Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 Review

After my LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill was broken down, I was looking for another sturdy foldable treadmill to replace for it and was suggested the Horizon Fitness Adventure 5. Up to now, I have used it for over 10 months and completely satisfied with my choice. This article is all my experiences on this machine.

Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 Description


This machine has a 2.5 CHP motor with a lifetime warranty which can support average workout sessions. It runs very quietly and uses the Johnson Drive System. It is very responsive to digitally recalibrate the power with each stride.


Speed is always an important aspect when considering choosing a treadmill. Like other models at the same price, the Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 also offers a 12 MPH maximum speed which accommodates the speed needs of average runners.


In order to enhance the user’s performance, this treadmill also features 12% incline level. It provides an uphill surface which is suitable for muscle tone buildup and losing calories. Besides, this incline also lets you exercise the different muscles of your body with tougher workouts.

Running area

It comes with a 60″ x 20″ running area that fits most types of user but it is not for extra tall runners. If you are too tall runners, you should consider other treadmills with 60” x 22” one such as ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill or NordicTrack Commercial 1750.

Variable Response Cushioning

Well-cushioned track is also one of the first important aspects that should be considered when choosing a treadmill. Fortunately, the great machine features a variable response cushioning. It allows users to experience super comfort on their feet when they do exercises. This cushioning is divided into three zones including the one at the front providing the softness for safe landing, the one in the middle of the belt which is firmer section for improved stability and another at the back providing the right firmness for a comfortable push off.

Heart Rate Monitoring

It features contact grips that keep you track your heart rate. Although they are not as convenient and accurate as wireless heart rate monitors, they allow you to work out on the correct intensity to achieve your training goals.

Display Console

Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 console

This Horizon treadmill features a 7.5 inch LCD display screen. This allows you to view your workout data during your training including speed, time, distance, calories, incline, laps and heart rate. These will provide you with more motivation to work harder in achieving your desired goals. This console also has other extra features like quick select keys for the belt speed, incline, and workout programs, MP3 Compatibility, ViaFit connect or Passport Media Player.

Workout programs

Horizon is one of the well-known brands which always offers large amount of preset workout programs. This model also has 35 inbuilt workout programs. They include 10 distance, 9 calorie, 10 step, 3 interval, and 2 custom.

Safety feature

The Horizon Adventure 5 treadmill is featured with a built-in safety key. It is designed to cut the power of the motor in case you fall. However, there’s no sign of any safety screen timeout, password enabled console, or locking pin to the belt which are often found on high-end commercial treadmills from ProForm or Precor.

Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 Review

Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 treadmill all


Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 has plenty of excellent features to give the user satisfying and exciting moments when they carry out their workout sessions. Firstly, I am 5.8ft height and a 60″ x 20″ running surface is wide and long enough to let me stretch my running strides more comfortably than when running on my old LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill.

Moreover, The Horizon uses a Variable Response Cushioning that offers maximum shock absorption and more comfortable steps. In fact, since training on this treadmill, I haven’t felt any pain on feet and knee after an exercise session. There are also plenty of pre-set workout programs loaded in this treadmill that helps me avoid the boredom because of repeating workouts as well as help me achieve my workout goals effectively.

Plus, I always feel comfortable in mind thanks to the MP3 compatibility on this treadmill equipped with 3″ x 5″ built in speakers. It keeps me motivated and stay entertained by listening to my favorite music. However, it doesn’t include the cooling fans which I always hoped to have on my treadmill.


In the terms of assembly, it is not the kind of machine which will take you too much time to assemble. Especially, this machine is featured with a ViaFit technology that helps me easily track of my workout data using my mobile device fitness apps as well as share my workout sessions with friends.

If you don’t have wide space for your treadmill, the Fitness Adventure 5 is ideal for you because it is designed with a folding design. This feature helps you easier to fold your machine when it is not in use. It has dimensions at 76″ x 34″ x 54″ but when being folded its dimensions is 50″ x 34″ x 64″. Moreover, you can easily control the speed belt and incline by using quick select keys featured on the console.

Other convenient features found on the treadmill are cup holders where you can put your drink and a reading rack giving you the chance to read your favorite novel when you exercise.


If you are looking for a treadmill that can support heavy users, it will meet your demand. The unit comes with a 325 lbs weight capacity. This will provide you with all the support you need for an effective training session. One more time, I want to mention the advanced cushioning system with unique three-zone cushioning used on the unit that gives me the ideal amount of support, stability and flex in every phase of my stride.

