Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 Review

In the comparison with traditional treadmills, walking on Bowflex TreadClimbers is rated to be more effective because these treadclimbers are a great combination of a treadmill, a stepper and a standard elliptical. Today, I would like to provide you with information about Bowflex TreadClimbers TC10, which is one of the great treadclimbers of Bowflex.

Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 Description


It offers a 0.5 to 4 MPH speed range which is significantly lower compared to other treadmills. This isn’t a limitation due to the steep gradient because NordicTrack’s incline machines also incline up to 40% but still provide a top belt speed up to 12 mph. However, these speeds are enough for user to walk effectively with the support of a steep incline feature of the machine. And instead of a series of quick-select buttons to adjust the belt speed seen on most modern treadmills, the TC10 offers standard decrease and increase buttons for switching between belt speeds from 0.5 to 4 MPH.


It has incline feature up to an impressive 40%, which you also can find on NordicTrack’s Incline Trainers. However, the incline resistance can’t be electronically controlled.


This treadclimber has two long pedals, called treadles. I have a normal stride of a 5’3” woman and these treadles fit well for me. But if you are tall and have a longer stride, the treadles may be too short for you.

Display console

treadclimber tc10 console

The console on this model has the simple design. There are no full color web-enabled touch screens, and no MP3/iPod connectivity like on some top-end NordicTrack ellipticals. It includes 4 separate LCD screens. Each of them is used to show just one or two pieces of workout data in a very easy way to read. In these, the Time display also shows the weight value for the Manual Workout mode and the G.O. Coach user in KG or LBS.

G.O. Coach Workout mode

This unit offers 2 workout modes: G.O. Coach Workout mode and Manual mode. The TC10 features Goal oriented technology with the ability to track progress for one user while its newer model - Bowflex TC100 Tread Climber Treadmill can track and store 2 different user's data. It acts as a motivation that helps you to do exercise for at least 90 minutes each week. This technology also offer users a variety of workout programs to make their fitness goals challenged. Remember the G.O. Coach display is blank when you use Manual TreadClimber workout mode.

Manual workout mode

The workout in this mode is very simple. It is just exactly walking uphill that makes you feel like you can do it all day. This workout doesn’t cause pains, aches and physical discomfort like when you stick with a running program. One of the reasons why it only offers one workout program is because the incline can be only manually adjusted. This means the treadles of the treadclimber can’t automatically adjust to keep user within a target heart rate range. To begin this workout, switch your console into the Manual TreadClimber Mode

Dimensions and weight

The TC10 weighs around 185 pounds and it is measured at 50.6" L x 30.3" W x 52.3" H (129 x 77 x 133 cm)

Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 Review

Bowflex TreadClimber TC10


I have bad knees and this TreadClimber allows me to get a great workout just by walking. Walking on this machine I needn’t worry about the tear and wear on my joints like when walking or running on traditional treadmills. Thanks to Hydraulic Workout Cylinder, it gives me a substantially small impact on my knees and joints which really protects me from pain and injuries. This system acts as a cushioning system on treadmills. It cushions your joints and absorbs your steps to reduce muscle strain and minimize overall fatigue. Therefore I feel I can walk comfortably on it all day. However, in the terms of entertainment, this treadclimber doesn’t provide me with entertainment options like my old treadmills. I expected it to include iPod jacks, speakers and fan to help my walking more motivated. This made me a little bit disappointed.


Let challenge yourself with the quick Start feature and instantly start burning calories with an available speed up to 4 MPH. Moreover, as I mentioned this treadclimber is a combination of treadmill, elliptical trainer and stair climber, so it takes advantage of steeper inclines to help user burn calories faster than normal cardio machines or outdoor running. Beside standard decrease and increase buttons for switching between belt speeds, you will not see any buttons on the console for changing the range of movement or incline because the Hydraulic Cylinders used to support the Treadle motion are manually adjusted. Especially, its steel frame is very strong that can support users weighing up to 300 lbs. Additionally, for user’s safety, a back foot platform is designed to provide an easy step to on and off the machine. This feature also helps prevent you from falling back while the belt is moving.


