Brooks Transcend 4 Review

Splendid appearance is the first thing I saw in Brooks Transcend 4. The pair of shoes is less expensive than its predecessor Brooks Transcend 3, but having many improvements and inheriting most of the bright sides of the previous models. After testing and looking through many other users’ reviews, I find Brook Transcend 4 a favorable choice for both training and casual activities. It’s one of a kind in the sea of sameness nowadays, having such great cushioning while maintaining the superb support. Still, the price is something worth considering when you’re making your purchasing choice.

Brooks Transcend 4 - Highlight Features & Technologies

  • Brooks Transcend 4’s upper unit has much clearer appearance than its previous versions’. There are no fancy straps or laser-cut synthetic panels beneath the outer mesh like there used to be in Transcend 1 and Transcend 2. Yet, Transcend 4’s look is still appealing compared to a large number of other shoes.
  • The upper’s mesh is quite breathable, brings about comfort and hygiene. It works well enough to keep your feet free of sweat and smell for a long time. The material is soft, not pillow-like, but enough give you the cushioning feelings the supplier has promised.
  • Brooks Transcend 4 has got rid of the hard plastic material in the midsole and replace it with Super DNA foam. The foam is said to provide 20% more adaptable cushioning than the BioMoGo DNA foam used in producing Ravenna’s midsole. I bet rubber midsole’s still more long-lasting, but Super DNA foam appears to be durable enough.
  • There are three color choices available for both models for men and women. Not too many, I suppose, but the color schemes are quite splendid. Brook Transcend 4 will make a great fashion item. You can surely use it in a walk down the street and make your friend gasp at how fashionable your sport shoes are.
  • The plush interior giving its users such luxurious cushioning. Your feet will be fully protected in running, even in long runs.
  • The traction and grip of Transcend 4’s outsole are such an evolution. With the Flextra system under your feet, you will be able to run on the most slippery surface without any risks of slipping. However, the Flextra system may collect tiny objects on the track and you will have to spend time to get rid of them after training.
Brooks Transcend 4 men


  • Brooks Transcend 4 is well-known for being comfortable for users’, both in training and casual activities
  • Improved cushioning system compared to the previous models of the Transcend series, making running miles and miles in the pair of shoes more comfortable than you can ever imagine.
  • Colorful designs, the color schemes of this version are described as appealing, but not distracting.
  • Spacious toe box which makes users easy to accommodate natural toe-splay, guaranteed by many people who have tried this.
  • Remaining supportive in casual activities. Many people use Brook Transcend 4 as a fashion item, given its splendid appearance and quality.
  • Supportive, responsive and durable midsole.
  • The material and designs of the outsole making its grip and traction superb on most terrains, allowing you to run safely on the most slippery surfaces.
  • Fit and secure upper unit, giving you safe feeling while running in Brook Transcend 4


  • The women model is sometimes reported as a little bit uncomfortable, since several users have felt a significant drop in the arch support. According to them, Brooks Transcend 3 is better considering the feature.
  • The price is still a big deal for a lot of users.
  • Limited sizing, some users with so big or small feet may not find their fit shoes.

Brooks Transcend 4 Description

  • Midsole and Outsole
  • Upper

At the release of Brooks Transcend 4, the Brooks supplier claimed that they would provide the “most advanced support system”. The moment I received my pair of Transcend 4 delivered by Amazon, I was instantly stunned by these shoes’ sole unit, which is called the Guide Rails.

Naturally, shoe manufacturers have to put hard plastic in the midfoot and medial heel to get rid of excess pronation risks. With the Guide Rails, the support remains unchanged despite the lack of hard material. Brooks Transcend 4 features hard carbon rubber under the heel and softer blown rubber under the mid and forefoot, which I find a bit stiff.

Talking about the outsole, the most notable features is the superb grip and an updated Flextra system. Those characteristics serve to increase the traction and flexibility of the shoes. However, one minus point noted is that the excessive number of little lines on the sole will collect a lot of tiny rocks!

The midsole is 8 mm from heel to toe gradient, which is found easy to adapt while running.

Compared to Ravenna, I cannot tell that Brooks Transcend 4’s midsole is way better. The Brooks supplier has claimed that the new Super DNA foam used in producing Transcend 4’s midsole would provide 20{0b2fa7a8a0d290447a919682788e4b6d5aeced20f55d89886f757683806d352e} more adaptable cushioning than the BioMoGo DNA foam in Ravenna. It’s not wrong, the foam is surprisingly softer, but the Guide Rails’ stiffness erases all the enhancement. In fact, I still find Ravenna more comfortable.

Brooks Transcend 4 Review

Style and Fashion

There is a lot of things to talk about considering the designs of Brooks Transcend 4. It’s splendid, I’m not exaggerating, but much more simplified than its predecessors. Brooks Transcend 1 has a busy, somehow frilly upper unit with synthetic overlays and internal lacing straps. The second edition gets rid of the overlays, but the straps stay. Transcend 3 removed all the detailing beneath the outer mesh, but the printing outside is still confusing.

Brooks Transcend 4, however, is a big leap in style and fashion. The model looks more in line with others from the Brooks family like the Glycerin. No fancy straps or overlays, just fantastic printing schemes stay.

The shoes look both energetic and fashionable, ideal for a training session of medium intensity and relaxing walks. Some fashion gurus find Brooks Transcend 4 a versatile item, since it matches well with both training outfits and casual clothes.

General speaking, I see no minus point in the designs of Brooks Transcend 4. It justifies the high price, too.