Plus, its console display support users to access to their workout data in order to make the essential intensity adjustments to reach the training goals. The contact grips for heart rate monitoring help me determine whether I am working on the right intensity to achieve desired goals. Besides, this machine features an energy saving feature that means the console will automatically switch off if the machine is not in use for 15 minutes.


I have been satisfied with the benefits provided by the Adventure 5. I feel it works as effectively as the LifeSpan TR 1200i treadmill. The machine maintains my rhythm with the very responsive digital drive system. Its motor runs very quietly so that I can use my treadmill in any room of my house and enjoy my MP3 music comfortably without needing to turn up the volume. Moreover, 12% incline level gives me the most efficient way to get rid of a larger amount of calories out of my body compared to running on the roads.

Quality and durability

Most parts of the machine are made from high quality materials. After a long time of use, I haven’t still seen any sign of tear or wear on the belt. The frame is very strong and stable even when running at the highest speeds too. And in order to boost the customer’s belief the manufacturer offers them a nearly perfect warranty for its product. It includes a lifetime warranty for the motor and frame, 3-year warranty for parts and 1 year for service. Besides, you also have a 30 day free trial to determine if the machine suits your workout needs.


With a 2.5 HP motor and 12 MPH top speed, 325 lbs weight capacity, the Horizon Adventure 5 is a great option for both individuals and families. This folding machine can be used for power walks, long jogs and sprints. But I don’t recommend this for serious runners who want to do endurance training that often requires a more powerful motor like on NordicTrack Commercial 2950 or Sole F85 folding treadmill. Or in the other words, I just highly recommend this to those who are not intending to do intense workouts with it. Besides, runners having average height and the weight less than 325 lbs may fall in love with this treadmill.

Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 - Pros & Cons


  • The model can be folded to save more space
  • The motor run very smoothly and quietly
  • It provides a comfortable running surface with the support of a three zone variable cushioning.
  • It is loaded with plenty of workout programs
  • There are many extra features to provides needed support and motivation when you do workouts


  • The contact grip heart monitors featured on Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 are not as accurate as the wireless heart rate monitors.
  • Its motor is not powerful enough to support intensive training

Conclusion, this great folding treadmill has all the features that give me a wonderful treading experience. I have never regretted with my purchase. If you don’t need a more powerful motor than a 2.5 CHP motor, you can easily achieve your workouts goals with this incredible treadmill of Horizon. But if you want to have another better model from Horizon, the Horizon Elite T7 is a good recommendation.

Compare Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 to other models

Horizon Adventure 3

Most main specs are the same across the two models. They offer a 2.5 CHP motor, 12 mph top belt speed, 0-12% incline range and contact grips for heart rate monitoring. But the Adventure 5 has a larger running area (5-inches longer) and a slightly higher weight capacity (+25 lbs) than the Adventure 3. Additionally, this model also has a more unique tech in the console.

There are some interesting differences between the style of workout programs and workout feedback. And the Adventure 5 also has wider LCD screen compared to the Adventure 3 that offers a more intuitive button layout. At a little higher price, the Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 treadmill is indeed a great updated version of the Adventure 3 model.

Horizon Adventure 5 Plus Treadmill

A similar model to the Adventure 5 is the Adventure 5 Plus Treadmill. Like the Adventure 5, the Horizon Adventure 5 Plus Treadmill is a high performance treadmill which is unbelievable package of function and quality form. It has powerful 2.75HP continuous motor (more powerful than 2.5 HP motor on the Adventure 5) which offers 0.5- 12 MPH speed range. It allows you to run at speed up to 20km/h continuously without having to worry about overworking the motor.

This model also has 12% incline level as well as spacious 20” x 60” running surface. When it comes to the comfort, the Adventure 5 Plus Treadmill provides users with an incredible comfort thanks to 1.6mm thick belt coupled with a variable cushioning system of Horizon. However, the unit only comes with 15 preset workout programs and offers 275 lbs maximum user weight.

ProForm Performance 600i

Another model I would like to make the comparison with the Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 is the ProForm Performance 600i. Having a rather more powerful motor (2.75 HP), this model also offers 12 MPH maximum speed, 12% incline level and the same user weight capacity of 325 lbs.

Plus, this ProForm treadmill also has 20" x 60" running surface equipped with the advanced ProShox Cushioning System that provides both comfort and support when you walk, jog or run. Besides, you will get some other additional features such as iFit Compatibility, folding feature and 22 built-in workout apps. However, compared to the Adventure 5, this machine lacks a storage space, USB charging port, and traditional display screen.

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