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Tips for improving your running & trainning

What Happens to Your Body When You Run

Ways Running Can Help You Lead a Happy and Healthy Life

If asked: “When we set out running regularly, what will happen to our bodies?”, I’m sure almost every one of us can give an immediate answer – we build up more stamina and tone up more muscle. At the same time, daily activities such as house cleaning or staircase climbing become much easier. Since a […]

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What is and How to Fix Flat Feet

fix flat feet

Flat feet are not a disaster to your life. Most people have flat feet are still able to play and work with their daily activities without pain. However, it’s still unusual and sometimes, you will feel the pain and inconvenient. Because the arcs in our feet are acting like natural shock absorbers, they balance your […]

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8 Basic Types of Runs for your Workout Routine

Base Run

Running is well-known as one of the most effective calories burning workout, chosen by both amateur and professional trainees around the world. There are 08 basic types of runs, which have evolved through a long, wide-scale trial-and-error process and proved their effectiveness. Introduction If you want to get a perfect build without going to the […]

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Trail Running

Among other things, I love trail running mainly because they have different terrains and challenges, which are unique in their own way. Wide, groomed trails with a limestone base and neat surface can lay a good foundation for those setting out to road run. Road running is a healthy but simple activity that requires little equipment. […]

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21 Common Trail Running Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Trail Running Mistakes

When talking about trail running, you might find it frightening, however, in reality, it’s extremely exciting. Let’s begin your wonderful day by changing your morning routine. These simple tips will definitely help you to replace your familiar road with the very exciting trails with ease. I’m not always a seasoned trail runner, so I often […]

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10 Best Supplements for Energy

Best Supplements for Energy

The lack of energy may lead to various health complaints, therefore, a lot of people resort to the energy supplements as a replacement for gaining some pep. In fact, there are many safe supplements, which are very easy to find. They are capable of giving the adrenal system, which is the main stress-fighter of your […]

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The Benefits and Risks of Barefoot Running

Barefoot Running

Running barefoot surely gives you a skin ground contact and some performance efficiency. So, there are a significant rising number of runners toward a running barefoot. It is widely favored due to many offered benefits like enhancing running efficiency, improving performance and also preventing injuries. Despite a few scientific and extensive data to define its […]

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20 Habits of Highly Motivated Runners

Having a great endeavor of caring for their body, runners design for themselves a quotidian routine to maintain their determination and motivation. Such routine establishes some habits that are second nature to runners and assist them in setting and achieving their goals. The habits listed below are the mutual behaviors of the most motivated runners. They […]

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Running Form Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Running Form Mistakes and How to Avoid

Are you making any common running form mistakes during your workout? Keep reading our article and get all necessary information you have to know.IntroductionTo any people as well as athletes, running is considered as one of the most common types of sports for beginners as it has no need of any professional and special instructions. […]

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