Brooks Beast 14

  • Like their previous models, the Beast 14 motion control shoes also provide comfort, flexibility and stability that are essential for people when running with updated and new features and technologies.
  • DNA MIDSOLE is an innovative and adaptive cushioning system of Brooks which adapts to pace, specific weight, gait and running surface of runners to provide stability and customized cushioning.
  • A BioMoGo midsole made of environment-friendly materials gives more cushioning and better shock absorption to the shoes.
  • The Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is also featured in the midsole for better pronation control and smoother transitions from landing to taking off.
  • SEGMENTED CRASH PAD is also a special feature of Brooks Beast 14 which shapes like a caterpillar creating fully-integrated shock absorbers to provide more cushion and smoother heel-to-toe transition.
  • The HPR Plus is used to provide a more durable outsole than others made of standard black carbon compounds.
  • An updated Flextra found in the forefoot area of the outsole offers enough flexibility depending on runners’ physical conditions.
  • Lastly, anatomically-placed pods at both outsole and midsole provide support and cushioning while still ensuring softness of the shoes.

Brooks Beast's Description

Heel height and Forefoot height

Both heel and forefoot heights of this model are rated to be higher than others of Brooks. This feature helps protect heel and forefoot from debris or particles on the ground.

Heel-to-toe drop

While many runners prefer having low heel to toe drop for them to experience minimalist running, heel-to-toe drop of the Brooks Beast is measured about 12 mm for both men and women versions. This is a bit high which may lead to heel striking.


In this part, Brooks used many good features to enhance quality. The HPR Green rubber used in the forefoot of outsole unit provides amazing traction on both dry and wet grounds while in the heel area, HPR Plus rubber is used to give enhanced durability. Another good feature is the Flextra rubber, which offers needed flexibility according to the weight and running movement of each runner.


Brooks often use environment-friendly material in their midsole unit like BioMoGo full-length midsole in the Beast 14 which offers impressive cushioning. Plus, the shoes are also designed with Brooks’ full-length DNA cushioning gel to provide customized cushioning as well as stability. Segmented Crash Pad is another special feature of the shoes that not only provides the right amount of cushioning but also efficient shock absorption and smoother transition from heel to toes.


The upper is made from a lightweight breathable but durable material. The moisture-management mesh and the ultimate sock liner are two main features of the shoes that keep runners’ feet cool and dry. Besides, the upper also features an internal support saddle for a more secure fit.

Brooks Beast 14 Review

Brooks Beast 14 review


The 14th version is the most comfortable Beasts that I have had. The plush insole of the shoes cradles runners’ feet. Brooks Beast 14 is also built with highly breathable materials in the upper that always keep my feet feel cool and comfortable even on hot days. I like the flexible laces, which seem less irritating on the top of the foot. I haven't experienced any sliding or blister in the shoes. The comfort provided by cushioning system allows me to stand all day on hard surfaces. The shoes are comfortable and supportive enough to help eliminate my foot pain I had while running in other shoes.


According to many users who upgraded from a Beast 12 to a Beast 14, The 14 runs a little narrower than the 12. I think this is an advantage. This version is redesigned to wrap my foot better, which provides me with a glove-like fit. Beast shoes are wide and heavy compared to Nike, Adidas, and New Balance. The available widths and sizes of the shoes are wonderful for flat feet and tall heavy runners. Brooks Beast is probably not for runners less than 225lbs. I normally wear a 13 and found size 14 of Beast fits me perfectly (the Brooks website also suggests getting a 1/2 to 1 full size larger than your regular shoes), so you should notice this when ordering online.


Brooks Beast 14 is reported to have more cushion than ever. The great amount of cushioning of these shoes provided by some advanced features in the midsole such as Brooks’ full-length DNA cushioning gel, BioMoGo full-length midsole and Segmented Crash Pad. Additionally, the outsole is also designed with HPR Green rubber and HPR Plus rubber not only gives good traction and enhanced durability but also adds more cushioning to the shoes. Because of this amazing cushioning, after a run, long walk, or any other forms of exercise, I don’t feel any pain.

