Mizuno Wave Catalyst

Mizuno Wave Catalyst is one of the best lightweight stability shoes in 2017 according to reviews of many runners. If you expect to have a very firm ride but still light and comfortable, these shoes should be your top choice. Which features and technologies created these great shoes? My article will clear that.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst oveview

Mizuno Wave Catalyst


Like other shoes from Mizuno, the outsole unit of Mizuno Wave Catalyst is also made of X10 outsole compound which delivers optimum durability, especially on high wear areas. Additionally, this material gives impressive traction allowing the shoes to deal with various types of terrains. Besides, X10 outsole compound works with the blown rubber to optimize cushioning, durability and pressure distribution for a more responsive ride.


The midsole foam is entirely made of the newest material of Mizuno called the U4ic. This material is not only soft but also quite firm and responsive.

The Wave plate inserted in the midsole from heel to ankle has different shapes and heights throughout its length in order to enhance support and cushioning properties of the midsole. This feature also gives substantial torsional rigidity to prevent the foot from unwanted twisting.

Another noticeable technology used in the midsole is the brand’s SmoothRide Technology. This provides a rocking-like and smoother motion during gait cycle as well as increases flexibility if necessary.​


The Mizuno Wave Catalyst uses highly breathable Airmesh to make the upper superior for comfort and feel. Soft mesh in the upper also offers flexibility from the foot’s ball forward. The DynaMotion Fit technology is designed in the upper to offer an impressive fit. This improves running experience through allowing the feet to move naturally.

Highlight features and technologies

  • The totally new Performance Support provides fair amount of support without reducing responsiveness.
  • The U4ic midsole material ensures enough amounts of cushioning and support in the shoes without affecting their performance.
  • The Pebax Fan Wave helps you have a smoother heel strike transition and landing and reduces pronation for runners.
  • The sculpted lateral forefoot provides runners with more stable platform.
  • The DynaMotion Fit in the upper is for perfect fit.
  • The blown rubber in the forefoot is responsible for durability, cushioning and pressure distribution.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst Review


They are actually so comfortable on my feet and I trust them so much that I increased the time using them for gym-workouts. With these shoes, I don’t feel any knee or ankle pain like in others. I only have a small complaint about the upper part of the shoes that the stitching of the Runbird logo on both the medial and lateral side can cause discomfort to runners when running without sock. But this issue can be solved easily by wearing socks.


The fit is fantastic. They come in standard running shoes length. The upper wraps mid-section of the shoes nicely providing a secure and locked-down heel. The toe box has ample of room for natural splay. People with medium measurements will fall in love with the fit of these shoes the first time trying them.


Mizuno Wave Catalyst has a more durable and lighter cushioning thanks to the U4ic midsole material. The articulated Fan Wave in the midsole also delivers responsive and cushioned ride. Besides, blown rubber in the outsole adds more cushioning. There are other features incorporated into the shoes to enhance cushioning properties. The great cushioning system of The Mizuno Wave Catalyst not only delivers great comfort but also offers foot protection and reliable shock absorption.


Providing high support features is also the main purpose of Mizuno when producing these shoes. Mizuno Wave Catalyst is equipped with many features and technologies to assist runners having better running experience. Aside from the supportive cushioning system, the articulated Pebax Fan Wave is featured in the shoes to reduce pronation for runners to have a smoother and more stable heel strike transition.


The mesh used in the upper unit is very breathable to keep the feet cool and dry during long time of wearing. I have never had hot feet or odor inside the shoes even after long distance running.


The stability is definitely very reliable. As I mentioned, runners can have more stable platforms thanks to the sculpted lateral forefoot. Stability of these shoes allows you to deal with challenging surfaces.


The shoes have good support and are quite stable, even on gravels or uneven pavements. The good traction and grip provided by the rubber outsole prevent your feet from slipping on wet grounds.


In terms of durability, runners don’t have to worry too much because Mizuno Wave Catalyst is well made with highly durable material and compound inside out. The U4ic midsole material not only offers great cushioning and maximum shock attenuation, it also contributes to enhance durability of the midsole unit. Another extremely durable feature is the combination of X10 outsole compound and blown rubber of the outsole.


The shoes look quite traditional with toe-box overlay and stitched Runbird logo. They are also applauded for having many different color options. My running shoes are not limited to matching sport clothes; they also look very good with my casual clothes.


The first impression of these shoes is that they are extremely light on my feet. I even feel like not wearing anything. The weight of the shoes is measured at only 9.5 oz., that’s why they are often used for speed works and long runs.


The new Women's Wave Catalyst is designed as high performance running shoes with the necessary support and needed technologies, which are equipped for more responsive running experience. In fact, they significantly improve my running performance. Moreover, thanks to their lightweight support, these shoes are also used for high-speed training. The perfect balance between support and comfort allows the shoes to be used for stable runs no matter how far.

The price recommended for these shoes is reasonable for good quality and great features they are designed with. But for budget conscious people, they are a little expensive.​

Mizuno Wave Catalyst - Pros and Cons


  • The weight is lighter than other models of Mizuno.
  • Many users appreciated the sturdy heel construction, as well as stretch capability of the upper.
  • These shoes have a variety of widths for many types of foot.
  • The durability is reliable.


  • The stitching can cause discomfort when running without socks.
  • They have a moderately high price.

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The Asics DS Trainer is a daily training shoe that also delivers mild stability and plush underfoot support to runners like Mizuno Wave Catalyst. The upper of these shoes uses a breathable and soft material that makes the foot ventilate well. Additionally, it gives a comfortable and secure wrap. The mid-sole cushioning systems create a dependable and plush platform for the shoes. This provides great comfort, heel and forefoot protection from landing shock and impact. The Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber outsole brings durable protection against abrasion and wear, as well as providing responsible traction on roads.

Asics Gel Phoenix 7

The second similar running shoe to the Mizuno Wave Catalyst is the Asics Gel Phoenix 7. In terms of durability, these come with a similar durable outsole like the Mizuno Wave Catalyst by using The Asics High Abrasion Resistant plus Rubber. This material delivers durable protection against the abrasion. Moreover, Duomax (dual-density foam) technology used in the midsole provides excellent stability and cushioning to the Gel Phoenix 7. Gel Cushioning System in the forefoot and heel also delivers great shock absorption during running. These shoes are an ideal option for road running, short or long distance runs.

Adidas Energy Boost ESM 2

Another similar running shoe to the Mizuno Wave Catalyst is Adidas Energy Boost ESM 2. This is a reliable running shoe for runners who are looking for extra stability during running. When wearing these, you can recognize the similar amount of cushioning and support. In short, this is one of the best replacements for the Mizuno Wave Catalyst.


I highly recommend the Mizuno Wave Catalyst for those who need mild underfoot supports, right amount of cushioning and dependable durability.

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