Brooks Launch 3 Review

We should affirm that the Brooks Launch 3 satisfied all of your cushioning needs, especially for neutral runners. Almost all of them have to agree that it delivered pretty well when coming to the overall efficacy and visual flair. Even though it felt narrow and small for some of us, you may note that its upper fabrics durability cannot leave the good impression. So, you will be no longer worry about this issue and enjoy its shoe service.

Brooks Launch 3 - Highlight features & technologies

  • The first enhancement of this shoe lays down right on its upper. As a matter of fact, it may come with the new Print upper of 3D Fit, which increases the flexibility of the shoe without affecting its overall structure and adding weight. This function indeed enhances the upper as well as offers the flawless fit.
  • Regarding the noted durability, the shoe can be much lighter with the less material of the sole or smaller offset. But this shoe is sturdy enough to last about 350 miles easy and even more. As a matter of fact, almost all of us cannot afford multiple types of shoes to serve for different running forms. So, if you need one single shoe which may serve a variety of purposes, the Brooks Launch 3 plays this specific role extremely well.
  • Furthermore, the outsole is slightly updated. With the newly added element in its forefoot area, this shoe can deliver the extra-springy feature of the toe-off area. It also provides you added flexibility and durability.
  • Even though it is not the heck of many changes from its precedents, it is tweaked a bit, added several styles in its particular colorway, as well as made itself a more solid training companion that you can race in. You can also realize that the toe of the shoe can be slightly narrower compared to the Brooks Launch 2, and narrower from its original version. It is the minor quibble.

Brooks Launch 3 - Pros & Cons


  • Its upper fabrics can cover your foot comfortably and securely so it may let you feel reasonably lightweight whenever trying it.
  • Also, you may generally appreciate its upper unit that was non-irritating and soft to its skin.
  • By enjoying its vibrant schemes of colors, this shoe makes you be enhanced the aesthetic appeal.
  • The shoe model became a great shoe for runners who expect the excellent performance for all ways.
  • Also, using the shoe prevents any sign to occur the discomforts brought by the muscle and knee pains while running.
  • Its cushioning system is sufficiently responsive to support its general durability.


  • Its upper unit entirely began to remove its threading right after several uses.
  • This shoe is not quite true to size and a little bit smaller than the regular choices.
  • Its’ toe box is the tad narrow, which causes the toes of the shoe to clump uncomfortably.

Brooks Launch 3 description


The outsole of the Brooks Launch 3 uses the technology named HPR Plus, which delivers the impressive traction directly on different types of roads. The high-abrasion capacity of the resistant rubber made its outsole to be able to last longer. It can work pretty well with the blown rubber of the forefoot material which gives you added flexibility and durability.

brooks launch 3 outsole

While its outsole can be relatively flat in overall, you may find plenty of going on traction. When running in the shoe on the wet or dry pavement and even the packed snow, you might see the difference by yourself. On wet or dry pavement, this shoe may handle perfectly on snow. Meanwhile, you were admittedly aware of the place where your feet goes carefully and felt secure.

Wherever the durability goes, you cannot see unexpected wear directly in the roughly 30 miles. Besides, you can easily get 500 miles by using this shoe. Again, though, in the case that you are truly hammering on the heel, you should consider the shoe wear is a little uneven as its heel side made of rubber can be thinner than that in its forefoot.


The shoe uses the conventional midsole cushioning with the BioMoGo DNA brand name. This feature is indeed believed to show more reliable performance than the midsole with standard MoGo. It can be the alternative which is environment-friendly to deliver the softer and more flexible running experience.

In fact, the midsole of the shoe also utilizes the durable Cushsole technology named S-257, which is somehow energy-efficient to serve as the insole board to provide added cushioning and flexibility. In term of the product description, you may not see any significant difference located in its midsole. This characteristic is quite alike with the Brooks Launch 2. If you are indeed uninitiated to one of these shoes, you may want to know more about the midsole which uses the midsole material named BioMoGo DNA of Brooks.

This foam was meant to be able to adapt to the speed, size and the differences on impact force that the variables put there. Along with the foam, the Brooks Launch 3 has the crash pad which was segmented in its heel to offer you the faster transition. It is definitely true for anyone who can make the initial contact right in such area through the remaining of its gait cycle. The transition zone of the midfoot and the Crash Pad which was segmented to offer added stability and customized cushioning for the smoother toe to heel transition.


Its upper is apparently and completely redesigned. Its mesh body is the setup with dual-layers. Of which, its outer layer can keep out the inner and finer debris to have the more open and larger design that flips its script on many other similar shoes do. For this reason, you may find this shoe mesh breathable all your way back directly to its heel counter that may make cold runs chilly for several runners.

