Best Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis

Are you searching for the Best Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis? With the modern technology, the safety and comfort can go together in the stylish boot to satisfy even the pickiest customer. Keep looking for until you choose your dream boot. In fact, there are many different pairs of work boots out there, but you need some critical factors to pick up one. No one wants to lead their life of the permanent chronic pain in their feet, doesn’t they? In the case that you are suffering your foot condition now, let’s look at our tips to buy the best shoes for plantar fasciitis.

How to choose the best work boots for Plantar Fasciitis

The reasonable protective gear is critical for anyone who is work in the construction site. This equipment is required to meet all safety standards as well as to make sure that you are not worried about stepping on an unstable platform. In fact, the work boots have the primary function to prevent you from getting wounded or injured while being in such setting. For this important reason, are you ready to select the best work boots for Plantar Fasciitis? Read on our below suggestion for further consideration.

Protect your feet

At first, you want to find the particular type of footwear to protect your feet so it should be stable enough. Check carefully the toecap and midsole made of steel, which helps protect the toes towards being crushed from the falling objects, such as debris, wood, and concrete. They make it indeed easier to safeguard the feet against the chance of being hurt by sharp objects like nails lying around.

The shoe support

Secondly, consider the shoe support as well. You should ensure that you also need to feel comfortable when wearing this pair of shoes. With the enhanced support, you can successfully wear it around while staying undistracted and focused. Also, adding up the comfortable and snug features may make you easier to work around.

The secure grip

Last but not least, you should select the shoe with the secure grip and assess how strong it is. In fact, most of the construction workplaces are quite slippery. There is a possibility that some incidents can cause the wet floor as well. In such circumstance, you should ensure that you can wear the boot which assists you to avoid the actually sliding floor.

So, the best work boots for Plantar Fasciitis is necessary for both women and men who have to move around often, during their work course. Of which, the men’s version is specifically dedicated to offering comfort while keeping the waterproof characteristic. Making sure of being free of pain during the work should be essential to find the most suitable work boot.

5 best plantar fasciitis work boots for women

1. Timberland PRO Women's Titan Waterproof Boot

Timberland PRO Women's Titan Waterproof Boot

The Timberland PRO Women's Titan Waterproof Boot comes with lots of regular safety features which is necessary for all hardworking women. In the case you are working some tough jobs such as foreman, electrician or lineman, this is the right choice for you. Also, it is super comfortable with the safety cap protection of the toe, hazard rating ran by electric, and the alloy toy. All of these features are crafted using the premium grain leather to make the upper with the maximum comfort when using it.

The diffusion shank made of nylon and polyurethane midsoles offer the reasonable shock-absorption. Besides, the Outlast Adaptive footbed regulates the foot temperature as well as keeps you stay cool. The contoured and antimicrobial polyurethane footbed with the open-cell feature provides more airflow than other types of work boots. Also, it prevents the bacteria accumulation which causes the bad odors. Such slip-resistant shoe has its mesh lining treated with the microbial coating in order to offer more odor control.


  • It runs quite true to size and relatively comfortable.
  • The high-rebound insert of the heel is specially designed for the maximum durability and cushion if needed.
  • They conform to the feet contours.


  • The boot soles are not sturdy enough to let you work well in the construction site.
  • It is not durable and easy to come apart.

The Original MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot

Without any doubt, the Original MuckBoots Chore Hi-Cut Boot is considered a high quality with 100% waterproof feature. The triple toe and the quadruple heel let you work comfortably. The stretch fit top element offers you the snug fit and makes sure that the warm feet may not touch any water. Regarding the comfort, its internal moisture system is enhanced to wick away all built-in moisture.

Its’ toe is reinforced by three times compared to other similar products. So, you can work freely in different types of environments. And we should not miss out the steel shanks which provide necessary support to your ankles. These women work boots are designed with the reinforced durability and high-quality outsole made of rubber.


  • It is super insulated for you to work during the sub-freezing weather conditions.
  • The boot is super lightweight and flexible.
  • The hidden heel and flex-foam boot also add up to its extreme comfort levels.


  • The customer service is not good.
  • The boot does not last for long.

