Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill Review

A really modern design with incline settings and a powerful motor are the first impressions when you try running on Horizon Elite T9 treadmill. This is considered as an exceptional cardio machine for your home gym use. Let look at some following details about this great product before making decision whether to buy it or not.

Highlight features and technologies

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Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill Review


As I mentioned above, Horizon Elite T9 treadmill has a powerful motor (2.75 CHP) - the heart of the treadmill. This new motor is more reliable and smoother than ever before. I felt this power the first time running on it. While other treadmills are limited at ten to eleven miles per hour, the motor of this treadmill provides a good amount of power and an amazing belt speed of up to twelve miles per hour, which is suitable for average workout intensity and allows you to set harder running goals to strengthen your body. Although this is not for sprinting speed, but it is fantastic for middle distance, marathon, and general sports training. The frame, deck, and handles feel very stable when you run with a nice cushioned ride. The belt is so smooth, too. Moreover, I often use this treadmill in any room of my house because the motor always runs at low RPMs, even when at high speed, which not only reduces the noise but enhances durability as well. I have to say that it is extremely quiet!



I am an average user so I feel comfortably running on the 20×60 running belt of this machine. It makes my strides comfortable without straining and helps me produce excellent results in my training sessions. Besides convenient features for users, this machine also has a response cushioning system which keeps your hips, feet and joints comfortable. Plus, this cushioning also offers a 3 level stability on the track in order to give you maximum comfort and safety when you run. This great feature gives the ideal amount of support and flex in all phases of your strides quite effectively like running shoes, so you don’t need to invest too much in ones. Another feature that makes me feel very comfortable is the Cooling Fan which keeps me refreshed even when working on high intensity.


This Horizon Elite T9 treadmill is reviewed to have the best quality and the most expensive price among all other Horizon treadmills. It is packed with great technology that makes it deserve the money I had to pay. This is the only Horizon treadmill with combined touchscreen and durability of the Elite Series and built-in Virtual Active workouts. The running deck is one of the updated areas in this machine. With the new Infinity Drive system, this treadmill has the ability to work 21,000 miles before being serviced. I was impressed by the track of this machine which is pervaded with hard synthetic wax. This helps sustain its entire life without lubrication to increase the effectiveness and longevity like other treadmills.


Horizon Elite T9  not only is a high quality treadmill but also has great warranty policy. While normal gym machines give warranty policy with only 90-day labor and two years on its parts, this treadmill offers two years on labor and five years on working parts. Especially, this manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for both the frame and motor. This is a very wonderful addition.

Amazon is the reliable address for you to purchase this Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill. Choosing Amazon, you have a chance to get great price, free shipping and friendly customer services.

Similar model to Horizon Elite T9

Horizon Fitness T7 Treadmill

The Horizon Fitness T7 Treadmill is the most similar model to the Horizon Fitness Elite T9 because in general, both these treadmills share the same mechanics, incline, motor power and speed etc. The different feature between them is the interactivity. The T9 treadmill provides extra workout programs such as the Virtual Active mode, which gives runners an immersive running experience.


the Horizon Fitness Elite T9 is really an ideal machine for home use. It is hard to beat this machine with all new techs it has. I highly recommend this treadmill for any serious runner who wants to buy a high-tech efficient machine for their workout session. If this machine suits your fitness needs and budget, don’t hesitate to purchase it immediately to get your fitness goals sooner.

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