Hoka One One Huaka Review

The Hoka One One Huaka is highly appreciated by both customers and professions for its extremely lightweight and efficient cushioning while standing, walking or working out. Although it comes at a high price, all of the outstanding features regarding weight, well-manufactured materials as well as excellent support which you are capable of taking full advantages while wearing can satisfy any purchasers. These shoes are a smart choice if you want to invest in a nice model for both style and interesting experiences not only in the road but also in the hardest trails.

Highlight Features & Technologies

  • The outsole of these shoes is made of rubber material, so it can completely ensure for both traction and protection purpose. More importantly, this outsole also contains RMAT with high- abrasion rubber zones which are strategically placed and additional lugs on them for more effective walking, standing or running on the road or trail.
  • When you are on feet for several hours with the Hoka One One Huaka, you will have a chance to experience a great difference between the regular EVA foam and this innovative midsole material. Similar to the outsole, these shoes also consist of RMAT material in the midsole which promises to give you a large amount of cushioning, comfort without losing responsibility.
  • The upper is engineered from very high-quality and thin material with great laminated overlays for high durability and stability purposes. Also, to ensure a comfortable room for any types of feet, especially for wide feet, the toe box is made fairly widely while the tongue of this model comes with a really thin kind of material.
  • These shoes also provide the user's multiple choices of insoles and lacing as well. With two types of insoles are included when buying, the users can try three different ways of wearing by using a normal insole, a more flat insole or a combination of two of them. Besides, the lacing system can also basically worn two choices. The first choice is to use the lace system of Hoka, and the second choice is to try normal shoe laces included.
Hoka One One Huaka

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Hoka One One Huaka Description


The outsole of these shoes features rubber, and these rubber zones are strategically put at sole with the aim to create protection and traction as well as ensure stability. Moreover, this high abrasion resistant rubber outsole is also extremely reliable when creates to sturdy layer to protect your shoes from being easily damaged by abrasive surfaces. As a result, it not only promises to last longer but also provides an exceptional grip under the feet.

What’s more, this outsole also consists of RMAT- a high-quality material for better cushioning. In fact, this material is fairly slippery on the muddy or oily surfaces, but in general, it still ensures exceptional grip for the users in normal conditions such as dry or wet surfaces.


When comes to pick up an ideal model for cushioning purpose, the construction of midsole is the most important factor. Whether your feet are capable of getting enough comfort and cushioning for a long race or not depends greatly on how well-manufactured the midsole is.

What makes the innovative Huaka cushioning midsole different from other regular EVA foam materials is that it is effectively made of RMAT that is tended to deliver increased durability, traction and more importantly excellent cushioning and support. This cushioning purpose is substantial but not too flat; it is increasingly firm enough to make sure that your feet still receive great responsiveness and shock absorption.

While you are in these shoes, there is no feeling like you are running or standing on a foam pillow. In contrast, with an awesome combination of rockered profile and springy RMAT midsole, the product enables you to experience a real feeling like you are propelling forward. For both road and trail running, it also can work well, but truly, it works better when you are running on the trail.


The material making up the upper is very pliable and thin with interestingly laminated overlays for better sturdiness purpose. Furthermore, the seamless construction without sewing also makes the shoes more convenient and comfortable to wear. This upper is not the factor to create security for feet only; it should also give a roomy place for wide as well. In addition to the large toe box, the thin and unobtrusive tongue of this unit also impossibly cause any shocks or pressures on the feet’s top.

There are also two options for lacing systems, three ways to wear insole which allow you to choose for your favor and comfort. More amazingly, this fantastic race lacing system can help you adjust the fit effectively. Thanks to it, you can tighten or loosen the shoes to where your feet feel most comfortable and relax instead of trying to slide the plastic attachment down and then lock it again in place.

Hoka One One Huaka Review

Style and Fashion

The footwear you choose is not for protection and comfort only; it is also an essential component to finish your look. Whether you are walking out with your friends or taking part in an important race, the look is always important as it shows your style and personality. And if you want to look as stylish as you can, the Huaka is a good selection.

Available on the current market with 10 different choices of colors, it becomes easier to pick up the right style for your new appearance. The Hoka One One Huaka appeals numerous customers by the amazing mixture of multiple colors to create a stylish and modern and extremely unique look like a light combination of acid, aqua and white or a darker mixture of white, silver and black.

Fit and Size

There is a universal truth that there is no common size for any type of feet, so it is essential of every customer to pick up the right size for their feet. The Hoka One One Huaka can be true for fit. I cannot affirm that it is perfect for any feet’s size, but it is possibly fit most of the feet.

If you are a person with wide feet, it seems to be hard to pick up a suitable one as most of the shoes are made of medium sizes. If it is your wonder, don’t worry, the Huaka is especially for wide feet. The wide toe box can create enough room to make sure that it can accommodate even your big toe. Interestingly, the race lacing system with fit adjustment also allows you to tighten or loosen the shoes so as to get a more suitable fit for your feet.


