Mizuno Wave Rider 19 Review

  • Parallel Wave helps disperse impact forces on larger area.
  • The updated version provides a refined toe-spring for efficient and smooth toe-off.
  • The completely new U4icX Wave Rider offers effective cushioning, but is 30% lighter than previous model.
  • The sock liner of the shoes is enhanced for energy rebound and resiliency.
  • Flex Controller technology provides enough flexibility in high-flex areas.
  • X10 rubber outsole combined with blown rubber not only adds more cushioning and responsiveness to the shoes but also provides extremely durable outsole.
  • Airmesh in the upper and full-length Mizuno Intercool ventilation in the midsole keep the foot cool and dry.
  • The updated upper provides more shock attenuation and durability to the shoes.

Mizuno Wave Rider - Pros and Cons


  • Featured with a unique wave impact absorption technology.
  • Smooth and rocking chair-like transitions.
  • More cushioning thanks to the new U4icX the Wave Rider.
  • Most runners like the lighter and more durable construction of Wave Rider 19 compared to previous versions.


  • The laces are too long.
  • They are slightly expensive for some runners.
  • Some felt these don’t breathe well as previous models.

Mizuno Wave Rider 19 overview


The Wave Rider 19 uses X10 rubber outsole of Mizuno that provides durable and greater traction. Blown rubber found in the forefoot also adds more cushioning, responsiveness and enhanced durability to the shoes. Besides, this unit features Mizuno’s Flex Controller technology, which increases flexibility in high-flex areas to make sure runners have more natural movements.


The most notable feature in the midsole is Mizuno Wave technology which provides responsive and well-cushioned ride. U4icX technology in the midsole provides mainly cushioning and effective shock absorption. In order to deliver a smooth heel-to-toe transition, this unit uses SmoothRide Engineering. Finally, another notable feature in the midsole is the full-length Mizuno Intercool ventilation. This feature keeps feet cool all day.


The upper feels comfortable thanks to push and soft materials. It is not seamless but hasn’t caused any discomfort to the foot. The upper unit has the highly breathable Airmesh cover that makes sure runners’ feet always cool and dry. Dynamotion Fit gives optimal fit while the stitched overlays in the medial and lateral side give a secure fit without sacrificing softness. Another feature found in the upper is OrthoLite sockliner, which gets rid of moisture inside the shoes for fresher environment.

Mizuno Wave Rider 19 review

Mizuno Wave Rider 19


These aren't my favorite model of Mizuno but I do like them. I would also like to add that these shoes are extremely comfortable for standing and walking, even if your job requires you be on your feet all day. I often stand pretty much all day and at the end of the day, my feet always felt sore and blistered. However, since I got these shoes I haven't felt any soreness or pain because of the great cushioning and support features the shoes provide. Especially, I am impressed with the very soft and comfortable materials used to make parts of The Wave Rider 19. They can be worn right out of the box without break-in time as other running shoes.


The shoes fit as my expectation. These have plenty of room in the toe-box and also cup my heel securely. They have the Dynamotion Fit and stitched overlays in the medial and lateral side for optimal and secure fit. No toes hit the front of the shoes, no rubbing in wrong places. They are one of the rare shoes that work well with my wide and flat feet. It is better if you get about 1/2 size up from everyday/casual shoes.


The Wave Riders have excellent cushion. This is another updated feature of the shoes. There are many features provide cushioning in the construction of the shoes from upper to outsole, but the most noticeable cushioning feature is the completely new U4icX which provides better but lighter cushioning to the shoes. Generally, these shoes give me the right amount of cushioning to treat my feet problems. Since using these neutral shoes, my knee problems went away completely. The forefoot and heel cushioning are slightly softer compared to other models for a resilient foot strike and provide great energy rebound. There is lots of cushioning in the heel area that makes these become good option for heel strikers.


The shoes provide a medium level of support so that your feet aren't too protected; however, they are more supportive than ultra light running shoes. Their arch support is better than neutral shoes of other brands, especially for runners with medium to high arches. They give me pronation control and good support to solve my moderate pronation and necessary support in all of the right places without the extra weight. Some runners specifically reported that their plantar fasciitis pain seemed to disappear after short period time using these shoes. Besides, I also felt that Mizuno Wave Rider 19 has good ankle and heel support.


The upper of Mizuno Wave Rider 19 is made with breathable mesh top, which allows air to flows into my feet and keeps them cool and dry during the time I am in the shoes. This great feature ensures your feet not getting overly hot even in hot summer days. It also helps the shoes drain and dry quickly in wet conditions. Moreover, as I mentioned above, full-length Mizuno Intercool ventilation in the midsole also contributes to increase great breathability of Mizuno Wave Rider 19.


The v19 of Mizuno Wave Rider provides not only incredible cushioning but great amount of stability as well. The stability these shoes provide is similar to other neutral running shoes on the market. Additionally, the new model has a plastic strap for stability around the foot.