Arch support and pronation control

I tried a variety of other shoes before, but there weren’t any that can help with my severe over-pronation like the Brooks Beast have done. If you don't have problems with pronation (where your ankles roll inward), you probably won't need or want these. Even pronators with less severe problems might not like them. To sum up, these shoes don’t support everybody, they are the best shoes ever made for those of us with severe pronation. Brooks Beast 14 shoes are also what the doctor told me to buy as a treatment for my plantar fasciitis and chronic knee pain. Plus, I have very flat feet, and the Beast is excellent for that condition as well. However, if you need high arch support, these are not for you unless you use them with inserts.


The Beast 14 is seen as one of the most supportive shoes of the Brooks. They deliver maximum stability for severe over-pronators during running. Different stability features present in the design of the shoes in order to protect runners from various elements. Their stability platform helps stop shin splints developing and keep plantar fasciitis and knee pain at bay. The stability of Brooks Beast 14 mainly comes from Brooks DNA midsole, which adapts to runners’ stride.


As I mentioned above, the moisture-management mesh upper keep my feet stay cool and dry in any weather conditions. Besides, the shoes also feature the Ultimate Sockliner, which is not just good in giving more cushioning but assisting in getting rid of the moisture built up inside the shoes as well. With these features, you completely enjoy long running or training for a long time in these shoes without worrying about odor.

Quality and durability

Quality of the shoes is outstanding. From the upper, midsole to out sole, they are built with very durable materials as well as features that indeed provide great durability for the shoes. You can certainly rely on these running shoes to do your long distance runs without worrying that the shoes would be broken down in the middle of a run. Laces that come with the shoes also hold together well and are fairly thick.


You possibly improve your running performance on road, track and gravel terrains with these shoes. They have good traction provided by the outsole and a great balanced support coming from a thermoplastic polyurethane unit designed in the forefoot. These two features help you have more secured even on wet surfaces or in any difficult weather conditions such as snow or rain. You can also try running on trails with Brooks Beast 14; however, you may encounter problems along the way because features used in the shoes are not suitable for trail running. Trail running shoes is a better option in case you tend to stick with running on trails.


The Brooks Beast 14 is constructed for normal trainings and running. These shoes are also perfect for my lifting sessions at the gym. Because of their heavy weight, they cannot be used for speed works. I expect that in the newer edition, Brooks will improve this disadvantage to widen functions of the shoes.

These shoes are a little bit pricey which is a disadvantage for budget-conscious people. However, for runners who had a chance to run in them, the high quality and great structure provided by the Brooks Beast 14 are worth every penny.​


While providing the same and even more support, the 14 version seems to be lighter than other models. However, in comparison with other road running shoes on the market, The Brooks Beast 14 is considered to have a heavy weight. The weight of the men version is 13.9 oz. while the women’s is 12.1 oz. These weights don’t allow them to be used for speed works. And runners who have never worn heavyweight shoes, these may not suit them.

Brooks Beast 14 - Pros and Cons


  • Provide enough stability and maximum support for flat arches and severe over-pronation people.
  • Breathable and very durable with new materials used in their design.
  • Fit and sizing are suitable for flat feet and heavy runners.
  • Have more cushion than other models.


  • The price is slightly high.
  • Have high heel to toe drop.
  • Heavy weight.

Similar running shoes to Brooks Beast

Saucony ProGrid CS

Like Brooks Beast, Saucony ProGrid CS also has a heavy weight and high heel to toe drop. In terms of arch support and motion control, Saucony ProGrid CS is very useful for over-pronators as well as runners with flat arches. However, the amount of cushioning of these shoes is less than in Brooks Beast. Stability, flexibility and needed support the shoes provide are the same as Brooks Beast. In short, this is a great replacement for Brook Breast 14.

Mizuno Wave Alchemy

Next, The Mizuno Wave Alchemy is one of the similar running shoes to Brooks Beast. The shoes come with a much lighter weight than the Breast 14 while still providing optimum support and stability while running. They especially offer great amount of cushioning in both heel and forefoot area. This is a better option if you don’t want to wear heavyweight shoes like the Brooks Beast to run.

