Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review

Today, there are many types of machine for exercises right at home, but you may wonder that why the Bowflex Revolution machine is favored by many people. If you are a person who takes care of the fitness a lot, then you certainly know how to do exercise and do weight training to make your muscles strong and brawny.

In case you are concerned with your weight, doing cardio can be an efficient way to help you lose weight. Both methods of exercise play an important role in improving your shape, fitness, and health.

Compared to traditional fitness equipment for home use, Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is different a bit. This product allows you to not only do workouts to build your muscle but do cardio as well. Therefore, it is considered a multifunctional equipment which offers you an entire body workout.

 This product can serve many different purposes. Whether you are a professional user or just a beginner is not important. If you expect to lose weight or build muscles, your task is simply picking up the machine with right functions.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Fits in 10′ x 10′ Space
  • Include more than 100 exercises for you to choose from
  • Can put up with the weight of up to 300 lbs.
  • plus
    Has Built-In Rowing Machine
  • plus
    It can be folded for convenient storage.
  • plus
    Machine & SpiraFlex® Packs: 10 years
  • plus
    Dimensions: Length: 112”. Width: 38” Height: 73”
  • plus
    Resistance can be set from about 10 to 220 lbs.
  • plus
    5 different positions can be provided by foot harness.
  • plus
    Preacher Curl Attachment (optional add-on).
  • plus
    Gym style ab attachment (optional add-on).
  • plus
    Vertical Bench Press.
  • plus
    If you want to lower the height while doing a workout, then there are many levels you can choose by using the Leg Extension.
  • plus
    To improve the health of your heart, you can do some cardiovascular workouts with Cardio Rowing Machine.
  • plus
    Horizontal Platform.
  • plus
    SpiraFlex® Technology helps maintain the consistent resistance during the entire range of movement.
  • plus
    Freedom Arms™ offers 10+ arm positions with alignment adjustments up to 170°.

What are the main features of Bowflex Revolution Home Gym?


Designed with an advanced resistance system, the Bowflex Revolution home gym is a solid and well-built product which is a good choice for those doing workout regularly.

It can be said that the resistance system plays an important role in making your workout effective, so having a home gym with a good resistance system is necessary.

With the SpiraFlex® resistance system, you will resistance throughout the process of exercise. In addition, you also feel the same while making the pressing movement as well as the pulling action. Thus, your muscles will have to work throughout the exercise.

Compared to most of home gyms available on the market now, this product is created to offer much more exercises for you. It is claimed by Bowflex that this home gym offers more than 100 different exercises with a lot of movements being made freely.

Some types of exercises consist of:
  • 22 different exercises for shoulder,
  • 21 different exercises for arm,
  • 18 different exercises for chest and
  • 17 different exercises for leg.

If a strengthening, toning and full home gym is what you are expecting to look for, then the Bowflex Revolution is certainly the number one choice because it is difficult to find a better one.

 The reason for this is that it is accompanied by:
  • a real cardio rowing machine,
  • a real leg press and
  • a vertical bench press.

Moreover, in terms of the general design of Bowflex Revolution, you can change movements easily and quickly between exercises.

Setting Up Your Revolution

One thing I really love about this home gym machine is the intuitive workout system. A padded seat to help make you feel more comfortable is right at the gym’s center and you even can remove it when necessary. This mainly depends on what kind of exercise you want to do at that time.

Furthermore, another feature of this product is a couple of pulleys that are linked to the weight system. The SpiraFlex weights are placed at the system’s base. In addition, with its expanding arms, it is very easy and convenient for the storage of the system when you finish your exercise.

It is advised that you should get used to it first, and then using the enclosed DVD to watch how to assemble the gym correctly to follow. This machine is also quite simple to set up, and you also can do a variety of different workouts on it. So, it is necessary to assemble it correctly to help you take full advantage of it.

The main disadvantage of the Bowflex Revolution is its adjustments. Based on the workout you do, its extendable arms can be moved to more than ten different positions. However, while you change from one exercise to other exercises, this may take a certain amount of time.

One great thing about this product is its options of exercises. There are a lot of exercises you can perform just by using its different attachments with different purposes.

 For example, to serve for glute, thigh, or quads exercises, you can use a foot harness. Or you can choose a squat harness or leg attachments for curls from many different things.

Bowflex Revolution Unique Design.

One of the unique features in the design of the Bowflex Revolution you may not find in other home gyms is the Freedom Arms. These parts have the shape of mechanical arms that are hung outside the machine.

These arms are called “freedom” arms because they can be adjusted freely and comfortably.

It is noticeable that two Freedom Arms can be moved 170 degrees (equivalent to nearly a half circle). Besides, they offer ten different settings for you to choose.

 With such various settings, this machine will help you build up or strengthen your muscles from many other angles. Moreover, the Bowflex Revolution system can offer up to over 100 different workouts. Or even you can obtain more than that if you change the angles and make suitable adjustments. That is the reason why the Bowflex Revolution is a truly revolutionary total body workout.

SpiraFlex® Technology

One of the outstanding features of the BowFlex is the SpiraFlex® technology invented by NASA. The SpiraFlex® resistance band system is responsible for providing a consistent and smooth level of resistance during the process of exercises. At the same time, it also offers an easy – to – use and safe alternative to machines with weights or free weights.