Mizuno Wave Rider 19 is well-constructed. These are one of the best I've ever owned. The upper of this version is redesigned to provide an improved fit and enhanced durability. X10 rubber outsole and blown rubber used in the outsole play an important role in ensuring durability of the shoes. In fact, the soles are holding up pretty well even when I have used them for several months.


These shoes have enough features to deal with most surfaces such as concrete roads, tracks, gravels and even light trails for distances less than 3 miles. The balance of cushioning, support and stability protects runners from damages on these terrains and delivers them the most effective and safe rides.


Mizuno Wave Rider 19 often receives good feedback from users because of their good design. These shoes are indeed good looking. Especially, the color options are very eye-catching too. I'll buy another pair in different color!


At 8.1 oz., this version seems to be reduced compared to their previous models and they are the lightest neutral running shoes I have ever purchased. These allow me to run and walk without realizing that they are there and use them for fast races.


The shoes are very versatile and seem comfortable in any workout because of their light weight. They are my street shoes and work out even better than I hoped. They're softer than I expected, since Mizuno is notorious for hard-soled shoes, but they perform well in walking or running long distances. I also use them for daily CrossFit and in the gym for a rigorous workout and they work perfectly.

The price on these were concerned because your old motto is to get what you pay for but with these shoes you definitely get more!​

Previous versions of Mizuno Wave Rider 19

Mizuno Wave Rider 18

If you are a Rider fan but didn’t like the Rider 17, I recommend the v18 to you because of its improved fit and ride. The Wave Rider 18 has similar weight to the 17 but the ride is hugely improved. Mizuno Wave Rider 18 is perfect for runners who are looking for a smooth ride in a lightweight, sleek daily trainer. Their construction process is similar to the Rider 16 but they seem to work better and the materials are also greater.

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The combination of lightweight U4ic midsole, parallel Wave in the heel and optimal amount of forefoot flexibility makes every stride smoother. These shoes have a secure midfoot embrace and ideal heel fit which makes these lightweight trainers feel like socks. Especially when you put them on, they hug your feet and you never have to think too much about them thanks to the softer and light upper materials.

Moreover, the premium sock liner in the v17 is updated to provide more resiliencies and rebound at every foot strike. In terms of durability, the v18 has a new outsole design with a bit more material added in the heel and forefoot area for added shock attenuation, a better underfoot sensation and enhanced durability.

Mizuno Wave Rider 17

The Mizuno Wave Rider 17 still maintains light, smooth, unencumbered ride and glove-like fit of Mizuno Wave Rider 16. However, the Wave plate on this version is a bit softer to significantly improve comfort of the shoes. These running shoes have a one-piece seamless upper that makes the 17 version fit differently compared to previous versions. Runners will feel the shoes disappear on their feet while running. The small downside of this version is that the shoes feel a little bit too firm in the forefoot and midfoot and they don’t give energy back well as prior versions did.

Similar running shoes to Mizuno Wave Rider

Puma Ignite v2

Puma Ignite v2 is the first similar neutral running shoe to Mizuno Wave Rider. These shoes feature PU foam midsole to cater runners who are seeking comfort and higher-energy return. The midsole is very light, responsive and flexible. The cushioned ForEverFoam offers the right amount of cushioning for neutral runners. The shoes also have an AirMesh breathable upper to ensure cool and dry feet during running. Overall, these have sufficient arch support, high durability and great comfort to become the best shoes for your daily road training.

Brooks Defyance 9

Secondly, you can find Brooks Defyance 9 to replace your Mizuno Wave Rider. This is also a versatile running shoe that provides great combination of cushioning and smooth ride. You will be impressed by the arch support of Brooks Defyance 9. The shoes are a good option for road running. However, they seem to not have enough cushioning for long-distance runs. Most runners choose these because of their comfort and durability.

Brooks Ghost 8

Brooks ghost 8

Brooks Ghost 8 is the next replacement for Mizuno Wave Rider. This latest edition of Brooks Ghost offers enhanced flexibility, cushioning and improved upper. The shoes are great for road running and runners who have medium or high arches thanks to the good cushioning and support systems. Brooks Ghost 8 seems to have similar durability to the Mizuno’s. However, in terms of stability, you should choose Brooks’s instead of Mizuno’s if you need more stability for your training.

Nike Air Zoom Vomero

Finally, you can consider Nike Air Zoom Vomero as another similar shoes to Mizuno Wave Rider. These shoes deliver wonderful responsiveness and cushioning to improve running performance. They also have ideal features and designs for faster-paced runs. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 11 is also designed for daily training. Beginners or even advanced athletes will find these shoes are very reliable.​

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In short

Mizuno Wave Rider 19 is an ideal soft, yet responsive daily trainer. They indeed help me get rid of difficulties and challenges I often had on road running and bring me wonderful running experience. I highly recommend these for runners who have plantar fasciitis, moderate over-pronation and heel strikers.

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