Brooks Ghost 8 Running shoes Review

Brooks Ghost 8 Running shoes full Review, Comparison, check rankings and find similar shoes to Brooks Ghost.

I am a faithful fan of Brooks and the Ghost 8 is no exception. This latest version of Brooks Ghost doesn’t disappoint me because it is a really good product with advanced features and technologies. In order to know how it is great, this article will provide you with sincere reviews as well as reliable information.

Brooks ghost 8 Pros and Cons


  • Very comfortable and snug fit
  • Great look
  • Excellent grip and traction


  • Can feel a bit warm and narrow at the toes
  • A little bit heavier than competing shoes in the same category

Brooks ghost 8 running shoes review

Brooks Ghost 8 running shoes

Comfort and fit

At the first time of wearing them, The Ghost 8 immediately impressed me with its comfort, especially the snug fit around the bridge and heel of my feet. It features the Synthetic Overlays, which offers a secure and snug fit. The tongue provides good padding on top so the laces don't dig into my feet despite smaller fit than the Ghost 7. It has a great amount of cushioning which offers optimum comfort as well as responsiveness and protection. Additionally, the toe box is roomy and comfortable without seams running through that area so you don’t have to worry about discomfort during a long run. But its fit is not for wide feet. For this type of foot, it may be too tight and cause discomfort or blisters when running. It is better to determine your foot type before choosing the best suitable shoes to avoid unexpected issues.


I like shoes with a lot of cushion and these didn’t let me down. The heel and the area on the front of the foot have awesome comfort and impact cushion. Thanks to the great cushioning of the shoes, I feel like walking on air. Specifically, the Cush Pod Configuration - a cushioned design found in the outer sole and midsole combines with the Caterpillar Crash Pad to give plenty of cushioning and a balanced and efficient transition from heel to toes. This shoe also uses Biodegradable materials to make midsole for more cushioning. But because of the good padding it has a tendency to feel a little warm. If you live in warmer climate areas or in summers, this can be an issue. It is certainly warmer and a little bit heavier than the Nike Air Pegasus.


With high arches and feet that supinate, I need cushioned shoes, not stability or control ones and Brooks Ghost 8 meets my demands. These are comfortable, flexible, and provide just enough support. I noticed they provide surprising support to my heels. I often run on concrete and it really helps in getting rid of some of my hip/knee joint soreness. Besides, they are one of the only shoes I've tried recently that are firm enough in the area between the toes and the arch to keep this part of my foot from sinking too far. Especially, for neutral pronators, these shoes deliver the right amount of cushioning and support they need. A Profile Sockliner not just offers cushioning, but also support for your neutral pronation. It also has extra room for the inserts in case you need more support and treatment for your foot problems.


The heel and forefoot height of both men’s and women’s version are enough to offer better protection for your heel while running. This height of heel will protect your feet from debris on the road. In other words, you can run without concerning about getting hurt or blisters.

Brooks ghost 8


Brooks produced great shoes with The Ghost 7 and has not lost a beat. Especially, on the Ghost 7, the part of the mesh right above my big toe was worn out quickly than expected but with The Ghost 8, there is an extra rubber strip exactly across from that spot for more durability. The durability is also enhanced due to the Blown Rubber and HPR Plus materials used in the outsole. You will be able to enjoy more running in a pair of these.

Stability and flexibility

This shoe is designed to offer a flexible, light and stable ride. The Blown Rubber in the outsole not only offers durability but also flexibility and responsiveness. It uses the Omni Flex Grooves in order to increase flexibility of the midsole without sacrificing cushioning. The upper portion also contributes to add flexibility for these shoes. Additionally, the Caterpillar Crash Pad found in the midsole offers stability and cushioning for smoother transition. The Brooks Ghost promises to give you enough stability features to protect you while running.


In terms of breathability, Brooks Ghost 8 has the Element Mesh and the Element Linings that make sure your feet stay dry and cool. Besides, they also provide great comfort for the upper portion and manage moisture inside the shoes.


The women’s version weighs 8.8 oz and the men’s version is 10.2 oz. These weights are not too heavy but not light, either. Therefore, the men’s version can only be used for normal training while the women’s is used to improve your speed running.


With great grip and durable traction provided by the HPR Plus in the outsole, the shoes can do well on tracks, roads, and gravels and even on treacherous road conditions. This material also adds more great comfort and cushioning. Besides, it has other features that will make your running really worry-free and exciting.


These shoes are a big help for many people such as neutral runners or those with high arches or plantar fasciitis but not wide feet because they seem to run a bit narrow. With a bit heavy weight of the men’s version, these aren’t suitable for speed work. But for the women’s version, the weight is lighter so it is sometimes used for this task.

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The color is much nicer than what you see in the photos online. Whenever I wear these, I feel more confident not just because of its high quality but also its appeal look. I always use these cushioned shoes in my daily activities and they suit my usual clothes well.


In comparison with other neutral running shoes, this Brooks shoe is considered to be slightly expensive. However, it surely satisfies your demands in running.

