Brooks Glycerin 14 Review

Brooks Glycerin 14 is advertised to be equipped with everything you want to glide through your run in the most comfortable way. However, some customers still doubt about this. And my article below might be a reliable source for them to understand more about these shoes.

Brooks Glycerin 14 - Highlight features and technologies

Aside from maintaining the good old features of previous models, these neutral running shoes also add new features and technologies that enhance performance and quality to make more and more runners interested in buying.

  • Adaptable DNA Midsole is a very new technology from Brooks that provides runners a well-cushioned running and much smoother transition experience.
  • The shoes also feature a Tuned Density Midsole that offer the right cushioning in important sections of the feet.
  • Omega Flex Grooves and Omni Grooves are used in The 14 to enhance flexibility in the midsole section and especially Omega Flex Grooves are very efficient in providing natural bending properties of the shoes.
  • The 3D Fit Print is one of the great features of The Glycerin 14 because it contributes to reduce the weight as well as provides a much more comfortable and perfect fit that most runners expect.
  • Profile sock liner is also considered as a highlight feature in these shoes. This very soft material gives additional comfort for your feet and combines with the BioMoGo Sockliner to maximize cushioning.
  • Caterpillar Crash Pads works well in adding stability to the midsole section. Plus, stability and support properties of the shoes are also improved by The DRB Accel feature. This feature also plays an important part in controlling pronation tendencies during the run.

Brooks Glycerin 14 Review

Brooks Glycerin 14


It is more comfortable than my old pair of Nike Air Max. My first run of 6 miles in these was awesome with extreme light and soft feel on my feet. This is light and comfortable enough for short and long runs alike. The material inside provides a comfortable and snug fit as if contoured to my feet such as the Element Linings found underneath the upper gives more comfort and transfers moisture. Before purchasing this pair, I saw others complained about the poor long term wear of the shoes, but the bottom line for me is health, well-being and overall comfort. Overall, the shoes have enough comfort for walking around, running and wearing all day.


The shoes fit perfect as expectation like all previous versions of Brooks Glycerin. The 3D Fit Printed Overlays supply a seamless and secure fit. Another feature in the upper helps provide better fit is the Midfoot Wrap. This wraps your whole foot for it to have a lot more supportive fit. It has plenty of room in the forefoot and fits great in the heel with more cushioning. This model is designed to accommodate medium-sized feet. Therefore, runners with wide feet should find other options because it will be difficult to wear and run with these shoes without discomfort caused by unsuited space.


Version 14 is significantly better than the 13. This newest version has a super-soft cushioning in both heel and forefoot area for smoother ride and lots of shock absorption while the 13 felt stiff and not very cushioned to me, they even make my hips and knees hurt. The Super DNA midsole material used in the shoes provides more cushioning than other Brooks’ midsole materials. The Cush Pod Configuration cushioned design found in both midsole and outsole plays a key role in providing an efficient and balanced heel-to-toe transition. Besides, there are also many other features that enhance the cushioning in this version like the Profile Sockliner, the Strobel Last and so on. Despite the large amount of cushioning, it still allows runners to feel the road well.


The shoes provide great neutral arch support. In other words, this model is specifically designed for neutral pronators. With the Glycerin 14, I get enough support that protects my feet/legs from getting sore during long runs. Moreover, I have extremely high arches and tend to supinate when I walk and run. It is really hard for me to run and I always have problems with my ankles rolling, tight calves and hamstrings, ankle, knee pain, and general arch pain. Wearing these shoes is the best treatment for my issues. It makes me realize how much I missed out on by not switching to neutral running shoes like this sooner. Plus, I was told it is the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. It can also offer more support if you require with an orthotic arch support inserted into them.


The shoes are incorporated with enough stability features you need during a run. A Caterpillar Crash Pad in the midsole not only offers more cushioning but also personalized stability.

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The 14th not only has more cushioning but also more flexibility. They also feature Omega Flex Grooves and Omni Grooves that increase flexibility of the midsole and provide cushioning at the same time. Good flexibility of the midsole will allow you to be able to move your feet very well.


The Brooks used very breathable materials to make this shoe that keep your feet always cool and dry. The mesh upper manages moisture inside the shoes as well as provides great breathability. Additionally, in case you wet your shoes, don’t worry too much because they dry very quickly and immediately bring back comfort and breathability for your feet.

Quality and durability

Although there are some bad reviews about durability of this product, I still feel it is fine. It seems to be well built with good quality materials. The outsole is made of durable rubber that ensures enjoyable running or training without worrying too much that the shoes can break down anytime.


I use these for my daily training on roads, tracks and gravels and find that traction is also good enough to deal with trails. I feel that I get better control and grip in my Brooks Glycerin 14 even in the wet conditions. Their great grip and traction mainly provided by the HPR Plus found in the heel of the outsole. This material is high abrasion-resistant rubber that not only offers traction and grip but also helps enhance durability of the product.


