Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 Review

If you would like to seek for shoes that have super durability as well as a variety of vivid colors, give a try to Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 Running Shoe! Not only are they in the anthracite, classic white, lime punching color but also there are no rips or tears including the strings. One of the most outstanding features is the plastic plates, which prevents your foot from any injuries by absorbing impact and slowing the inward roll. Hence, Mizuno Men’s Wave supplies the significant control when users run or work in the long run

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 - Highlight features and technologies

  • Extra very comfortable midsole
  • A higher toe-box, in comparison with the other running shoes. Hence, not only do users take advantage of their toes but this helps them take the pressure out of the ball of their ankles and feet as well.
  • The heel of those shoes installs the technology known as lightweight AP+ foam, which keeps the extent of ‘bouncability’ simultaneously; it delivers the supportive design and lightweight as well.
  • Mizuno Wave Technology is utilized to supply the assurance so that it would hold you back as well as weigh you down.
  • A comprehensive platform coupled with Composite Double Fan Wave Technology creates a secure and stable ride from toe-off to heel strike.
  • Dynamotion Fit technology is utilized to reduces stress and maximizes fit

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 description


Regarding this product, the manufacturer takes advantage of the more extensive redesign of both the materials and more attractive appearance on the higher part of shoes. Therefore, the overlays become lighter; the Dynamotion tab from the sides of the shoes is removed; especially the heel support gets lower than compared to that of the previous models

More importantly, I can make sure that you only get the feeling of shoes on the foot when you run because the upper is designed to be more lightweight. The upper of the shoe has not only been designed to be lightweight, but it also integrates incredible breathability to a good extent. What’s more, runners would reduce a half of the battle when they undertake running because of the air passage in motion.

Could you guess how much the shoes weigh? It’s only 12 ounces, which is equal to that of a can soda. Yes! It is not incorrect at all. It is famous for being the light running shoes ever which are available on the reasonable budget. Users do not have the feeling of burden on your stance compared to other shoes.


Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 outsole

It is stable and durable carbon rubber within 3/4 of the outsole. It remains the same attractive materials and design as previous models. Given as one of the control shoes, Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 is singled out to adopt the carbon rubber accounting up to 75% of the total outsole with the side of forefoot installed in the much softer rudder.

Therefore, this kind of design engenders higher stability under the middle side of your foot, where pronators use it the most. Both women’s and men's versions still follow the outsole design of Mizuno’s Gender Engineering, in which the men’s having a much wider forefoot and the women's getting much more segmented heels.


A larger base and flatter midsole bring much smoother ride with the unparalleled support. Speaking of the midsole of the Gel Noosa Tri 11, Gel Cushioning is, in fact, made from the silicone-like material. Therefore, the shoes create strange shock absorption perfectly when you land the foot on the ground as well as land. Such absorption would put your steps and reduce the extent of discomfort to the minimum.

Concerning the Solyte foam of the shoes, many users have good reviews that they consider them as a high-quality and full-length material for the midsole. Apart from the characteristics and responsiveness, the layer is in a position to engender a reliable cushioning, which is beneficial to customers when they take any different kind of sports activities.

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 Review

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12


Users can have a sense of comfort when picking up The Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 Running Shoes. The shoes are engineered with the full-length ventilation system and particular wider sole which reduce humidity and heat within the shoe in order to maintain the cool feeling in your foot. The heel of the shoe is utilized Mizuno's VS-1 to supply a comfortable, plush fit and absorbing cushion. Last but not lease, a lightweight, breathable and lightweight Airmesh acts the tool to protect your forefoot


The Wave Alchemy 12 runs quick and smooth thanks to a control class. Customers have a feeling of satisfaction because Mizuno makes this edition look and feel specially, unlike any competitors. The fit is slightly narrower and shallower than in the Wave Alchemy 11. Moreover, runners can figure out that the 12th Wave Alchemy removed the Dynamotion Fit tab out of the sides of the shoe and the collar is designed to be lowered as well


In fact, the old Wave Alchemy shoe is open to criticism because of unattractive outer appearance. However, do not worry about The Wave Alchemy 12 because it is added the green color along the bottom sole and the top, which attracts the eyes of customers at your first glance.