This model is very easy to assemble and use. It took me not more than 1 hour to assemble. It is very appealing and interesting. The treadclimber also features very easy-to-read 4 LCD display screens allowing me to track my distance, speed, time and calories burned during my workouts like other my treadmills. Additionally, I also have the opportunity to track my fitness progress thanks to the G.O Coach. Besides, it includes grip pulse monitors on handlebars to let users monitor their heart rate. Plus, it has an ergonomic console that gives me easy access to my magazine, water or a tablet while walking. Although the unit can’t be folded, its small size combining with attached transport wheels helps me move it around easily.


This is a typical example for the success of Bowflex in creating an effective lower body workout machine. It’s advertised to be able to burn three and a half (3 ½) more calories compared to a running on a normal treadmill. In fact, the TC10 not only allows me to move straight but also to raise my knees lower and higher while walking. The combination of these movements indeed helps me burn calories at the faster rate just by walking than when I walk on my old treadmill - NordicTrack C 1650. I've lost 14 pounds in 6 weeks without dieting. Moreover, the unit is very stable, so you don’t have to worry in case you are a tall user. It runs quieter than most treadmills because of the movement generated by the cylinders and lower belt speeds.

Quality and durability

Generally, Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 is rated to have high overall build quality. The frame is made of steel so it is very sturdy and durable. There is a 2-year warranty covering entire machine. But because the belts aren’t pre-coated or wax-impregnated, this machine needs a certain level of deck lubrication to ensure the belts run smoothly. Or in other words, if you want to extend the longevity of your treadclimber or avoid spending outside of the warranty, you should apply a consistent maintenance routine. Customers who are not satisfied with their TreadClimber, they can return it within 6 weeks for a refund.


Bowflex TreadClimber is designed only for brisk walking or slow jogging but not for running. Therefore, instead of interval training I suggest using this unit for steady state cardio. I highly recommend this for beginners and even elite who have joint problems or knee problems wanting to enjoy low-impact exercises. Next, if you want to increase your energy level, improve bone density or HDLs and metabolism, the Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 is an ideal choice for you. Besides, this machine is also designed for you if your focus is on your legs, abs and cardio.

Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 - Pros & Cons


  • The Bowflex TreadClimber generally has smaller size compared to a traditional treadmill so it can fit easily in any home.
  • It is easy to assemble and use this machine
  • In a single workout it can burns 3.5x more calories compared to other cardio machines
  • The machine has ability to maintain a basic set goals and workout log via the Coach™ progress tracker.
  • Smooth Treadle motion and the Hydraulic Workout Cylinder play an important role in reducing the impact on your lower back and knee joints.
  • This unit provides an excellent stability
  • It has received many positive comments of users in improving their quality of life.
  • Many users reported that thanks to the TC10 they finally reached their weight-loss goals, along with better triglyceride and cholesterol levels.


  • Some people complain about the walking area which seems to be quite small
  • There are no entertainment options on this model.
  • This treadclimber can’t be folded.
  • The machine seems to cause a little noise when I put it in small rooms.
  • It is not suitable for tall people with long strides


Because of the great health benefits it brings to users, this is the best-selling Bowflex machine of all time. However, if you can afford to spend more, I suggest TC20 TreadClimber, which is also a great product of Bowflex with much more features.

Compare Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 to other Bowflex models

The Bowflex TC5 TreadClimber

The TC10 is an upgraded version of the Bowflex TreadClimber TC5. At significantly less price than the TC10, the TC5 does not include an electronic display, readouts, tracking and powered motor. Additionally, it has a lower weight capacity and shorter warranty too. On the other hand, the TC10 has some notable features and a better looking console that can enhance user’s workout experience. However, the TC5 offers 0 to 4.5 mph speed range instead of 0.5 to 4.0 mph speed on the TC10.

The Bowflex TC20 TreadClimber

Another model I would like to make the comparison with the TC10 is Bowflex TC20 TreadClimber, which has higher price. Because of its price, the treadclimber has more additional features. In addition to a higher weight capacity, integrated heart rate monitor, extended treadles and a longer warranty, the G.O. Coach mode on the TC20 offers more fitness goals than just workout duration like on TC10. This model indeed makes user more interested with the goal to climb the equivalent vertical height of 3 landmark structures including a building, a tower, and a mountain instead of just simply watching a timer countdown. Besides, it can track more than one user so it is suitable to be used for a large family. However, this model has a heavier weight than both TC10 and TC5 so it is more difficult if you want to move your machine.

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