According to general reviews of users, they often use these for their endurance training, Trail Running. Some also use the shoes for Zumba, treadmill or gym. In any type of training, Brooks Glycerin 14 works well and gives the best results to users. From my experience, I highly recommend these for anyone wanting comfortable neutral shoes or even someone who is looking for great high mileage shoes.

​The price of this 14th version is said to be more expensive than others neutral shoes in the market. However, high price always comes with high quality products. The 14th version is a typical example. The shoes are worth every penny. I will continue spending money for a pair of Brooks instead of having shin splints again.


I really fell in love with the look of the shoes. I can say that these are the most beautiful running shoes I've ever worn or seen. The new material used to build up the shoes is also so fantastic.


The weight of the shoes plays an important role. The 14th version is considered to have a lighter weight than previous models, that’s why it is often used for long running. This feature allows runners to glide more effortlessly and helps them think less about their feet to focus on their running better. In comparison between the men’s and women’s versions, the men’s seems to be heavier, so the women’s Brooks Glycerin 14 can be used for speed work while the men’s is only suitable for normal trainings.

Brooks Glycerin 14 Pros and Cons


  • 3D printed and synthetic overlays offer secure and seamless fit
  • Provide maximum comfort through updated features and design
  • Very breathable thanks to Element Linings and breathable materials
  • Outsole technologies give durable protection, great traction, flexibility as well as pressure distribution
  • Have enough cushioning and support for long distance running
  • The nice color and design help heighten the shoes’ appeal


  • Men version is heavier than women’s
  • Some complained that the midsole was a bit stiff
  • The price is a bit high

Similar running shoes to Brooks Glycerin

The Glycerin 14 is a neutral running shoe with great amount of cushioning. Runners can benefit from these shoes to improve their performance even in long distance running. There are also similar running shoes to The Glycerin 14 that bring to you similar running benefits. They are the Brooks Transcend, Hoka One One Conquest and the Asics Gel-Flux.

 Brooks Transcend

​Firstly, the Brooks Transcend is a road running shoe with an excellent amount of cushioning in the heel and forefoot provided by the new Super DNA cushioning system like Brooks Glycerin to give runners a smoother ride and reliable running experience. The Brooks Transcend is not flexible because of several cushioning and protection features in it. And in terms of stability, this similar shoe just comes with average level, but it is enough to support overpronators.

Hoka One One Conquest

The second similar shoe to Brooks Glycerin is the Hoka One One Conquest which is a highly responsive shoe used to improve running performance. This model is designed to encourage neutral foot motion and control neutral pronation or supination. However, the Hoka One One Conquest is heavier compared to Brooks Glycerin. And because of the excellent heel and forefoot cushioning, these have a really high profile. Like Brooks Transcend, flexibility is not really great due to stiffness of the shoes. Stability is also at average level.​

Asics Gel-Flux

Lastly, another similar shoe is the Asics Gel-Flux that also provides excellent heel and forefoot cushioning. However, these are quite heavier and have higher profile than the Brooks Glycerin. They are considered one of the cheap shoes but still have the remarkable comfort and protection. This model of Asics is also designed with other features that can help much with your running performance. The Asics Gel-Flux provides neutral support and necessary support for mild under-pronators.​

Generally, these shoes have the same amount of support and cushioning properties but come with different profile of height and weight. Therefore, you also have to consider carefully about these features to choose the best suitable running shoes for your feet.​

Previous version of Brooks Glycerin 14​

Brooks Glycerin 10

Brooks Glycerin 10 is a neutral running shoe that is a combination of comfort, great shock absorption, efficiency and durability. Neutral pronators are often expected to be the main target of normal neutral shoes. But with the new design, these shoes are expected to cater heavier runners than neutral trainers, that is not uncommon among neutral running shoes. These can also control supination. Their solid support meets the demands and challenges of high mileage or long distance training. They have great amount of cushioning mainly provided by Super DNA Technology in the midsole, however, most of the cushioning is found at the heel area so runners with forefoot style may have some difficulty in running in them.

Brooks Glycerin 10 is not only comfortable but also stable when running. Like other Brooks’ shoes, this version also features the Cush Pod Configuration, which offers a balance between the forefoot and the heel. The fitting of the shoes is not limited to medium-sized feet; it provides more room for wide-footed runners. Besides, The Glycerin 10 has some features which look and feel different from previous models such as the 3D Fit Printed Overlays in the upper and an asymmetrical overlay for a snug fit and protective feel in the shoes. The popular terrains among neutral running shoes are roads, tracks, and gravels. The Glycerin 10 is no exception. The shoes are highly recommended for normal running even in long distance, but not for speed work because of its heavy weight.