Several of its breathability should be credited directly to the true that it have come with the 3D overlays which are printed instead of bonded with heat to be a little denser. Furthermore, its’ enhanced upper offers you the Fit Print of 3D and this feature is strategically and intensely stretchable for impressive fit and added flexibility. It also works pretty well with its upper of Air Mesh to keep your foot entirely well-ventilated. Overall, its synthetic overlays may deliver a secure and snug fit.

Brooks Launch 3 Review

Brooks Launch 3

Comfort of Brooks Launch 3

This shoe can be your excellent option if you are looking for the fast feeling trainer with the cushioned characteristic. As a matter of fact, it can handle your demands of either long or short runs.

For one shoe which was right on the general cutting line some years ago, it enjoyed a resurgence. Compared to its precedent, the shoe was updated with one of the latest shoe technology of Brooks. Besides, this shoe offers small revision from its previous shoe model. However, it opens your doors wide in order to reach new ways of colors and provides more evidence that this shoe is meant to stay.

The Brooks Launch 3 is one neutral trainer which can be suitable for all type or distance of your road runs and can be considered the Brooks classic. With the Welcoming, Comfortable, and Secure feeling, you can bring this shoe to wherever you want. Furthermore, it is Versatile enough for you to do the track workout then run about 20 miles with them some days later. This feature is similar to the Adidas Springblade Solyce. We have to affirm that it is an all-around, solid, neutral trainer dedicated for both big races and daily runs.

Fit and size

The Brooks Launch 3 owns the true to size length for a running shoe. The forefoot, heel, and midfoot are the standard measurements so it can accommodate you if you have regular foot measurements and shapes. The Brooks shoemaker offers it under its standard D widths for men as well as B for women. You should mention its toe cap in its fit section in a second. This material completes an excellent job to define its toe box yet, it is somehow narrower than you expect to see.

Its’ shoe fit is indeed spot on wholly for me. Also, its heel fits well with the enough shallow shoe heel counter and this part makes your foot width fairly flexible to use with. Moving into its midfoot, you should enjoy the particular way it fits your foot in such area. Again, there should be lots of room to accommodate different types of feet, even for people with narrower ones. If you have already tried the Brooks Glycerin 14, you would be like this product.


With its previous models ranking right at the Brooks lineup top and comparison to its competitors, this shoe continues the legacy of offering a lightweight and cushioned trainer dedicated for all runners. If you have the neutral strike of the foot, you may want to search for the shoe which can give responsiveness and ample cushion. Compared to the Mizuno Wave Catalyst, its engineered foams can be entirely different than. Regarding its DNA foam, you may enjoy the way it felt and brought underfoot with the wonderful medium of response and cushion.

Neither the super firm nor overly cushioned feature, its midsole sets the shoe up nicely to be a truly consistent trainer for daily activities. That said, the Brooks Launch 3 should benefit following the ground feel along with the response way by adjusting the geometry a bit. Currently, its stack height is 17mm for the forefoot and 27mm for the heel with the drop of about 10mm. These figures are a little high in the market today. It is better if this shoe may drop approximately 5mm off its forefoot stack as well as 10mm off its heel. So, it may allow its DNA foam of the shoe to stay more flexible yet, responsive and increase your ground feel, like the way Brooks Dyad 9 did.


Rocket through your runs in a neutral streamlined running shoe can be the dreams of many people. To serve this purpose, the midsole cushioning named DNA of the Brooks Launch 3 dynamically adapts and fits your speed and size for the amazing return of energy. Also, its midfoot is somewhat shaped for the fast toe-to-heel-to transitions as well as added rubber right in its forefoot provides you the extra-springy feeling when pushing off.

Furthermore, the upper is so ultra-light that the shoe can maximize the ventilation which keeps the feet dry and cool. All of its features come harmoniously together in this running shoe and make your run funnier and more comfortable. For an extra bonus, it has the excellent support and appearance. This shoe model has three color schemes for you to pick up. Just similar to the Asics Gel Impression 8, it offers you a different look and design to maximize the support.


The Brooks Launch 3 has been completely redesigned by adding the 3D printed and seamless upper for the enhanced comfort and fit. By this way, it feels great and stable on the feet. With the foot of a normal width, the shoe is true to size. This model hugs the foot providing the secure feel so that you will not feel too loose or tight.