There are two excellent points concerning the extent of support: ultimate support and smooth transition. In addition to providing the very comfort, the Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 Running Shoes offer runners top-of-the-line performance, especially whose people who need overpronation. A Dynamotion Fit acts as a tool to reduce the stress when your foot places on the ground or land. This Fit will enhance durability and get rid of distortion which usually makes you feel worried.


The forefoot is specially protected by a breathable and lightweight Airmesh. Mizuno utilizes the most supportive wave design in Wave Alchemy 12. This kind of design creates a secure and stable ride from toe-off to heel strike and slows down the inner roll off your overpronating foot. Mizuno’s VS-1 cushioning is still installed in the heel and AP+ foam provides the shock attenuation and the bounce


The Wave Alchemy 12 certainly goes on to engendering the high stability, in which the solid support of rock relieves the pain in the foot of runners. Speaking of the control part, the Wave Alchemy 12 gets light to a different level because your shoes weigh a mere 12 ounces! If you have a chance give it a try, you can recognize how much the regular stability trainers weigh. It can take you aback because 12 ounces is never mentioned in any different kind of shoes where such words “blocky”, “bricks” and “concrete” are exactly the norm. Why don’t try it?

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Please keep in mind the extraordinary feature of the unique design and how it works when you run or walk. The arch of the shoes is located further than in one actually standard running shoe. While it eases the suffering somewhat by putting your foot in, you can have a small problem with the ankles because of excess pressure placed. Moreover, while you would like to transform your own running style, this is one of the complaints. Therefore, take it into consideration when you make up your mind to purchase it.


The extent of high comfort is a selling point of this product and meets the requirement of the users. Mizuno takes advantage of the Wave Alchemy 12, so it is regarded as the lightweight shoe offering users intensive breathability. Feet have a tendency to sweat with increased activities. When the situation happens, it will become quite difficult to run or walk the long distances in constricting and stout footwear. When you wear the lightweight shoe, taking the Wave Alchemy 12 for instance, it allows your foot to breath, which brings about a feeling of very comfort and rewarding experience


The AP+ midsole can offer the bouncy feel and increased rebound in your sole as well as provide extremely cushioned durability. What’s more, Mizuno's X10 carbon rubber also contributes to lengthening the life of the shoe. The rubber’s truly the ever most durable part that Mizuno offered and it t is put in the highest areas


The Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 running shoes supply a variety of supports for a responsive, plush ride and overpronation. Another outstanding point is copolymer midsoles which are lightweight and responsive, which offers more increased rebound at toe-off.


The Wave Alchemy 12 takes advantages of the Mizuno Wave in order to provide stability and cushioning as well as boost the natural movement of the foot. The Mizuno Wave is currently one of the most modern footwear technologies which separate the forces out of your foot. It also utilizes Mizuno's SmoothRide especially for the ride as smoothly as possible. The SmoothRide design reduces both the quick deceleration and acceleration of your foot to the minimum.


Another point of Mizuno is no-slip traction. You can take a look that the running shoes which are designed for such road tracks in particular. The Alchemy has a supportive wave and smooth mid-sole, so it is ideal for such runners that would like a stable base for the arch. In particular, The Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 shoes follow the mesh in the upper part with round toe.


First things, the upper part in the Wave Alchemy 12 need to undergo an overhaul. Therefore, weight reduction focuses on the top of the board in the Wave Alchemy 12. The unique thing which remains is the mesh, which Mizuno used to produce a mass of shoes.

Secondly, they redo most of the overlay so that they become more flexible and lighter. Apart from color, the Wave Alchemy 12’s midsole bears a resemblance to those that implemented in the Wave Alchemy 11, which relieves pain for such Alchemy runners who would like to an identical ride year by year


At your first glance, the color of Wave Alchemy 12 resembles that of Wave Alchemy 11 but close inspection reveals that Mizuno puts an emphasis on a new one, especially a better upper towards the Alchemy.


