweight and durable stress-resistant frame material. So, with its lightweight and helpful lenses, you could wear it for all-day protection and comfort.

7. Magical Petroleum Jelly

Before putting on socks or gloves, you need to spread petroleum jelly over your feet and hands. It does not only enhance your insulation but also grants you a silky-smooth skin.

Suggest item

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

It is a world's favorite brand. Honestly, you could apply it to all types of surfaces from dry skin to sensitive skin. Impressively, it is made of 100% pure petroleum jelly. For its guaranteed purity, your skin is supplied enough moisture in a dry condition. And not only relief your dry skin, but it can also protect any minor cuts during your running.

8. Watch for Frostbite

You should notice any change of your extremities, especially when running in the winter. As your hand and foots easily go numb, you should pay attention in warming them up. In case it continues to stay numb, you should visit a doctor.

Suggested items: 

Hot Hands Hand Warmers

This quick and long-lasting heat would keep your hand toasty throughout every mile. You only need to open the package, heat it up, and slip a pair into your glove snugly. Or you may put in your pocket if necessary. Noticeably, this warmer offer 10-hours heat. Hence, this air-activated heat pack is extremely useful for your run in harsh winter months.

Aquaphor Lip Protectant + Sunscreen

On those below-freezing day, it is entirely necessary to have a lip balm, especially in the dry condition. It prevents water loss from your lips and locks in moisture. You could apply it onto your nose or your palm, your feet as an anti-chafing body balm. Primarily, it provides SPF 30 which is suitable for your outdoor running. Indeed, its spectrum sunscreen formula avoids your skin from harmful effects of the sun. In case your lips are sensitive, it’s Shea butter component which contains a rich source of the vitamin is safe to use. Importantly, this lip repair is recommended as a number one lip care brand by the dermatologist.

9. Watch for ice

Obviously, there is a higher possibility of injuries when running on icy surfaces. That's why you are strongly advised to attach a few traction aids to your shoes. By this way, your shoes could grip on the slippery surface and protect yourself from any risks.

Suggested items: 

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 10

This remarkably lightweight shoe offers a stable heel and tongue grips to run on a wet surface at ease. As the outsole is made from a particular combination of non-organic and organic components, the shoe’s traction is enhanced to help you stabilized.

Besides, your feet could stay comfortable thanks to its gel cushioning. To assist your winter running at night, this shoe has a glow-in-the-dark print. Notably, it offers you an enhanced visibility in low light conditions. Read full review

Merrell All Out Terra Trail

This versatile shoe allows you run on tough terrains or in a harsh weather safely. What many runners fond of this shoe is its unbeatable grip. So, you could avoid any feet damage when running on the rugged or rocky road. Also, its rubber protection around the edge of the shoe could protect your feet well. As for its nifty built-in sock liner, there is no way to let any debris get in your shoes. Likewise, a TraulProtect pad is added to protect your underfoot.

Besides, you would appreciate its reflective details when running in low light conditions. Moreover, many runners enjoy its well-breathability, it helps to keep their feet stay dry and comfort. Overall, this shoe is worth winning a place in your winter running essentials.

Shine Athletica Sports Headbands with Non-Slip Silicone

You would question what the point of this band. Actually, as for women who have a long hair, this band crucially assists you in pulling your hair effectively. It is made of smooth silicone that is waterproof. Regardless of it’s raining or sweating, this headband will not lose their grip on your hair.

10. Start your run into the wind

As always, you will sweat after running for a while. Hence, on the way back, you are likely to get chills when contact with the wind. Especially when your body is perspiring, you will absorb the cold noticeably. For this reason, you should run into the wind at first.
Suggested items

Adidas Beyond the Run Climaheat Hoodie

This stylish hoodie (96% polyester, 4% elastane fleece) uses a hollow-core fiber to trap more heat. Hence, your insulation is enhanced well in the cold weather. Specifically, its’ climax heat technology mimic the hollow fiber to improve your warmth and keep you dry faster.

Regarding its thin base layer and it’s FORMOTION, it boosts your range of motions to move naturally. Likewise, this 3D engineered design gives you a greater comfort and a better fit. Besides, it’s thumb holes, and fist mitts which cover all your hand will keep you warm. Along with that, the side hands pockets are also offered. And its’ reflective tape provides you extra protection. So, you would find all essential features for your winter running at this hoodie.

11. Stay in the light

Undeniably, you are likely to cope with potential hazard when running at night and some other dark places. To avoid it happens, you should run on a well-lit pathway and stay away from dark, cold alleys.

Suggested items

Saucony Sonic Reflex Jacket

This Saucony is an all-in-one jacket for your running at night. As it provides a 360-degree reflectivity, you will light up like a sparkling Christmas tree at night. Truly, you would have a visible protection and look stealth completely in daylight.

Moreover, it provides many protective functionalities like a wind and water-resistant. Also, with ventilated back and elbows panels, underarm grommet, and a snug collar help to enhance your breathability. Overall, this Saucony would be a great essential for your night run.

Proviz Reflect360 Rucksack

This comfortable rucksack would amaze you, especially in the dark. As for its 100% CE EN 20471 certified reflective material, it is suitable for many commute runners. During a day, it appears in a gray color. When it comes to night, it’s fabric will pick up an external light source (i.e. vehicle headlights) to give you an astonishing “safeguard.” Particularly, it's millions of integrated reflective beads make your position noticed by the road users at night. Also, you could attach your own LED light t it’s LED light loop.

It provides sufficiently padding to give your running comfort. Also, you no longer bothered by a clammy back as a provided good airflow between you back and the bag. Besides, it provides an abundant space to store your gear comfortably. Moreover, you could freely adjust the hip and waist straps to fit you snugly. Remarkably, it offers you a 2-liter hydration pack, and you could access the water bottle easily with its straw clipped into position. Overall, I believe people would stop to ask where you got it from.

Albedo 100 Reflective Spray

To reinforce your visibility at night and avoid any crash risks, you could use this metallic spray paint. By spraying it on your running clothes, backpack or shoes, your kit exists Hi-Viz. During the day, they are invisible, but under headlights, they would glow. It provides two versions to select. A permanent version will stay on while the short version will lengthen the visibility for a week. After washing, it will disappear. And its lasting period depends on which surface you spray on, how much you apply and how often the garment is worn.

Overall, by spraying this on your clothes and other textiles, your kit will light-reflective in the dark. As a result, you may be able to increase your safety and visibility in traffic at night.

Final words

After all, you should prepare the hat, the gloves, the jacket, the thermal top, and supportive shoes for your winter running. With 11 winter running essentials’ support, you could lessen injury risks. Apparently, they enhance your insulation, keep you dry and boost your performance efficiency. Also, some of them can strengthen your visibility. So, you could increase your safety and productivity for a winter running at night. Hope you have fun with your choice!

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