Brooks Addiction Walker Review

Are you in quest of a pair of shoes fitting your overpronation and other foot disorders like plantar fasciitis for instance? Then Brooks Addiction Walker is the ideal option for you while offering so much cushioning and support for your long walks and jogs! It’s the footwear having the right fit and feel of a running shoe in your casual daily walks - so what’s not so addictive about that? The shoe will be a sturdy support for you mile after mile and keep pronation under control, so now let’s find out with us whether it’s a quality walking shoe or not:

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    Built up with Brooks’s first-of-its-kind DNA motion-control and unique patented material on the sole
  • plus
    HydroFlow® technology enables better cushioning and greater shock-absorbing feature by way of fluid filled units put in most critical segments along the heel
  • plus
    Expansive progressive Diagonal Rollbar helps to increase control by raising control at the shoe’s midsole
  • plus
    Energy-efficient S-257™ Cushsole offers a highly flexible cushioned ride and raises overall comfort and durability
  • plus
    Mc Pod Configuration boosts the maximum balance during the gait for the optimized control and flexibility
  • plus
    HPR Green™ outsole (High-Performance Rubber outsole) delivers the high-quality skid-resistant capability
  • plus
    Great pronation control which also adds to the maximized rigidity to the Brooks Addiction versions
  • plus
    The non-slip outsole reduces the chances of accidents on a great variety of surfaces
  • plus
    Some runners like the extremely comfortable construction of the Brooks Addiction Walker
  • plus
    Simple and neutral color scheme
  • plus
    Several wide-footed runners loved the spacious toe box of the shoe
  • plus
    Full-grain leather upper area keeps the safe and secure feeling with your walking, jogging experience
  • plus
    Offers a more supple and stronger support thanks to a trustworthy non-slip outsole
  • plus
    Available with V-strap closures, which are alike to the lace-up model yet the great convenience of hook-and-loop straps

Are you in search of a simple yet stylish design that enables the runners not just to put it on those long walks out but also makes the shoes the ideal one for daily and work attires!

Brooks Addiction Walker

PROS & CONS of Brooks Addiction Walker


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    Ultra-comfortable - The most innovative increased sock liner raises the great comfort during long walks and jogs
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    High stability - The Brooks Addiction Walker owns several security features, particularly structured for over and serious pronators
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    Premium heel strike and toe transition - empowered by the triple density post known as the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar. This transition is much smoother, minimizing the look of cramps and other issues
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    Enhance the full performance for your walking experience
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    Better durability - Due to the great performance Rubber outsole, the footwear won’t wear out so fast
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    Eco-friendly shoe thanks to the BioMoGo compound along with other spontaneous & non-toxic additives
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    A combination of chambers packed with the silicone oil giving a great hand in dispersing pressure when your feet hit the ground
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    Helps to absorb shock and high comfort for the runners
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    Its fluid serves as a gentle base for your heel by wrapping around your feet upon impact


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    Quite heavy - as said by some testers due to the premium cushioning function, they weigh much bulkier than the normal running shoes
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    Not the best option for those aspiring for speed
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    Shoe traction is one weakness, especially on wet concrete or asphalt
  • check
    Soles appear to easily get slick in wet climates
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    Some runners complain about how narrow and tight these shoes are

Brooks Addiction Walker description


Brooks Addiction Walker outsole

Non-slip outsole of the shoe is meant to decrease any chance of the accident on endless surfaces. It’s made of the abrasion-proof rubber compound (HPR) that seems very durable and won’t be worn out for the long run. In addition, its Ballistic Rock Shield is designed to decrease the pressure placed on the foot. Once stepping on stones, rocks, and pebbles, the impact is just extended to the forefoot segment. 

The brand new Brooks Addiction Walker now arrives with durable, energy-turning MoGo midsole cushioning. This is a more supple full-grain leather upper with a rigid support as well as the non-slip outsole. Besides, it delivers a more solid and reliable support mile after mile by assisting low arches and then maintaining pronation under control.

 Thanks to the shoe’s High-Performance Rubber outsole, the shoe’s durability won’t get easily worn out. It consists of the environment-friendly silica and provides the great skin-resistant traction on different surfaces. This is not just abrasion-proof but also capable of keeping the moisture away with the support of a mesh material. It’ll help to keep your footwear and feet highly guarded against being intruded by water.


Brooks Addiction Walker shoes are often built up with so much attention to the midsole area. And thanks to the Hydroflow cushioning system that is found right under the heel area, the shoe is well-known for better cushioning and shock absorption in the essential areas along your heel. Aside from this, the midsole also owns the Modular technology with the aim of offering the high flexibility and a more comfy forefoot ride.

All such technologies incorporated into the footwear own the most special and ingenious features, to help absorb as well as minimize shock during every takeoff and even during your landing. By owning the long-lasting and energy-turning midsole cushioning, the upper area of this shoe is extremely supple and constructed of full-grain leather material.