Different with the Brooks Ghost, its toe box is no longer too wide and your foot just moves around in an acceptable range. Also, the shoe tongue is very padded and soft so it was indeed comfortable on your foot top and remained the same way during your runs. Like the Adidas Springblade Solyce, its breathability is outstanding. Its upper was designed without sew mesh, which leaves you dry and cool while providing the premium fit.


This lightweight neutral trainer gives you the cushioned ride and responsiveness. Your cushioned feel toward this shoe can be great for all long runs. However, you may found yourself wanting this shoes for your maintenance runs, short runs, faster paced workouts and tempos, with all the exception in term of speed work directly on your track.

Compared to the Brooks Glycerin 14, it is a bit too cushiony on your track. However, for the surface only, it feels great as well as gives you a quick, smooth transition. Being a great choice of buying for your value, this latest model of Brooks Launch continues to bring a cushioned lightweight trainer with the responsive and smooth and ride as well as the great look and comfortable fit.

Quality and durability

You may get the ample cushioning and feel of faster rides with this particular shoe. It has been recently updated with the new outsole made of rubber in its forefoot to offer you a springier toe-off. Furthermore, using a crash pad which is segmented for its midsole, the integrated yet independent shock absorbers can work well together. By this way, it customizes the laydown way of your foot for an exact amount of the cushion as well as seamless toe to heel transitions.

Many people appreciate the Mizuno Wave Catalyst as it gives the ample cushioning along with the smooth and quick transitions. These characteristics can be the advantages of the Brooks Launch 3 as well. They mat handle both longer training in high mileage distance and fast runs. You indeed get the responsive ride when wearing the shoe. While it feels fast nearly almost all the time, you may not enjoy it on your track. Its’ provided return occasionally felt cumbersome and slow.


Moving into its forefoot, there can be some things coming on. Firstly, there is the reasonable roomy amount in the around area across its metatarsals or the ball of your foot, depending on the level you choose to tighten its laces. Regarding its toe box, this shoe comes to uncomfortable way and I cannot think that its toe bumper provides any favors. Its wiggle room can be vertical and decent but it does not leave much room to serve for the toe splay. So, my average foot does not feel pinched like the time I use the Brooks Dyad 9 but there is not much room to move and spare.


Its sole uses the innovative midsole named BioMoGo DNA of Brooks. Common among other Brooks’s trainers, this feature uniquely provides cushioning which may adapt well to its specific force lay on it. Therefore, the Brooks Launch 3 can tailor to all runners and their unique needs.

Like the Asics Gel Impression 8, you can get the adaptive cushioning of the shoe throughout tits midsole versus its forefoot and heel. Runners may enjoy the soft and smooth ride the shoe provide. The sole of this shoe uses technology specifically designed in order to provide the smoother toe to heel transitions and higher return of energy. That is the place I found it stands apart from other daily trainers.

Grip and traction

Its ride is very nice as the shoe is firm enough for you to satisfy people who find the firmness and love simultaneously. In fact, this shoe provides sufficient cushion to achieve those with the sensitive tastes via several long runs. With the midsole mentioned above, its material underfoot was responsive and nice. But it is even more if the shoemaker intends to drop its general stack heights and bring the midsole closer to all surfaces and ground. Unlike the Adidas Springblade Solyce, its DNA material can be resilient enough for you to make it completely practical.


Its tongue is somehow padded and its stable lace loop was placed uniquely on its lateral side, near its top than the traditional place. You will not see it in the tongue middle and the shoe works pretty well in the new position to prevent the tongue slip. What’s more? Around the shoe collar is the foam which is spot direct on with the average level, just the specific way Goldilocks prefer.

Finally, its heel counter may sit rather low yet, sweep down a bit to meet the material of the midsole crossover where it can be somewhat rigid. This design makes up a really strong and well-shaped heel cup, similar to the way the Brooks Glycerin 14 did.


When you pull the Brooks Launch 3 out, you may be impressed by its color design and scheme. With the cool look, the 3rd edition comes to the stage with a new seamless upper of 3D print, which importantly enhances its comfort and fit. This feeling can be noticeable the very first time you slip it on.

Generally, the shoe does not change much in drop and weight from the predecessor, delivering the lightweight shoe of 7.9oz along with the 10mm drop. So, it gives a quicker and smoother feel than the standard trainer of Brooks, like the Dyad or the Ghost. The midfoot and forefoot were designed to take full advantages and optimize the energy return as well as provide the cushiony feel.