Caterpillar Women's Carlie Steel Toe Work Boot

The Caterpillar Women's Carlie Steel Toe Work Boot can combine comfort and durability along with other safety features. This well-crafted boot features the oiled, tumbled, and full-grain uppers made of leather, nylon mesh, and suede lining. Moreover, such used leather is entirely abrasion-resistant to provide you the protection from any severe or harsh outdoor condition.

Its EVA cushioning outsoles and midsoles also offer you the stability and comfort. The lacing system of the boot secures the foot firmly and makes you safe and secure. What’s more? It comes with the iTechnology outsoles and the support of the construction named Goodyear Welt for the athletic heels. The extra benefit for all women standing for long hours is its energy return to offer the excellent shock absorption. Despite its solid construction, the booth prevents the foot fatigue and allows your natural movement.


  • The boot offers the temperature regulation and climate control to prevent the status of sweating.
  • It provides a reasonable comfort level like that in the athletic shoes.
  • Its footbed prevents the order accumulation caused by bacteria.


  • The soles of the boot were not made of the high-quality material.
  • It seems not to be slip resistant at all.

Maelstrom Women's TAC FORCE 8 Inch Work Boot

The Maelstrom Women's TAC FORCE 8 Inch Work Boot is sturdy and heavyweight, expressly dedicated to the women working in the law enforcement. They have all the features and specifications needed to work in a wide range of environments. It has a plenty of outstanding features, including durable outsole made of rubber, water resistance, and moisture wick.

Also, the padded tongue and collar provide the superior protection level from the bad odor. Additionally, its rubber outsole sufficiently protects you when walking even in smooth and slippery surfaces. Its light construction and flexibility allow for quick movement and maneuverability around your working place. Therefore, you have an ideal work boot which offers optimal comfort and fit.


  • The moisture wick is breathable enough to prevent the bacteria buildup on the feet.
  • The boot is designed with the leather material that is easy to maintain and clean.
  • An included zipper provides you an easy off and on while keeping the comfort around the ankles.


  • The inside sole of the boot sometimes squeaks mercilessly.
  • Its inserts are uncomfortable and hard.

5. Dr. Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot

Dr. Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot

The Dr. Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot provides you the perfect mixture of comfort and protection. Such attractive brown boots bring the safety features that are indeed necessary at your job site. Its upper is made supple leather, and water-resistant for the durability. The mid cut, lace-up design features padded tongues and collars to improve the ankle comfort and support.

Inside the boots, you may find the lining of moisture wicking to serve for a cool and dry feeling through the day. Also, its cushioning helps you much in softening your steps while reducing the foot pain and fatigue after one long working day. By applying the Goodyear Welt construction, the soles of the boots can stay longer on different kinds of surfaces.


  • Its’ double stitched shoe seams offer you the extra rugged strength.
  • Smartmask insoles provide the excellent cushioned support.
  • Additionally, its air cushion outsole made of rubber guarantees exceptional traction.


  • The sole of the boots is easy to split up.
  • It is entirely not durable.

5 best plantar fasciitis work boots for men

1. Skechers USA Men's Verdict Waterproof Boot

Skechers USA Men's Verdict Waterproof Boot

The first incredible features of the Skechers USA Men's Verdict Waterproof Boot are versatile and stylish enough. It means that there is no need for different shoes to serve your everyday work routine or stroll downtown occasionally. They may be used for both purposes, ranging from hiking to construction work. For strength and protection of your toes, its tongue is padded in an adequate way. We have to affirm that both comfort and quality are combined harmoniously in such classy work boot for men.

The upper of the boot comes with the lace-up shoe front with the metal eyelets. So, you may use it to adjust and fit the size. It is comfortable to use without any required break-in time. If you live or work in cold or wet environments, then this boot can help you much in your daily life. It can be fully waterproof and warm on its inside.


  • Its cushioned insole offers you the comfort whenever wearing the boot.
  • The upper of the boot is made of waterproof leather and suede while the sole is crafted from rubber to provide the durability.
  • The boot is are durable and flexible.


  • It is sometimes annoying with the squeaky sound.
  • You have to pay the convenience fee when returning the boot.