Fit and Size

Just like the supplier has claimed, the toe-box’s height has actually increased over the Transcend 2 due to a new toe bumper stitched on. However, a new, increased foam heel padding pushes the foot forward a bit and justifies the effect of the new bumper.

So, similar to Transcend 3, Brooks Transcend 4 has shallow toe-box. Not that I’m complaining, anyway, but it means there is no improvement marked on the feature.

The padding, however, contributes greatly to make the shoe more secure while running. It makes the heel grip tighter, yet remain comfortable. My first experience with Brook Transcend 4 was like putting on a pair of socks. They fitted my feet perfectly. My ankles had never felt the same secure before.

However, if it’s the first time you have tried a product from Brooks, you’d better buy something a half size larger than your true size. Like I’ve said before, your feet will be pushed slightly forward in the shoes, so it may feel a bit uneasy if you choose a pair of the same size as your Nike or Adidas ones.


To be precise, the weight of Brooks Transcend 4 is 306gms/ 10.8 Oz for a half pair of Men's US 9/UK 8/EUR 42.5/CM 27. In my opinion, it’s not so light, but good enough.


The material they used to make the mesh is softer than that of Transcend 2 and Transcend 3. They manufacturer also add much more plush inside to the shoes gave me a luxurious cushioning feeling when I first tried it. Besides, for the first time, there is a stitched-on toe bumper with reflective trims on either side added to the front of the shoe.

There is nothing special about the tongue and the internal sleeve. It is noted that the tongue connects to a mid-foot sleeve in order to make the interior smoother and more comfortable. Still, it’s the same designs of Brooks Transcend 3.

The heel area, on the other hand, is much more improved. The collar foam padding is enhanced, now that there is more foam packed behind the soft lining. A dark side noted, the change affects the length-wise sizing of the Transcend 4. There is a bright side, though, that the heel grip works much better, making the shoe fitter and more secure.

The Transcend 4’s midsole is made of dual-density Super DNA foam. Above the primary midsole material, there is a firmer rim forming the supportive Guide Rails. The firm rim doesn’t affect runners’ feet, since there is a molded soft insole.


When you are running on a surface, it will generate jarring effects that affect your feet. If your shoes don’t have enough padding and cushioning, the effects will take it tools, raising risks of injuries. However, it’s not something you have to worry about when you choose Brooks Transcend 4.

There’s a lot of cushioning in the Transcend 4. The softest, closest to your feet is the removable insole. Under it is the firmer foam lasting and the midsole, making a perfect padding for your feet.

A few other things also contribute to the Transcend’s cushioning, namely the foam area under the heel, the blown rubber applied under the mid and forefoot. Besides, Brooks Transcend 4 has great cushioning balance for both rearfoot and forefoot strikers. The position of your feet when you land is not a big problem anymore.


It will not take your time to try to jump to the conclusion that Brooks Transcend 4 is very breathable. The upper unit is made by layers of mesh of various density. Thousands of tiny venting hole on the upper will keep the air around all the time and make your feet always free of sweat and smell.


Responsiveness is an important feature you should seek in a pair of sport shoes. A pair with great responsiveness will provide much support and safety. Brooks Transcend 4 is reported as considerably responsiveness. The shoes do a good job in protecting your feet, in my opinion.

Traction and grip

The outsole area of Brooks Transcend 4 is designed smartly to hold the best grip for runners. The hard rubber material also contributes greatly to the perfect traction and grip. You will feel totally confident to run on all surfaces with the shoes on. It will make sure that there is no slipping risk, even on muddy, oily or wet tracks.

Previous versions of Brooks Transcend 4

Brooks Transcend 2

Brooks Transcend 2 has such an impressive appearance with colorful designs and detailing. It is lighter than the first edition, and the support and stability are remarkable, too. Besides, the shoes can give runners such a supportive ride and extremely snug fit. The upper material’s quite breathable, given various layers of mesh applied. Compared to Brooks Transcend 4, Transcend 2 has less cushioning responsiveness.

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Brooks Transcend 3

The color schemes of Brooks Transcend 3 look simpler than those of Brooks Transcend 2, but still appealing. The mesh layers ensure breathability and moisture management. Brooks Transcend 3 has features that make it mold itself to the natural shape of the foot, making the shoe snug fit and secure. However, some reviewers said that the version is a bit bulky and stiff.

Similar shoes from other brands

Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6

Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6 is remarkably lightweight compared to other shoes from the Adidas family. The shoes bring comfort, since the materials are responsive to the movements of the foot. Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6 can be used as both trainer and racer shoes. Still, it is noted that the tongue of Boston 6 is not of a nice shape.

Saucony Guide 10

The Saucony Guide 10 is comfortable, true to size, responsive and durable. The upper unit holds the foot securely, giving a safe feeling while running. The cushioning material of the shoes is soft, yet long-lasting. However, the forefoot area is a bit narrow, according to some customers.

Mizuno Wave Aero 15

Mizuno Wave Aero 15 is quite light, snug fit and comfortable for users in both training and casual activities. The price is quite favorable, considering its quality. The cushioning system is something worth complimenting, too. Mizuno Wave Aero 15 is also reported as responsive and supportive. Its color combination, however, is a minus point to many customers.

Final word

The price is the biggest minus point of Brooks Transcend 4. Still, considering all the merits the pair of shoes can bring about, I think it is a considerably favorable purchase. high price for something of high quality is a lot better than a pair of low quality and bad look.

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