How to Improve Your Running Speed in an Effective Way

It is said that if you want to run faster, then you must practice hard. But, to improve your running speed, you also need to work things on the technical way. Every person can run faster and longer only if he/she runs in correct ways. To maximize your speed and performance for distance running, I have accumulated few expert tips that will help you run longer and faster.

Improve Your Running Speed in an Effective Way

Don't Put Weight on Heels:

Most of the people often complain about the pain in heels after running. It happens when you strike your heels first while running. The best way to run without getting tired is using your whole foot while you walk or run. By practicing the stance, it will balance your body weight on the foot which makes running smooth. Also, you will be avoiding back injury, knee and heel pain.

Never Take Long Strides:

Does your energy level drain faster in short run? If you are facing this problem, then you must be taking long strides while running. The most efficient way is to balance the length of your stride so your body can balance when you take next step. This way you can run longer without getting exhausted.

Counting Steps:

When you are practicing for a long term, try counting steps per minutes. The most effective runner take approximates 180 steps per minute while running. This magic happens when you take short and quick steps with feet close to the ground. To improve the stride turnover, you can go one minute run multiple times to get the best stride turnover.

Invest in Running Shoes:

The human body works in the most efficient manner when the weight gets equally distributed on your legs. Good running shoes provide the primary support to your body by taking the pressure and protecting heels from the impact of the hard floor. Invest in shoes that provide good grip on the ground have decent cushioning on heel area and lightweight.

Wear Proper Running Gear:

When you run always wear comfortable clothes that don't restrict your movement by sticking to your body. In the market, you can find many different running gears that can make your run smoother. Try investing in clothes that evaporate your sweat while running. For winters, you get Heated Jacket that helps in keeping your muscles warm in the long run.

Push Yourself:

To achieve a long-distance run, you should motivate yourself. Our minds play a huge role in forcing our body to move faster and longer. Always keep a positive approach while you are running. If you can't run longer, instead of getting demotivated, check your stance and start running again slowly. With every run, you need to push to achieve the targeted distance. This way you will prepare your mind and body for the longer term.

Run Farther and Faster:

The best way to improve your running is to increase your distance and speed every week. Make sure you keep the goals practical and achievable. You can always partner up with a person who can motivate you to cover a longer distance. With continuous practice, one can run for a longer time at a faster pace.

Run for Time:

To increase the running speed, try making sprint running a week thrice. Set the timer and complete a small distance is minimum time. Practicing this will boost your endurance and motivate you to run faster every time.

Try Interval Training:

Apart from running for longer time, you can always practice high and low interval training exercise to build endurance in your body. As this exercise also burn a lot of calories, it will help you lose weight making your body light and increase running speed.

Breath in and Out:

While running your lungs exhaust faster if you breathe from your mouth. The best way to provide adequate oxygen to your body is by breathing in and out in a uniform manner while running. This may sound complicated, but by practicing this method, you will last longer while running.

Stretch After Every Run:

To avoid any injury during running, perform static stretch before and after the run. These stretch exercises will relax the stiff muscles and improve blood circulation in legs which will help you run faster.

Resist the Junk:

Apart from right training, you also require the special diet to built strength in your body to run longer and faster. The first step to the proper diet is avoiding junk food that is too sweet, salty or oily. You can always have natural sugar that provides energy to your body. Also, high protein based diet will give your body energy to run longer.

Run on Hills:

Bored of gym training or monotonous workout then you should try to run on hills. The steep surface of hills forces your body to move faster. Running in hills will make your legs stronger and force your lungs to expand that will help more while running a marathon.

Strengthen the Core:

Stronger lower abs allow the runners to put more force on legs so they can run faster. By doing 15 minutes of core workout on the everyday basis will tone your core and make you run faster.

Never be Slow and Steady:

The phrase "Slow and Steady wins the race" actually never works for marathon running. Yes, you need to start a bit slow but need to push yourself faster at a steady pace. The more you push your legs, the faster you can run for long distance.

Now, you got all the information from the experts on how to run faster and longer every day. If you are passionate about running, workout harder, make posture better, exercise every day and stretch all your muscles to tone up your body.

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