 The HydroFlow technology doubled up with the DNA adaptive cushioning function gives us the best protection during all changes in both surfaces and your own pace. Besides, it’s fully biodegradable and even the initial in its own league. Its anaerobic organism here is able to decompose the footwear about 50 times quicker. And this is such a fantastic step towards the way of preserving the environment.


Brooks Addiction Walker upper

The upper area of the Brooks Addiction Walker is meant for keeping your securest feeling about a light combo of full-grain leather overlays. Such a characteristic boosts the support that the footwear might offer you. It’s none other than the shoe’s design that mainly delivers a safe and comfy wear, a nicer foot position, and a more spacious shoe.

Also, the full-grain leather plays an essential role in guarding the feet in wet surfaces and climate as well as prevents us from any slipping tendency. For most runners, the shoes look visually satisfying, and they’re such a fine cosmetic option as compared to other editions. With an expansive progressive diagonal rollbar that gives a hand in the optimized and maximized arch support, the shoe leads to an increase in efficiency.

However, according to some testers, the upper leather surface possibly tears off and seemingly does not last for a long time if you plan to use it roughly on a frequent basis. It’s such a fitting issue, and then you need to choose the size carefully since its front end won’t offer you enough roomy surface to control your toe in case that it’s broad.

Also, the full-grain leather plays an essential role in guarding the feet in wet surfaces and climate as well as prevents us from any slipping tendency. For most runners, the shoes look visually satisfying, and they’re such a fine cosmetic option as compared to other editions. With an expansive progressive diagonal rollbar that gives a hand in the optimized and maximized arch support, the shoe leads to an increase in efficiency.
However, according to some testers, the upper leather surface possibly tears off and seemingly does not last for a long time if you plan to use it roughly on a frequent basis. It’s such a fitting issue, and then you need to choose the size carefully since its front end won’t offer you enough roomy surface to control your toe in case that it’s broad.

Brooks Addiction Walker Review


The Brooks Addiction Walker walking shoes will offer the great motion control and amazing arch support due to the cushioning system and also various innovations. Besides, the Brooks Addiction perfectly made for walkers and joggers who suffer over to severe pronation.  If you’re a man with a little arch, then the arch tends to collapse after the foot strikes internally.

In term of motion control shoes, for instance, the Brooks Addiction Walker can possibly offer you an exact support and also made for the individuals who are not just heavy but also tall (measuring over 75kg) or bent-legged athletes. Known as one of the best shoes made for those who suffer overpronation and other foot disorders, these ones are made to give you so much cushioning.

 The sole with the MoGo midsole cushioning is said to actually provide you with so much better energy to your own feet. Besides, it ensures your foot to stay as much energized as possible with an exceptional support at the same time. And no wonder why the Brooks Addiction Walker has become the best seller of the brand particularly due to its great comfort element.


Stability and flexibility are properly the best nature of these shoes and obviously versatile in their usage. From a normal walk to a light jog, or to the marathon walks as well as heavy workouts, these footwears are just ideal for every condition. They’re so flexible and offering enough support and great comfort for all of the outdoor activities.

The innovative increased sock liner of the shoe will help to enhance the runner’s comfort during the workout. In addition, the Brooks Addiction also owns a great number of security features, particularly designed for any overpronation. And we can say with certainty that this Brooks version is just great for your walk on a daily basis. How come?

 Well, the shoe knows how to give you such a well-balanced support given by the insole and non-slip stability with a great assistance of the outsole. It’s made of the solid synthetic material. Also, it’s the midsole with a nice system of chambers made to give us enough shock absorption. Apart from this, the midsole also owns the Modular Technology for the highest flexibility and a comfy forefoot ride.


Do you have to walk around all day long? Then the Brooks Addiction Walker is merely the shoe you need to have. Built high quality to withstand the shoe’s high mileage, the shoe is made of full-grain leather, maintaining high breathability, comfort, and durability. Besides, its MoGo tech here is trusted to bring you a highly-cushioned footbed - it’s so resilient without compromising any stability.

Look at its upper area where comes with a highly breathable liner right inside the footwear - this mesh lining is believed to wick away the moisture and allowing your feet to breathe easily. Another great thing about it is the shoe’s S-257 Cushsole! It will be another energy-efficient compound of the sole that shows off such a supreme cushioning and flexibility.

 The toe box is so spacious, making it one of the best choices for anyone who suffers the bunions and toe problems. By owning the phantom liner technology, they can get rid of any pressure point from every seam explored in other footwears. Not just that, both the breathable upper and liner are also all the major parts forming such a cool shoe that can release the heat so well.


The grip of the shoe’s outer sole will bet much better, yet it could become an issue on muddy trails once it’s so wet. However, aside from such a forgivable flaw, there won’t be anything else to complain about this badass shoe. Both design and form of this footwear are just perfect for offering you maximum support at all arches. This makes easier for you to take control of your own deviated foot motion during your walk cycle.

A handful of users consider this model as one of the most outstanding walking shoes ideally made for overpronation. The exterior of the footwear also displays such a rugged style surface that owns the sensible patches and curves that can aid your feet in moving naturally and easily.