Irish Setter Men's Work Boot

The Irish Setter Men's 83605 6" Work Boot is considered one of the most common shoes in this sector today, for some reasons. It is constructed using red russet and truly tough leather with the mock toe came with the triple stitching. The wedge outsole made of rubber is extra thick along with the sufficient traction to provide the aggressive grip needed on different types of surfaces.

Such comfortable boot owns the leather which flexes and softens nicely when you are wearing. Also, it comes with the replaceable and removable footbed and EVA midsole providing the adequate cushioning. This product is certified as the safe boot for electrical hazards, with the ample foot protection. With the paramount versatility, you can use it for office work, deliveries, site survey, and factory environments. The mock toe and durable leather together provide you an excellent boot.


  • The metal eyelets, polyurethane footbed, and lace-up feature together offer you the underfoot comfort.
  • The padded collar along with the tongue of the boot prevents rubbing and providing cushioning.
  • It is well constructed for durability.


  • The quality is not good, and the sole is easy to come apart.
  • It is a bit pricey.

Caterpillar Men's Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Men's Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot is dedicated to all hardworking men. It features the genuine, waterproof leather and the lace-up shaft. With efficient insulation, you may get the sufficient internal warmth to work in the winter. Also, the boot combines the comfort and style via the ERGO system of Caterpillar. Unlike other work boots with the flat, generic shape, it comes with the precious contours, so the daily steps are supported entirely.

The high-cut shaft of 6 inches could be adequately padded in order to provide you the strong support for the whole day. And its steel toe may keep the toes protected accurately from all forefoot impacts. The SuperWelt construction of the boot provides reliable performance and forefoot flexibility. This sporty and low-profile boot may endure in the wet weather, while not sacrificing style or comfort.


  • The boot comes with the padded collars to add support and comfort.
  • Such specially crafted boot makes sure that your natural foot movement can be adequately supported.
  • Its mesh lining made of nylon helps you to wick moisture away.


  • It is not waterproof as described.
  • The boot shows its poor quality in several usage times.

Robustness and comfort are precisely what the Wolverine Men's SR Direct-Attach 6" Work Boot radiates. The excellent resistance to slips and falls, rugged durability, and unmatched comfort are several reasons made all men working in hazardous settings wearing it. The boot prevents the foot fatigue so you can work comfortably and no longer worry about accidents or injuries.

It features the standard Wolverine performance with the full leather upper to allow perspiration and vapor to escape while keeping the water out. Its outsole is fitted with the compression pads located in your heel and forefoot areas. The polyurethane midsole along with the fiberglass shank offers you adequate stability while its outsole is abrasion, water, slip resistant. Finally, its tread design ensures the proper contact with all ground surfaces, even with wet environments.


  • The boot provides the perfect stability and absorbs the external shocks and stresses.
  • It is scuff and stain resistant with its Direct-attach structure.
  • A removable, dual-density footbed made of polymer ensures the shock absorption.


  • The distinct shock in its sole makes my foot pain increase as it has not enough cushion.
  • There are several quality issues found in this boot.

Are you searching for the comfortable boot with the adequate protection of the toe? The KEEN Utility Men's Milwaukee 6" Steel Toe Work Boot can be a fantastic option. The most distinctive feature of this work boots can be the asymmetrical safety shoe toe that is anatomically accurate. Its’ toe box can be described as pretty roomy to offer the comfort. Regarding the protection, the boot outsoles wrap up tightly on the toe top. So, it can protect you from slip and fall accidents.

Additionally, the flex forefoot grooves allow your natural feet movement without too much stress. Besides, it is exceptionally comfortable with the removable EVA footbed which supports the curves located on the feet. For this reason, you can get the fantastic support and extra cushioning at ease. The boot interior comes with the moisture wicking and the stain-resistant leather upper.


  • The boot comes with the toe protection, which is designed to protect your foot from impacts and compressions.
  • The toe made of steel provides you the important protection.
  • Its outsole is slip and oil resistant.


  • The boot comes unstitched at the area where its back padding meets its’ heal leather.
  • It is not quite durable.
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