Previous versions of Brooks Ghost 8

Brooks Ghost 5

These shoes are referred as a neutral running trainer but still offer ample and generous cushioning for foot strikes. The foam materials are the main features that were redesigned. This makes the shoes become more responsive around the forefoot as well as provides efficient takeoffs and good grips for runners. Together with the softness of great amount of cushioning, The Ghost 5 also maintains its flexibility and swiftness. Additionally, the fit is improved for a lot more secure feel. These shoes are built with more durable materials than ever for significantly enhanced performance on long, high mileage runs. The main qualities of this shoe allow this to be suitable for any type of usage (except maybe for speed work because of its heavy weight). The springiness and the pretty impact absorption make it an ideal choice for tracks, roads and gravels. Neutral pronators with either heel or foot strikers are the main customers of these shoes.

Brooks Ghost 6

Better running experiences are common feeling of customers for Brooks Ghost 6. Brooks not only retains custom cushioning of previous versions but also complements and enables it by the Adaptable MoGo DNA Midsole, which are for smoother heel-to-toe transitions. This technology also improves shock absorption to provide runners with better protection. The next improved feature is the insole offering the plusher and more comfortable feeling in the underfoot. The Ghost 6 has a newly updated feature called the Heel and Midfoot Segmented Crash Pad. This is used to add more cushioning, stability as well as support to the shoes. The HPR Plus technology used to build up the outsole of the Ghost 6 indeed provides excellently durable traction. With the combination of updated and improved features, this cushioned shoe promises to deliver large number of benefits to runners such as improved cushioning, supportive stability and protection. Like its previous version, The Ghost 6 is also a good choice for neutral runners and neutral pronators. The great cushioning and durability provides great protection from excessive wearing or unwanted injuries and allow you to perform well on roads, even or uneven tracks and gravels. Moreover, flexibility, stability, firmness and breathability features seen in these shoes are very important to help you have the best running experiences. However, remember that this shoe is not designed with enough technologies for speed performances.

Brooks Ghost 7

Some people like the ghost 7 than 8 because of the better fit of this version. In this version, Brooks still continues improving and updating new technologies and features to make sure that runner will receive better running experience. The Brooks Ghost 7 still uses custom cushioning with the Adaptable MoGo DNA midsole that improves the impact absorption. In terms of comfort, this shoe will not disappoint you. The Full-Length Cushsole S-257 is one of the updated features in this 7th version. It will ensure your feet to feel very comfortable when running. Moreover, in order to have a much smoother heel-to-toe transition, Brooks improves the Heel and Midfoot Segmented Crash Pad features. Aside from this, it also adds more stability and cushioning to this shoe. The Ghost 7 comes with an affordable price, a solid arch support and neutral pronation. Like other versions, HPR plus in the outsole is used to enhance the traction and durability that allows you to run on gravel and road. Brooks Ghost is always considered as heavy shoes. But in this version, especially in women’s, the weight is still light enough to be used for speed training. With the right amount of comfort and protection, choosing the Brooks Ghost 7 is one of the best decisions to have more effective running.

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Similar running shoes to Brooks Ghost 8

The New Balance 1080v3, the Mizuno Wave Rider 16 and Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 are three similar running shoes for the Brooks Ghost because of their right amount of support and cushioning they provide to runners.

New Balance 1080

Firstly, the New Balance 1080 is one of the best running shoes on the market thanks to remarkable features used to build it. You will be amazed at the amount of cushioning in New Balance 1080v3. It provides the plush cushioning in the heel and forefoot that enhances shock absorption without reducing its main components. Despite great cushioning, this shoe is considered to be lighter than the Mizuno Wave Rider. This is a heavy competitor of Brooks Ghost and a top choice of running shoes for long distance runs.

Mizuno Wave Rider

The second similar shoe to Brooks Ghost is the Mizuno Wave Rider, which is a lightweight cushioned shoe. This shoe offers maximum cushioning level in the heel and forefoot for better shock absorption during take-off and impact that protects your foot from unwanted pain in these areas. Additionally, this great cushioning also provides a smoother heel-to-toe transition to enhance performance as well as stability for the runners. Mizuno Wave Rider 16 is still rated to be lighter than Mizuno Wave Inspire and Brooks Ghost. Besides, this pair of running shoes has other highlight features that will make you impressed and satisfied.

Mizuno Wave Inspire

Another ideal alternative for Brooks Ghost is the Mizuno Wave Inspire. Although this running shoe is heavier than Mizuno Wave Rider 16 and the New Balance 1080 which are mentioned above, it is still lighter than the Brooks Ghost while it provides a quite higher amount of cushioning compared to the Brooks Ghost. It especially delivers high heel cushioning which will help reduce the shock during take-off and impact. With lightweight and cushioning of this shoe, you can perform your run easier and faster. Besides, it is also very comfortable and stable that means The Mizuno Wave Inspire promises to give you a more comfortable and smoother experience. If you are looking for a stability and well-cushioned running shoe, this is a good pair for you


These cushioned running shoes certainly bring more wonderful experience to your running. Don’t wonder too much about its price, because you will soon get all the benefits from buying these.

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