With a suitable and good design, this resistance system will really make your workouts more interesting and enjoyable.

As a matter of fact, it is NASA which developed the SpiraFlex resistance technology. With a view to helping astronauts get used to exercising in the environment with no weight or zero – G in outer space, a resistance workout, thus, was invented.

This system itself can put up with a resistance of approximately 220 pounds during the process of your movements of muscles.

You should know that you need gravity to do half of the work when using the conventional free weights. Meanwhile, you won’t receive any gravitational help with the SpiraFlex technology.

 And so, you have to familiarize yourself with it at the very beginning. (Do not forget that this technology was created for astronauts working on the International Space Station in which there is no gravity.)

Other features:

Level of adaptability

With freedom arms, it’s convenient for users to change the position of the arm at 10 different levels. Besides, you can adjust its arm pulleys’ alignment to a maximum of 1700.

 Especially, with the flexibility of the resistance, you can adjust it to suitable with the exercise you do in a range from 10-20lb. In addition, with the help of lightweight plates, it’s really easy for you to lift without needing any supporting equipment.

Resistance up to 300lb

One interesting thing for you is that new vision of BowFlex provides you an amazing maximum resistance of 300lb. It’s an actually considerable advancement of Home gym. This home gym machine is really convenient, effective and sturdy.

  Another successful thing of this machine that no other ones can do is that it offers you workout which has great impacts on your heart and your blood vessels.  Besides are exercises helping to strengthen your total lower body.

Cardio rowing machine

With the support of cardio rowing machine, not only is it effective and good for your heart, but it also helps you burn a considerable amount of calorie. With the capacity of changing quickly among exercises, it offers users great condition to train and gain more benefits to their blood vessels and heart as well as enhances their endurance.

Extra accessories

You can upgrade your machine whenever you feel like or when you’ve already mastered it. There are many extra types of equipment for you, such as Lat tower, Ab Back Pad or you can find something like that in weight store.

 As soon as having enhanced your strength, you can adjust the resistance up to 300lb.

Set up

This machine is packaged in six big boxes, and you might spend few hours setting it up. However, it would be faster if you have anyone help you. All you need to do is just follow the relatively easy and clear instructions.

The gym is compact

One advantage of this home gym machine is its compact; therefore, it will not take too much space of your room. You can place it anywhere you want, even in the room corner. It would be best and effective with space no more than 10’x10’. This space size is really easy to set aside from your house.

What we don’t like about BowFlex Revolution Home Gym?

Besides great advantages, BowFlex Revolution Home Gym also has some drawbacks.

Higher learning curve

As concerned above, BowFlex gym offers you over 100 different exercises so there are lots of choice for you. However, you might spend a considerable time on learning and setting up this machine for each exercise you want to try. It’s a little bit difficult to consider the appropriate weight when first using.

High resistance

If you’ve just turned from a traditional home gym machine to Bowflex one, you can easily recognize that the second one’s resistance is actually harder. So you might not be accustomed to it at first.

 However, after using in a few weeks, you will find that it’s gradually easier to use. The difference here is that with the resistance training, you must do continuously while with lightweight, there still breaks among each movement you make. All you need is to practice to get used to it gradually.

The Bowflex Revolution vs. the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE

If you’re really crazy about fitness, there are 2 highly recommendation of upmarket home gym from Bowflex range for you to choose: the revolution and the Xtreme 2SE.

In fact, the revolution is more expensive than the Xtreme 2SE. So you might wonder: What do I get with the Revolution that I don’t get with the Xtreme 2SE?

 You get:
  • Up to 100 different exercise while the Xtreme 2SE has only 70.
  • The press station for legs.
  • Aerobic rowing machine.
  • SpiraFlex technology.
  • Flexible freedom arms.
  • Vertical bench press.

It is clear that the features of the Revolution outweigh the ones of Xtreme 2SE. Besides, with the Revolution, there’s no need for any extra supporting equipment.

 You will get all exercises that you can get at any membership gym while with the Xtreme 2SE, you need equip extra cardio rowing machine and weight bench to extend the exercise range for your legs.

My evaluation of BowFlex Revolution home gym

This machine appears to be relatively sturdy. I can’t say exactly how long it can last because I’ve only used it for about two months. However, when using it, you can feel that it’s very durable and good quality.

Moreover, there’s a wide variety of different exercises for you to choose which is actually easy and comfortable. With the help of technology of Spira flex, you will not have any difficulty in setting up or adjusting the suitable weight.

Especially, this machine is packed with a DVD which guides you how to work out.

In addition, the revolution offers you lots of exercises to strengthen your lower body-your legs. (Whereas, the traditional ones only focus on your upper body).

However, the revolution still has some disadvantages. It’s really great with a fast delivery as well as perfect packaging. However, one thing which is a pity is that it doesn’t offer any set-up service.

 Are you looking for any home gym machine that is well-made and convenient? The Revolution is an ideal one for you. On the whole, the rating I can give to it is 4.5/5. It’s really worth the money you’ve spent.

Sum up

Bowflex is a high-ranked name in the industry of home gym machine, and the Revolution is the latest advanced model from this brand. It offers a great upgraded resistance as well as maintains resistance well while working out.

 This home gym machine also helps you strengthen your whole body (the feature that other ones rarely have) with up to 100 exercises. It’s extremely safe, effective and durable and will not easily out-of-date.
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