 The lace-up vamp of the shoe can guarantee you to earn a customized grip on feet with the assistance of the lace-up control capability. This would help you to freely customize the right fit and maintain feet firmly within shoes in place.


The present edition of the Brooks tends to be more responsive for over to serious pronators when it possibly offers the higher stability, a firmer support and also a sole that can avail a Super DNA movement-control with the patented material. Protection and comfort always come throughout the pace and surface opportunity, together with the upper area that is able to form a neutral walking shoe.

It potentially responds quite well to every of your steps, so it’s not surprising to see how smooth the transition really is here. This will strongly improve your performance efficiency during all walks and runs. It ensures the great stability over long distance walks with a responsive and cushioned midsole for more adaptive performance. Also, the segmented pad can absorb the impact as well and enables our smoother heel-to-toe transition.


It’s because the Brooks Addiction Walker can bring us the advanced cushioning, it really is yet natural that they can be heavier. At the weight of 380 grams, the shoes won’t be particularly comfy as walking at high speeds at all. This is also the reason why this full-length midsole cushioning can bring the runners a more flexible walking and running experience.

Just by adjusting the weight, speed and also the biomechanics, you can enjoy the balanced workout as desired for the maximized results. Besides, the upper avails the lightweight mesh material that is very breathable and owning such a great moisture-wicking feature to maintain the foot both cool and dry.

These overlays here are put strategically for a highly snug and secure fit. It also owns the internal support right in the midfoot for greater safety.

 For any run lasting more than 2 hours, this walking sneaker has own enough cushion for greater comfort while also enabling you to feel the surface below the feet. This lightweight footwear compared to other structured shoes is just noticeable. Therefore, we would recommend them to you since they’re quite helpful for anyone who is in need of a neutral cushioned shoe.


The Brooks Addiction Walker’s ultra-cushioned yet solidly durable structure that is just enough to withstand 50 miles each week. Feel free to purchase these shoes in the summer, then you can feel as much natural and lightweight as possible. Use it as your multipurpose shoes for walking, running and working too. Its durability won’t be able to let you spend any more on the footwear for a couple of years. 

 Regarding this set of shoes, it’s possibly said that they’re available for your most comfortable walk. And know what? You can trust them while walking on a daily basis, and greater than that, the shoes can offer you a well-balanced support offered by the shoe insole and a non-slip stability with the great assistance of the outsole that is made of heavy-duty synthetic material.

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The most similar walking shoes to the Brooks Addiction Walker would be comprised of Brooks Beast 16, New Balance 1340 v2, Asics Gel Fortitude 7, Asics Gel Foundation 12.

Brooks Beast

Several athletes look for a solid movement control pair of shoes and instantly pick up Brooks Beast for that! It’s so supportive and able to give them enough trustworthy stability. However, much of the praise here is said to be given to the way how it was made, and the testers also claimed that the shoe was extremely comfortable during the walks and runs. On the other hand, there were also other buyers who had some concern about the shoe’s durability from the upper area as well as its sizing scheme.

New Balance 1340 v2

The New Balance 1340 v2 is ideally meant for overpronators, especially when it owns such a highly impressive motion-control technologies that can make every runner survive mile after mile from their high-impact training. With this footwear, you can no longer worry about its comfort and how possible it is in control during the runs. Just put it on and get the heels ready for a boost in support!

Asics Gel Fortitude 7

The Asics Gel Fortitude places a special place in every runner’s heart, from the moderate to heavy overpronators. It apparently stays away from the excessive heights of the classic type of motion control footwears. With a much better ground responsiveness, tons of comfort and incredible overpronation measures, the athletes owning flat arches and inflexible feet would be now on their way to a more comfortable and fun road in this model.

Asics Gel Foundation 12

Known as a nice motion control walking shoe that is meant to offer such a highly responsible cushioning system, the Foundation 12 is surely the best for both short and long running sessions. If you’d like to experience a smoother ride but still want a great deal of support and stability from a shoe that is not too costly, Asics Gel Foundation 12 is undoubtedly the right option.


It’s true that the Brooks Addiction Walker shoe might be not the perfectly lightweight shoe that every runner would love to try out. However, this footwear is surely an exquisite motion-control shoe for over to severe pronators that you need more time to consider. Its upper area design and the shape of the sole are just meant to help every individual minimize the specific pressure at every foot-strike while counting on the high comfort of additional cushioning.

Besides, a handful of users have both confirmed that they’re capable of putting on the Brooks models for any standard training, such as marathons, walking, short-distance running and workouts. They agree that the model here owns a nice cushioning system and great endurance for the long runs.

 It offers enough space to accommodate any bunion and keep the runners always feel so comfy and safe. I want to say that this is one of the most promising Brooks Addiction Walkers sold at a reasonable price. It’s also the ultimate shoe that is used by clients for years without any big issue with them. So if you’re a serious walker, and in quest of the best walking shoe for daily use, then you’re way good to go!
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