At the first look, theses shoe will like heavy, but actually, it is extremely lightweight. Highly appreciated by a wide range of customers for the lightweight, it is true for running in a long race. As you can find, all of the parts from the soles to upper are all made of thin, light and high-quality materials. By this way, it helps to make your running easier and then improves the speed and endurance as well.


When it comes to picking up a right pair of shoes for workouts, the comfort is of the high importance. If the shoes you intend to pick up don’t give you a comfortable feeling, never buy it. With well-manufactured construction together with high-quality RMAT material in the outsole and midsole and incredible upper, these shoes give the users as much comfortable as it can.

However, whether it is comfortable or not also depends on the requirement of different people. Understanding that, the shoemakers also give the customers additional options of insoles and shoe laces with the view to helping them gain the most comfortable and relaxing feelings. For incredible comfort it delivers to the users, the Huaka successfully remains its loyal customers that continue to increase more despite its high price.


Among several models of Hoka family, Huaka is considered as one of the best versions. This model is built for the runners with wide feet who are seeking a great support and cushioning under the feet. We know there are also some models available with good cushioning, but Huaka is one of the most amazing ones which release a right feeling inside the shoes.

In term of the midsole, the Huaka shoemakers apply the awesome RMAT material with the aim to maximize cushioning and comfort under the feet. By this way, your feet will feel very comfortable and convenient. In general, the design of midsole also remains lightweight and sturdy so that it can provide a moderate level of support and comfort over numerous types of sneakers on the market. This cushioning allows you to experience a real feeling like you are running forward instead of standing on a foam pillow.


For a short run, a pair of shoes accomplishing with breathability seems not to be important, but it naturally increases the importance of ventilation in a longer race. Running for a long period of time makes your feet full of sweat and moisture, and these bad things even become more terrible in the hot weather. To ensure a good feel and comfort, you should not skip the shoes with good ventilation which allows the air to move around and keep sweat and moisture out of your shoes. You will get right with Huaka when it comes with a thin and breathable material in the upper.


There is an amazing thing about the Huaka is that these shoes are extremely cushioning, but it is not flat, it is firm enough to offer exceptional shock absorption and responsiveness. For every shoe, responsiveness always plays a crucial role. While you are running or jumping, especially on rough surfaces, there is pressure and shock putting on your feet which can cause normal injuries related to running. With the right responsiveness, it not only helps to reduce regular pains but also creates comfort and protection to your feet.

The key feature is the incredible high-density gel cushioning in the rearfoot and front foot which contributes sharply to absorbing pressures and shocks. Also, it enables to offer spring and fun to each of your movement when running or jumping. For this reason, it can eliminate the pressure at the time when your feet touch the ground and allow the steps in various positions and planes.

Traction and grip

To create effective movement as well as ensure safety to the users in any conditions as they are working out, the shoemakers from every brand in the sports industry always try to apply some technical innovations to improve traction and grip of the shoes. It is fancy to see that you are capable of standing solidly and remaining the speed as well as endurance on the wet ground, or even on the oily or muddy surfaces.

The outsole of these shoes is made of rubber which has lugs at the sole. These rubber lugged zones on the outsole offer an exceptional traction and grip on most surfaces and conditions. While wearing, you can see some slippage in the muddy or oily conditions because of the RMAT material on the outsole. However, only on the oily, muddy or very wet surfaces that you can see this matter. Truly, in normal surface condition, it provides enough grip to keep you balanced and solid.

Hoka One One Huaka- Pros and Cons


  • You can wear Hoka One One Huaka both on the road and on the trail.
  • These shoes come with stylish and modern design with a variety of color options, so you can freely choose the option which matches your style and favor
  • The seamless construction without sewing promises to offer an incredible experience to the users, even when they are not worn with socks.
  • Although the shoes look like heavy, they are extremely lightweight. This feature is proven by plenty of customers when they are on Huaka for several hours.
  • The Hoka Race-Lace System allows the users to adjust fit efficiently so as to ensure a perfect fit with different feet size.
  • The RMAT material in outsole and midsole not only ensures traction and protection purpose but also gives the excellent cushioning and comfort.
  • The toe box is fairly roomy, so it is capable of accommodating any types of feet, especially wide feet.
  • There are additional options of lace system and insole for the users to choose.


  • The price is somewhat costly, so if you want to become an owner of this amazing model, it requires you to invest a moderately large amount of money.
  • Some customers explain that the rubber lugs on the outsole are fastly worn out after some times of wearing.
  • The traction is not efficient as the outsole RMAT material is slippery on wet surfaces.

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Final word

The Hoka One One Huaka is worthy for its price. Considered as one of the highest-quality shoes dedicated for all serious athletes, this unit feels not only great but also look good, too. Although it is not for all of the runners and still exists some drawbacks, we cannot deny these excellent features to become an outstanding selection.

Not for running or workouts only, you can also take it down for a walking around the street with your friends or simply an attractive highlight to finish your outfit. Available in the multiple color choices, it can be expected to meet any needs and demands in various conditions and aspects.

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