If its overlays are widely used sparingly in the web-like shoe design, we should begin looking at the shoe and forms directly at the transition from its upper-midsole. Its lacing reinforcement connects the remaining of its support structure that makes it come nicely while tied. The real stitches located on its upper can be on the term of its toe cap as well as the throat even though they are not noticeable. Similar to the Mizuno Wave, the Brooks Launch 3 went from 2 colorways from the Launch to 13 choices for men and 10 options for women. Among them, some have nice looks.

Previous version of Brooks Launch 3

Brooks Launch 2

In the case that you ran in its precedent, the Brooks Launch 2, its outsole has not completely changed. However, the full-contact layout has a tire-like tread to cover nearly all of its outsole. This way can be in contrast with others similar shoes we have seen which may look to reduce the weight by moving rubber strategically. For high-wear shoe areas, the men’s size of 11 is at about 10, resulting in the weight loss. Besides, the Launch 2 is durable than the previous model. By ditching the rubber through its arch, your close inspection for its forefoot rubber material can prove the thick substance compared to other places of the shoe. Therefore, you should consider its durability to serve for dedicated runners or heel-strikers when making your final decision.

Brooks Launch

This streamlined running shoe is dedicated for all neutral runners. The midsole cushioning of DNA adapts dynamically to your speed and size for amazing return of the energy. Its midfoot is well shaped for the fast transitions from heel to toe. Also, the added rubber right in its forefoot may give you the extra-springy to push-off the shoe. Plus, its ultra-light shoe upper can maximize the ventilation and keep the feet dry and cool. It all indeed comes together in this running shoe and make for comfortable and fun runs.

Similar running shoes to Brooks Launch 3

The most similar running shoes to the Brooks Launch 3 can comprise of Adidas Springblade Solyce, Brooks Glycerin 14, Mizuno Wave Catalyst, Brooks Dyad 9, and Asics Gel Impression 8.

Adidas Springblade Solyce

While the Springblade collection always has the performance up for the contention, you should not doubt about the Solyce offed appeal. In fact, the unique style and design of the shoe may attract runners who love to turn their heads in one product having the moderate support of their arch. It is a fabulous option with the breathable upper and excellent comfort. The Adidas Springblade Solyce work primarily as one cushioning mechanism which is engineered well in the slanted direction to serve for the propulsive move. So, it is more comfortable for you to come forward, not upward. This polymer shoe has the designed blades to last a bit longer than other regular cushioning methods.

Brooks Glycerin 14

Brooks already markets the shoe as the flagship ultra-cushioned and neutral shoes. Although this product may not match other cushioned shoes from different brands, it has a pillowy cushioning. Also, it can be substantially lighter compared to other competitors. It offers you very excellent support of the arch, and deliver the flexible ride which belies the cushioning amount. This shoe is considered quite light if you wear it for your mid-distance running activities at the moderate speed as well as packs sufficient cushioning for people who prefer to pile directly on the races.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst

The Mizuno Wave Catalyst can be one running companion for you if you want mild support of the underfoot, the right cushioning amount, and the dependable durability. It looks pretty cool and it is meant to improve your performance while wearing. The shoe features a durable and light cushioning through its midsole material named U4ic. Besides, it provides you sufficient amount of support without taking impact in its performance. Compared to some similar Mizuno shoes, it was designed especially for some high-mileage training. Overall, this shoe was equipped comfortably with the dedicated support and necessary technologies for your responsive run.

Brooks Dyad 9

The Brooks Dyad 9 is indeed one neutral shoe which offers you the incredible arch support. If you have the wider feet or wear orthotics, it must be made for you. Versatility is also its great asset as it may work as your daily training companion and as your everyday wear, even when you can be up on your feet for super long hours. So, the shoe is your solid option in the case that you have wider feet. Reducing weight and more flexibility can be the primary directives with such shown changes of this shoe.

Asics Gel Impression 8

Built for your runs in the low-mileage distance, the Asics Impression 8 can be your neutral shoe which offers you with the healthy interior, good stability, and unbelievable comfort. Although it is not light as other most lightweight shoes, it has the very agile and compact ride which you may love to own in your shoes. Asics indeed brings the minimal changes to it with the excellent introduction of the lighter mesh and better breathability. By this way, this shoe helps you much to reduce the weight and enhance its breathability. The overall upper construction of this shoe is minimal as well.

Final word

The Brooks Launch 3 is a super solid choice for your daily training, which can directly take you to the marathon distances by proving the training durability. If you are training for the marathon, it would be your great option. The primary reason made the shoe popular is that many people trust in its very reliable and high-quality design and structure. Last but not least, its price point is quite nice to serve for a durable, high-mileage shoe.

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