Brooks Glycerin 11

Brooks have continuously innovated, researched and developed their products to new level to have stable position in competitive footwear market through higher quality and updated features. Brooks Glycerin 11 is an example for that. Adaptable DNA Midsole technology in the midsole provides comfortable cushioning to get rid of the discomfort during landing or take-off. Aside from this, Tuned Density Midsole offers needed padding, support and relief in important areas. The Profile Sockliner is also another feature that is considered an excellent buffer for additional comfort. The Soft Blown Rubber Forefoot is an improvement in the forefoot area to reduce fatigue and difficulty during running. In terms of flexibility, the shoes feature Omega Flex Grooves and Omni Grooves to ensure sufficient movement of feet or in other words, provide enough flexibility for your feet without affecting the amount of cushioning.

Like the 10th version, this also has the 3D Fit Printed Overlays for a substantial weight reduction. Plus, the Caterpillar Crash Pad in the soles makes these shoes become more reliable and stronger. The durable rubber used in the heel of outsole (HPR Plus) provides excellent grip and traction to deal with various terrains as well as weather conditions. Additionally, the Glycerin 11 is designed with the Moisture-Managing Element Linings that able to keep your foot dry and cool in even wet conditions. Although the shoes are designed for roads, great traction also allows them to be used on trails. The Brooks Glycerin 11 owns excellent neutral arch support and stability, which are good for runners with neutral arches. These are often praised due to their comfort, stability, durability, reliability and versatility. Therefore, it is excellent for heavier training than other running shoes. They are not light enough for speed running, but are incredibly reliable for enduring and long training.

Brooks Glycerin 12

These shoes are a lot better compared to the 11th with many new and updated features and technologies used in their structure and design. Although they look bulky and stiff but the cushioning inside is very amazing. They have an Adaptable DNA Midsole that provide great cushioning as well as smoother heel-to-toe transition. There are also other features designed in the shoes to add more cushioning such as a Tuned Density Midsole, which offers the right amount of cushioning in necessary areas or a Soft Blown Rubber Forefoot to improve the cushioning. Thanks to all these cushioning features, your running will be more comfortable, less tiring and easier; also a great protection from pressure or impact possibly put on your feet when running.

In terms of comfort, The Brooks Glycerin 12 always provides runners with maximum comfort through the great features. The 3D Fit Printed Overlays not only reduces the weight but also offers great comfort with a secure fit. Plus, a removable Profile Sockliner is made of a soft material also helps in delivering better comfort to your feet. The Caterpillar Crash Pad is equipped on the sole of the shoes for both stability and cushioning and makes you feel not just comfortable when running but safe and secure as well. These neutral running shoes provide balance and control for neutral pronators. In terms of durability, it is durable enough for long and heavy runs. Besides, the durable materials used to make the outsole also offer great traction and grip on roads, dry or wet surfaces. Sometimes, they can be used on trails but you have to be careful, they were designed especially for roads. Its weight is not light enough to use for speed works. It is better if you use this properly to have the best performance and a fun training experience.​

Brooks Glycerin 13

The features and technologies used in this version is updated and improved much more than the 12th version to provide awesome support and the highest quality performance during running. The Cush Pod Configuration known as a softened design is found in both midsole and outsole to help runners have a balanced and efficient transition from heel to toes. The Super DNA material is added into the shoes to give much more cushioning. These shoes also used other features to provide great cushioning such as a Tuned Density Midsole and the Caterpillar Crash Pad. When it comes to the Caterpillar Crash Pad, this feature provides not only cushioning but stability as well. The middle section’s flexibility is enhanced by two additional features, which are called Omni and Omega Flex Grooves. These features also give more cushioning to absorb shock better during landing or take-off.

HPR Plus feature is particularly used on the heel area of the outsole not only for improved durability but also for good traction and grip on wet terrains. Like other Brooks neutral shoes, it is good to use on tracks, gravels and roads. This model is designed with breathable materials, Element Mash and Linings that keeps your feet dry and cool every time. Generally, the 13th version has the same features as previous models. However, Brooks has made improvements and updates to enhance quality of their products. The Brooks Glycerin 13 is designed especially for neutral runners. The shoes give this type of runners a neutral arch as well as enough cushioning and other support to help them get the best quality performance in their trainings. Despite being heavier, the fit of this version is better than the 12th and with its exceptional support, cushioning and flexibility, Brooks Glycerin 13 is indeed an excellent neutral shoe for long distance running, but not for speed tasks like racing and sprinting.​


I'm glad because something changed from the 13th, and I can have good long distance shoes again! No complaints! I will still wait for the new Brooks to come out. I hope in the newer edition, Brooks will maintain great features and technologies used in The Glycerin 14

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