Asics Gel Evolution

Finally, the Asics Gel Evolution is another similar motion control shoe you can use to replace Brooks Beast. These shoes have the lowest heel to toe drop in comparison with other running shoes I have just mentioned above. But like Brooks Beast, they offer great stability and maximum support for severe over-pronators while running. In terms of cushioning, the Asics Gel Evolution doesn’t have great cushioning like others, especially in the forefoot. However, these still give you a plush comfort to enjoy your running in the most efficient manner.

Although these motion control shoes have some different features, they are still the most similar to each other compared to others on the market. The main target of these is to bring maximum support to improve runners’ performance as well as give them more wonderful running experience.​

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Previous versions of Brooks Beast 14

Brooks Beast 13

This version still continues maintaining the goal of Brooks Beast to provide runners with comfort, stability and support to improve their running abilities. Compared to the 12th, Brooks Beast 13 is more cushioned with update in cushioning system. Beside the full-length DNA cushioning gel and the BioMoGo biodegradable material, Brooks employs the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar to add more cushioning and comfort to the shoes. This feature also reduces over pronation of the foot. For additional support, the DRB Accel unit put in the mid-foot is maximized and the segmented Crash Pad is utilized for smoother heel to toe transition.

Like the 12th version, the flexibility of shoes is also enhanced thanks to Omega Flex Grooves in the midsole and Flextra rubber found in forefoot of the outsole. In order to control foot movement effectively, these shoes are designed with MC Pod Configuration system, which is generally used in most motion control running shoes of Brooks. The upper of this version still works well in keeping the shoes comfortable and breathable by using the Element-Mesh material.

Moreover, the outsole of the shoes is built with highly durable materials for excellent durability and traction on different types of terrains as well as grounds. When it comes to stability and cushioning, Brooks Beast 13 is indeed a monster because these features are carefully designed to allow foot to manage motion control when running. These especially provide severe over-pronators with maximum support for better running experience without injury. Brooks Beast 13 is ideal for regular running routines and normal trainings. It is really a worthy investment for those who are looking for a motion control with the extra amount of cushioning, stability, support and comfort.

Brooks Beast 12

Although this version doesn’t have new and updated features like the 14th, these shoes still provide runners with memorable running experience thanks to several good features and technologies packed in their design. Runners have appreciated great comfort of Brooks Beast 12. This is provided by good cushioning system, soft and breathable materials used in the shoes. In terms of cushioning, the factor often noticed in any shoes, Brooks Beast 12 features a Tuned Density Midsole to make sure there is enough cushioning placed on important areas and offer good shock absorption during impact and toe-off.

A full-length DNA cushioning system is the best feature that offers needed comfort and support to endure even long distance runnings. Moreover, The Brooks BioMoGo is efficiently used in the shoes to keep them comfortable and flexibility. Additionally, the Moisture-Managing Element Mesh and Linings in the upper also contributes to ensure comfort by preventing moisture from building up inside the shoes and keeping the feet cool and dry in even hot weather. Brooks Beast 12 has the Omega Flex Grooves to enhance flexibility without affecting cushioning and integrity of the midsole. Aside from this, the shoes have Flextra found in the forefoot of the outsole to provide customized flexibility.

A Caterpillar Crash Pad designed in these not only gives additional cushioning but also provides underfoot flexibility. The DRB Accel found in the shoes has responsibility to control pronation, especially over-pronation. The HPR Green rubber combines with High Abrasion rubber make up a very durable outsole and at the same time offer a superb grip and traction on road, gravel, and track terrains. These motion control shoes are ideal for normal trainings, especially for improving running ability.


For me, Brooks Beast 14 is the most extreme motion control shoes on the planet. I am perfectly satisfied with the support, stability and comfort they brought. Since using these great running shoes, I notice remarkable improvement in my running as well as other activities. I highly recommended these for runners who have flat feet and severe over-pronation like me.

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