Not only is the reasonable price, the weight of Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 Men’s running is mere 9.7 ounces. Other users reviewed that it is appropriate for whose customers who can put up with the pressure of plantar fasciitis because they will gain the rear rigidness afterward. What’s more, it assures the high extent of support to your feet and lengthens the life in a long time. Likewise, it is also beneficial to those runners who have the tendency to have heavier weight due to aligned knees and ankles. The foam can cushion your foot which takes more pounding from additional weight.

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 - Pros and Cons


  • Mizuno Men's Wave Alchemy will offer customers the multi-tasking purpose. Not only are the Mizuno Wave shoes not only have the intensively robust design but they make you satisfied with health needs.
  • The price is way too reasonable.
  • The shoes offer the built-in features. Many people have stated that they can get over such issues as back pain and foot pronation.
  • Strike pattern and excellent running because of thanks to the rubber sole being carbonized.
  • The lightest budget ever.


  • Because of the sole design, those people whose foot is quite longer and wider should not pick up Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12. Honestly speaking, this kind of design will put excess pressure on your ankles; hence, you can have a feeling of discomfort when running.


From my perspective, The Wave Alchemy 12, one of the most outstanding products of Mizuno, is a beautiful running shoe at a reasonable price as well as offers sufficient comfort and support. It is the reason why I made up my mind to order Alchemy 12’s. In agreement with Experts Recommendations, it is evaluated as the best shoes in terms of plantar fasciitis. It is a sturdy and reliable shoe which holds up in the long distance runs and even through various terrains. The lightweight helps reduce the weight of the foot and the breathability factor allows the air to escape and then, reduce sweaty, swollen feet. Last but not least, the cushion sole will have an impact on the pavement regarding a comfortable and smooth stride. Did you know that the Wave Alchemy 12 was rated as the product that deserves a one-in-your-lifetime try?

Previous versions of Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11

The Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 is a flexible and lightweight shoe which supplies gentle control for severe overpronator. The firm followed the pattern of the previous incarnation that won the Best Renovation Award in the Fall of 2010. As a matter of fact, I used to purchase the Alchemy 11's, and I was extremely satisfied with this product.

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 10

In the last decade, Mizuno created a hattrick when introducing the improved Wave Alchemy 10 in the fall of 2010. Because the Wave Renegade vanished gradually, the Wave Alchemy 10 currently acts as Mizuno’s entry. Both Mizuno’s female and male Gender Engineering follows the Wave Alchemy 9.

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 9

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 9 falls between motion control and traditional stability shoes. This heel counter and plastic midsole foot plate and fight ankle, but the foot control reduce the size of when load point is moving forward. The wear-testers classified the lightweight Alchemy as one of a terrible speedwork shoe or race day. Petite overpronators would like to have a pair of shoe daily with the breathable upper. All testers appreciate Mizuno’s firm ride, albeit several sculpting on the sides of the midsole.

Similar running shoes to Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12

When we have a discussion of the competitors of Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12, take a look at Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11, Saucony Men’s Zealot ISO Running Shoe and Hoka One One Men’s Clifton 2 Running Shoe.

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11

The reason why a lot of customers purchased The Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11 is the beautiful bouquet. Honestly speaking, such features will attract all bratty runners and users with the mechanics, unique comfort, protection, creative styling united together. Even several tiny areas need some improvement, the strength of this shoe attracts such people who are seeking a stable and support shoes.

Saucony Men's Zealot ISO Running Shoe

Once you have the comfort of lacing Saucony Men's Zealot ISO Running Shoe up with external ‘cage’ in place, you will pay attention to some extra cushioning in the sole due to EVERUN and POWERGRID+ foams. Even though the weight of the Iso is 1.2 ounces quite heavier than the previous models, it remains the lightweight extent of 9.5 ounces. I recommend that it deserves a try though it took me several running times in order to find this lacing system

Hoka One One Men's Clifton 2 Running Shoe

How about the Clifton? It is truly the smoothest running shoe in the market. Not only do the shoes provide incredible cushioning but also it creates impossible. The upper of SpeedFrame do not place any weight on your foot. When you use these shoes, it acts as if you are running on the glass or concrete jungle. Until now, I have never regretted purchasing this one as the daily shoe. I recommended to my family and friends, and they also have exquisite reviews!

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